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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, February 12, 1914, Image 1

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ft Pays to Through Th? lumns of if iterprise rr. reaches . fote people J.1.U.U? I 'litfe1 YQtuTV 1 J ? _ tNA, FEIIUUAHY V2, 1914 Merchantsl uef Wise Let Us Write You an Ad. and we'll open your eyea WITH INCREASED BUSINESS G. A. ROUSE, Editor. NO. 38 O * Roland M, Joyner, a Son of Mrs. Fnmie L. Joyner of Farm vllle, Committed Suicide in Rich mond, Va., Tuesday morning. "Tired of Living" his only ex cute. Body arrived here Tues day night, funeral Conducted Wednesday afternoon. ? - V-" : ? A telegram from Richmond was received . here Tuesday ' about noon Stating that Roland M. Joyner took his ii'fe in that city Tuesday morning at' 3 M b" shooting himself in the right temple. Mr. IoyneT went to Richmond shortly after Christmas and was taking a business course at Mas sey'sEusineu College. The only reason giyen-for the rash a<fl wns found on a little peice of paper in hio coat pocket which iiated, "Tired of living, notify Mrs. Fannie Joyner, Farm ville, N. C." On the tame >beet of paper was * a liSt of a few peices of music. From a Richmond correspond oySter Aew when inmatos of the placo heard a piStol shot, and up on rushing to bis room found him dead upon the bed. Hif tody was prepared for shipment and reached here Tuesday on the midnight train, Mr. Marvin Horton, of Rich mond, coming with the corpse. Messrs. |. Y. Monk, G. M. Shir ley, B, A. Joyner and Dr. Paul E. Jones went from here to Wil son' to meet it, where it was transfered to the Norfolk South ern from the A. C. L. ... ? .Tjte funeral was conduced from the home of his mother on church Street Wednesday after noon at 3 JO, by Right Rev. John II. Griffietb, of thfc Epicopal church, of which Mr, )oynerwas a member, assisted by Re v Fran-' cis Joyner, of Littleton, and the .remains placed in the cemetery. A large number of greif Strick en relatives and friends were in attendance at the burial, and the florial design was one of beauty. Mr. Joyner was^tweniy-thrco years of-age,and was well known throught this sedion of the State, as he wasn ftar short stop on the diamond. He is survived by a mother and two brothers and many relatives in this and other sections of the State, moSt of whom extended the funeral Wednesday. Our entire town and Surround ing community JdeepJy sym pathize with the grief stricken mother, broth-is and relatives uin this sadhour. . : 1 " ii 1. 1 un-un-^.m1 -ilu... n,i. j , The pall bearers were Mom. J. Y. Monk, B. O. Turnafce, W.J, Raeberry, R. R. Newton, Di P. Ling, H. H. McLean, Marvin Horton, J. O. Pollard, R. A-. By num, Jolinie Joyner, Marvey Tur nuge and Dr. Paul E. Jones. Among; the out of town rela tives here to attend the burial were, Mr. Hubert Joyner, n bro ther, of Warrenton High School; Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mewborn, of Kinflon; Rev. Francis Joyner, of Littleton; Mr. J. A Lang, of Greenville, and Mr. Man-in Hdr ton of Richmond, Va. THE STING OF MEMORY ? ??- ; ,J% ? .J , , ? ?? . ; . j You have gone from us dear cousin, And oh, we miss you sp! I am sitting by my window, And as far as. (can sec There is ihe beautitul sky of blue. How niy poor Iougiogs stretch asyay Beyond the dis' un I v ic \v, _ Like pleading handsof petition i J Ubl wishing for you. I litiie thought when Ia& wc met Oli, how I wish I could have soothed And eased your pain, And to your o'er burdened heart Brought the smile of gladness back agaiii. Father, our Father, O silent Heav * cn, Bend down to thy dcsolulc son, Infold him in thy derp cmbrace, And forgive him for the sin tbat he hath done. Rest, deur one, rc& and sleep; We pray where all is repose and peace; Your silent grave we deck with fragrant flowers. Yours has the suffering been; The memory shall be ours. Written by Clara Joyner, Farmville, N. C. In remembrance of R. M. Joyner, Feb. 12, 1914. HEAR PROF. NOBLES Prof. C. S. Nobles, of the Uni versity of North Carolina will de liver an address at Lang's, Cross Roads, Friday night, February 13th.. Subjeil: "Community Bet terment" The public is earnestly ro queued to hear what Prof. No blcj will have to soy. He is a splendid orator and a forceful speaker, and it is cxpeded that he will be greeted with a large enthusiatic audience. Tell your neighbors about bis coming and ask them to go and hear him. - j ? -i-j- . . . i e . jggg Hi' Gtancus A. Bryant jtsss" > jwi ' (UC1NSXD ITOH KOftTII CAIOUNA STATVTt.) ' MSint^. CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR Local m4 Lo?f DWt Mum #27 WILSON. N. C. ' Experience t 1M4 ? 