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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, January 10, 1947, Page 2, Image 2

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li . r""> ? ?.? |4;?&:v * i imair i 85 ' ifnwtft ??n -vate*. JANUARY 15-10 YEAR-BOUND BATTLE Hie 1947 march of Dimes begins January IS and runs through January 30. But throughout the year infan tile paralysis attacks daily?and our doctors and scientists are still on the offensive against the malady. For 14 days we are afforded the oppor tunity to furnish year-round ammu nition?to pit our dimes and against a ruthless enemy of tfaa~j)j?jj tion and its children. The polio virus is one of the most dreaded foes of American families. It strikes swiftly, silently, with scarcely perceptible waning, eating away nerve centers, wasting muscles, maiming limbs, taking Uvea. Without unstinting' contributions each year to the Mkrch of Dimes, the average American family would stand helpless against the onslaughts of poUo. Infantile paralysis presents a for midable picture in any family budget Thife cost of earing for a patient aver ages about $1,000 a year?some cases up to $2,000?and stretching over ex tended periods of five, ten and more years?involving hospitalization, of tentimes surgfery, in moct rases phy sical therapy treatments, muscle sub stitution training and vocational re habilitati?(?j| Contributions to the March of Dimes have made possible s bulwark against financial anguish when polio strikes. Through gifts to the March of Dimes in the next 16 days, the National Foundation for InfontiM Paralysis will be enabled to fulfill its pledge of cam and treatment for every polio victim, regardless of age, race, creed, color or lack of finances. These dimes wage a great defen sive waf. Mime, they lead a frontal attack in research, allowing men of medicine to be ever on the quest for better treatments and an eventual cure. Last year our dimes marched against ooe of the most disastrous polio epidemics to sweep the nation since 1916, the worst in our country's history. When'the final tally for 1946 is complete indications are that is will exceed 20,000 victims. It is gratifyirg to know our gifts helped alleviate the mental and physical suffering of these victims and their families. It must be with itrmination to win the fight the dread malady that we Nuaefres to support mors fully than ever before the current of ' " Long engagements Just means that) seing if she cam do bettor. a guy goes wrong there art Irithki* gU,m ^ *? rirkt ~ alM*( The hide Play ill -Hi ! PER cm I svicripfc V WQtfTH [ t-?&7HEHA710fi IN PERCENTAGE & AeJEcr/tuft tQR military StiRVICE, I wwire 14 COUNTIES HAVE NO HOSPITAL BEDS ,11 COUNTIES HAVE USS THAN IBEP5 PER IOOO SI counties have uss wan ?to4 beds per ioooi RURAL ?ADIH * HAVE NO DOCTOR ATTEN0IN6 AT BIRTH.' Holding hands is either a case of love or self-defense. We used to know a feiiow that worked only while looking for a Job. for his wife. There's no use in refusing to let your wife have her own way?shell get it aay way. . Parents used to strike children to discipline them ? but now they strike them in self-defense. The disagreeable part about some of the tilings people say about us is that some of them are true. Most defoitners talk loud and long of the road to Utopia, but always want someone to gild it If somebody calls you a fool exam ine yourself and make pure you aren't The best way to find the buried treasure is to plant the seeds today. A few persons are born rich, while others have to enter politics to get that way. A widow who inherits a complicat ed estate is likely to revise her opin ion of the late deceased. If any man wants to get rid of his wife, I would advise a long automo bile trip as a preliminary step. The lightning that struck the "flag pole sitter" may have beat just a spark of ambition?anyway it got him- down. i?BUSINESS ADVERTISING COLUMN? i For Sale! ? Wanted i ? Lost! ? Found! FOUND?TWO BAGS FERTILIZER. Owner cm get mum by seeing Perry Bntj, FmrMTiHe, N. C. ltp PHILCO RADIO CONTRIBUTION? far your listening pleasure any FARMVILLE FURNITURE CO. FLOORS SANDED and REFINISH ED ? Yipnl Serrice. J. R BRADY, Phone MM, Farmyille, FOR SALE: ONE HEATROLA, One Water Jacket Laundry Stove; One SO-gaL Tank. All in good c? dition. See J. T. Bandy. (J-J-Itp) FOR SALE?New Oil Baraing Heat er, Median size?Set J. E Garris, at Famrille Blacksnith Shop. , STRAYED ? BLACK "feOBTAIL Fe nale Heg; weight 175 lba. Last seen before Chriatnas near boa of Albert MeKensie, Walstonbnrg, Bt. S. Notify either MeKensie or John O. Dixon, Farm Wile. (ltp) FOE SALE: WHITE CRIB FOR child ap to aix-yeare; good eoaffl tioa. Write MO, Enterprise Of fice. (J-3-Jte) PHILCO PORTABLE RADIOS, will or hoaao current FARMYILLE E TO TUNS IN ON W-P-T-F ion *<M (PHILCO BATTERY RADIOS for the form or any home where' elec tric current is sot available. On Sole Now? FARMVILLE FURNITURE CO. RADIO BATTERIES ?We have good atodk?Come in and get eae today. WESTERN AUTO AS SOCIATE STORE. HELP WANTED?Male ft Female? Can yoh use an extra $5.00 daily for 4 hoars work serving regular customers 7 Fall time work also available. Write Dept. 8-$, The J. R. Watldns Co, Richmond, Va. <J^3-3tc) TAKE A PHILCO PORTABLE with yon oi^ that fishing-or hunting trip. Operates froju battery or bouse current. In stock now? : S FARMVILLE FURNITURE CO. COMB IN AND SEE OUR LINE of Baby Strollers, Play Pens, Car-1 Chairs, Rocking Horses, j Bithuftttcii Bid end MftttrMm. WESTERN AUTO A8SO. STORE. FOR SALE: WELL'S CERTIFIED TOBACCO SEED. Varieties?403. Yellow Special, Virginia Bright Leaf, White Stem, Orinoco. Also Improved Mammouth Gold, Yellow Mammoath and Bottom Special. Oxford 30, 401, Gold Dollar, Bo-j naasa. PLANT THE BEST! Sold' by J. H. HARRIS ft SON, Fsrm ville, N. C, , (J-3-3tp) JUST RECEIVED NICE LOT OF SEAT COVERS - Can fit moat! AUTO AiSO. | The man that talks loudest on the street corner probably does his listen ing at home. A girl seldom marries a man be cause he has sense ? but because he has cents. , ' An eye wink takes a quarter of a second ? but a lot longer to explain to the wife, later. Nearly everybody believes in capi tal punishment, providing it's the other fellow's capital that is being punished. Llllll/ilVIVIIIII t That vty mb, C. L. IVRY, Jr., will be associated with mo as of January ^ 1947, in the rOfresentation in this territory Of > . '? ?-''"f \,. ?? H ,> ? ?? jBi ??,< ??* 'T^tl A* ia'tt , v. . ? ? I. SUN. ? MON. ? JAN. 12-13 ADDED . . . LATEST NEWS EVENTS I 1 STOP BORROWING TOUR NEIGHBOR'S I ? NEWSPAPER Subscribe to THE ENTERPRISE and receive it Regularly ? The price is only $2.00 a year. S, . i .? ' -I. 1,^ ? ? y m

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