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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, July 11, 1919, Image 2

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farJville ENTERPRISE Published by the Rouse Printery Entered in the Post Office at Fann ville, N. C., as second class mail Tnatter. FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1919 The high roller who is simply rolling: in wealth might find bet ter use for it. Marriage is a tie, but it isn't necessarily noose. Sometimes it is merely a slip knot. It costs nothing to give advice, but sometime it costs a lot to those who receive it. The mac who shows the white feather needn't expect the rest of the world to be color blind. Truly there is a tide in the rf fairs of men; but there is no gulf stream setting forever in one direction. ? Lowell. Farmville Boy Scout Movement To the Parents of Farmville by the Assistant Scout Master: I wish to make myself so^bold as to speak to those of you to day who htve boys in our troop of scouts as a child wouid to his parents, not as a father to his child. We have organized a troop of boy scouts in our little town as doubtless you know, and I wish to say parent it was not organ ized because we had nothing else to do, we did not start it that we might be known as holders of the required offices but, parents we dis it that our younger? may I say brother, might learn from the experience of the Scout Master ped I. Moie than that. We have a hand book prepared by authorities of the different branches with which it deals. Listen to this: Boy Scouts of America are loyal to the stars and stripes, they are faithful aad most of all, Christ taut. The boys of Farmville, mothers and father*, as is the case in every oihet place need training, so I urge you to no: be negli gent in your incouragin^ them to be active members. May I ask you one question. Had you rather see your boys with the qualities of a disting uished statesmen than first class loafers? I will have the pleasure of seeing by noticing the attend ance of your boys. The Boy Scout Movement was begun by excellent statesmen; therefore, it has the qualities of them. Very truly yours, ALFRED J. FLANAGAN ALONG THE WAY. I met a man tbe other day as I went down the way. I satd good morning, so did be, and then we passed along beside each other friendly like and free as are all creatures in tbe tide of human effort, toil and 0,-;*D he told me that of fall'n HINDENBd SAYS HFS mm bill He and Von H oil wig Apparient ly Trying lo Lift Load off Ex-Kaiser London, July 5. ? Field Mar shal Von Hindenburg, former chief of the General Staff, declar es that he is responsible for acts of German main headquarters since August, 1916, and also the proclamation of 'ormer Emperor William concerning the waging of warfare. He asks President Ebert, of Germany, to inform tae allies to this effect, accord in? to the exchange Telegraph Company. The field marshal arrived in Hanover Friday, the dispatch states, and telegraphed the fol lowing message to President Ebert: 'The signing of the peace treaty gives me occasion for de claring that I am responsible for the decissions and acts of main headquarters since August 29, 1916, and also that all proclama tions and orders of His Majesty, the emperor, and king, soncern ing the waging of warfare, were issued upon my advice and up on my responsibility. I beg yon therefore to inform the Ger man people and the allied gov ernments of this declaration." "Hie declaration by Fie}d Mar shal Hindenburg that he was responsible for the acts commit ted by the Germans and for pro clamations of the former emper or is th? second to be made by a Germain leader since it was officially announced that the allies proposed to place on trial political and military leaders of Germany for causing the war and for violations of the rules of warefare. The other leader, who assume J responsibilities for the acts ot former Emeperor William was Dr. Theobald Von Bethel Hollwig, forme* German chancellor, who held office at the beginning of the war. TO FRANCE AND BACK - FROM N. Y. IN 12 DAYS New York, July 7.? A record for a trans- Atlantic round trip of 12 days one hour and 35 minutes was established by the steamship Great Northern which arrived here yesterday from Brest. The vessel also held the former re cord of 13 days and 43 minutes. - Before teing pressed into transport strvice. the Great Northern plied between Hono lulu, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., add was regarded as the "Queen of the Pacific." londentatlcp. .. "Do you use condensed qailk at jnm Miser "I fueu to. We ortfc# ? fmrt a 6*7, end the mftknuia ?queezea it Into a am that holds mw( ? ?tot V LOST? My press Coat on July 4th, between Macclesfield and Tarboro. Material? Red, Browo and Blue stripe mixture. Has Mine o t W. M. Lang Co., I Farmviiie in inside coat p Reward if returned to W. C. N;G m r':?i 1 Let us Ijave your orders. Ice Cream. We can tell you absolutely pure roam, any flavor, cheaper than you can make it-New York Hotel Res to J. L. - "i if i ' ' ^ DEMPSEY GIVES W1LLARD A FIRST CLASS LICKING ? V (concluded from first page) ? ? ? * . able to appear io public as soon as his bruises aod other marks of battle had