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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, November 05, 1951, Image 1

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lelights )f The q LeNo See mi -a TODAY'S SMILE He: A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's mind. She: Glad you admit it. He: Oh, yes, she chances It more often. E MOUNTAINEER JOL-JGi' Ptibhshed Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park fifilli VF.AR x-r Oft , n . , 1 : " "uw Associated Press WAYNESVILLE, N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, NOV, 5, 1951 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties ..if,, finm the city ,;d Whcii her husband ., work weanesoay j , j hnv a small paper chobl Bond Electio: i 4:Y n Slated For Dec ning smooth - shaped Is of a dark Drown cui- 4w gurgled, "oh 7 . ': y v j jl dj v iJuljJ J-iid xomcwnai. ui pus her 'bite into one uu v Tning to force a baked up. "Oh, I for lei'ii These are trick t, surprised, (ha hus- liamlm-r una prui-cuui-u first cliestnui nis wue JcyCome High is milking the rounds ,. at a well known sum hirame engaged in a i with one of the help- c place. the altitude ot mis !,..J n..J t.nnli.irl. tatcrs, beans and . tur- Or Get It iltee in charge Of pur- i for use in the Trade tarams approached the tiectric Company lasi curing a Deep Freeze r was unable to supply ired, so other arrange- made. el? Mrs. Swanger won reeze that was secured. as Two Equals ie figures to add up, v, staff member; "mind ir machine?':'. .' urself," said the book- Ian expansive wave of lie screamed a moment new staff member was ay at the cash register. Town Government Change f roves A Marked Success One Killed, One Hurt As This Car Was Demolished Stayed Home good, if cold, true stor- m Greeneville Friday the least of them was involving Buck Bowles, car load of children to Blien decided it was too m. Back in the car they mined to hear the out- tie radio. All went well iern-but 4bei the fame ome in. Itwas not Un- Id returned to Waynes lie was able to find out fllie children were rath- A burden always is easier to bear when shared by several per sons. That's what town officials of Waynesville have discovered after a four-month trial of a change in methods of town administration. Before the present Board of Aldermen took offica last July, the departments of town government were supervised by the aldermen acting individually as heads of the various departments. At that time the mayor appoint ed one alderman as head of the water department, the other as head of police and fire activities, and the third as supervisor of streets. . The old system had a number or delects, including placing too much work and responsibility on the shoulders of one alderman. He had to take care of all complaints against work done or hot done by his department. Another shortcoming of the former plan is that aldermen often were not well informed on work done in other departments than their own. For example, as one town official remarked, "Some times streets were paved by direc tion of one alderman without the other two aldermen even knowing about it." Today, however, town affairs are supervised by the Board of Alder men acting as a unit. They deter mine policies and give instructions to the town manager, who handles administration and hears minor complaints. Major complaints, requiring ac- tion by the board, are heard by the aldermen as a unit. Waynesville Mayor J. II. Way expressed his opinion of the change in town administration this way: 'Nickels For Know-Mow' Plan Approved In County Food Serving Instruction Is Planned Plans for a food handlers' school will be laid at two county meet ings this week. One will be at the Canton town hall Wednesday night the other at the Haywood County court house in Waynesville Thurs day night. Up for discussion will be 10 hours of instruction in various phases of food handling to be of fered by the county health depart ment. Training will be offered in Waynesville and Canton in two- hour afternoon and evening ses- sions which will continue for two and a half weeks. G. W. Rountree, director of county sanitation, explained that instruction will be offered in basic bacteriology, proper dishwashing and sterilization methods, preserv ation and preparation of foods, per sonal hygiene, and proper methods of serving foods. Mr. Rountree will serve as In structor and will be aided by guest "I think, it's one of, the - gmarM speakers.' ; Movies and demonstra- The Leaded snmv came slanting c small caravan of cars sether for warmth and lie