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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, April 09, 1951, Image 1

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STANDARD PTG CO delights Of The I News r ng Brightness h-n said that Justice is L trine the saving up"t0" be Justice is blind vtozingly clean and pol io! the Court House. ;"oSome people who have t o( time going in . and t trout doors, this is the they have been cleaned Cm thing that might F .. with a guilty Lthat snioom suunnis I periea i)ioiv Of Climbing -imh The Highest Mount- l meant a new high peak L and theatre-going for list week. Uissie. owner of the t he- id that all records were Luring the 3-day showing tture. People were turned kirh orompted Mr- Massle tk the film for an early showing. : : . had a picture that at- such attention for three kning, he said, "tven jth The Wind' was not in i," he pointed out. r. Masbie chuckled, and think lots more of mount- Jbing than ever. The W a yn ESYILLE M TAINEER - I'ublished Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park ; TODAY'S SMILE Real estate salesman (show ing house idjoininr airport as planes mom overhead): "An other desirable thin about this bouse is that when jour wife bawls you out you can't hear her," 66th YEAR NO. 29 8PAGES Associated Press WAYNESMLLi; N. MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 9, 1951 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Countia Records Shattered As .)- . ... s Blood Given 261 Pint te Wasn't G. Allen was taken into i . . j irv ciud ncre r naay as a tuber- Dr. Allen, Is super l of Lake Junaluska Ast and all other superintend- Ie also been members of club. ificlal welcome was hand- ov. M R. Williamson, mem- the membership committee, Williamson always makes ksive induction of a new into the club. As he began k- Allen some of the merits v, someone iri the back, bid: "Bet he swears him in isbyterian." Gifts Deluge Leukemia Victim nr n ; I P; ! n I- v I T . r it 1 1 '11 J ' rCV-J r- - w V v;; i Gets Enemy Plane c Merger Bill" R atined W. ft Four-year-old David Marley lies among his toys in his home at Lenoir, and reads mail from persons who have read in the news papers that he is suffering with leukemia. Letters and gifts have ipoured in from all parts of the state. AP Photo). bling 'Round" icago IMwntaitier - and flraneewf' Fraiier are feeling quite f learn that they are being Id quoted in the Big Town iiinday. April 1, edition of Jtaso Tribune, in its Com Prom Weekly Newspapers Imerica's Main Street." in- an excerpt from Mrs. column, "Rambling in The Mountaineer, quoted article Mrs. Fraz- her readers how a walk to I office lifted her spirits ! depths of the doldrums to Ms of appreciation for the ess and comradeship of v cmezns- A minute's chat f Pie whom she hd not seen f time; a smiling hello from vy, a glimpse into a shop onmming over with those 'omen love, the warm sun flting down on her bare nt a glowing feeling of deep !e to a kindlv 1 these things possible. And Hgestion was that, if it lnt"fere with the work in pv down your burden and pk walk, you'll come back person. M'Ppine. from tho Trihunp to Mrs. Guy Massie by her f"s "ay ciine of Dixon. Htherwisp Mrs Frazier Ft have learned of .the wide r ner readers. rrazier is fnmmnii t "unia n v Puzo" i 4k fe Citizen this morning for fers Will Meet v'en Thursday "alood Boosters Club 'nursdav ninM .1 !, - r,DvtPnan church for r- monthly supper meet- .,"'"vv SiarTC t canon -m Lane is president. iorLStartsJuesday On Lake Apartments BULLETIN Work is scheduled to begin Tuesday morning on the $100,000 apartment house of 22 units at Lake Junaluska. Clearance for con struction was granted since noon by the Production Board, and Dr. Elmer Clark, chairman of the building and grounds committee of the Assembly told The Mountaineer work was to start Tuesday morning. Edwin Jones, of the J. A. Jones Construction Company said a crew of men would be on hand to gel construction Underway.1 The new apartment will be similar in design to the units built last spring. So popular are the units, thai they have all been reserved for the entire season, according to Dr. II. i. Allen, superintendent ol the As sembly. W7 sther V ; UrrnMllnv P. April O-Fair and mild ucsaav generally fair Max 59 65 61 2 ' Min. Rainfall 28 33 ' 35 .11 42' .31 Community Develop ment