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The Duplin times. (Warsaw, N.C.) 1933-1963, July 18, 1935, Image 5

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. . i. ! i ... ..-. i ., o . iouJ were v s U comi.iumly Sunday P. 11. i n th of a s -n on , - Mrs. 31 TxA NEWS. j .is. K.iiiihy Quinn and tluM-i Mary Lily and Ella Mae Qulnii visited in the home of her, father Mr. Ira Westbrook, v where Mr Westbrook has been, right sick for about two weesk. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Grady at I. i , tf ' ' to Join later as i r t wil last through the i i f rn X April. film is to do much improv- it, a uafu asvv aisa uuiu w - -- - . the exact amount to d.-'e. h- z at little cost thereby eliminat- i a the reports turned in to in E,ine pwiumu e jrreater number of our ing. in orueii-iu uu w i by our menuii, y from poultry, e, sjs s left would run iuio . I have not been able to i 1'. . Thomas gave Mr. Exa rf ? n jitlitiili" ai rlDi4tr Via Wnno. s.on b t his birthday. There were tended -a birthday dinner Saturday 18 ati- nee. .-,x " near Mt. Olive. ' lr. 1. ...and Thomas spent" Fri-i Mr. Ktrby Quinn and daughter day ve U-g with Mr. C. D. lTho-1 Inez Quinn. were to Warsaw Frt mas. ' ' '" day. ii.fcukin h mas. turned from his .visit to Orential.l n 0 home ,Mrs . n .... v;. . WMfhmnU ncoi- Wnlr WI11.-T: has just re- New Hern and Enfield. We are sorry to have to report Miss Nellie Whitman la staying : tha homn of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Westbrook near Pink Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Parker Quinn visit- i ao una we are we tuw wmijf'im "jiuiii? -, . . A i n "taw "made Improvement ' learning to do a good paint Job.jthe death, of Mr Amoua Hall om,"--. t.iii-uirlnir meals. Thev have how to mix paint, stain noors ana or .our oiuem ciuim. ruuwn.e- r CAMEIS WAVE FLAVOR, PLUS MILDNESS... - A RARE' COMBINATION THEV NEVER GET MY WIND OR RUFFLE MY NERVES I'M NO ATHLETE, BUT CAMELS ARE MY CIGARETTE TOO. I AGREE WITH CARL HUBBELL THAT CAMELS ARE MILD. THEY NEVER IRRITATE MY THROAT ;;-:-"' : l UUiaUl.Ml r "V - r tried to serve more vegetables and refinish furniture. And what a ya i, s. . . . rs. and . luable lesson: . Mm. John Hill Sanderson, Housefurnlslilng Leader - o MARY'S CHAPEL NEWS ITEMS ' t (Toe late for last week) , Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Hudson of Turkey visited realtlvea here Sun day afternoon. " - Mrs. Teachey of Rose Hill spent a while Sunday afternoon with heT brotbar, Mr. E. -P. Best. Miss Lioulse Brown was the week fruits, also milk and butter. In -conclusion I might say that a well balanced diet offers to every one health insurance wmcn wui yield gratifying returna on what we Invest In It. T - ivr- i HV1 n A .., (.inn nivi . ' VV H I UVa .1111 v luui vut ...w ' ject leaders for one year now and( ie Short trlbutlons at each club meeting. To first prize prove our advancement, -we have i. Powers added seventeen members since' Uiville were January of this year. ' " tost and had , . Respectively submitted, 7 ng the win- Mrs. Norwood Miller,' r N Foods Leader. , ' j! lerinher' Each of the7 women's cluba in ' . .. 'toat Anrinsr .Tulv. Reports of all nH mIMt of Miss Ruth Boykin t in our club county winners will be published in i Mrs. J.' H, Boyette Visited Mrs. i-nrq wpra to THE TIMES at an eany aaie. r. whitman Monday. . i ' t .,',r,r,fllrtion on ' MUS. SANDERSON IS SRD. Mr. Roscoe Whitman spent Sun Ttn Serve at' "Ml John HiH Sanderson of the with Mr. D. J.est. , J ; ladle, donned Miller Home DemoatraUon Club uttle Miss Oleta Hurson spent otiTfnr the oo-awarded third winner In the Saturday afternoon with Mrs. E. on intprpstini- Project Leaders Report contest r, Hudson. , .. . - .... 