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The Duplin times. (Warsaw, N.C.) 1933-1963, July 18, 1935, Image 1

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s:T J-.vr.,.-"r V KENANSVILLE,' N. O. IIED EVERY THURSDAY THURSDAY; JULY 18th, 1935 NUMBER 24 rlccrtain terms, they ask for action on' xzLl, and state their belief inxeasons .eir respective communities being neff-1 I ; .blame county commissioners and .:hway and public works commission: crushing then markets; lens NEWS VIEWS with TBE EDITOR i .- Th Junior Order of Kenansville ; i ian of 200 prominent taxpayers held ii v Hill Tuesday night; jmaSS meeting tO next Tuesday night. Superintend !ifHlv5 miffht as well be in Souths . T ' "' 7T " , j .are now scneauiea ror a ieikj 'Inn nsi fnr as the recriernition thev aret. . " J cnir .Anii4mnt ' ; Everyone will teed' with Inter cut; IS WJUtCtllCU uicj iCTiunuiis fc th .yropath and paving highway 40, from "Warsaw toVaome in dissagreemenvthe let , 'if aIU' J W.I1 fi11 I ter drawn by the citizens of Rom ice via Magnolia and Rose Hill will : I. i ten the distance about ejght miles; i.; public letter drawn at meeting. ' ,l Rose Hill and Magnolia citizens are about to become Irate over the attention their respective commu t sties have been receiving f rota lin County's Fathers and the Rose bill and' Magnolia regarding the road situation. At least we must band It to them for having the nerve to up and say . what they think.. The writer doesn't; know but this action sonnds like' there might be some hot politic stir ton, to hard-surf ace this , short cut . ' . e ' ' " h "Rose Hill and Magnolia are two., rln' iibOle Duplin' when election. time comes around again for two towns with a 800 population each when properly aroused could stir, some stink and swing some votes If they wanted to. Our Idea is of the largest towns in Duplin County and are. centrally located, incorporated with a few miles of e Highway and Public Works i railroad, on the main line of the v.,, mission during recent years. vA. C- ui the. shortest route bet An expression heard in a meeting 'ween Rlchmonr and' .Wilminton, Tuesday night was that "Magno- m the heart of the. leading fruit, lia and Rose Hill might as weU be vegetable and bulb raising dls- ognitlon they get at home la .con-, 'trict of the state.. . Railroads have f. ti You know there are some darn ognitlon they get a thome la eon-, always been our biggest taxpayers - good folks In Rose Hill and Mag- that office-holders fend politi cians, might 'do well-to-llsten-to them a little. cerned." J and are' rapidly .losing the trana- nnlla. Thev never sav much but The upset baa grown out of what portation of heavy commodities, when -they do speak Boy How-- appears to many of the citizens to Hundreds of specially! built trucks dy something baa done and be favoritism to certain sections are doing this heavy hauling. Rose been sdld.' And haa.they spake f of the county. Citizens of the Rose Hill is the largest strawberry mar- j The ' attention of merchants fa Tim rnmmunitv and other sections ket and Magnolia la the largest called to an ad on the back page may be surprised to learn that not bulb market in the United States,, notifying them not to honor any i r .' 4. rp i a single foot of hard surfaced road not serviced with a paved road. Rural Rehabilitation Orders unless Keal HiStatC lTanSierS touches the entire township. This, During the past three, months Rose they are countersigned by Mrs, ; STRANGE TO ATOES Earl Hudson aSn town Monday and-he horf a tomato is worthy of Klnstott. , Earl says that his wife's ,n. ther bought some pepper see i and planted them in a bed a,.j few toma to plants came up Vith.1he pep per plants, he felf that .she could have so ie early tomatoes so pulled .up the tmat&Juuits and. set them In 'the-: garden. When she ;etuned p her to mat plants nft they had had I time to bear, she fund that her tomato plants were . neanns long green pods. Oi examination