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The Duplin times. (Warsaw, N.C.) 1933-1963, June 27, 1935, Image 2

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oil. a Germany Flans ELsng ' hold in North Sea. '- Washington, D. C SyU ; Island : may become a modem Helgoland of tli North tea. Like Helgoland, whose cliffs gleamed with steel bat tlements until the dose of the World war, Sylt may bo made Into a naval and air stronghold by the German government, according to recent news reports. .. : ;i ..." 7 ' "Sylt, one of-the North SW.un group of Islands, la, (he largest German-owned land spot In the North sea," says the. National Geographic society. , .'-,''. ,' , v i , ' "A glance at map of the" Island reveals its shape as that of. a kan garoo facing the border line . be tween Denmark and Germany. Ita . area Is about one-half that of the ' District of Columbia with Its widest, portion only about seven miles wide, , - ' Summer . Resort., f i.;f . "Recreation, not war, has recently been Sylt's dominant feature,' .Only even miles of water separate It from the continent; Its palatial ho tels and bathing beaches have long - been: popular among .German and other northern Europe vacationists who also , are lured to It by the , simplicity of life among the rural Frisian;. Inhabitants who live con tented In- their straw-roofed bouses. (Next-- to recreation, farming and stock-raising la the Island's chief Industry..' ' f , "Is the summer frequent steamer service from Hamburg brings merry throngs, to Sylt, and for those whose curiosity "- would lead them Inland there Is a railroad which runs al most the entire length of the Island, touching Important towns and vtl lages. Spurs lead to quaint spots ,' off the main right-of-way, where an cient Sylt customs survive. For the motorist there also are good roads that link the chief towns, , "Normally Sylt's .population Is 'about 6000, but torrid sun's. rays and hot breezes In continental cit ies cause several .thousand people1 to make the Island their summer re treat. Nearly half, of the 6,000 live In the town of Westerland, the Sylt .metropolis which lies about midway the western shoreline. - Oldest Oyster Banks. "Off the southern coast are oyster . banks which the' natives will tell yoa are among the. oldest In Europe. They were, It Is averred, discovered 800 years ago by Knut the Great ' Their commercial value led Freder ick ri, duke of Holstelu Gotorp, to seize and make them a royal pot- session, ' "Sylt, also like Helgoland, annual- 'ly gives up a portion of Its unpro- - tected coast to the storm -tides of the North sea. Uke a giant steam shovel the waves tear gaps Into the Island's rim annually. Many miles of walls have been built to protect the coastline, especially near - the towns, while In sandy portions of 1 the Island dunes have been strength. ned to curb the devastation of the . relentless sea. ' "Fobr island, lying south of Sylt, CMef Shoots Straight, '' ., but "Windage" Is Off r Cleveland. "If you want to shoot guy's bat off," said PoUce Chief Bert Tllson of suburban 8haker Heights, "aim at his shoestrings.' - "Okay,", said Chief Herbert Gles- ler of Beach wood, another suburb. "I gotcha. Keep your eye on the bull's-eye!' Chief xGIesler had come over to the Shaker Heights city ball for a ;blt ' of target practice with Chief : ,TUson. They were " trying otrt the Shaker police department's new sub- Biachlne gun. ' ' -, , '; x "I've never shot a machine gun before.- said Chief. Gelslerv "But I know how to do It I've seen these guys In the movies., Be loaded a belt of cartridges, palled back for a foil automatic blast. .: . , One bullet crashed Into the wall where' the bull's, tall, might nave been and the rest of the slugs tore . through the asbestos covering on , the steam pipes running along un x der, the celling, overhead. Dust fell .' Xor Ave minutes. , ; : "Now," said' , chagrined Chief 1 Gelsler. "that . guy I . saw In the .." movies" . '- . ; 64 Corkscrew' A - This eorkscrew-sbaDed mer at Rapid City and Its Inventors, Bev. 0. H. Locke and Lorrin Hansen, expect It to. show a speed of 800 anlies an hour. An all-metal dirigible, with vanes running around It, the contrivance revolves In s steel frame TfiOO times a minute. It has wings id nnbn Is al por- t ' s in area and has a i arly equal to Its larger '. I hr and Arm run, both a ;o ' sre-" popular", play . i e the only other Impor- J of, the North Frisian silago which Includes many n!! of 1 ?, i, mil, sandy as well as grass- red land spots that appear as Dough they are floating on tne North, sea waves." , lach i Yearly of Top Soil Is Eroded Front Farms Pullman. Wash. Natural 1 wind and. rain erosion in the rich central Washington wheat belt Is carrying away as much ss an men a year ox soil, according to W. A. Rockle, re gional director of the 100,000-acre northwest erosion control project ' Where formerly only wheat was grownV- farmers are now planting grasses and legumes, ana teeaing sheep and cattle. Planting of trees and cover crops Is expected to help curb the yearly damage, to wheat- lands, many of them lying tallow under the AAA wheat-acreage re duction program. 