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The Duplin times. (Warsaw, N.C.) 1933-1963, September 16, 1937, Image 5

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' 1 " Chiang tfiutes Clima Ainst japs ; - ' L!r3 Cr lay Ay:crep-3 a ticne ,.- 1 Ci I".'" r 'I tr "i of 'this f t & ttl CI. i ilO. 1 C i .. - t'l " Ty of Crove j, J. A. Tie lolla torn LI" 1 13 . t --.11. I-wI . j ia tl ..2 f I'rs.. E. Eon- .r 11 1 A ct I ; ; i 11" i s ! ' "I IVt -: 3 i t. . i ('!' ' I fi C 1 t J ti 1 4 - , ! ' - rM! 1 t t r- t , t t f.l . v 3 cosflC "a is fcewsclv- ..el 3 i ; ci-:a t T3 Vri. 'Lcs encourr-'S e and lcl3 1 cm t tru t , ILey are t;w iw'y t. , ,T ' ' lt.3 iauit CI 1M- 'e Jj ..r." - limy Suture '.rcnu-s era lasted up by tie i e : rs present v: snow L. J. i V.'ay of Salvation." A t ci members were - . t." Ie .business session was rresIJ I over ty the circle cliair- .js, Za. l?e laxmcr. The hos '. s servd detectable refresh-""-U etlLe close cf the Meeting. 1". '".' 2 wi'l meftt.thii week . t.i ta Lxt Cit t.y meet at i: 7 " L' would, conflict - uey tad ,, jB wMch is now in . i. --'e ,ar? Pnv; The chairman will make , t T. : i -y . :? mectiTisr in the near fiitoxe. .watch, for , further oil' nminoements. -V. "a f ' ? j I' ' ryJs!iu $ f j - -' ''.a Cli t fou l. i. v ' ' vi",'j a ne1' t tJ tir-y ea t.e v ' t r . v I y 1 ve "a r " ovi.i." lie , -g t i . " i 1 1 COT 3 f to. .i a L r tL . k t ' y tf t' t L Tid as one . v o t,:s testimony to ' t 1 t" i pecjle forgot . ' e cjl 7s he sure t at tlj .s Cod, that he ,- -;,, t'8 tfrw j blessings as ' -1' ! r, ' ' '.si tkssincs fom 7 r e i. i n cf Gccd , when i you itjL ui yaur tobacco "to - - t ca Err. 7, slould you he - 'd if r-ne God, will .... j hand cf bussing on. you. . Or uL;a you ust His 3ay for Com- i meroial pin if Hie tome day would tf it. Two great facts stand l.t. vTiy men wCl choose the .. .Ii to&ea they can by' history 'see the consequences coming soon ' f r or h5 tcr, and 2nd, Cow Qod can ( uo so 'lung uuenog wiuiriRoeiii- 1, instilling in them the love ,Lr Cod. would they have forgot ten Cod so won -Would not the bt way to save tomorrow be to p've t-ie ctsiidren in the homes to day, yhieh wy are you choosing I sua i xq naipuqa ana jo Surirnu ''am A4f IMirm" wrfMw9 mat maw mmm Mr. and. Krs. K. D. Pyatt, and children, Jean and K. )., Jr., were Sunday guests at the home of Jin Fyatt'a sister, Urs. . Sudie Pyatt HHler at her home near Kenans ville. Ur. and TSsk Pyatt reside at Goldsboro, f '. ,' u'.v' Other boys and girls of Kenans vQle who have left fox school are : ISranda Uolesdon Meredith; Sue Leey Greensboro;' Caroline Jerritt, Peace ;-Karia Williams, Peace ; Al bert UcLendon, Wake Forest ; Dur wood Hurray, laars. HilL . , - . ; Vn. Alton . Newton, accompan ied by Mr, and Mrs. E. C Tyndall were visitors in Einston Sunday. Mrs. Newton remained in Einston for her operation. t,i s , ' . Mrs. P. 3, Dobson. spent t last week at the Beach. . ; t Attractive Church la Blexlee .' : The Great Church of Banta Prlca, at Taxco, Mexico, uUt In 17B7 Is remlnlseerif of tome ot'tho wonder- T fully picturesque "placet in .Spain, with its huge dome decorated in Slated tiles in vivid ultranjarlnfe, orange, green and white sparkling , in the intense sunlight 3 "H' V A Great Sculptor AaSfiituV; RODIN'S creation Vf the THHTK- v - ' I - Ea was purely artisnwendeavor. " ' rr ' let how practical it is for each s "' r man to stop and think in totoSkJ&-s "' of Jiis life, his work, and his pro4. . ( , " vision forthe futuie. Our Advisory "jj t ' Service will help you think out-' V ' : and lsolvany problem that aris- 'f - r Br-uich Baii?2n; iii Trust.' C&.I,; uplp Ccty . jaamoer :jreaeru iwpom uuoranoe Corporatioa ; ., . : . - ; . ; .. " v.. v '; C i t I f , i. : ,; u ; v it '-.51 , Tyitm a"i"W ground ai he autographed ttW xaamorim atone placed outside the Gothen- T)UTg water worn aurma o now BusDnraan a ua qua bib puu nftleth anoJversarr-r ' " Dr; ard ElcM Head ttf Osteopaiis s. -.! 