the fruit of the iomato plant tastes Ukegreen-'peppjij, looks like gTee.,,ie, ha seeds like green pepper but'M growing on a vine that looks I ke a tomato vine and ;, hat theoniato vine smelt.r Earl says' jthift he has not been able to work it ail put yet, but promises X bring some of' th fruit tarttenansvllle to prove tils story. fi Yield Of 775 lbs. Flue K-t Cured Tobacco - Forecast 1 COxTON Stands Poor; Dry June - Favorable To Crop; " truck: And Fruits ; Results .. .. ' , A I TJ111 h.nli ; lOAA ...A1r . T. nl If- U ri f JUafJEie n tinrtnAnH m n mil v id buuuici uu wuiurcu uw ' uuuv wwja. .ijunf iv nuiucr w jui. a, w ins- ..( " I . ' - . . L. .. Township or two in Duplin tuw fruits and vegetables, which ' had .Daniel, k t,,'.,i. niant of this week mUea east . to Charity, thence . ' ,' MOSES OR PHAROAH .jlmllM .lun'th t Vannnavllls Hie .ih.ii.. .i- vM..m. aw I 200 prominent, business , men ana i "--"v, women, and farmers,, gathered in f miles west tQ Warsaw a dis e Hill and went into a detailed tonce of 25 m es. The distance to ,Slort of the proposition;:- ofWarsaw parallel with the . rall-f -ir.g a hard surfaced-road 'rom'""" M RorH ill and Jw to Magnoua and Rose Hill. agno"a draw' their trada from ,g the evening much heated AUanUo and - New England Hsion was heard and there was- atates, How can we hope to main. . iitti thufc those DresentV tala our produce marketa and hold ... . mrp trfuiA. In rimnetitlnn with ruir.. were plenty sore over, wn.wuw -- -.-, "j , " tion as well aa a few' other ques.-neiEhbors,., Warsaw and WaUace, .M,h.nt broueht uo. without an Jnlet or an outlet These I Maggie y.' Woodward to Fannie Woodward Turlington, 2 lots in . Warsaw.;.T,, ' T j ' -.. 1 1 ' Atlantic Finance ,'fco. to Estelle (Editorial In the Raleigh News J Ray Pelrce, 2 lots W Warsaw. i' ' And Observer) : C. S. Savage and' Sarah Eliza Whether or not a North Caro- Ibeth. Savage to J. C. Savage, tract llnlnii la Imnrnssed bv ' the rea-. '.of lanQ-in Rockf ish vTownshlp. .T' A ' TMvIa ta-Tirtrf Wtr Pnw. er Co'; fUght of wky'ifenansville' 'soiling, of : S. play WiUuuna, of the Jk J. KeynvW-T( 'eesslng tax, any North Cai laa must , be unpresaed by the gall of Mr. Williams In suggest ing that the tobacco planters take him as their leader In a general desertion from the leadership of I During the past two seasons, 'weather conditions in North Car- 'olina and in the United States as j a whole have been very contrast- J tag. The 1984 season was favorable j in this state with plenty rainrau) and good crop conditions, while for the Nation one of the severest i droughts on record occurred. This year, on the other hand, conditions are quite opposite. June was one of the coldest and wctest over the Nationin contrast to the dryest In this state. As a result, the Nation has very uneven crop prospects. Floods' have been conspicuous in the West and North. Crops were late in being planted. Corn acreage shortage may be made up by in creased . acreages of . soybeans, sorghumes,' afid other crops that can be planted late. Farmers have had to work overtime and use in tensive' methods to overcome the handicaps existing Uub year. ... . , J - Iinwood Newton and 1 'Estelle ! Newton, to John Newton, tract of land In Rose Hill, township. MAMMOTJTH TERRIPIN IS CAPTITRED ON BEACH ' - o t ' Beautfort, July 18. A log gerhead terrapin - weighing a bout 800 pounds and measuring, about six foot from tip of snout to tip of tail was captured af ter a tussle by laborers on Money Island Beach Wednesday. Capt. George Brooks, resident engineer 6n the Money Island Beach improvements, knew that Dr.