1*M C? Idll^ Coert Work mi Swrej* Ci??? SyteUI Attrition. All Sorrryi made through thU Office, either by AeeieUntvor Mytolf, ARE GUARANTEED TO B? ACCURATE. We Invite *od lo you and your frieadi the courtesy o I thU office for laformetlon, or ^re w)U be (bd to call upon you ?( your convenience. WT'V WASHINGTON M NEWS LETT} '? ? ?> '* ?' rrW/aj Mexican Crisis ApproetWng? < ernment Ownership of The It . ? Immigrftkit t.1! frijr sjgjut Wathidglot*, Feb. lltbfcjflj The moA sensational thinfey has happened in NVashingtoo many weeks was the lining President Wilson of the Kmbj on arms end ammunition exj ed into Mexico. This rea ? handicap from the insuf| or ConrfKtutionali&s lead by < anza again& the Muerla def Government. Heretofore tbi surgents have been unab!< obtain arms and nranuini from this country and with lifting of this embargo they be now abundantly equips in a few weeks it is beleive# tbey will smoke the usu Huerta out. This is greatii be desired because the patri people of Mexico . qie 3{m Caranu and are anxious to him drive the bloody moi Huerta, from the Picsidei Office. Potflmo&er? general Burl* is energetically urging.Cons to pass the authorizing itjiwl ernment to take over th telephone and telegraph of the country. AH pamflaj country ore approving tl mendation on the: part Poflma-Jler General und*<! sands of letters are ihem 10 support the proposed measure; Only n few years ago Great Britain took over the tele phones of the British Kingdom and they have rendered much better service and at much less coil to the public than when operated by private enterprise. Nearly all ol Europe now owns and operates the telegragh and the telephone, and we arc sever al years behinds them in this re spe& These things arc natural monopolies and should be run in the interest of the public like the Po& Office derailment in&ead of in the interest of the Stock holders as at present. The immigration Bill is mak ing rapid progress in Congress, and the few te& votes taken show that Congress is in favor of the Bill by four to one. How ever, during the discussion of the CARD OF THANKS. To My Frjcnds: For the want of strength, I - have been unable to express my sincere thanks to nil my friend; for their kindness shown to me in the dreadful hours >brough which I have had to pass. I can never know much cf what was done and said for my comfort during the burial of my husband, but the array of beautiful flowers, given by freindj whom he so faithfully served, Will never be forgotten. To learn that thetown, with me, moras the loss of their "CheiP is a degree of com fort; but regret and tears do not restore n h?ppy home. (May God bless all who have been brought to sorrow in this an^ kindred crimes.) , Blamo me not, I pray. ? If for him I weep, He, too, loved life, homo and friend* , But would death with duty meet. Mra. T. H. Smith. ( of The, Executive of The N. Carolina Anti- Saloon League. ADOPTED JANUARY 29, 1914. . ? (j house it developed f&f ihe piovision discri aga'nil ihe Japanese, is objeftional to Presi Dn. When the Bill fi t it will probably pro 9r residing immigrants i'I countries on J treating ill alike. : recent convention o( Miners Iffjudiennpolis heartily in ! the Bill and in (ad nil or I labor is earnestly in fav i Bill as it is the emport r from the foreign coun is Hooding this coun iih more laborers than it [?vide work for. which affairs creates a hard r the American laborer. I A Problem in Arithmetic. bio will bp the mathemati > hand us in a corred so I of the following. The pl in any school sending the red answer will be a I the honors of the office. ? miss with rosy cheeks, nenting from her teens, I one day about heir | if 3^- means. She thus the querist answer made: | "The following I propose; My age, height, weight and| wealth ? ~" To you it will disclose. "My age augmented by my height And weight, then multiplied by three Is in proportion to my wealth As one tc thirty three. "My height weight and wealth | combined Increased by ju?l a score, Divided by one thousand, gives | My age add juft no more. My weight, wealth and thrice | my age. Increased six an J a score. Is just tsvo hun JreJ times my height, Increased by thrity-four. My wealth, age and thrice myj height, Diminished by eighteen, Is twenty thousand, ju& outright, What muift they each have been?" IT LIES IN AN EDUCATION. ? The proper education of our girls is one of (he important ques tions of the present century. It is something more than a social problem and is deserving of our thoughts. It is a civil and political, a moral nad religious problem. The presence of \vc men constitutes one of the chief charms and benefits of tocJoty. It Is she who far more than man fiivts character to 'society. Fnto iiercare have been ontruAcd the nation's future statesmen, those who soon are to be clothed with authority and to make laws for the