Ions drive back from Friday night. Mile af nt by in safety, but sud lcad ear hesitated, ie curtain of snow the bridge could be felt. De- it was the intersection Springs road, the driver pight ahead. A series of lips told him he was topped, started to turn fri then sat still in amaze- "d him at least'ten cars fiddly trying to turn a- onver leaned out and fliere the blankety blank iking us?" " moves the town ever has made. I served under the old system for 16 years and believe that it doesn't even begin to compare with the new system. I'm very well pleased." Henry Gaddy, serving his second term as alderman, asserted: "Effi ciency of the town government has been increased tremendously. Af ter serving under the old system I wouldn t even consider going back to such an outmoded method of administration." Town Manager G. C. Ferguson remarked: "We have taken a major step forward, Waynesville wHl profit considerably by the change instituted by the mayor and Board of Aldermen." tions also will be offered Sessions will be open to food handlers in restaurants, tourist homes, church groups, dairy plants, bakeries, and to housewives and other interested persons, Mr. Roun tree pointed out. Overwhelming approval was giv en to the "Nickles For Know-How' plan Saturday by Haywood county farmers, who voted 696 to 28 in first returns in favor of the pro posal to impose a 5-cent assessment oh feed and fertilizer sold in North Carolina to finance agricultural re search. Referendum results were report ed from 16 polling places in the county with another 11 districts still to be heard from, Election returns reported by Wayne A, Corpening, county agri cultural agent, with the affirmative vote listed first, included: Aliens Creek. 68 to 0; Beaver- dam, 24 to 3; Crabtree, 32 to ,0 East Pigeon, 64 to 3; Fines Creek 42 to 3; Francis Cove, 29 to 0 Hominy, 59 to 0; Iron Duff, 13 to 0 Morning Star, 67 to 4; Ml. Sterling 16 to 1; RatclifTe Cove, 32 to 0 Saunook, 35 to 0; Thickety, 85 to 3 Waynesville, 77 to 1; West Pigeon, 15 to 5; and White Oak. 28 to 3. The statewide vote, with returns! still incomplete, Indicated that Tar Heel farmers were approving the rpsearch expansion plan by a 15-1 margin. Of 31,957 votes tabulated by North Carolina State College, 29,- 417 were in favor of the proposal, and only 2,540 were opposed. Fifteen mountain counties re ported a total of 6,546 affirmative ttotesaud wilt 851 .negative. - Haywood was one of two moun tain counties giving the "Niekles For Know-How" plan its heaviest vote of approval. The other coun ty was Transylvania with 91.8 in favor on 906 "yes" votes out 968. v ,, j i ' ft!' v mtmxmm n.S.lin mhi i mi n i i in 11 n iim rnm"wgi Erwin Welch, a 31-year-old Cherokee, was killed, as his car failed to make a curve on Highway No. 19-23 at Lake Junaluska about five o'clock, Sunday morning. The demolished car shown here, was crushed on the top and side. Cpl. I'rltchard Smith, investigated the wreck, and is shown here as he looked over the crushed-in sedan. Welch was crushed to death as the top of the car descended upon him. and forced his 200-pound body through the crumpled door, shown right in front of Cpl. Smith, (Mountaineer Photo). t - s Creek Picks Jo Hembree eir Queen Pus Creek CDP met Sat- f t at tlie school house. A d. around 75, .was pres- y the chicken dinner and Pe business of selecting "r the Tobacco Harvest Hembree, daughter of p. Bill Hembree, was the queen. She is 15-years ' t?nth grade, is a bru brow n eyes. She weighs dd is five feet, four Bob Conway loins Mountaineer Staff Bob Conway, a native of Ashland, Kentucky, has joined the news staff of The Mountaineer. He came here from the Monroe Evening News in Monroe, Michigan. Conway is a graduate of the Uni versity of Kentucky, and served three years in the Army, includ ing a year and a half with the 66th Infantry Division in Europe. , He also has worked at the Louis ville bureau of United Press, the Louisville Courier-Journal, and the Portsmouth (Ohio) Times. He is single. of Wintry Blast Sends Mercury Here Down To 23 Jubilee Has Another Big Meeting Sat. The Merchants Association had the usual large crowd in the high school football stadium Saturday at 2 p.m. to help them continue the Trade Jubilee Festival. Highlights of the program were the distribution of :- various gifts. Houston Swanger, Sr., was awarded a Kelvinator Deep Freeze; he lives in Hazelwood. " From Aliens Creek came Warren Mills to receive a beautiful blanket, Mrs. John Moody of Dellwood secured a love ly bed spread by attending the cele bration, and