Members Set Up New High Record Here Saturday "The most blood collected in one day" is the 261 pints received in Saturday's Community Develop ment blood drive, according to Col. F. S. Wright, Col. Wright, who is administrator of the Ashevilhj Re ginonal Blood Center, explains that this is the largest amount drawn by the Mobile Unit in any one day's operation since the opening of the center. A total of 296 residents of 24 Haywood communities appeared at the courthouse In Waynesville ir at the Bethel School to contribute a net of 261 pints of blood. Col. Wright said that the previous rec ord of Bloodmobile collection was 253 pints in Klngsport, Tenn. The largest amount in Western Caro lina had been th 229 pints given at Enka. Colonel Wright praised the cfTi. cient organliation of the inve f.n the twin collection centers, describ ing it as "the best set-up he had seen." All chairmen of the var ious communities were members of the committee arranging the day, with Mrs. C. O. Newell, county rh.i'rman, hi i h.trge. At the courtl-iiuse, the Waynes- vlllu G) t..ntl' worked under the direction ol Mrs. Charles Hay. The medical staff, alternating under the direction of Dr. Stuart Roberson, were Drs. R. H- Stretcher, Tom Strlngfleld, and J. E. Fender. Mrs. J. C. McDarris is Executive Secre tary of the Haywood chapter. At Bethel, the Canton Grey Lad ies handled the various details, under Mrs. J. II. Moore- Dr. J. L. Reeves was in charge of the phy sicians Drs. Joe Bob Westmore land, Roy II. Moore and Hugh Archie Matthews. Mrs. Helen T. Pressley is Canton's Executive Sec retary. Participating communities and the number of their donors are: Lake Junaluska 10, Lower Crab tree 19, Fines Creek (i. Panther Creek 2, Upper Crabtree 17, Sau nook 4. Aliens Creek 11. RatclilTe Cove 9, White Oak 5, Dell wood 8, Van Wells is acquiring A rcpula Jonathan Creek 5, Iron Duff 14. linn of being one of the best poul- Francis Cove 13, Center Pigeon j trytnen in a wide area The Hay 28, West Pigeon 24. Fast Pigeon j wood man just put out lo farmers, 15. Cruso lfl, Morning Star 10, through a hatchery connection. Hominy 3, Thickety i, Stamey Cove' over 5,000 pullets for hatching egg By Assembly Friday ; ; 11 11 i. : LT. JAMES WEST on Saturday shot a Russian jet plane down over Korea, Haywood Man Makes Record In Aviation Lt. James West made headlines over America this pavt week-end, as an account of shooting down a Russian-Made jet over Korea. LI. West is I he son of Mr and Mrs. Walter West, of ('anion route two. Some of the details of his interest in aviation, as published in The Mountaineer several weeks ago, were used In the general story used over the nation The Associated Press story about his success in battle over Korea is as tollows; A 22-year-old Canton Air Fe-rce lieutenant, who was bitten by the flying bug while he was .still in high school, was credited web pos sible destruction of the Russian- made jet over Korea today. Lt. .lames L West, son of (See Lt. West Pace R) Conference Committee To Report On Education Board Size Wednesday A General Assembly Conference Committee will probably report Wednesday oh Haywood's Board of Education. The 5-man committee three from the House, and two from the Senate, were named last week to make a report on the measure which had hit a snag In the General Assembly. s Hep. Oral L. Yates is asking that two additional men be named to the county board of education, making it a 5-man board, but Sen ator William Medford Is asking that the 3-man board as elected last year serve this term, and in the next election, a 5-man Ixiard be elected. Since both Legislators from Haywood could not agree, the con ference confmittee was named. The General Assembly will abide by the report as made by this committee. Mr Bill Proposed Five - Han Board 01 Education For Next Election; 5 Districts Bill Became Law With Signatures Of Two Presiding Officers The General Assembly ratified the bill to consolidate WaynesvUUs and Hazclwood on Friday, Senator William Medford told The Mountaineer over long dis tance this morning that the bill was ratified Friday as the two pre siding officers placed thetr slgna tures to the document. The bill specifies fifteen days for citizens of cither, or both towns, to file a petition with the town board asking for an election on the mer ger. The petition must bear the