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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, August 31, 1950, Image 1

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STANDARD PTG W Comi 220-230 S IVst s. LOI ISMLLE KT - ...,. ... 1fc,t -., ,tw, , . ,.., , ,. , , . , , rfr 1 -. N--.. , Jn'.:iL. i --.- t U ,..iJ . . . ... . - , - , v jidelights nn HE TODAY'S SMILE Wife: -III five yon Just one day to atop drinking." Hubby:' "Okay. Ill take the Fourth of July." AYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Of The News W the Chimes Ran express bus. with a near ly load of passengers, was tlong. some ien muti uvm t station, fcveryuuiig was and the relaxed passengers suddenly siaruea as signal sounded for the driv- top. driver courteously said: lis an exp'"3 ' " It designated siauuus. e he had finished his ex jn. the chimes tingled again. driver just shook his head; intervals of every few sec- L sienal was repeated. litis point the driver slowed rail's pace and glancing Dacn "This bus stops only at . . the next one . . , , " K (Via jin he was uhchufwu uj w.v nt that time a passenger no- khai a small child being held mother's arms, had found fcnal cord, and was having fun ia it every so otien driver laughed, and told the "it is all right with me to In Dull it " sounds line music when I know it aoesn i stop." easement ... I - wupie naa a mouoe w wouldn't want it, even Jh it was a most clever mouse, ise it roamed around at nignt lit into paper bags, and made ific racket, last, the man of the house li t stand it any longer, so he ip about 3 a.m. and started Dig tor the beast. set traps all over the place, Is them with choice tidbits. chunks of bacon. Imported cheese, and old ham bones, the mouse ignored them, the only thing the man suc- td in catching was his awn Wfii k dawn was breaking when, af iudying the final returns, the ior human conceded defeat. Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park - -o Goth YEAR NO. 70 26 PAGES Associated Press WAYNESVILLE N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 31, 1930 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Countid Leaders At Haywood Baptist Association Last Week h U ,T KfWu N 7 i - J Iff '. . S' -N I i i. ' 111 III 111 'MilirillMIII"Wllll111lM- n t f r r--- p Zoning llnitial Commission M akes Report To Aldermen Haywood Folks Set For Long Labor Day Weekend Owns Western Auto rowing an idea from a recent strip, he made a neat little it cracker crumbs, cheese, and and left it in the last place id seen the unwanted pet. Id so, the next night was the before Friday, and all igh the house, not a creature itirring, not even the mouse. Jv Model radio repairman, after check- customer's radio, wrote down It of the parts needed, then I the gadget over to find the of the model. the amplifier, he saw the "Adam" and wrote it down. t a search throush his Darts fogue failed to reveal any mm" lie frowned, "maybe don't make them any more." CUStdmor hnwpvor enlvpri difficulty. e cabinet, he explained, was m made F a over for the amplifier, the rier naa used the lining of a mcn bore the manufacturer's More than 900 people attended the 2-day session of the 651 h annual 1 lav wood B;iptist Association meeting last week, Here is a group of the leaders, at (ho meeting at Ml. .ion Church. This picture was made after adjournment, and Kev. Ben Lee Hay, newlv elected moderator had Hist left. Shown here, leit'to right: Miss Ester Mae Gibson, cterk; Rev. Horace 1.. Smith, Canton, cliainnau execu tive committee; Kev. Robert L. Gaddis. training union director; Rev. Thos. Krwln, pasior of host church; John Wood, chorister; Rev. J, Doyle Miller, Waynesvillc; Rev. Jarvis Uixlerwood, Wa nes ville; Rev. G. E. Seriiggs; Rev. Elmer Green, Associational Worker; Roc. Clyde Rliiiieliurl, Canton; Rev. W. C. Weaver, Rocky Branch; Rev. Clarence Taylor, of Waynesvillc, and Rev. C. L, lUsselt, of Bethel. (Staff Photo). Students Feast On Candy Spilled In Truck Wreck A truck accident Juesday after naon,iroved sweot for-. aJbout 10 L Haywood County school children. The small truck skidded on the rain-slickened pavement about three miles east of Waynesville, and turned over m 'a cornfield, dumping its load of bubble gum, chocolates, and lollypops all over the highway. A school bus, loaded with pupils returning home, was forced to come to a halt while a wrecker was pull ing the truck out of the field. The approximately 40 children immediately piled out and glee fully cleaned up the highway. The driver of the panel truck, 20-year-old Wallace Carswell, of Waynesville, escaped injury in the accident. Repair Wtrk