1 . Southwest Recalls Recapture Past in . Colorful 'Pageantry. Phoenix, Aria. While In other sec tions ttt tbe country attention Is directed to 'little theaters" and workers' theaters, the Southwest has developed an Increasing Inter est In the historical pageant . Colorful dons of old Spain stalk across tbe Stages, Bringing oacs the days of Conquistador. In dian slaves and miners and gun men refresh memories of bygone times. v. la rich natural settings, or In huge stadia of steel and cement players have tried to recapture the past ' The plays and themes and actors. too, are Indigenous to the South west Hundreds of persons com monly take part ' Tbe legends of Montesuma, great SHEER WOOLENS ' Br CHE RIB NICHOLAS - One of the most' exciting develop ments In tbe summer woolens, which are so. smart- this, season, is the new wool taffeta. Tbla charming material Is really a glorified version of that old-time favorite, wood chai ns. It appears In small quaint geo metric prints In white on dark grounds or' In deep shades, against white.', IMalldrs perfectly In shirt waist frocks of the Street and spec tator sports types and being equally attractive for., active sports wear It Is winning rapid i acceptance. Tbe ffrnnd think about tills new "wool taffeta la that It is As1 pracUcal as It Is good looking, for Its does not crush or. wrinkle, .holds .tailored pleats In any weather and washes and Irons as easily and satlgfactor- Airplane in a n L J alrDlane-ZeppeUn. called the Aerozep, Is scheduled to make lu test flights this sum like an airplane and a large rudder, v, - '. CI J Indian L . s Wichita, Kan. The dust i n duclng winds from the South west which have eroded farm lands, have brought nothing but 111 fortune for most farmers, but for their children they have pro duced a new sport with s tasb angle, which the youngsters ap preciate "highly. 3:':''',(.v;X: rf Hundreds of Indian arrow Beads, long burled, have been brought to light by the shifting soil and i week-end expeditions are organized by school children of southwestern Kansas to hunt for them.,:;f:'f;ff'::S;i 'T The children report , particu larly good "pickings" at scenes, of early day skirmishes between the pioneers) and '-. the Indiana. Old camp sites along the Santa ITe trail. Point Bocks, In the ex treme southwest corner of the Jtafe, and Wagon Bed A Springs down the Clmmaron, are favorite hunting spots. , r, Sweater Than Cane Sugar Levulose, derived from the Je rusalem artichoke, is approximately half again as sweet as cane sugar. The difficulty of. Its preparation for industrial purposes precludes its being sold at every grocery. , t. .: Its Early History t " mythical Indian, ruler, and adven turers of Cortes are recreated In what sponsors nope may lead to s permanent vogue of the pageant A - number of , natural sites are being Improved and new ones be ing discovered and used. The most famous of the natural ; stages Is that of Red Knolls, east of Phoe nix river, where a pageant of Gila valley history Is presented annu ally. Above are the towering cllffa of red sandstone, which throw back the voices of the speakers to the audience In the bowl At both sides tbe cliffs stand close In . natural V. At flagstaff. Mesa, and Phoe nix likewise, artificial or natural outdoor settings, are nsed for elab orate presentations. Sound am plification permits productions - for huge crowds. Choral effects so far have not been developed to the ex tent that enthusiasts foresee. In sddltlon to these,- "frontier day" celebrations are profitable and successful methods of combin ing business with fun the celebra tions being Intended to attract at tention of eastern visitors.' Rodeos likewise are flourishing, promising that arts of tbe range win not be lost even - should their need dis appear. Aside frost a few big shows. most' of the latter are staged for the benefit of local and neighbor audiences. Ily as cotton, the gayest hues (It comes In a riot of -bright colors) are colorfast An Important consid eration for warm weather -wear is that (this summer fabric will not cling to the body, which makes It cool and comfortable. The picture shows a nicely tailored , spectator sports frock for summer wear of tbe new wool taffeta small white geometric figure on - a red , 4ack grouhd (the voguish Dubannet red). The., triangle scarf tucked In below the 'mannish collar, 'and. the - nail- studded 'leather belt are smart de tails. : - This summer woolen has found high favor ln Paris. ; " Paris Doctor Sues City for His Injury in Riot Paris. A French surgeon,: Dr. Jean Beuchon, . who was Injured seriously In the riots here In Feb ruary of 1934, hat filed suit against the -city. ' v,; v. -,--?.' v.