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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, November 15, 1946, Page 2, Image 2

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"? FARMVILLE RNTKRPKISF FARMVILLE. "Hi E3h -1 i "??' ! TKRPKISF N. t | a. A. Rouse, Editor, Owner A Mg Eva Horton Rouse Editor PnblitM by THE BOUSE PRINTKRY Farm Title, N. C. Subscription Price: Year (2.00?? Moo. >1?8 Moa. 60c Resolutions of Respect, Cords of Thanks and all Notice of En tertainment for profit will to charged for at the rate of t cents per word. Cash to accompany or der. ? Advertising rates will be furnish ed upon request. Second Class Mail Matter at toe Peat Office at ParmvSUe, N. < , under Act of March fad, lift Those who settle down first are also the first to rise. Women often get tired?but never too tired to ask questions. If yon arent being appreciated? look around, there may be a reason. An egotist is a man who imagines he is good company when alone. Some men are born fools, as dosen marriages couldn't make them that way. It is safest to look twice to see whether it's opportunity or tempta tion. Even a ship cant stand a perma nent wave?so what chance has a poor male. You can always find fame at home ?if you have something worth de livering. The fellow with a scheme to help you make money ? usually has a scheme. Adversity is the only scale that gives us the correct weight of our friends. ' Even if opportunity knocked the door down, some pepple wouldn't be interested. Too many motorist try to imitate a bicyclist?go around the corner on two wheels. People who tell lies may be partly insane ? but what about those that believe them? A short time back it was reported that a number of persons have re gained their voice after an airplane ride. The last was a woman. The airplane is definitely getting dan &CTOII8. Dont Say "Aw Rats" About These Figures When figures are presented for what rats eat, waste, and otherwise damage, the exclamation?"Aw Bats" ?is not in order. It costs plenty to keep rats on the farm, according to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Just how much corn will the average nit eat in a year? ? Studies reveal that he eats about 63 pounds of corn. But that's not all. Ha also wastes from 60 to 100 pounds in addition to what he eats. With corn at |S a bushel, or thereabouts, he piles up a big bill that the fanner about Urn whole proposition and de cides to put en a rut eradication cam paign. And that's exactly what's happen ing all over North Carolina at this time. Farmers, with the aid at the county agent and the Wildlife Ser vice from State (Milage, are carrying campaigns to rid of rate. eiT&tfcglg mmm in tin KV,. "?* /> a VMAm/ 2m B/'mm 11 itm mm' Mae mf >|L Q? *#IT# J out rW^mOwm W. Wr wflv y ?? iw? oeenj VllCr ?W why e higher percentage of North Carotin* mother* die during childbirth Am fa 41 oAer states ... end why North Cerolme Sn^eg m thimlemm omSmood ^mj\wdJtljiy wmSm tie mm 99rlfatiJwiie^ y edrtt^e ^ J W ? *U?W? ergjmeeg mUtMhUmj FilC Win -// WIKf WWC?t ritnircil Acre ere (Ac shocking facts. They don't snob* e pretty picture but they no longer cm be ignored. The North Cerolme Good HeeMt Associetion trresents the story with confidence that once W Mr 9 9* MM. WWW M M9M9m MtM9r9 W ^r^W9M 999M*r V'W the Oeotfe know the fecit they will do sontethme about them ' /in/ iftcy when en awakened state saw the need foe better g^Mww w iwv^ ^p^ep ?"?w ^PXP^ ppiHi%ftep ?p^pp^p www^m ?epww gnu* ? ? ? Mxi: ..-.r. - INFANT MORTALITY: A contributing factor hi North C?rolin*'? high death rate at birth b corned by .hortege of ' ^3 ' "* ore better hr *7 MOTHERS' CHANCES vival m Nw in 40 oti CHILD HEALTH: Of ?m idHMk if oar cUMtmi of :ur? DRAFT REJECTIONS f North Carolina In World War 11 hod a raeord number aI volunteer* for tfca IU. 1 ?mad force* but also bad tha higher? rata of rejection* for poor health. V u Last Roundup" Before Thanksgiving ?if l 3/Sft. Paui G. Manning of the jreenville, N. C. Army Recruiting Station, today releaoed^he informa imn that, coatrwjy|^,fflaaaaa*aj*as the high rate of 1224 men enHated in the eastern section of North Carolina | l, -f, ' Sfr y IfeS! ' 1 A few years ego some North Caro line farmers said that they could not get along with 8-8-8 fertiliser. Of last year's 1H million tons, over 90 percent contained 18 units of plant food or more. ,.y Want Ads! FOR ANY PAINTING JOB WANT ED?See or write J. W. Singleton, B.F.D. 3, Fanarille, N. C. , ltp RADIO BATTERIES ?We have a good stock?Come fee ead get today. WESTERN AUTO AS SOCIATE STORK ?r r- " ?? 1I - i\-t ? ? -V-" *?* * v : ?? COMB IN AND SEE OUR UNE of Baby Strollers, Play Peas, Car Chain, HHim WESTERN AUTO ASSO. FLOORS SANDED and REFINISH ED - Expert Service. J. R. BRADY, Phoae 369-6, FanaviUe. ?mm?mmmm I II >1 .1 nil BE SURE TO TUNE IN ON W-P-T-F . n^| 1 ?B-j?? i. Auto 1 wrists N. C. NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an order of the superior court of Pitt Coosty, made in the special proceeding en titled "In the matter of John Hill ; Baylor, administrator of Lillian F. < Parker, deceased et at, experts," the 30th day of November 1946 at 12 o'clock Noon, at the Municipal Buili ing in the town of ISsrmvilk, North itract in the of Pitt, Come in and Select Christmas Gifts no#J ? OUR LAV-A-WAY PLAN ? -ierc fa No Extra Charge! Selections... Popular Prices! ? i VeJva, Deltah, Laguna and Queene Anne Pearls Simmons Necklace and Bracelet Sets?Speidel Bracelet and Necklace Sets?Solid Gold and Ooetume Pins in popular designs. .Solid Gold and Costume Bracelets, in set or unique designs. i ,'?$,>?' Swank & Simmons Collar and Pin Sets?Wallets and Watch Chains?Parker and Sheaffecr Pen and Pencil Sets?Ronson and Evans Lighters, Remington and Schick Electric Razors. Gruen, Bulova, Benrus, Winton and Rensil Watches. Exquisite Diamond, En gagement and Princess RINGS .! Large Selection in Men's and Ladies' Sterling Dresser Sets. Visit our store and see our large stock of appropriate v Christinas Gifts before making your selection ! ROBERTS JEWELERS MRS. J. M. CARRAWA Y, Manager 108 North Main Street... Phone 479-7 .7. Fannvilk, N. C. (SAY "MO-KAN") | I J Hut tilt' AustiteN he. * As Where? ? The most important question is not where the FIRE is, but to (GIVE THE FIREMEN A CHANCE) to get there. ,.\x; ?' nv " ? 1st?At the sound of the alarm if you are riding the streets oa anything from a bicycle to a moving van, immediately ?mil to the curb and park. Remain parked until you are sure that aO FERE Apparatus and Firemen have had oppor tunity to reach the scene of the FIRE. Then move cautious ly. (GIVE THE FIREMEN A CHANCE), 1 are at home or in your place of business, re until you know that all FIRE equipment sad the FIRE. (GIVE THE FIREMEN A to go to the JFIRE on a car. Give r(GIVE THE FIREMEN to the job of i Sfc: ?

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