Underway On Town Reservoir As workmen today continued I he job of repairing the outside walls of Waynesville's 43-year-old reser voir, town officials were consider- Work On Wall Street Retaining Wall Underway Town workmen were Busy on the latest step toward the ultimate pav ing 'of Wall Street, running be hind Main Street's Stores from East Street to the Rogers Electric Company lot. They are now building a limber retaining wall in preparation for the job of building up the road bed lury List Drawn For Court Term The names of 42 Haywood County citizens were drawn re cently for jury service during the two-week September civil term of Haywood Superior Court. Judge- Will I'less of Marion will convene the session the morning of September 18. Court officials announced the jury list as follows; First week of the term; G. W. I'oston. East Fork; T. L. MeElrath, Reaverdam; Georgii E. Stamey, Pigeon; Hoburt Uuckelt, C r a b 1 1; e e ; Shufford Howell, Waynesvillc; D. D. Russell. Fines Creek; W. Jeff Jaynes, Ivy Hill; George C Haynes, Clyde; E. R. Cogdill, Waynesville; Jarvis Kinsland. Crabtree; Vernon R.Riiy, Waynes ville; J. S. Fullbriglit, iron Duff; Carey McCrackcn, Waynesville: Mrs. Flora BaliiiKer, Waynesville; Mary Mcdlord, Waynesville; Hen ry F. Teague, While Oak; G, W. Wines, licaverdain; Fred Buchan an. Waynesville; J. T. Rhodariner. Bca erdaiii; W. H, Corzino Jonathan Creek: lerry L. llipps. Heavenlani; Hay- Edition "cry fnx hunter will tell "if hoiinrl nrnftinnllv nnvcr f thp fox. The dogs chase I around all night usuallv. f "Mimes, they get within snap- u'siancc of his tail. But usu the dogs and fox will rail it s hCll both siHoc Oot ten tiroil f to walk. Msionally, by accident, some ""he freshman training class catch Kip frv u: i "e a SPrinna ht-oant. r u wttc. . sounds a little peculiar 'e bidclijjhts Paffe 6) The Feather Test Farm Truck Leaves Highway; No One Hurt Dmi Whisenhuiit, ex-Waynes-ville High School football star, and Robert Turner of Waynesville es caped injury Monday afternoon in a highway accident in Canton. Their truck, loaded with lum ber and chicken crater for the Mountain Test Farm, skidded on the wet pavement and careened off the road. The cab in which they were rid ing was badly buckled, but bpth climbed out under their own pow er. Both work at the Mountain Test Farm. 1 lug the possibility of having a ; with a fill of eight to nim-tbous- W()m, M;l(.kt,v H,,(,verdam; Simon similar job done on the inside of ami yards of earth. I j )wus Civile- and J 1) Dev lin. Beaverdam; Second week: Paul McElroy, Waynesville; It. C, Francis, Waynesville; Glenn Finclier, Fines Creek; James W. I.eatlieiwood, Waynesville; It. M. (See Jury Pane 3) Haywood County's people were lonkilta ftiru'.irH Ihoti limit nn- I nual Labor Day weekend Banks and other business houses. and schools will close down in ob-1 servanee of the traditional day. ' The big public celebration will be at Canton where the annual Labor Day program and Fall Festival is well underway. A spot check Indicated that thai about as far as most of the folks will go from home on the big week end. For police and State Highway Patrolmen, however, Labor Day will, s usual, be "labor day," to Its greatest extent. Waynesville's normal summer population is scheduled to be swell ed to interesting proportions by the expected heavy volume of out-of-county and out-of-state travellers heading for the National Park and the Cherokee Drama. A colorful parade, horseshow. variety program, and the awarding of prizes for the contests held earlier In the week will bring Can ton's annual Labor Day Celebra tion, to a conclusion Monday. The filial 1T?rffrMBrmv "Wilt open at 10 A. M. with the start of the parade, which will proceed from Branson Motor Company, up Main Street, and out to Canlon High School and Memorial Recrea tion Park. ' - ; . ....... ; , . , j (r J I (he structure. The contract for the $3,875 ex terior repair job was awarded by the town board "f aldermen August 9 to the Western Waterproofing Company of St. Louis, Mo. Town Manager Grayden Fergu son said reports indicated the work would be completed within 30 days. The repair job generally includes plugging leaks which had develop ed over the years, and cleaning, painting and relining, 'Mr. "Ferguson described the yorkj as ' the most extensive that has) it was built about 1907. So far, Hie street already is black lopped to a point behind John Boyd's store. Eventually, the entire street will be similarly blacktopped, run ning into Main at the Stringfield building. Writing News 66 Years Ago Recalled By Cobb Needham Tyiulale Cobb's affec- . porter, shortly