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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, July 11, 1919, Image 1

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Town la U.S. A "WATCH F: ? FARHVXLLB. PITT OOl Big Barbecue Dinner Will be Served in Jotapcns and Foxhali's Warehouse, Committees Are Busy Preparing For Event Ladies' Aid Societies Asked to Provide Booths For the Visitors. ... ' ? ?? .J> s Great preparations are being made for the reception and en tertainment of the returned boys. The details have ail been given to different men who do things and every branch of the under taking wHI be well looked after. Among the most attractive features may be mentioned: . The barbecue dinner to be given in Johnson and Faxail's warehouse. Confederate veter ans will be guests of honor. Spanish War veterans are also included in the invitation. All returned soldiers, sailors and marines are requested to wear their uniforms or if this is not advisable to bring discharge pa T pers or some other evidence of JL service. The street dance and confedi carnival, to be held the night of the 16th, in front of the Graded ? School, promises to be an occa sion for fun and frolic that will' i last long in the memory of those who participate. Every one will happy and the pleasure spirit by the port our boys bringing peace and toa war, ' ' " *** 5 '? -ieffeil requested to provide booths where vivitors can get some thing to eat. It has been pointed out that it will be impossible for the hotels and restaurants, owing to the already congested condi tion of the city, to food the extra gatheiing. Sandwiches and cold drinks handled in this manner it is thought will bring good re turns to the ladies societies bav ing this part of the work in hand. The committee asks ?yery member of the Chamber of Commerce to appoint himself a committee of one to be known as an entertainment committee and, on that day, keep an open house. The Norfolk Navy Yard Band will provide music for the occa sion and as their reputation is national we all know what to expect All commissioned^ offices is Pitt coutty are requested to communicate with D. M. Clark, Chief Marshal. Get'' in touch with him as soon as possible. Do not talk, think or dream of anything until the happy event is the most pleasant memory in your lffe.r Drink Poison iff Attempt to Commit Smride PHYSICIANS CALLED DOING ALL POSSIBLE Both - in Critical Condition? Every Effort Bemg Made to Save Them Greenville, July 7.? Mr. Wal ter L. McLawhorn, one of the local rural mail carriers, was called off duty today by '&e criti cal illness of two of his sisters, aged 19 and 17 y$ars, resulting from poison which they drank WMg their condition is critical They [ aie'efeughters of Mr. W. F. Mc Lawhorn. The latest report from their bedside are that they are some better but not out of danger. It seems that some family trouble caused the girls to commit Ujfej rash act. _ / I Ordered By Attorney-General To Be Brought In District Court of Missouri Kansas Ciiy, Mo., July 5? A test crse in this district under the wartime prohibition act has been ordered instituted by Attorney General Palmer in a letter re ceived today by United States; Attorney Francis M. Wilson, of this city. - ? 'The test Case," Mr. Wilson said, "will be broUgh on the point that beerxmtsifiiiiK more! than One ball of one per cent , is in vftfefkm of the me^ure; regardless of or not ? il intoxicating. . . m Pure* C chaii; lOOEP Club laousej aerofl] plan/ : coum'be used boffins a paiRinr in building a larger airship ill the United States and as a practice ship for training a nucleus of personal for rigid airship service. Heretofore the practice has been to send a commission to Europe to study the subject/' Mr. Woodhouse said. "When the commission was away the army and navy administration? charged and when the commis sions returned their reports were filed away and no action was taken. ??It is recommended that from now on the policy be to bring the best available ditigible to the United States with competent expert?, if oeceuary, lo co-opei. tie with Ai ? ! producing ei "The army ties, like the civilian authorities, now feet that the| sore way tof bringing this natu ral procrastinationto an end IsJ to purchase immediately a large use it as a mo3el for the con strucUotiof a larger cne and to tgBtn engineers and- experts in this can! construction -?tj the iaval Else For &e slimmer and perhaps tout the autumn owing Sfficuity Mich has been lered in finding a suita filing elsewhere. The of both the former em nd impress remain very espite the worries of tlje ' weeks. ? miserable