J, R. Inman, also of Aliens Creek, was presented with a Skyway Fitted Luggage Case. Another program will be given next Saturday at the same time and place. Weekend 'QuietV Police Department and Sheriff Report A quiet weekend was reported by the Waynesville police and the county sheriff's department this past weekend. Police Chief Orvllle Noland list ed 13 arrested for being drunk, and one driver charged with reckless driving and a man cited for temp orary auto larceny. ' The larceny charged was filed when a man bor rowed a car and failed to bring It back when he had promised. Sheriff Fred Campbell reported the "usual number" of drunks ar rested, and investigation, together with the highway patrol, of several other cases. One wreck in the city occured when two cars collided Sunday at the Intersection of Haywood and Depot Streets. The driver of one of the cars was cited for running a red light. Miss Johnston Will Speak To Miss Margaret "Johnston, Hay wood County librarian, left yester day for Winston-Salem to attend the annual meeting of the North Carolina Recreation Society and Commission, at the, Robert E, Lee Hotel, November 5-8. Miss Johnston will he one of the speakers on Tuesday's program and will talk on the Cherokee In dian Reading Project in Western North Carolina. The Society will hear discussions on Music, Dramatics, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Nature Siudy, Danc ing, and many other forms of rec reation. Lloyd B. Hathaway of Win-ston-Salem Is president of the organization. ' Haywood shivered with the rest of the nation over the week-end as the mercury slid down to 23 de grees on Saturday and did just one degree Abetter Sunday morning. A light , snow fell Friday night, but by noon Saturday it had dlsap peared in all except wU protect weather observer, The State Test Farm, registered the snow fall at a quarter of an Inch. The rainfall of last Thursday was 1.11 inches The thin blanket of snow cover ing the bright leaves on many trees gave an unusual picture, with many photographers trying to get color ed pictures of the scene. Indian Dies In Icciilent Hear Lake Sanitation Chief Explains New Sewage Ordinance ther CONTINUED COLD November 5 - Sunny Monday; continued cold m!f "Cville tempera- tT". Dy tne staff of "l farm): , --.Min. Rainfall Snnw 41 42 23 24 1.11 .14 .25 After having received a number of complaints on the cost of install ing sand filter-type sewage-disposal units under a new county ordi nance, G. W. Rountree, county di rector of sanitation, issued this statement today: "Due to a large amount of water and sewage produced by commer cial - enterprises -such - as - tourist courts and restaurants, it is the opinion of the health department that a sand filter constructed in accordance with the new rules and regulations of the county health de partment - - - because of terrain and rocky fissures or cracks lying just beneath the surface, will give the only adequate protection avail able ot peopltf of Haywood County." "The design of the sand filter is such that all the outflow from the septic tank is clarified, and a ma jority, at least, of disease-proauc ing bacteria is filtered out in this bed of sand and gravel. "Use of the sand filter is neces sary because of the large increase in the number of tourist courts, restaurants, and other business estalishmentg catering to tourists. own people. "We want the people of Hay wood County to feel free to call on us for instruction and help in the .design and construction of their sewage-disposal systems. "We also want people to know that this new county sanitation or dinance applies to individual prop erty- owners installing - their- own systems, as well as to large con tractors. "The policy of the Haywood County Health Department will be fair and impartial in regard to in stallation of sewage-disposal units. It is our purpose to improve the environmental sanitation of the county, both from the public health and the esthetic viewpoints. ; "Please remember that a permit is necessary before installation of sewage disposal systems, and an approval slip will be issued to prop erty owners after final inspection of the installation. This will pro tect the property owner from in ferior installations, which will only cost him more in the long run." The new county sanitation ordi nance was passed in October and State Officials Visit County Health Office The county board of health of fice "in the. courthouse' was visited by three state officials last week. Wednesday Dr. C. C. Applewhite, personnel director of the Slate Department