signatures of 15 per cent of the qualified voters of the town, the bill specifies. Under the provision of the bill, the 15-day limit would be up on April 21st. Tho bill specifies that the board of aldermen have five days, exclu sive of Sundays, In which to act. and call such an election, provided the petitions are found correct. An election, If so ordered, would be held under the Jurisdiction of the town board within 32 days. Wells Flock Is Termed A-l; Many Pullets Sold Here 3, Cecil 1 Clyde 6. South Clyde 11. Norl Local Concert . Band To Defend Their State Title Fifty members of the Waynes ville high concert band left this morning for the annual state con tests in Greensboro. The band will defend their 1950 title shared with two other bands of a rating of sup erior i" group six the highest grouping in the state. A stern warning was issued to-; xhe band will play in competi- day by Bradford Mehaffey, plumb- tj()n Tuesday afternoon against ing and heating inspector, that all , Greensboro and Lenoir. The final such work requires a permit, and decision is scheduled to be an- inspection within the town of Way-1 nounced about six o'clock nesville. Warning Issued For Permits On Plumbing-Heating Yates Takes Lead In Killing Milk Regulation Bill The General Assembly will in alt 0,. ,niod of some (1,000 birds probability adjourn late Saturday (u, vvj) km, thi-m for nine. production The specialist who checked the birds before putting I hem out to the fanners said it was the best flock he had seen in a long time. Of the li.000 originally received s I flv Wl)()( day-old chicks. Mr. Wells has ..!( j graded as A t. which is considered far above I lie average Later this week he Is lo get an Home And Farm Pictorial Section Has Been Delayed! The Mountaineer Home and Farm pictorial pages, which usually appear on Monday, will not be pub lished today. The staff hopes to return to the schedule next week The operator of the engraving tbaclne was ill; with, "fl' iasl week" and 'unable 'lo finluli "making the plates for the pictures. An unusually large number of pictures .is -planned for the next Home and Farm section -Next Monday. No Bonding Firm Has Put Up $1000 As Law Requires Not a single bonding company has put up the $1,000 cash bond with the Clerk of Court as requir ed under a new law just passed for night, according to Kep. oral Yates, here for the week-end. He said things were pointing to ad journment in spite of a heavy in flux of local bills during the past few days. His state-wide bill entitled an act for the protection and advance ment of the sheep raising, poultry and .livestock industry in North Carolina, and creating the office of county dog warden is in the Sen ate, and is expected to be ratified prior to adjounment. All his bills have cleared the House and are now in senate committees. Rep. Yates said one of the pieces Tnpsdav morning 40 members of! of legislation of which he was ex- .. .. ... I.k- nhnrus will eo loitrcmely proud, was his vote which Inspector Mehaffey set lorth me, .1. " -hTl vni,.d a hill , toot that all such work must oe designed to regulate faci urn au sucn - " " , ni h j noncompetitive, and control the price, and sales done according to the- P lum bmg j mie est(1 wre old arcl of milK in North Carolina. and heating ana pc. sums .... t was , Ashe-, The measure went to a conference ing to comply with this were sub ; n ncsviIp won the cov- committee, and Rep. Yates cast ject to the penalties of fines. Clinf,rir The com- the deciding vote to kill the mtas- . r'f.l I n""' .,. Permits are necessary ir n . ,linpH choruses of the state win Ure. weeks, and then, they will tin (ill to fanners. () the next brood every one has already been sold to Haywood farmers. Slightly more than half of the last brood were kept here. ai.! I In others went to Jackson cou'lly. the records show. . Mr. Wells is now averaging about four broods a year, of fi.000 each. Hugh Rogers Is Co-Chairman Of Polio Work J It. Siler, clerk of courl, said that four bonding companies han dle the greater part of the busi ness here, and thai as of noon to day none had put up the required cash which will enable them to do business iii Haywood. The new law became effective April ,rlh, Mr. Siler .said. Haywood will have a 5-man board of education after next elec tion, provided a bill now in the General Assembly is