greatest nation oh the globe as tor education becomes a civil and political problem. Her gen tle^ presence as she bends over the cradle at the silent influence of her daily life are shaping the entire moral character of the cotni&g generation, and thus her education becomes a moral prob lcm. Whereas, We. beleive that a Virginian has no more right to sell liquor in North Carolina than a North Carolinian, and that it will help the State-wide pro hibition fight in Virg nia to pro hibit sales in this State by Virgin ians; and, ? Whereas, We beleive lhat it is the duty of the State to a<fl as a guardian for the children and mothers of the State anl for the generation to come, and that under this guardianship the State ought to do its utmost to &op fathers from drinking; and, Whereas, The reports coming to us from the jeight counties where such prohibitory laws is a' success; and, Whereas, Evidence comes to us to show that the blind T'.gers and liquor drinkers have joined hands to destroy the elfe<5live ness of the Search and Seizure Law; and, Whereas, There is a great de mand from all over the State for this legislation; now, therefore, be it resolved by the Executive Committee of the North Caro lina Anti-Saloon League ? That we, in harmony with the adion of the churches above re ?ftrr Uocinre o?rscW?% favor of the passage of an a<fl by the .ext General Assembly to prohibit the delivery of liquor in our State for beverage purpose that wc request the citizens of the Slate in every voting precin ct to call upon their candidates for the General Assembly to de clare themselves on this ques tion, ant} we urge the Christian voters to see to it lhat such mem bers of the General Assembly are cletfed as will stand for this measure. ' That we instruct our Super intendent to so organize the State and carry this campaign into all the counties as that we shall be assured of the passage of this measure by the fiext Gen eral Assembly. That we endorse the option of the Central Committee taken on December 31, 1913, calling for a fund of ? 15,000 per year for the next five years to carry on our prohibition work. MORE USE FOR THE TONGUE. Benedict ? I understand one test for distinguishing diamonds from pi ass and paste is to touch them ?with the tongue. The diamond feels much the colder. Bachelor ? Good gracious 1 Don't start that rumor 1 Don't tbo women use {heir tongues enough as it is ? HARD TO DECIDE. "What are yon pondering about, Marie?" "My husband and myself aro di viding tho furniture pending a di vorce." "Well?" "If you were I, would you rather hare an icebox and six dining-room chairs than an old-style piano with t ? chipped leg f " .1 NOT ?0 PARTICULAR. "la this sleeping in tho open ail' k tentative proposition?" "Oh, no ; needn't hare a tent A ' cc-Jimon back porchll do." THE COMEBACK. "Look at *11 the lawyers and doc tort we are turning out." "Well, they'll return the eoropli-' meet by taking ua in." .? . . FARMVILLE LODGE, No. 218 KrofP. Meels Every Thursday Night in their Hall in Horton Bldg. Visiting Brothers Welcome FARMVILLE LODGE I. 0. 0. F. No. 373. Meets every Monday night in K. of F. hall in the Horton Build ing. All visiting Brothers wel come. Resident 13 : PHONES : Office 4? DR. H. P. MOSELEY FARMVILLE, N. C. In Office of Dr. C. C, Joyner. Residence with W. M. Lang. JAS. P. TAYLOR Photographer STUDIO up &airs in Hud Hard ware Co's. Building Farmville, North Carolina. ALBION DUNN, W. A. DARDEN, Greenville. FnrmvllJe. DUNN & DARDEN Attorneys-at-Law Farmville, N. Carolina. Business appreciated and Promptly attended to. Office in Horton Building. DR: PAUL E. JONES DENTIST Office in Lang Building FARMVILLE - N. C. fHfRHAtH a H/UMia Civil Engineers & Surveyors Greenville, N. C. COUNTY SURVEYORS FOR PITT. E. M. COX ' Auorney-at-Law FARMVILLE. - N. CAROLINA Office oyer Citizens Bank Pradices Wherever Services are Desired. Sfecial Attention Paid to CoOediooa and Writing of Deed*. Mortgages, Etc. Farmville Motor Car Co W. C. COLLIE. Mgr. Located Comer Belcher & Moore Sis FARMVILLE, N. C. . We make a specialty of re pairing. AH work guar teed, prices reasonable. LDT US SERVE YOU. See Us for Bicycles! ALL MAKES AND PRICES. We Also Carry a Good Stock of Graphophones and Records. Bicycle and Gun Repair ing a Specialty. PRICES REASONABLE. Taylor & Carraway. Cheilnut, Moore & Baker's SHAVING PARLOR Located on Main Street Clean Linens, and Sharp Razors. Satisfaction Guaranteed. THE FARM b?*lnftrfdUMt>r LIME ii the huts of alt good famine. Write lor bulletin by the best authority In the United States on Ummm oo tea Farm, and get price of the Barest li&i. Don't buy earth, sand, etc. A postal mil gire you reasons. POWHATAN LIME CO. STKA8MK1 l " VIRGINIA

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