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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, January 03, 1947, Page 2, Image 2

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0. A. In !??? ?" _ of Pfir-?. Cm* of TWka and all Notice'of Si Urtaiament far profit will be ehargod for at the Mte of 1 oral per word. Cash to accompany or DIMES MARCH ONWARD Once again it become* the privilege of every American to Join actively in one of the gnat peace time battles waged by Man in hie ceaseless strag gle to make his world a better place in which to live. This is the relentless battle infantile paralysis common of all, regardless of age or accident of birth?spearheaded by the annual March of Dimes, held this year from January 16-30. Coming as it does, in the wake of the second worst epidemic of the dis ease ever to ravage our nation, the 1947 March of Dimes deserves?end will undoubtedly receive?the fullest support of every American who hot only wants to help thoee unable to help themselves, but to insure for himself and his family the best avail able care if and when the dread crip pier strikes. The National Foundation for Infhp tile Paralysis, which sponsors the March jof Dimes, is unique in the an nals of public welfare organisations. It is literally the- property of the American people who support it with their dimes. It has no other means for obtaining funds, such as endow ments, bequests or grants. What it gets, it gets through the March of Dimes and through the March of Dimes only. Not only is the National Founda tion pledged to do ita utmost when epidemic?or even individual cases? breaks-out, but its ceaseless research into the causes of the disease is the. only promise we have that some day that cause will be discovered and ren dered harmless. In the meanwhile, we can all gatlier satisfaction from the fact that no one stricken with the disease?regardless of age, rtee, creed or color?need go without adequate care through lack of funds?and polio is among the most expensive of human afflictions. There are three things we know with certainty. Polfef will strike again ? where or when we do not know. Wh0n it does strike the com munity win be ready?the National Foundation guarantees that. And the National Foundation Will be reedy be cause the March of Dimes will see to that! ". * v>/ Give generously, give proudly, give thankfully ? to the 1947 March of Dimes! .' 'TTP^P. ^ , A TRIBUTE God called Abta a gracious promiae for UnUl today, and re flected far into iha future, hia name ahinea oa and on. The promiae ia being fulfilled. ?HpBHI. ? Following Abraham, God baa siren calk, through the ages, to other great souls to be "channels of blessings." One of thane calla came to Cleophua Bo wen Maahburn. After hearing it there waa no hesitation. He, aa Abra ham* was a leader in God*a Plan from early life. Hia belief was in tha man, who, though doubting, held Ma faith until Ws feat were planted on the Rode. Hia idea of a Christian was that of one, who accepted hia to God and man. One of his sermons waa prea&hsd from the text, "I ? ?- i??i? ? the life, : to n PlM>TSCTION AGAINST MfBRGENCUS While the North OuoHaa Medical Oaire Commission seeks to laein bogpttsls and more doctors to tike Mate to provide better health for all the-people, earn 460,000 Tar Heela are Already aaund M ? a m L TvrliAn noAilAil eiajliiei AIsa. nnn ea^Mt49A rtt^. or pjoptr Aospiauisiuon wnen neeaea, uiMier ine non-proiit dim Croee Plan. Thla yoapy lady haa reaeon eaoaph to eaalle she's pt tiny well Her daddy dap alao smile, because the hospital bill's all paid, thanks to Bias den. . * f" - ... r ?? . ,%sgti6m?.A I BIRD NOTES Albert Monk Ml an article on the Gray-throated Thresh which describ ed it aa being seven and three-fourths inches long and having a top coat of uniform olive dyab, white eye rings, buffy aides and threat Hie Mil graduates and points downward to w?rd S tip;" the wings are long and pointed; the tail feathers are shaped into aii extreme tip. Its legs long and slender. This thresh sings sweetly while perched in the air. Only three ofher species sing while in the air. tropical climates are a favorite dwelling place of the Gray-throated Thureh, although its breeding grounds are Alaska and Canada. - Insects, especially softforvae, ants, caterpillars,* May flies, ground bear ties, and weevils are favorite foods. In the fall It eats fruits and berries, such as sour gum, dogwood, frost grebes and coke berries. The nest is in s low tree from two to five feet above the ground; oc casionally the dwelling is on the ground. Compact and largely com posed and interwoven of dry leaves, and strips of fine bark, the nest con tains three or four eggs, Which are greenish-blue