'SIP A-..i j4 :: " -. . K Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, under whose personal control the financial and economic resources of all China were placed in the struggle against Japanese aggressions in the north. Chiang, who heads China's supreme war council. Is shown as he left a conference at Nanking, ..; . .v,'.y..-...c-?t-r. - . ,...J: - g 1 1 Where Chamaia An VmmA Chamoli may be found only in "Wheat-Bride" Wheat-trlde" the name lome. r times given in Germany to the last ' three part, pf Europe: The high SSsTS STaST1" Carpathl-1 who b,ndi : "' , Dr. Edward A. Ward (right) of Saginaw, Mich., elected president of the American Osteopathic association representing JO.Ooo physicians, surgeons and specialists at the association's annual convention la Chi- Icago recently. . With .him is Dr. Arthur K Allan (left) of Minneapolis, Minn.; who was ehos'en nresfdenWeot, to take oAea a the 188 eonven tioh, which wm be held abcU fUdfeai- tU dnesJ d fiiddanlact is a new one, T " .-.t..p!.(.. MUlerslVIcting; Held in Sampson An important meetine of the Eastern North Carolina Mfllers' Association was held Wednesday at , Wilson's Mill, In Sampson County with W. Kerr. Scott and Sr. Moorerof the State Depart ment of Agriculture, Dr. L. J. Du- pree, of Kmston, Mr, Xassiter, of Baleisrh: Mr. Humsteaa ana juage Bobinson, tof Claton; making speeches to the assembly in addi-l tion to the regular business meet-; After the meeidwr was adjourn' ethecfowd was served with a barbecue dinner. new Tammany chief mm ?,C:3 yards to sell at this I 7 1 le. fivrd Ta f rt e tPiIty, TsSL t i .1 a wLe. limit to e i ct:ta.fier, ' ; "vOcooooooococcooooooodddoooooooooooooooooooooo 1 1 - I 36 Inch tiaimei " jt- "Si ii r. - nzcicTs jiazT KOEsaar pspnTican gross t ..7 1 , IiVi; , I . ' ! .rrT3 C7 ET?5 ra T1TJ TTTCIS FAULT, . - Why Waste time Chasing- Down" Few.fipeciaUl r " ;V If3 r "i p - .. J N) ftjt 1.''. -1. v t ,",..; in 2r1 I o. - - - -5 I i', 07c " J KTTS ALL-WOOL t SUITS 11C3' $16.50 ; $13 ; Eop' f ool guiiai v LADIES SMAET SHOES Vt$2,?3 Sport Oxfords .JJ-ul.83 nicn's Oxfords ; -C; $2.C3 , Men's Dress Oxfords -1.8i o o o c iC c c c c c o o o o u o o o o o o r Christopher D. Skillivan. now leader of Tammany Hall In New' York who succeeded the lata ?ames 3. Doollng as head of the tamoua Democratic organization. Following his election. Grove Whalen with drew as a candidate for mayor ot New York in tavov of Senator Boyal 8. Copeland. , , ' , ' - .. "' SPECltiED KING i i i iaa r "m i I . s MY WOXXICS AM OVXXf i r NOWWCAiaVUSE FOM-Ol AND OUR HAIR HOUf iff I o .-TSw ARI tHVtDI I f 0 3 Maaim 4nM0iatrtBnn H.nisaM I " j. . s yel FA'f 1 and the loweat-coat trip, tool You can travel OFMAiH I by Greyboand at only 13 the cost of driving JuMtivt OVf l a car and enjoy all the extra-fare comfort w un ucw oupsr-boacaca at ao extra rarev Every trip becomea a pleasure trip when yon ust relax in a deep-cushioned reclining chair without a care ot- worry and let the autumn countryside drift by. See more, save more-, by Greyhound. m DATL BROTHERS STORE ArOAO j , iM-SlSXItR for BROTHER mother's lot to watch and wota over th health of the famlly.Buf 1Ung rrecUes' was the title conferred en Jackie Martin U ot Philadelphia, winner of a' freckl conU it In PhUadelphla. Jackie was choi'in from among hundreds of runnersup as the kid most abuts danity freckled and therefore most deserving of the crown and kingly movher ' worries about the family'! hair problems are ended, now tha s Forn-ol is here to help, fomrol Is a re markable foaming oil. shampoo super fine and non-Irritating to the mbsf fender skin, fom-ol takes drob, sickl hair and (eaves it thoroughly clear) or grandma, too . ,9twlng with' vibrant hOth,' , - , ITirouoh ifj ofnazlng 2-fold power M Ueon and revitalize, Forn-o takes young hair and keeps it young; takes old folks' hair and makes it look youngl ionvol Is so, conomical, a little flQes a Cong way. Ask' our druggist for the regular 50c size. Or. write tor a gen' rbus friol bottle, enclosing 10c to cover oacking and postage.' ,!FOrwlli-: tot tkn t iktunpU Am ut'mtot! HC, tSf Meet 44 SsM, Mm Imk. si. t let lor a Ma ihw KaMe aa-ei ' Mb cup, V

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