made Into a law A bill providing for the nomi nal ion of a five-man board he gin ning in 1052 was introduced Satur day by Senator William Medford. The bill has the full approval of Hep. Oral L. Yates, and is expected to be enacted without opposition. Members of the board would come from live districts, which are-defined in the measure. Medford said the proposal has the rtippnrt f"'he Democratic -eculive Committee in Haywood County Kaeh of the following districts would be entitled to one member: No. I, Way nesville. Ivy Hill and Jonathan Creek Townships; No. 2, Pigeon Fast Fol k and Cecil Town ships; No :i Clyde Township; No. 4, Crabtree and Iron Duff Town ships; No 5 Fines Creek, White Oak and Cataloochee Townships. Heaverdam Township Is exclud ed, the bill states, because It is contained in a fit y administrative unit with its own hoard of educa tion In the 1952 primary, the candi date receiving the highest number of voles would he nominated for two years, the two receiving the next highest number for four years and the othe rlwo for two years. Thei caller, nominees Would be named for six-year terms. Nominees would be elected by county-wide vote, with the candi date trom each district receiving the highest number of voles win ning the nomination in his district. The board would continue to be ap- pointed by the General Assembly. The measure was referred to the education committee. FEE BILL PASSED ASSEMBLY SATURDAY A bill to Increase the fees of the Register of Deeds and Clerk of Court of Haywood county, parsed the Assembly on Saturday The new fees are In keeping with those charged In other counties, It was said. SENATOR MEDFORD V.f.TA YATES' SHEEP AND DOG BILL APPROVED Senator Medford got a favorable approval of Rep Yates' stale-wide bill which .would permit ounty commissioners to appoint a dog warden for the protection of sheep and poultry raisers The senate finance committee made a motion against the bill which had been passed by the house. Senator Medford explained In detail the necessity, and impor tance of the bill to farmers in this part of the state who were interest ed in raising sheep and poultry The committee listened intently to Senator Medford. as he told his fellow-senators the bill was a per missive measqre. Alter his ex planation, the committee stamped "favorably approved" on the docu ment and it is now well on the way for ratification. Italhbone, Plemmons Moon Just Right Few Arrested Officers reported an exceptional-. Enlist In Navy ly quiet week-end. Mieriu Hen Campbell said four persons were l(wtin.l in i;iil iinrl fill. Prtlrlijinl . Smith of the Highway Patrol said j V-iuglm Kathbone soli of ivir and ivns riaymonu luiiiiiiiiiir of Clvde. Route 1: and A. J. Plem- SENATOK SEES SATURDAY ADJOURNMENT Senator Medford predicted the General Assembly would end some time this week-end He spent the past week-end in Raleigh, and be lieves that this week-end will See the end of the 1951 session. Two more Haywood men have 1 enlisted in the US Navy. They are Hugh Rogers has been named co-chairman of Haywood . Count v Infantile Paralysis Foundation. Mr. Rogers succeeds David nyau 'everything was quiet." Only a lender-scraping episode marred an new Jobs, as well as repairs, and re-; g.,, a concert on Thursday, with modeling of plumbing ana neaung Dand will, return on weanesaay, systems, he said. A number of Haywood dairymen went to Raleigh in the interest of the measure, and were warm in their praise of the work of Rep. otherwise perfect week-end on the "' s"" " ana v,,s- u" highways Plemmons ol Waynesville, Route 2. The moon must be. just right,"; ''lh men have been assigned to (.marked one officer, as he re-;""' b's Nav"1 Training Center at who has served in Hie capacity for j erred to Patrolman Joe Merrills an wiexo. im in um the past four wars belief Ihat the number of arrests ing. They hone lo attend Naval Mr. Rogers will serve with Heck- rises and falls with -de different school on completion of this train man Huger of Canton, in taking phases of the moon. i" care of the program of year-round The hand was accompanied by rhariek Islcv. director and Robert Campbell assistant director. ThejYatcs in helping kill the bill. band wil return on Wednesday, and and the chorus on Friday. The groups traveled in Trailway buses. Rabies Clinic Set For Next Week The annual Rabies Clinic will, be held throughout the county be ginning Monday, April 16. The rlinlr 1c hpaded by Dr. A. B. the chil-i Commerce J ' "; ;s will be for the regular monthly meeting mvu " a":':"""' 7 "u n. Frimrt. ores dent, said a glTUII IIOII" Directors Of Chamber Of Commerce To Meet Farm Agent Issues Apple Information Srah sDores are mature on the nt J InaeOD In t h 1 flfPfl AC I catering to infantile paralysis ( victims. 