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The Duplin times. (Warsaw, N.C.) 1933-1963, July 01, 1937, Image 5

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" Your next range shonld be C--vt- r ,luIc the range that will" be ill ' mo Jcrn "tomorrow." Add new lest -tp mel preparation know tht "7 wonders of electric cookery " better tatting, more healthful foodi mora uniform results more leiiure time cleaner cooler ftitsr-r-cheapeit !"""' As Little Ah - -'-1 . 15.00 DOWN , 30 Months To Pay ' " s For Vr w Old -O 7 0 PI C G Cooking Lqulpmc . I . 1 1 ' Jp i : rJ . " of tLe ..c.i.LIy'1 Tii.iuL'3 L.liool in I Uaiond. Lias L'a"ard is b? j , assisted y Krs. J. E. raison, Tecretary of i.eli!.ioiis Education U the Wo man's Auxiliary, Cf...ers assisting in the work are: Ilia. 0. L lay lor, Eiss Helen Taylor, . Mrs. C. JJeems, kiss Blanche Xewis, Miss Charlotte Williams, add Krs. J. B. Stroud; r-:: 'itiX-Ht, v; . Leroy lewis, of Philadelphia, is visit"1? ml the home of Mrs, Mar- "Williams this week. v, A , i J. - ', , CABS OP TEAMS; : f . ' if:-: .'..:.. . . . . First prize ot $500 was awarded Waneeta- Buckley of Louisville. Ry (right), recent winner of the tlOe of "Best Speller In the Nation;" Sne won the thirteenth national'spelling bee jat Washlngton,,'lsponsored by newspapers at the new National museum. Waneeta Tunner-un was diminutive Betty Grunstra .of Passaic, N. J. "Plebeian,", spelled cor rectly by Waneeta, after- Bettr missed, decided' the contest' Betty's second prize amounted to $300. ' We wish to take this opportune ity to express our deepest appre ciation to our many Mends And Dr. Henderson for their kind ex-1 pressiong of sympathy during ourj c 11 ' recent bereavement, the sickness ,1VI. l iiCWlS uellS C and death of our beloved mother.! . Mrs. E. D. Kornegay. 1 riTSt Lima OeailS I'.dra!. ; ' ' 1 c 1 p. s or scj ii y 1 ; f corn at tLe t:.s tf t.e 1. u vation, in the costa: less they have already plant ! ii alternate rows with the corn. Corn should be cultivated shallow until it is four feet high, as cultivation maintains a mulch that conserves moisture. Too deep a cultivation may injure the roots, however. -' Frequent, shallow cultivations through the montit of July are good for cotton, Blair continued. He advised against . plantihe corn and soy beans in July expect ing to make a full crop of corn planted at that time,' and said that it is more profitable to get I these projects at one, w; .iw an tuu vnip ox small I: T'' Cl ... .. for f e j. detaJ c-.l begin wi Their i willincl library, among t e planning fvr tie t: Hour each week. 1 1 Sunday sug'.t to i a rot i FAISON .1 Roddy Says; "You can have all 'the ton veniences of - electric ccokei y for the same cost of an or dinary cook stove."' v, ' r Pover Co. miss Catherine Thompson '. has gone to Camp Leach to assume her duties as councilor for the junior girls. 'rmUfi-M i Miss Elizabeth Faison .spent last weekend at White lake, the guest of her aunt, Mrs. JJ). Kerr. The sympathy of the commun. Oates and family in the loss of their little son and brother, -Rudolph, aged 18 months, who pass ed away last Saturday in Dr. Sid bury's hospital near. Wilmington. Charlie Strickland' and; sister, RECOMMEND he c: COWPE ce ittiss Marick, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bice visited their sister, Mrs. J. E. Bailey last Sunday. c The Dailv-fe Vacation ,; HiH harvested, they may be left on the School of the Presbyterian Church 01 turned under to add or-.1 Cowpeas make s good crop to plant between tobjicco rows at the time pf the last futivatfosl;; , The peas will cot hurt, the tob acco, said E. C.Blair, extension agronomist at Bate College, -and they will prodvu'p a big crop for Buu-vnservuig purposes. .'"f::s He suggested Jchat the cow peas be planted in efift tobocco. "mid dle" with a corf planter. Whfle growi they will help conserve moisture and hold the soil in place, After the tobacco 1s Faison, June 30. On Saturday. June 19th, M, C. Lewis sold the; first basket of lima beans of the season. They brought 8.75.'