of Health in Raleigh, and his assistant, I.: A. McCrary. discussed financial problems of the Haywood health department with county officials. Friday morning Mrs. Louise East, district supervisor of nurses at Asheville, discussed public health nursing with officials here. Parkway Sections Open - Close M, J. Becker, Park Hunger, has announced that as in the past the Wagon Road Gap section of the Blue Ridge Parkway will close for the season today, Monday, Nov. 5th. He pointed out, however, that the Soco Gap Section has been re opened, and he added thut it would remain open until weather or Fire hazards warrant it being closed. ! Ben Messer, Ed Moltlnger, Jerry 'Liner, and Hufus Pannell made up j a party attending the Clemson i Wake Forest game Saturday. Haywood county's fifth traffic fa tality .was -recorded at 7:31) a.m. Sunday when lrvin Welch, 33, In dian oiCherokae.xHetlln toe coun ty hospital of injuries he had suf fered two and a half. hours earlier in an accident on Highway 19-23 near Lake Junaluska. Two companions were riding with Welch at the time of the accident. One, Boyd Jackson, 25, of Chero kee, suffered head Injuries. The other, Jesse Hill, 25, also of Chero kee, was not injured. State Patrol Cpl. Pritchard Smith reported that Welch was traveling east toward Asheville, and appar ently lost control of his car on a sharp curve. The vehicle plunged oft the highway and overturned. Welch and his companions were thrown clear of the auto In the mishap. Welch is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Welch of Soco community: three small sons at home; one brother, Oscar Welch of Cherokee, Also five sisters, Mrs. Moody Reed. Mrs. Albert Crowe, Mrs, Reu ben Taj lor of Cherokee and Mrs. Edmund Youngbird- of Cherokee, and Miss Charlotte Welch of Con cho, Okla. lie was it World War II veteran. Crawford Funeral Home is in charge of funeral arrangements. The body was to he taken to the home today at 3 p.m, Commission, School Board ilet On Vote The mass of legal red tape was untangled this morning, and the official date for the school bond election was set for Saturday, De cember 15th. The new date was set today dur ing a conference of the board of commissioners and the board of education. The bonding attorneys in New -York, together with the Local Gov ernment Commission, have given their approval of the new date, as the official title of the Canton school district was determined. The delay was created by tha . bonding attorneys disagreeing on the official name of the Canton ' district. The name as will be car- ricd in the election, and recognized ". by all officials as the Canton Grad- -ed School District. W. R. Francis, attorney for the -county, was writing the official no- "m tice at noon, and said it will be published in the Thursday edition. The notice sets out those things .T. which the money will be spent a. general expansion and improve-'. ment of the entire system of schools buildings and grounds throughout the county, Z The registration books will open" for persons who have not previous-T ly registered on Saturday, Novcm- ber l7, and remain open until six o'clock December first. The 8Ui of December will be challenge day, and the election held on the 15th. Z The officials have been working almost constantly. 'on the--matter? since the bonding attorneys raised the question a week or so ago rela tive to the Canton school district. The action of the two boards this morning gave the green light for . the election, the officials explained. Gold Star Parents To Be Honored A banquet honoring the Gold Star Parents of this section of the county will be held by the Hay wood Legion Post No. 47 and the Ladles Auxiliary of the post at the Hazelwood Elementary School cafe teria on Saturday November 10. at 7 p. m. The Gold Star Parents will be the guests of honor. An address by Judge Daniel K, Moore of Sylva. N. C. will feature the proceedings. The menu will include roast tur key with all the trimmings. All legiounatres of this section are urg ed by legion officials to attond. Tickets are available from any le gion officer at $1.50 per person. - Communities Pick Queens For County Tobacco Show Youth Admits Driving Car In Hit-Run Pedestrian Death as well as for the protection of our! became effective last Thursday. Ten candidates now have been chosen by their communities to compete for the crown of queen of the Tobacco and Home Demonstra tion Exhibition to be held at the court.houseNovembpr.i6-17 Como.uiiiiy queens will appear on the program Friday night, ride in a parade Saturday morning, and