yielded to ordinary treatment. These bruises, while mostly superficial, were vividly impressive during the fight and caused great constiuation in the ladies box at the far edge of the arena where more than a hund red of the feminine sex were the special guests of the promaters and principals. DECISION OF IKE PRIZE FIGHT FUND (concluded from page 1) The cily, under the agreement wi'h promoter Richard, is to re ceive seven per cent of the gross receipts. Richard has already paid $30,000 to this fund. Mayor Schrieber plans to use this money in sending orphans ! and children of Toledo's poor; families on vacation trips to Michigan. He also plans to de vote a part of the money to en dow beds ior the poor in hospi-^j tals. Dempscv leaves tonight fori Cincinnati to open a iheatricalj engagement there tomorrow, " to receive $7,000 a week. . . .x Sheep's Milk In Demand. Sheep's milk to the amount of 41 267,000 quarts was consumed France last year In making Roquefc cheese. ? M ' - ?- 1 I I ? Mankind Analyzed. The man who lives quite up best standards of his age, of his pie, of hit neighbors, 1$ not a bad i The one who lives on a scale consldc ably above that of his age Is a gO< man, no matter how much he may fs below the higher standard of an a more refined. enlightened and cli Used. Habitual Constipation Cured in 1-4 to 21 Days ?LAX-POS WITH PEPSIN" is a spedi prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habi Constipation It relieves promptly should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 ? to induce regular action. It Stimulate* Regulates. Vary Pleasant to Take. per bottle. &.3-X' . ** - -<k ^ - >- -f,* . - - ?;v- - ; -'-v YOUR EYES! - Dr. liurk & Spcncc, OPTOMETRISTS will be at Davis Hotel, Farm viHe, N. C. every 2nd Wednes day. Beverly Hotel, Ayden, N. C. every 3rd Tuesday, Come early, hours 9 a. m. to 4. p. m. If you haVe head or *e>e trouble see us. Orov*'? T?rtrien chill Tonic restores vitality and energy Ijy poiliyiwl and cn ricbintf the blood. Yoa can aooo feel its Strength- j eaioj. Invigorating Effect Price fOc. 1 1 I ? y ? -? V'V+>-S|- Vs# V-- ' - * NOTICE. ? (State of North Carolina, toupty of Piit. arlie Morgan, In the p,-' vs. Superior tAnnie Moran. Court . The defendant above named 4Vill take notice that an action entitled as above, has been com naenced in the Superior Court of Pitt county for the purpose of securing" an absolute diyorce; and the defendant Will further take notice that she is required to appear at the term of Superior pourt of Pitt CounJy to be held on the ISih day of August 1919, at the Court house in said coun ty, Greenville, North Carolina, and answer or demur to the pomplaint filed in said action or the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in said complaint. This the 23 day June 1919. F. HARRINGTON, lerk of Superior Court i By E. F. Tucker, D. C. Martin & Slieppard, ? Attorneys. ? > V h Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days Used 40 Years L Tin Woman's Toole Sold Everywhere . ite us. Wewill [ON quickly and Iff you have farms or cit subdivide and cell your profitab^rlof you.' ^ Eighty-Eight acres of Farm JON DOLLARS sold in to over But it does no good to save money unless it is put in circulation in some way: Until jou are ready lo invest your savings a safe, patri. otic depository for ihern is a bank account where Jhey will stand for increased credits on which to finance reconstruc tion and business activities. Your funds deposited with this Bank will be safe, imme diately available and will be doing their full patriotic duty, - - 4 * ' ' " 1 ANNOUNCEMENT ! m ' ' . ? From ihis on we will be permanently located in Green ville. We now have on hand 500 acres in Pitt county that will be sold in small farms, and several hundred acres in adjoining counties. We Conduct Sales Both PRIVATE and at AUCTION. LANE LAND COMPANY, BOX 306, GREENVILLE, N. C. . Headquarters at Proctor Hotel. EAST CAROLINA TEACHERS TRAINING SCHOOL A State school to train teachers for th? public schools of North Carolina. Every energy is direct ed to this one purpose. Tuition free to all who agree to teach. Fall Term begins September 24tb, 1 1919. For eatalegue and other information address, L ROBT. H. WRIGHT, Pres. Greenville, N. C. Lalley Light ??</ Power What LaUey Light has done for others it wilt do for you * ?? Thousands of L alley owners know L alley savings. There can be no mistake when so many men, in so many-states, have had the same experience. Every testimonial from a Lalley owner, tells of a saving. T ime is saved?jLabor and money are saved. So LaUey Light is an economy?an investment. It saves, time and labor in the outside work, the . chores about the barn before breakfast and after supper. \ / It saves time and labor for the women, in the home, the dairy and hen-houses, ?* it - ' , ? -_ s Lalley owners say it's the great est labor-saving device that the farmer can buy. ? And you can rest assured that what Lal ley Light does on one farm, it will do on an other. :jltfe have hun dreds of testi* i monialf. from Ownejij? proving that Lalley Light" saves. Let us show them to sfs&fe&n t*rr. It tupphn ?n Ughit, ntor pump, iMper, c t?m i?P?? U.9.A.

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