-Prytherch, fisheries labora tory head, wanted a giant ter- rilui bv m DTougnt it lu rivers Island where now It is becoming accustomed to the salt water pool recently built there. First sighted bound for the surf from the vicinity of the old beach hotel, where tthe if It was a she had probably gone to lay eggs, it took five Negro laborers there to capture the reptile. And then she almost carried the group Into the surf. Barnacles by the dozens are on the turtle's back. Wsl : 31 ; Conditions . In Gon- : . ithLast YearjEarly July ririg New UfeTo props NOTES FROM THE COUNTY AGENT BYL.U McCLENDON ; Magnolia News HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB MEETS The Home Demonstration Club met in the Junior Hall on Thurs day afternoon with Mrs. T. H. Wil liams, presiding. After the business session the project leaders gave rq- . ,v . u n ...v... u.w - o , . . . ,- . . . Aft.r h.ur. of thrashinsr out f - . " "" .. their troubles the foUowlng letter Irom o'rec- Mr. Wimams baa bee. , avaii- nal rtrwS fotoubllcation- ' ;1;'Rose HlU owns more motor', able as a leader In the tobacco, was drawn for pubHcan. tra more,Voad taxes, afield a good deal longer than has Rose Hill, July V--fV ma" handles more atrawberriea, buckle-V Secretary Wallace. He was a of bringing to the attont ton of tte berrfM miMtrKn act. J leader In the tobacco field In the State Highway .J" urea and ahip- more coffins and : long, desperate year, when the Commission the rerouting "P caskets and Magnolia handles more Pful . price, received by the surfacing Number 40 via Magnolia bubs and ; flowers, manufacture growers were the more pitiful In and Rose HiU. was discussed and a gtrawberry8( - comparison with the continuing petition asking for any part ofUie 1 fabulou. profIt, of hia and other ,, , Z ZTjL FT n'sl ta the state, 'not serviced with ;a parellel wtth the A. C. I R. R. . ; m,!-,...-;-,-. . ... 9 1 1... OAV. ...nt ' . x m. -n..Aim.t.a neBS u,e" "u Wl""l"' "JT;" I ' ple, than any other-dirt road In fL? T2LlU state, oa basis of economy, U tVUOQ xa cum uag,uwuw .. A large delegation is planing to carry the' petition before: the (Special To Times). . j.PEts. a?.J-P W9rR ..accomplished Rai'eigh; July- 16: The month of staraTast June waa the driest on record for; leaders made reports: Mrs. Clar North Carolina. The dry conditions ace Boone, "House Furnishing"; resulted in Irregular or spotted Mrs. T. M. Rogers. "Clothing"; growth. Crops were rapidly ap- Mollingsworth, "Foods"; Goodrich Corporation of Pete-' proaching a critiaal stage, urops in,"-- " - ar uens Mrs. burg, Va.: to E. W. Farrior, lots the piedmont and mountain coun- J- Heato, Health , Mrs. S. B. I inWallacef . ' I ties were suffering but prehaps not Hunter, "Home Grounds"; Miss lo me same exttsui, an m luwr - - - , Although, the con- xue ciuo voiea Mrs. uiarence The County Agent's Office wishes to remind all tobacco grow ers again tnat allotment cards for selling the 1935 tobacco crop are being, prepared in the County A gent's office at this time. All far mers desiring more than one allot ment card for himself and ten ants should notify the County 1 Agent at once the acreage produc j ed by each tenant and the share 'of "the crop the tenant receives. I ;: All growers wishing changes in ! their allotment card after date of ! delivery will be delayed 10 days : in- receiving their' allotment jards unless this matter is attended to. ! There are a few compliance forms in the Agent's office in Kenansville which have not been signed by the producers for one reason or another. All producers are warned that no allotment card can be issued until these forms are signed and producers should attend to this immediately. In order to prevent any delay or holdtip the delivery of any water melons from North Carolina, grow watermellon marketing agreement ers are warned on account of the that each and every shipment, ei- i ther by truck or rail, must be ac companied by an inspection certifi- , cate. These certificates can be se cured from Mr. Colwcll whose of fice is in Faison. This does not apply to ship ments within the State or to t states South of North Carolina. o Announce Complete List Of Teachers For Kenansville . .. paved "This 20 miles short-cut is tra. veled more and serves more peo- it'a construction will aave the state a considerable amount in the maintenance - of Number 40 'via tobacco companies. . But not un til now, did be undertake to play Moses. ' Indeed, In those I days some growers, lost In the Egyp-1 tian exile of starvation prices, mistook Mr.' Williams for Pha- 'roah.. 