.s Mr, Lewis also had the distinct ion f picking and selling the first snap beans this season. ' , Tlginrk, Warsaw-Wallace Road Early Date In ". Iff ' 9 mt nxuj, jrrway - k v Monday; 03AKSVTLLI . cj day ; BETJLAVILLE,1 Wt cJay : BICHLAHDS, Thursday. . 4 - ' ' Work is expected io begin at an eary date on the county road through from Warsaw to Wallace, via Magnolia and Rose Hill. f The "Stooge" ity goes out to Mr. and Mrs, J. M. " in session this week under the aio matter and nitrogen to the tomedian's straight man is' ' ueia. ' "-siooae." Foishnt prices an complete joa on Moniments, seizor write-- .UVJ Whajsy-r Beulaville, EC ' l'i U Hepreant4ive or ; - B E. D AIJjAi-VJ, 3 Star at Cleveland Fair FACTSjrpU NEVER KNEWlfl ' ' PEAR TO AOVAMTAOC OM . ' ,- ' iSOWOFBEsURRBCmifX 1 ! " !i m l TRE F .Vr5- I "v;- . fff " " vj cusMMv sobisct it) ner I f t MJMii or . y ' .VI By H. T. F'" I FOR MPfTHjL" 'r . fin.df VW6M AN HOOlAMWlSwiTD-egKDMe' twwaTO hb ou m soots or -4C. BLOOO-ROOT PUMT auq sivkO TB D 4UCC OM Ul MAJJO... Pesmn ws emmma DETECTWEIJRffiEV we'LXTRYTO GET INSIDE FlSass " fr I we'u try to ght inside aH 5rSr5?3f!T to1V hh nancwn as an impregnable wit SENZRVJ this bock- . I - v ...-v-i. i, Uack coaled penguins are among the most popu u'.ious yi li crowds at the Great Lakes exposition at Cleveland i i.1T. Ljdubiled,on Admiral Byrd's Antarctic ship, the City of i, they constitute a third ot the present penguin population ot d Ctates. . i f ' Ac- " ' " 1 l - CI to ?3 a bale are .on'.y wiicn cotton 'i S3 in wLich the are fcaily worn, un '.Lerwise 'ective. s about 3 per cent a tale, : ,ani ; this ,':"!er t.Jkes a loss -rower, said-7. C. i Cv" "S extension : . i le averted, he ; r v rirts or . ' I -'j i"j",ired X ':mZl be ' j season t f 1 tf "Eibs should ' be carefully a ligned. Badly worn ribs should be replaced or built up. The space between the nbs should be ap proximately three times ,the thickness of the jaw." . The repair work can be done at the gin, Ferguson continued, but better results will be obtained in the saw cylinders and breasts are returned to the factory for repairs.; '; .'' :;;;!; Saws and ribs are two of the most vital parts of a gin,' but ot her parts should be checked care fully. In many of the gins, brush es have been found to be in poor condition. The ETay pea crop in Tasiuo- tack County left a lot cf he 1 uh- i e ' 1 expty port ct3, r As cc-r.y aent G. 7. I.Vi, v1. o r i p ' c cs want son.e 1 I c f i i ..:n to aid t:u t i ii t-;;t section. . T l Cross Set s Eccrn ! . if ever, has a rev I t r , s for relief wm X '' it the American 1 i I i r i (-y into t' e V 1 i : iy, r::r, 1 1 rijnrrLE ru)3DY tx ficrrsocH - FINE MRKS ON CARD. I'M ; GoiMQ To GNlff I SOU BEftU ' ''If m b vT L h . ' . i 1 1 mi' GEMUIWE, HONEST-V Cuicil II DO X UKC fMk'fr&BB. , TWEY Vj BeTTbM -a PrCIURES K -ff v I OUTS ON i Bv Bruce Stit L I. 'i DASH DIXON t !'!T fo DOT AND DSH FF?EE. LP. 3 F, J0MTHE TREACHEROUS n ND3 , A METAL- I APPF?0ACHES DASM i nriir- rv rr W WW s 7 V AND HUK1S OASH WfTH TERRIFIC FORCE TO THE. GROUND 1 .One OF? OUR MEN ' ' HmS BEEN ! KILLED 1 By Deat Carr !1 VOU HAVE KILLED r A MAN " THIS MEANO DEATH in THE.-TPW: ; OF BOUNS ACID f '2 1

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