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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, June 21, 1946, Page 2, Image 2

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- PAEMYILLJ L'N. C 0. A. Rooae, Editor, Owner ft Mgr. Era Horton ?sr Virgin P. GOdutet, Society Editor PuM^-4 THE ROUSE P Farmrilie, ! if RINTERY ' N. & Subscription Pric^K ? Tear 82.0(1-6 Mob. fl-8 Mob. 60c All Legal Adr. 6c a t 1 1 Published weekly and Clean Mad Matter at the Peat Office at Parmrille, N. C., ~ Act at March Sid, 1878. "A kinder gentleman .... Some will record the fact that Jno. T. Th'ome, whose passing on Friday, June 14, has saddened the heart of everyone who knew him, was a fore most citizen of the County of Pitt and the State of North Carolina; some will speak of him as a man of vision, of his astute mind, and of his fear less pioneering in agricultural and business realms; others vfill recount instances when his rare judgment and unswerving loyalty to principle sav ed the day, and of his domination of many situations by the sheer force of his personality. His delightful companionship, his remarkable sense of stewardship, boundless energy, resourcefulness, fidelity to trust, noble ambitions, ar dent championship of the cause of education and hi? 'sagacity in spiri tual things will be recalled and point ed out by friends for years to come, and rightly so, few men have achiev ed the marked degree of success in as many important fields of endeavor as did Jno. T. Thome. I shall remember him as Shake speare might have described him, "A kinder gentleman treads not the earth," for he was a gentlem&n in every sense of the word. My knowl edge of his innate kindness, s ana gentleiflanly qualities was gained by my being close at hand from early childhood. During the many inter vening years in which I knew him as a next-door neighbor and friend, I neither recall his ever raising his voice in anger or indignation, nor remember hearing him speak ill of any man. I never knew him to be guilty of the slightest act of dis courtesy towards anyone, whether he trod the high road or the low road. He was entirely free of all personal bitterness. He put the best con struction on every action and his mind was untinged by prejudices. Yes, I knew him as a man who kept before his eyes a vision of the kindly King of men and sought the might of will with which .to follow him. His kindness knew no bounds. Pos sessing a mind acutely respodsive to distress, he was ever willing to lay aside his own deeply engrossing af fairs, and lend his counsel. No problem was too small to merit his grave consideration ' One of the most amiable of men, possessing a natural dignity and simplicity of taste and manner, and devoted he fitted] a country] He wu anointed above Ma feilows with tee oil of good humor and he had as irrepressible youthfulneea of heart. Theee kept Ma vision true and hie mind sweet. He did net think it in any way demeaning to Ma dignity to ahaie a good anecdote or indulge in a bit of good-humored chaff. It waa a good humor that was infectious and sent you away with a lightness of heart and atop. You ware glad that you met Jno. T. Thome on the street teat morning and saw the twinkle in his eye and the beam of a smile play over his' countenance, and you tried to pass it on to the next friend you met and to walk teat day, too, on the sunny side of tee street. Yea, his achievements and his vir tues are all worthy of chronicle; but when in the course of time these have become somewhat dimmed, I teall still have with me my early recollec tions of his being a kindly gentle-, man. ' June 80 is the deadline for enMit? ment or re-enllstment in the regular Army Srith special privileges, of fam ily allotment according to the*AAF Overseas Replacement Depot Recruit ing Office at Greensfcoro. 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