1. , . .1 rtiiA' .ri,itt ar their July meeting. .- . - - Mrs. Sanderson has Just complet ed painting the walla, woodwork and floors of her living room and has offered this room as a demon stration to her club members. Mrs. Sanderson has made a aplendld leader for her club and her report Vices were held Sunday at .2:00 n'riock at his home. Interment was held in the family cemetery..- , ' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Benton- an family visited Mrs. Benton's pa rents at LaGrange Sunday, t Mr. Ben Grady and family ! of Kenansville visited JMrv and Mrs. Mrs. B. A. Daughtrey's sister Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shepherd of hear Wallace and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Williamson of hear" r KenausvUle were visitors in the home of Mr. Eddie- Grady's Sunday, ' ... Mr. and Mrs. jftuf ua Stroud, val ued at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Quinn and Mr. and -v Mrs. TTji rnt. Hnuflton Sundav: :' ' :a- ' .Mr. and Mrs. Pickett Chambers . v : M d. A V nil CARL HUBBCU, star pitcher of the New York Giants (SCJGLIS COSTLIIR TOBACCOS ! '. f.iese tw6 meet 1 to be ery help . , inonstrated mak ich was delightful well as delicious to ' we discussed the ntlals. In Febru- ,. ae stuuy n .yww . tremendous . amount TEACHEY NEWS (brvarv meals. In " : ' . Mrs. Biani - a demonstration ZLT Z "poTt:" Tha Mairirle McMillan Circle met with Mrs. L. E. -Wells', at 3:00 o'clock. Monday afternoon. Mrs. nrnrtrt Wells led the program: rIiToplc: i'The Jews and The Gospel". 01 .... nr.ii- n., fK Rl- 'ads and stressed workers in her club. . The report j x Mi8oeenoua ghower was glv-, of serving a var- follows: .. ' - en for Mrs. John Birmingham, rorT , during tha spring "1 was " appointed House Fur-'meriy Sallle Southerland ; at the 1 loss of appetite. " nishlng Leader of our . Club last home of Mrs. Rivers Roubo Satur- ( . ij an(j May meet- October At 'the following ,mcet- day evening. Mr. and Mrs. Blrm il njllk for Sound ing In November I gave a demon- mgham are making, their home in ved pictures of chil- stratlon on How to make an Oiled .Wilmington. , . j " 1 been drinking milk Floor Mop, This mop was made I Mrs. VanCourt and children are ' i contrast with those by cutting strips from the tops of visiting relatives in Graensbora. - Pnrh member was old socks and treating them with, . Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Wooten and t ' ''aLn "'UUCT. w. . ... v. .trina .ihkr Ann hf Charlotte ' U the difference in me "''' r -- --- e bones of the body of sewed together the mop was drop- are guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Iser esoeclallv In this'ped Into a Jar, the sides of which. Wells this week. . 4 broS Williams was the t TTtako nuK U pteas- Boiled linseed oil may be used io guests of Mrs. J. B. Wells last ''tltlseasv and of all good advantage. ' This demonstra. week.'