wealher has |mlat hindered the former moawch's log sawing operations but Inatever the nature of the weaH^r, Count Hohenzollern passes two or three hours daily at his favorite occupation, tak ing shelter with his assistants beneath a garden shed when the downpour of rain-is most severe. He expects to complete the saw* ing of his six thousandth tree this week. No visitors are now at the castle except Dr. Krieg tbe former emperor's one time official doctor who is occupied in liquidating Count Hohenzol lern's property :o Germany. Sons Offer to Take His Place. ^ISlJ Hit MioiimmmmsAk King George: "To Hi* Majesty the King: of Great Britain eiid Ireland: J| MIn fulfillment of the natural duty of *m and offici i with mifefour younger brothers, place myself at your majestyVdisposal, About $50,000 Turned Over To City Charities, What Will Be Done With It TOTAL GATE RECEIPTS EXCEEDED HALF MILLION ? -w ? i ,1} - * Uncle Sam's Revenue Tax Calls For 144,000; Dempsey Opens Up a Theatrical engagement Today at $7?000 Per Week; WiHard Gives Dempsey The Credit For Victory : ? ? : ? - Toledo, July 5? Although of* ficial accounting has not been completed, Tex Rickard, pro moter of the heavy weightchamp ionsbip contest between Jack ag are assisting in checking up the receipts fo determine the amount of war tax due the government. Bas ing the receipts of $600,000, the government" will receive approxi mately $54,000, while approxi mately $42,000 will be turned over to Toledo's charity fund, (continued on page 2) U. S. TROOPS BEST OF # p| A ; v ? ?? Gen. Hines, Chief of Artillery A. ?. F., Returns and So Expresses Himself New, York, July 7.? Major General Earnest Hines, chief of artillery of the American expedi ^_^arv forces, returned today | bft the transport Guiseppe Verdi cb brought 141 officers and 1 troops from Marseilles, ral Hines said he had re mained in France to wind up the business of the artillery ser vice. ?. : "lean confidently make one statement regarding our men," toe said, -"and that is that as artil lerymen the American soldiers iWi *-? Toledo, Ohio, July 5.? Though a new heavy weigh champion has been crowned in Jack Dempsey, and the exodus of tight fans has depopulated Toledo hotels, con* troversies still rage over the sen sational defeat of Jess Willard here late yesterday afternoon. So many unusual angles de veloped during, the nine minutes of terriffic fistic bombardment that scarcely two spectors saw the scene the same. The uncertain ty regarding the situation at the end of the first round when Dempsey left the ring believing that he had won with a knock out, and the payment of such wagers as hinged on when Wil lard was stopped furnished un limited material for' argument So weak was tue sound of the gong and so great the uproar about the ring, that Referee Pe cord failed to hear the bell and continued to count Over Willard as he. sat on the ring floor, near the neutral corner, although Timekeeper Barbour ordered the clang when Pecord's aim was falling for the seventh time. The referee^ notified DetgNaf* Baf won and at sad to!d him Bo was in danger of being disqualified on a technicality for leaving the ring. t he question of which round Dempsey Won his new title in was placed before several veter an ring officials by men who had wagers at stake, and the concensus was tbi< Dempsey stopped Willard in the third round, as the latter's seconds tossed the ^towel of defeat into the center of the ring before the bell rang, for the beginning of the fourth session.' * These same veterans pointed out sever al other interesting features. They stated that it was the first time that a heavyweight champ ion had ever admitted defeat without leaving his chair, as well as the shortest heavyweight championship combat of mod ern ring history. In other respects the first few hours after the battle were much the same as those following the passing of past titles. Dempfey was soon dressed and much in evidence about the downtown section, followed by a widly en thusiastic and cheering throng of admirers. When he -appear ed for dinner at the leading hotel the corridors were a mass of swirling spectators who peeped at Willard's conqueror as he broke training and dined in a manner entirely different from the simple menus of the past two months. At the same hour his dethroo-? ed opponent was restiting in his temporary home in a residential section with battered head pfeck-r eiin ice bags and cut off from commupfcatioa with the outside world by, a guard that even % * i&one could no^ as examined by ring. The Wter on page iy

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