after the Waynes- been done on the reservoir since tion for Waynesvirie is Che one 1 ville News was founded and pub- special ly reserved Cor the friend j fished by Mr. lleinby. you've watched grow from a preci-! He left town later and has been oils school boy into n strong, ma-1 in many other pails of the country, lure man. and several parts of the world It was 1!."4 when he became ! since then. Waynesville's first newspaper re-1 (See Cobb Pane 3) O. Corwin Now At Spencer High Owen Corwin has assumed bis duties as instructor of Trades and. Industrial Arts in the Spencer High School, in Rowan county. i Mr. Corw in W'as teacher of a ' similar department here for 14 ' years. The state department recent -, iy discontinued the department here due to lack of space and equipment. Waynesville's First Reporter SHOWERS lhrsday, Aug. 31 Thursday fridav. tnnctl v 1miHtr humid f showers and thundershowers. Jn moderate to heavy. Official Wavnevin tpmnera- f recorded hv fh taff of the fte Test Farm)- "'" ": f. Max. Min. Rainfall 29 30 -.82 84 ..-82' 59 58 60 .20 .52 Bridges Reunion Set For Sunday The annual Bridges Family re union wil be held Sunday, Septem ber 3,. at the home of Mr. und Mrs.. J. T. Bridges in Waynesvillc. j Members -of the family and , friends will assemble during the morning and bring lunch baskets for a picnic at noon. This will be the first time in many years that the family has met in Waynesville and a large crowd is expected. ' Paper Will Go To Press Early Mon. Following a practice of many years, The Mountaineer will po to press early on Monday, in or der to give the staff a part holi day. Advertising copy for Monday, must he In the office by7 noon Saturday, and the Monday dead line for new will be nine o'clock. The paper will go to press at ten o'clock. 2 -Day Livestock And Crop Fair To Be Held oie twiner mmDleted for school, together with the FFA, the the third annual livestock and crop Veterans Farmer Training group,' i?f.T t. W nn Seotem-i Future Homemakers, and 4-H Club mil, l uc . - , t ...111 Ko ..nHor ber 27th and 28th, , nifmuei. inc :m -". the supervision oi jonn nsoii, head of the agriculture department. The event will be open to the public, and there will not be any admission charges. Ribbons will be given the winners in the many various groups of exhibits, V - -1 Meeting On 4-H Camp Program Set For Tuesday Preparations continued this week on' the program incident to the dedication of the District 4-H Club Camp here a week from Saturday. Haywood County's local 4-H leaders and Extension officials will gc! together at 8 P. M. Tuesday at the Haywood County Court House to discuss the matter further. The camp will be dedicated to Dean I. C). Schaub and named after him olicially during the day-long program at Che Mountain Test Farm location. The event will open at 10 a. m. FRANK R. MOORE has complet ed plans fo Che formal opening of Che Western Auto Associate Store this week-end, Mr. Moore bought the firm several weeks ago, and has completely reno vated Hu store uud added much merchandise. Frank R. Moore New Owner Of Western Auto Here Frank R. Monro is nniioiincing today the opening of the new West ern Auto Associate Store. He pur chased the store a mouth or so ago, and has completely- renovated the I Inn, and added several times the amount of original stock. Mr. Moore came here from Ellza bethton, Tcnn., where he was man ager of Montgomery-Ward, a firm he has been associated with for 14 years, While a native of Burke countv. Public Meeting Held Wednesday Night; Final ' Drafts Being Made A zoning plan and ordinance for 'the Town of Waynesville were ap ! proved last night at a public bear- I llltl in Town M;in.vjir Crardi.n ' iui son's office, A small but representative audi ence voiced enthusiasm for the re , commendations drawn by Counsel 1 G. A. Franklin of the North Coro ! Una League of Municipalities and ! the members of Che Waynesville zoning commission. The plans and proposed ordin ance w ill be submitted to the board of aldermen for final approval and enactment into local statute. Mr. Ferguson Said after the mecMng the final draft of the pap ers might be ready in lime for sub mission at the aldermen's next reg ular meeting, which is scheduled for next Thursday. The ordinance would set up spe cific areas In the town where bust, ness and industry could be estab lished. It also would provide for the establishment of community 'busi ness centers which would be neces sary as the town grows. The plans as approved at this first, and final, public hearing de fines thtHiuirrfiessr -tttriet, indust rial district, and residential area. (See