1 In his capacity as chairman. Mr. j Hyalt also served as gcneial chair-1 man one year in the annual March i of Dimes. 14 Men To Answer Call To Service From Here 23rd clinics will be held Thes vaccinations are good for one year. Beginning July 1, the new coun ty dog warden will have the auth ority to dispose of all nonvaccin ated dogs. Owners are advised to have their dogs vaccinated at the clinic at a special rate of $1. Any one missing the clinic may bring his dog to Dr. Riegg's animal hos pital. ' The directors of the Chamber of e Selective Service Board wil meet Tuesday nigm r':, ',i,,P.4announa lnl namo ' ineiii.iiis..i....i IT who will leave for induction on Scab iniecuon may occur any u..,e rf , a( 8 . a m Tne hat nine to twelve hours of con- '. . , ,u r-.,ri number of matters relative to the community-wide program would be discussed, with various committees reporting. HALLETT WARD AT BOWMAN GRAY HOSPITAL H. S. Ward, a Lake Junaluska merchant, is a patient at Bowman Gray Hospital in Winston-Salem. He has been ill for several weeks, I suffering from a back ailment. that nine to twelve linuous weu.iiK House- in Waynesville menaen mai iungitiues uc (see Special Circular No. 6, page 7). , "Growers who applied the delay erf dormant sprays but no dormant -j-.i i m 'if fit nnliiHe i fre""vroU i. " v., thy Marcelle Gibson "r"."'., r."." , I:;.... h' wood Best. John Edward Griffin. noo .ih n! Charles Herman The men are: Edwin Flowers. Noah Putnam, Kyle Caldwell. Ray Latherwood. Medford Noland. William Fred Ledford, William Billy Russell, Garland Russell Saunders, Timo- Billy Hay- Holder, John watch for mTtes (page 10, Circular Henry Jol.ey, and Jim Frank San- 1UI U. No. 6). Haywood Schools Make Good Showing At WCTC i . .... ... ! Waynesville High piled up 145 Moody. 3rd; Declamation Clark points to receive the third-place liinkley. 1st. trophy at the fifth annual Western Civics Sylvia Newell. 1st: Cur- Carolina High School Field Day rent Allans Betty Felmet, 2nd; in Cullowhee Friday. Canton took Spanish Ann Elizabeth Green, first prize with 192 points; and 2nd; Latin readings-Doris Cole, Franklin second with 175. . 1st: Elementary Algebra Florrie Waynesville students took a Patrick. 2nd; Plane Geometry J. number of firsts in the various D. Stanley. 2nd; General Science categories, and one student. Julia . Robert Noel Hale, 1st; Physics Ann Calhoun, reaped first, second, j Malcolm Williamson, Jr., 2nd; Gcn and third places in the category i eral Sciqnce Survey for Seniors of Sculpturing in soap and woods. 1 James N. Swift, 3rd: Individual Among the other winners were: 1 Sciepce exhibit Arnold Hannah, Industrial art J. D. Green, 2nd; 2nd. Plastic materials Julia Ann Cal- Tuba J. D. Stanley. 1st; Girls' houn, 2nd; Model building iboatsi j tio 1st: Nancy Kerley, Margaret Robert Luther, 2nd; Business j Leatherwood, Ann Comau Craw education Elizabeth Jenkins. 2nd; ; ford; Buys' quartet 1st: Hipps, English literature Margaret J Calhoun, Matney, Hoglen; Soprano Reese, 3rd; Mechanics of English ! solo Mary Jane Rogers, 2nd; Ten- Joyce Carter, 2nd; Essay Charl- ior solo Johnny Green, 1st; Bari- 1 ton Davis, 3rd; Spelling Eugene ( (See Haywood Schools Pane 8) Cell Reserved For Ramp Eaters Going To Jail Tho problem or the ramp-eating season has been solved by Sheriff Fred Campbell. He ha's decided that all persons lodged in jail who have be on eating ramps will be put in the cell re served for drunks "there they can't smell anything anyway." he said. Deputy Carl Setzer recalled ar resting a visitor last year, who had eaten too many ramps, and drank too much white liquor '-'Now -talking about a mess, but'that was it a drunk woman, full of ramps and liquor; that was some odor," he recalled - - Highway - Record For 1951 In Haywood (To Date) Killed . . . . 0 Injured.. 9 (This Information piled from Records State Hishway Patrol)

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