one of their number will be chosen queen of the exhibition Saturday evening. The parade, which will start at 10:30 a.m. Saturday from Waynes ville High School, will include both queens and officers from the var ious communities. Other items on the exhibition agenda are a talent show Friday night, and a number of tobacco and "green pastures" awards. The home demonstration part of the combined exhibition will be based on the theme "Make It Your self," and will feature displays by the county's 25 ' home demonstra tion clubs. Displays will show handicraft, handwork, tieedlecraft, household furnishings, canned goods, and stored produce, according to Mary Cornwell. county home demonstra tion. jgenL , The displays will feature clubs' projects for the year, and also show Individual activities of club members. Judging of iiie exhibits will, be from 9 until 11 a.m. Friday at the Waynesville Armory. Judges will be Miss Nell Kcnnctt of Raleigh, district home demonstration agent; Mrs, Florence Sherrill, Franklin home agent, and Mrs. J. Walther Moore, Haycsville agent. Women entering exhibits have been urged by Miss Cornwell and committee members to assemble their exhibits on Thursday, Nov. 15. Awards 0f $25, $20, $15, $10, and $7.50 will be made to the five best exhibits. Five dollars also will be The hit-and-i'un death of a Cand ler pedestrian October 27 on the den, and James Elbert Ertzberger, cleared up with the arrest of two teen-agers, and an admission by one that he was the driver of the car which struck Keitfi llenson, 31, Candler Route 2. Now in Haywood county jail are Billy A. Jenkins, 18, of Pcachtree Street, between Biltmore and Ar- deii, and James Elbert Frtzberger.j bim oil' the roar f 16, of Asheville, Jenkins is charg-t the ed with manslaughter, and Ei tz-I berger with aiding and abetting manslaughter and hit-and-run driv ing. , . ' . j Capt. C. A. Speed, commander of State Hignwav Patrol Troop E,j reported that Jenkins signed a , told him that lie had become in creasingly jittery after reading newspaper accounts of the accident and the investigation later. Cpl. Pritchard Smith of Waynes ville, who assisted in the investi gation, reported shortly after the accident that two boys passing in an automobile .a short time before Hensoii was killed found him lying asleep on the highway, and pulled Public Reminded Of Health Clinic's Schedule Changes Haywood countians were remind ed today of the change in the coun ty health clinic schedule by Dr. I. M. Weir, county physician. Dr. Weir explained that although the schedule was changed Oct, I, a number of people continue to come to his office on the wrong days The clinic in Waynesville is open Monday and Wednesday from 8:3') a.m. until 12, and from 1 until 4:30 p.m. The cljnic is open during the same hours Tuesday in Canton. Later the clinic will handle gen eral eases Monday and vaccinations Wednesday, but has not made this division yet. The county health department plans to operate special maternal and infant clinics in Waynesville and Canton, but has not yet com pleted its arragemcnts for these services. - Captr SiHecr praise J"6llier"'iiieni"- bers of the highway patrol and also j the Haywood and Buncombe coun ty sheriffs' departments for their; efforts in tin.-, .successful investiga-i tion. j , The captain disclosed that clues used in the inquiry were correct statement Saturday night admitting "that the hit-run. car was dark that be was the driver of the car! green in color and had a broken amber foglight.' Jenkins car was which struck and killed Henson near Canton about 10 p.m. October 27. Capt. Speed said that the boys explained they were returning to i their .homes the night of the fa tality after having dates in Can ton. Jenkins, Speed reported, kept going after hitting the pedestrian because he was scared the man was given to each of the remaining! killed since he was driving at from clubs whose exhibits are adjudged 55 to 60 miles per hour at the time. described as a dark green 1947 Ford convertible, and was reported by the patrol us having had one fog light removed and its fender beaten out and repainted. Capt. Speed also lauded informa tion supplied by a number of Hay wood citizens. AH tips were in vestigated, he said. Jenkins and Ertzberger are ex pected to ace trial here this month "good" Capt, Speed said Jenkins also when the November term of Su- Highway Record For 1951 In Haywood (To Date) Injured . 50 Killed .... 5 (This piled Stat information com-1 from Records of Hihway Patrol.)

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