Zoning Page 3) Land Auction Successful Despite Weather Heavy rains called a halt to the auction of 37 lots in Grandview Heights in the Aliens Creek sec tion ysterday. But not before enthusiastic bid ders purchased seven of them for a total $8,750. "Many people turned out for the auction in site of the rain," re- County Field Day Plans To Be Made Tuesday Plans for the annual Haywood County Demonstration Field Day will be discussed at a meeting at 8 P. M. Tuesday at the Haywood County Court House. Attending the session will be all ! county Community Development Program chairmen, and vocational agriculture and home economics I teachers. The date and place for the 1950 event will be decided then. he lias been in several states and l,,,rll'(1 A- Monk of Bradenton. aui'ing i lie war served :v 2 years in the Air Corps, spending 28 months with the 310th Air Drome Squad ron in China and Htirma. He is a 'member of the Kiwanis Club, A Mason, member of Veter ans of Foreign .Wars, and served as director of the Chamber of Fla., owner and developer of the properly. "But it got so bad we had to stop the sale.'' He termed the results, however, highly satisfactory, in view of the adverse weather conditions. Mos( of the people who came. Commerce of Klizabclhloii. lie is 1 lie added, knew exactly what they married and lias one daughter, Peggy. His family plans to move here in the immediate future. Mr. Moore said thai he investi gated a number of places before (See Western Auto Page 3) wanted, and business ran smooth ly through the abbreviated sales period. Rogers Family Reunion To Be Held Sunday Panther Creek Host To N. Clyde For Field Day By Charles C. Messer Mountaineer Reporter The annual Refers Family He Vunon Will be held Sunday al the home of Mr. and Mrs. France Rog ers. Their residence K the place" of the Rogers family. All relatives yr; invited to lend and bring a 'picnic dinner. Paul her Creek's residents enter fained the folks of North Clyde in an intercommunity Field Day , at Panther Creek August 26, and the ild home t vei)t proved a popular success. The event which has attracted much attention in tne pasi two years, will be held at the High School, With an unusually larfce number of entries. This fair Is being sponsored by the Agriculture Department of the " 'if J-rt"mfi N. T.'(Tyn) COBB, SR., now of Orlando, Fla , was the fiisl reporter lo gather news m Wavinsville. He went to work for tlit Waynes ville News in 1884, .shortly- after it si t up shop. Mr, Cobb, who later became publisher, of anoilier newspaper, is retired now. But his blood still contains a quantity of printer's ink. lk-'s shown heiv at a typewriter in the Mountaineer office, thinking up a good lead for an item he's about to pound out. (Staff Photo). Wife's Search For Good Place To Live Ends Here When Mrs. Sylva Cullem . said I As the bus crossed Soto. Cap,.'' goodbye to her husband and sailed I Hie valley of timer Jonathan: from Japan about a month ago with Creek spread out below the bish Iheir son. she didn't know exactly way. ; where she wanted to live, but she! Thai was Mrs ( ulleiii.) fust knew exactly what she was look- view of Haywood Cmimy. ing for. j She looked caiituliy as the bus Travelling with 15-year-old Al- rolled thrmisH Maggie and on pas. Ian and her mother, Mrs. Mary , Lake Junaluska. 1 Lake, she tried out several famed j Last Monday, Airs. Cullem found resort towns after she left her the home she lias been looking home city of Los Angeles, Calif, for. But they just didn't seem to' She, her son, and her mother have what she wanted a horne com-! are settled now' in an apartment munity to have. "We wanted a quiet place in the country where the land was beau tiful and Arthur, my husband, could fish," she explained. Then one day she was riding ing forward to the day when his' I eastward on a bus out of Knox-1 father will come home from ville, heading for a town east of Korea and go fishing w ith him in ! Asheville, : ' . the cleafi Cold -mountain btitanis, ' A spirit of good fellowship pre vailed throughout the day, and both sides showed a high sense of ' sportsmanship in the games that made up the recreation prnr.ram. We extend our thanks to North Clyde Chairman Glenn Brown for bis nice talk, and are looking for ward to -a visit in that community. in Saunook, and the lease is a long one. . '' , Allen will start bis freshman year in Waynesville Township High School this' mouth,-and! look- Highway Record For 1950 In Haywood (To Date) Injured .... 26 Killed.... 6 (This Information com piled from Records of State Highway Patrol)

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