- . ; On February fl Bouchon was sum moned to a cafe In tbe Bue Royals to give aid to the Injured. He re mained at the disposition of Bon-nefoy-Slbour, who was prefect of the Seine at the time, from 7:80 W til. after midnight As he was leav ing the. cafe he was drawn Into a crowd' of .rioter! ' and ' was . swept on with, them to the'; Place de la Concorde; In the lighting that, en sued Boucbon wai Injured serleas- cobtlnue'Jn the medical profession, as he, has been, eonsnea to a hospital since he was injured. Bouchpn has Engaged a lawyer to get financial, recompense. ; , Dakota v 1 , .a . . . J UR COMIC SUCi ION v, Events It owe FIFTEEN FINNEY OF THE Us (Cajr1iiWi " .1 4 PHONED M VEL I POM DFSERVelrr I Si LAT , I MYSOM WOKE XTBVS M? A - 'A-' flea 'rt cZa P RST AND J oi'O UOthTEs S - SVTTTJ5 wiV " HB VVOKfc MB fl t ''WANK WMil K Hod CAN .-SEE ; . VAADH R Jt&h : , A - THE FEATHERHEADS - --Ls i J,oM-T THINK IT " Z '.WHAT COLORS f, f MAtf ERS-Yoil SEEp M WOULD SHG, tTt l'- SHB MAKWsJ A hi the Lives of Link Lien : ' llL6WE,OA KNIFE ITS lH? PCWE OP It? w THE COKHtK 7 FORCE r, 1 I U ' VXNffl H t I RRHHHR B Hill' I I pswsiaair vassal MM&mm minx Q-mmM&m IW'I :t ;; 111 , Sleeps v-h: i' CanHe1atcliItUp? tUIt'S W,.'t !- lllzfld man," is I of the higher plank), cles In Ceylon, the glganteus, writes H. V coma, wasn., in uoiif that frequently grows at one Inch In every 90 nii fiA Mutt Have Air I An air bladder. Intern; regulates the height din factor permitting the fish to stationary at varying aepu out muscular activity, The a der Is said to be the renin what was once a lung, or aa arrangement for breathing. . t Not NmJ Smnnw Tisna The northern countries of I - rope, such as Sweden, Norway i i Scotland, do not adopt summer t davlleht extends weu to mMnic-ht and starts again sev hours later. Near the Arctic ch c!,; daylight is , pracucauy conunuunj throughout the summer time, ' , ttraVA island lies between Midway and Guam. It is a coral atoll, four and a quarter miles -long and two and a quarter miles .wide. Within the ' reef line! are -three "Islands sparsely covered with vegetation and Inhabited by a nose 01 sea Diraa. Dogs' Temperarere Higher ' Tha nnmnat temnprature of doss Is higher than that of people. It Is naiiv ahnni: 101 denees. Touhe nIIoks and small ones have slightly - - . i, -1 . higher temperatures man oiu auu large animals. . :, :J:l.. . - Dob's Own CUn WM Jr. . ' i . U..1 1. a .M. . wait to prevent Invasion," said HI Ho, uiw v " : I ltage tt was a failure, K we do not even own the wan." :v'''' I.troJmod' ' Fol Hn&t Tjirrt Fairfax Is credited' with In- - trodndng fox hunting In Virginia In : 1730. In 1742 he sent to England for the first pack of English-bred , fox-bonnda. T Laiayott No VP Etliih . AlHinnirh he traveled extensively among EngUsh-speaklng people, La fayette's knowledge 01 me n.ngi language was very Umlted. ' - . v; Heart TroMe,v'-': ' The serious heart malady, angina pectoris, strikes men more often" hn women, due anDarently to their more strenuous acuviura. ' 'fA Cmm. Yob Connt EmT . ', "A hypocrite;" said HI . Ho, f sage of Chinatown, "Is an actor b o Is sore sooner or later to atteinp " a role In which he U a failure. . 'li,-''r. 'pmm mmm ' "i Yellow Fever Parasite Mystery - ' $ The parasite causing yellow fever ' has never been fonnd and described but It Is known to be extremely ' smalL " - ' " ' , BETTER BE SURE. ; -Percy MUs- Hopsklpl ' Bessie I wm yon be my wlfel : i fx Bessie Why, Jrou askedf me that J last week and I said iW;,f . ; : ' , Percy But I tnougnt n possiuie. yon might have changed your mind... .''t 1 ? li Those Parly' Platforma i ;;"j.i' J"A party platform M a mighty lm- .' jbortant i consideration,, "said 1 jnb ; statesman. V;A-i' "li-V'-v" ' ' "teaX replied (he other, a party platform In politics Is a good dea like a bunker In golt. The rules rJv quire it, but yon show your skill In avoiding ':'H.'f:'i ''l1 r-1.y.:;i "Was this picture of, your husband taken, before you knew hlmJ" -;':; "les. ( It was , taken : during .the honeymoon." Detroit News. ; . 1 1 -I. '! 'i- ' f; .".' ; '' ' s Worse Thas That '. , . Bon Dadi is "politics" pluralt : ';p 'Dad No j, there Isn't anything In the world more singular' than poll- ! 'tlCS, " ' Cr:: W-'V o 10)

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