. -. - ''-- t a oL which we are Oon proved that -we can save un-j Ross Turner spent last week at r from childhood. Al- l amounts i oT money by njftklng home. - - ' r most nearly perfect our mops at home. Mlsa Sudle Herring of Rose. Hin i rrotectfv food! pro-1 December I qoltoeted pictures 'spent the week end with Miss Eu- , jjiuiyyuT? r . .1 . . w ' Amho,, how- to renia Forlaw. o.' ' i V . . i tm many or we e- - "r v.t,", - Mr, . Wallaand we discusied "Froien H the spring I attended the Rev. S. G. Harness were guests of JSSmJcCVmut. and Mrs. Edgar Wells Sun o,vAri new desqerta I trig at whlch tlme I reselved a lot'day. - T ' ' , r a reuawe -om Mm." Lola Mae McKenzled Fn for' properly conduct a club meeting, children. L. O, Jr., B1U and Day- r 4ut meV. and other helpful BUggestlon. time and M. Xlvls ; Cleak .of r ,t T Zto. have In March I gave a demonstration Clinton wera week end guesU of Furniture, and re- Mr. and Mrs. G. R. McMillan. - t nmXJ,t' and Mref H P mImC' ' -. f LwahiH 'fmih Leader's School at Kenansville con- and MrsH. u. Mcjaman.. of vegetables, fruits Mf Hujl a McMlllatt of ' ' . iu HtAti. Bneclallst I received at this New York la spending his vacation ?t Si a'loto no in Duplin will re- on walls and wall Finsihing, alw - ; , i Si00 and S7.00 re- u y - . i first, -second..' and range draperies, I too, reewvea i as our quota of 850 sample of different wall finishes ,e entered? ! 7ave gv- and in April gave a demonstration . member a State Can: on Walls and Wall Finishes at our ' t guido them in their club meeting. At this meetinr I b . , , showed niotures of different walls 1 rounrts of meat 1 eo' nd Mmples of different - .u.a Floor Finishes. . ' , 1 .--.. . x' In May I Joined the-House furn I: ' f v ishing Contest which is being spon- i sored by each oluo in tno county. -4f - Since then I nave painteo my ny i ing room through our - Home A 'cent's instructions, demonatratlntr t -,flrV ,;that we can save by doing our uuCiij worj j alsovyarnished my floor and rug to show the finished work.; mm JUI.Y THE MOST FINELY BALANCED LOW-PRICED CAR EVER 8UILT I . MICE! .L '41 ECHOMT 44 Mortar C( tax Tmm Solan The car is yours. Wfhe streets and highways, too... we want you to drive THE MOST FINELY BALANCED LOW-PRICED CAR EVER BUILT ' w"""' Your Chevrolet dealer is host! You ' are his invited guest!, Invited to - cHtw the new Master' De Luxe Chevrolet without ! any obligation! Try this pew Chevrolet in traffic, ' on the hills, on A straightaway, vand learn how much nner it is than any other low-pncea can And how much more satisfied you'll be to own the only car in the lowest price range with a beauti fully styled Body by Fisher, solid steel Turret-Top construction, and the famous gliding Knee-Action Bide! Come drive the Master De Luxe Chevrolet. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO.. DETROIT. MICH. OmpJe Chevrolet' ino delivered price, and ea GM.A.C, terms. A General Moton Value GE3EUR0LET I EIIIUKE fro .I'liTTi 1 iui ffll J ",IU" s j I 1 I uiun DEAUR ADVERTISEM EfJT JONES CHEVROLET COMPANY j ? Pink Hill, N. C, Cabin 1 Crf irliS for ! I And in checking up our House- 1 23 CENTS , o 1 , furnlshine' renorta bv everv Club member all bav rehung pictures, . I purchased towels, bed . linen, and - new curtains. Quite a number have - - had remodeling work ' done- and .v" jhave purchased new furniture. . ' Some new members have Joined the hou-5 -'isrtii t f oi7t,"!t and 4 1 -,4 'N.C. ..a L . .-,1, i. aUt Ex posure Koll and E'.ht Prints 40c Srathcni Art Co.? nit I , N. C. T' f A i'.G ; i " ?; Nhat is the yardstick : for a cigarette... " Take mildness for one thing how ' does it measure up for' mildness? ' - " T Chesterfields are milder not flat or insipid, of Course, but with a pleasing flavor. -; " -' Then take taste for another thing docs it have plenty of taste? ' r . , . Chesterfields taste better not strong but just right. -''.." . ' ' In other words, They Satisfy that's my yardstick for a cigarette. i I Vnesicruciu ctgarem mat inaiuo iuhamx J 193J, llCCBtT Myim Toiacco Co.

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