'liiJ'i ; Perhaps they were wrong. Per- haps, aa Mr. Williams has ln- 't . .Tamfaa Vt AlHpvmnn finit tvlfA in 'w.''Hi Hendry, and We,. tract of Plal" area land -near Duplin-Pender line, r . - i "::r.D r ;r:;v' r it brings to mmd the M adage liti-Pender liner v. v -j- - ----- , ' . 1L' ' Remembering that condiions a Mrs. Mary E. Ivey and others to - were ulte dry and CUnton Lumber Company? timber faU harvegt waa goodi the crop nri tract of land in Goshen Swamp. fnr.cnBt foP julv lat was encourae- ine. even though the dry June rtitinn nf nmna as, of Julv 1st re- w report me oesi ana sne ' fleeted the effect of the dry month, i was awarded the prize, a trip to a me oiiuri course, a prize nowever was awarded all the leaders. Mrs. I P. J. Heath won the lucky prize by drawing the llickv nnmW i dridee. La Granre. N. C. The hosteses, Mrs. Leslie Batts, , Miaa Trii,ahPth whithnrst A complete list of teachers for the Kenansville school for the com ing year was announced this week. They are as follows: Principal; A. J. DICKSON, of CALYPSO, N. C; Science: B. P. Tharrington, Loulsburg, N. C; French and English: Jessie Rae ford, Seven Springs, N. C; Ilin tory: Phebe Shaw Harlan, Kinston, N. C. Grammar Grades:- Seventh: Miss Marietta Neece, Greensboro, N. C; Sixth: Miss Fannie Al- Flfth: South next meeting of the State Highway Kenansville. It will take all of" the j stated,, toe welfare of the tobac "or the past 12 years the dtl-' 40 operating between Warsaw and .Ais of. Rose , Hill ' and Magnolia j Wilmington. We need a wide con townships have appealed to Duplin crete road, heavy .enough f6r corn County Commissioners to ) recom-. mercial trucks, hauling heavy com mend hard-surfaelng qf.tWS short- modities to0run on. North Caro cut, running north and south,, una has: several million dollars In through the center of Duplin Coun- Federal funds to spend , for "road ty, shortening the distance between building, 'as - we understood on a co growers is the thing that Ilea cloest to his heart. Maybe .it does. But the farmers cannot for get that, while -his heart may have pounded Jor them In . their distress, prices ld not go Op until the farmers and the gov ernment together' Joined in a proi v. rnun i wtilnll diihIimI torfoffa nn. Warnv anil WnllarA Bnrtmvirnatft. av.nni m..mmIH, aA r m,l nAn ; .1 ly 10 miles, Warsaw and Rose Hill ( economy. -For an the people and I entered the situation ati the re- ; I (More On Back Page) V v ' . -,(More on back page) 12 1-2 miles, Warsaw and Magnolia 8 .miles. Tbey vtdldijis" to keep quiet", that the State was going to build this short-cut, on a baals of convenience, necessity and econo my. Other road pro jecta' of less im portance, seem .to have prior claim for construction. We refer partic ularly to . Wallace - Chinquapin road Number 41, in the extreme Bouthern part of the .County, for I' e exclusive .benefit of the town of Wallace aftd Number 111, in the ; extreme Conn of Goldsboro. Elate , nt delegation after delegation be 1' no that body.' We were' always ; ectod courteously and were as-fnu-e .1 that every member of the E. Walker Stevens, Trustee, to. Hazel Scott 2 tracts of land, one , In. Warsaw1 township anda one in Magnolia Township. Mill, N. C; Fourth: Miss Anne K. Affect Basic Crop Cuts On Vegetables Is slight This Year Kenansville Boy To West Pt Warsaw, Galypsb, Alternates) I A study completed by the Bureau f Agricultural . Eoonomics in dicates that acreage reductions of major crops has only slightly in fluenced, production of commercial vegetables during 1934 and 1935. "States wholly w almost- wholly planted to major crops are Texas, cotton; .North and. South Carolina, tn,.r.nn onri Mttnn Town.. Kananji ' land Nebraska, wheat, corn and 'hogs;. North and South Dakota and Idaho, wheat. The study shows that the commercial vegetable acreage, except potatoes, in this group in creased by 50,000 acres in the past two years, while the entire coun try increased its commercial veg etable acreage by 657,405 acres in Johnson Approved Wallace Post Master E. J. (Bogue) Johnson's ap pointment as post master at Wal lace was confirmed by the United States Senate on Monday of this week. Johnson resigned as solicitor of the General County Court when notified that he had been recco- mended for the place. Cephas Bryon Sitterson, Jr., of Dupiin County boys. John Fon-6 ?me Thus ?! mCrease Kenansville, was notified last week J " Warsaw vmt to Wt toJ these maJor crop state8 1 that h. hart heen tfiven- the t hD. tr.... i senta only per cent oi me coun- north east v part of W5 ntent. cadet at tha United of Wftr8aw and Qenerai Sam Fai- Tf- "2 ty, for,U btflt.of t-e.Clty':i " VM S 2, Vo,M ac es de'voted to com: wavmZTof ad merrfal 'vegetables. Highway Commission and . . lm n,.iH rN.r,m V - ' o Calypso Boy At ; s ; ' , Fort Washington , E. J. Hill, of Warsaw," has been! ' Harry Patton, of Calypso, is at- ana maicoini rtariieiu, or uuypeu,' . , ;, aa second alternate. , , - .Warsaw Man Gets . Thn ftnnfiinrmAnr tmi tnfinn nv ... Coneressman Graham A. Barden.! RifiT Aniiointment mission felt honored, by -ur epnas uryanv. u . Mr. Jeffress who was, Chair-!ate 0 010 Kenansville hdgb aotiool - . . .... nnri hn firrartnan wdiia NnrAqr r . ........ , . . a oi we. commission,, reauzea " i . . . - .i.t Aii t W w Mt- ienamg we Reserve unicer iTam UttU. no IS -T 1 -T . flirf Whlm,. o r ...r - o u" ton, Md. Young Patton Is a Junior ' r. B. will m lo Fort Brae? on ministration with hearauarters inr 'ihniant1 . vircrinia PnivtAhniA need for an Inlet as well as an College a year and a t for Rose Hill and Masmolia. " o- . ,in the new Works Progress id us bow sorry he was,! C. B. will go lo Fort Bragg on ministration witn nearquarters m student at they didn't have enough notification ; to take;. a pnysical jjew Bern. Mr. Hill, it ia under- Institute. -' and told us to run along examination and 4f he passes will wm approve all prolects'for " ' k iron the thing out with our go to west roini immeaiaceiy. , Jrt... ' Miss' Luclle Norris Spent the noners and as, soon as the . Since attending Wake Forest C. trict which comprises the week mothef m r was available they were B, worked for his - father in a Second Congressional diatrict and ettevmeJ . - . , v , ' hard-surface the-road. , -grocery store in Kenansville until . several counties in the 1st and 3rd . ' ' 0 . any. every Mercnants as- ew w 8:wiai m nu uu districts. Between six ana -seven , between Richmond-Nor- brother, Jack, purchased the bus-.million dollars are alotted tot the - 'il'nington; have appeal.. Inaaa froiii their father. ,- distrilct for work projects. . ; C. Highway Commission,! The appointment is the first of , ;. ' ' ' o ' ' ' i t convenience, necessity its kind to be made in Duplin Coun' Miss Louise Wells, who Is In ", vhiih will shorten .ty in" several years. It is thought , school at Greenville, spent 'the .ff.Jmatcly 9 miles that three or fou appointments ro and VVllmirg-1 are all that have ever been given week end with her family here. James Johnson, of near Burgaw. is spending the' summer with, itf.' and Mrs. C. E.' Qulnn, of Kenans ville. He is planning to leave at the opening of college this fall to attend 1 college in Spartanaburg, S. C. . - - weather was showing serious ef fects on many crops. The first ten days of July brough nice seasons and by the twelth of the month, amazing recoveries were evident everywhere. This is true even on corn fields that looked quite hope- cious punch, sandwiches and waf less on July 1st. Of course, some ers were served the guests crops were too matured ror re covery, but many others were at that point where the rain-fall