speckled with spots of rusty and yellowish brown. The lining material for the nest is fine dried gross. Cendy, peanuts, apples, tangerines and raisins were served after the meeting. . ^ CARD OF THANKS I wish to express my appreciation to the Loyal Woman's Class, Chris tian, for the Sunshine basket and Christmas gifts. Mrs. Albert Jones. NOTR OF APPRECIATION We wish to express our sincere ap preciation for the many acts of kind nees and expressions of sympathy ex tended during the illnees and death of our husband and -rfep-father. Mrs. Frank M. Davis, Jr., and children. . v *? Agricultural and .nutritional hare been developed to the point where it is now possible to hunger from the earth,'says Clinton P. Anderson, U. S. Secretary of Agri HOME OIL HEATERS AND TOBACCO CURKRS, EITH HI POT OR WICK BURNERS. FOB-FURTHER INFORMATION SEE OR CALL LONNIE OR ROB ERT PIERCE, FARMVILI.E, N. C. .DIAL Ml-1 (ltc) Want FOB SALE: ONE HEATBOLA, Om W?Uf JnW Lanndry Star" One M-fi. Twk- AO *? dition. Sm J^T. Bandy. CM-ttP) LOST: SUNDAY SCHOOL PIN PIN with ten h*n. T*U? ?? ward. Return to Srteifrjen Of fin. CM-ltp) FOB SALE: WHITE CBIB FOB 1 aiu up to six years; good eoaai ? wrt" "* FLOORS SANDED and RKFINIgH En ? Expert Serriee. I. ?? BRADY, Phono MM, Famrffle,] FOB SALE: TWO METALWSD STEADS. May be gyh SL, at H to 11 o'dodtSat urday. Mra-'R. C. 8ki*ley"If'j??? 178-1. (Wtp) FOB SALE?BABY'S NEW" BATH ENETTE. Still in crate. latended rM gift to baby wbo bad erne al ready. Write Mr care ? Famrilie, N. C COME IN AND SEE OUR UNE of Baby Strollers, Play Feaa, Car-| riagan, Chain, Rocking Batbanettea, Bed and WESTERN AUTb A3SO. STORE. I FOB SALE ?ONE WARM MORN- J ING Type Coal Store -Perfect r^itian. Abo One Sixe 41 Now Ton Coat.? Bollino* Ctaancca A FOB SALE-Now 00 Burn^g^^l at Famrfflo Btaeheblth Shop. RADIO BAijaUIES?Wo bare b, today. WESTERN AUTO SOCIATB STORE. WANTED: INSURANCE SOLICI TOR AND COLLECTOR with carl for the town of Famrffle. StaH L tag salary, ?#0? a ^.WrRo fat ! SURE TO TUNE IN ON W-P-T-FI FOB SALE: BELL'S CERTIFIED TOBACCO SEED. Varieties?4M, YoBow Special, Virginia Bright Leaf, White Men, Ortaeco. Aleo - - Gold, Yellow Oxford At, 401, Gold Dollar, IwnT PLANT THE BEST! Sold by J. H. HARRIS A SON. Fam yille, N. C. (J-t-Mp) JUST RECEIVED NICK LOT OF COVERS - Can fit awet WESTEBN AUTO ASSO. I. AY HIGH CHAIR panel beck high chair adjustable feotmt and remov able food tray. Easily lowered and converted to play chair with wide useful play tray. . .. Birch or maple finish. Neatly decorated, COMBINATION : ? STROLLER - WALKER Reduced from $11.50 J All steel with rubber tired riding wheels, rubber covered bump ers to protect furniture. Automats locking detachable handle enables it to be used as either stroller or walker. Mm Crib Mattress $8.95 Soft enough for comfort, firm enough for healthful support long wearing cover. EASY TERMS! Dropside Crib $17.50 : Tot sleeps safely while moth er Is busy, ih this ivory en ameled crib. Smoothly fin ished. Spring included. DELUXE FOLDING CARRIAGE Vr All the style end comftfit of an expensive coach, at amasing low cost!. Study steel folding frame. Weather resistant hood and body ef quilted leatherette. Smooth 'riding robber tired wheels. Folds com pactly for storing or taking in anto, bus or street ear. EASY TERMS 1 Folding Bathinette for Baby ... Soft, comfortable waterproof tab with rubber drain hose, pockets for his toiletries. Top slides over to make dressing table. Folds compactly for_ storing. Nursery Chair It's easy to teach baby reg ular habits early with this comfortable chair. Hinged * sea t cover. Hay tray. Ma ple finish. OPEN A NEW TIME PAYMENT ACCOUNT ! NEW TEAK MEDITATIONS T naked the New Year For aome motto sweet, Some ruje of lift with j ' Which to guide ray feet; [ asked and paused; he Answered soft and low: 'God's will to know.' - "WilJ knowledge then suffice, New Year,' I cried; And ere the question into Silence died,* ' rhe answer came, 'Nay, but remember too, God's wfll to do.' 'Once more 11 'ft there no more to tell?' And once again the answer SofUy fell: , J ^3" Yes, this one thing, all v ;<?, Other things shove God's will to love." 'M t-J&g ?Selected AMERICAN RED The chairman, Production Corps oI tho Pitt County Chapter, received the following latter from the Lawaon Veterans Administration Hospital in Wo would like to take this oppor tunity to thank you and the members of the Production Corps of the Pitt County Chapter for the very nice which we here received from you for tho use of our patients. ^Frequently we have patients ad mitted to our a amonds like these ? , - '.' . *' ** ,? ' " .ti-; . >?* :u-4Mmi -raoafe MmmM make Dreams come true Mi m. ?

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