went Into maximum fruitfulness. GRAINS Corn has been backward, smal and Irregular In development, but the early July rains have resulted In amazing recovery in most fields. Cultivation has been good. Wheat is threshing out very well, but is 'disappointing in com parison with the wonderful stands and stalk growth. The yield of 11.5 bushels per acre is better than the' usual. In fact, the In dicated production this year is al most 40 per. xent above the five year average. . - The Oat croo shows a good piant ana neaa groww, ana sianas o were very good. The 1935 oat pro-, Following the practice establish duction is29 per cent above the ed last year the Mount Olive average. RYE and BARLEY also Chamber of Commerce will again show good growths and yields. ! sponsor the annual Farmer's Festi , TAME HAY jval to be staged in that city the Due to the excessively dry June last Thursday in September, the hay crops grew alowly, and prob- 26th. ably much of the acreage intended The Board of Directors of the to be planted -waa not seeded. Mount Olive organization in ses Early July : rains caused a rapid sion Monday night appointed Nel lmprovement. The expected pro- son Ricks as general chairman and duction waa 20 per cent more than Arnold Byrd and Clay Casey were the five-year average, based on a designated to assist In the pre condition, 75 per cent of normal liminary arrangements, growth. - , .. The occasion this year will, as . ' LEGUMES . i before, It was stated to be purely Peanuts show a , condition one a social affair and as far from per cent better than the ten year commercialization as possible. No average, growing on four percent carnival will be permitted to be in less acreage in North Carolina. : e city during the day and con- . Soybeans are showing about, the cessions and gambling booths will same acreage aa last year. Cow- lormaaen. . ; . peas show 15 per cent reduction in ! w,u 08 remembered that the acres. V.;;'. '!4-.f;' .occasion 'last '-year, marking the . rananrvi close oi we narvest season in the Mrs. Jacob Baker, Mrs. J. H. Wil- . -...You ranamns icea arinn, Craig Marion, N. C; Third-Fourth wafers and candy to the thirty- Mlss Edna Haskett, Faison, N. C; eight members present. r. msa Margaret patPi CoIum. Mrs. Graham Quinn entertained bia, N. C; Second: Miss Louise the Book Club at her home on Fri-j Bowen, Willard, N. C; First and day afternoon. After a round-table ; Second: Miss Margaret McGowan. discussion of current events, deli-I Warsaw. N. C: First: Miss Eliza beth Sparkman, Burgaw, N. C. Last Of '34-'35 Corn-Hog Checks j The last of the 1934-35 corn hog checks were received in Dup I lin by Treasurer Major Sutton last i Thursday. The checks totaled a little over $800.00. The average indivdual can tell you many things to show that he is not an average individual. Mount Olive To Sponsor Farmers Festival Again It ... 'MJi-'-A t.. Mount Olive section, was a big weather, the yield 775 lbs. of IZ ""? fro" faf flue-cured tobacco per acre ls.m tte,1cca8lon forecasted this year. This is slight- U8 "yh0pef, 'S ,y above the avenge but consiL. ,5 (More Sn back page) Everyone in Duplin County will be looking forward with much in terest to the occasion. J. E. Jerritt Talks At Rotary Meet The Kenansville-Warsaw Rotary Club held its regular weekly meet ing last Friday night. County A gent L. L. McLendon was schedul ed to talk to the club but was dei tained from attending. Rotarian Jimmy Jerritt made a short talk along the lines of ac complishments of the AAA, giv ing bis ideas of what Mr. McLen don would have talked about if he had been present. Following Mr. Jerritt's talk, the group went into a round table discussion of various subjects. ' INTMATE STATE HOSPITAL i , GOLDSBORO DIES Mrs. Harvey Boney received a letter from the State Hospital for Colored' In Goldsboro a few- days': ago notifying her of the death of Homer Nicholson, Inmate there.

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