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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, February 28, 1947, Page 2, Image 2

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^?r a3? it ^Hpaaipp|H| _ Give ua thia day a little P"? i quiet, pleaae. Convert every spare dollar now into | Savings With all their knowledge, phys?-| cians dont look too We're now' able to carry the inven tory of oar personal poeaeeaiona in| oar bead. "Everybody doea it" ia the dard excuse tor a lapse at behavior, | moral or otherwise. Ifs a pitty when a man occasional ly fails to measare op to his wife's standard of what a perfect husband | should be. "Farm Mechanisation" is the title I of a recently reprinted bulletin reedy | for distribution by the N. C. Experi ment Station. Somehow the spectacle of two wo-1 men sizing cadi other op remind* us of two prize fighters shaking handa] just before the initial round. I hope that the inventors and scientists have in mind something I that will produce wealth tomorrow j as fast as war of yesterday destroy ed it It takes a long time to get ac quainted but only a minute to fall in love, and the tragedy of many is that they fell in love before becoming very well acquainted. About the most discouraging fact in the Uvea of some men ia that no matter how npxh they earn it's never enough to satisfy what that/ family regards ka a of living. The perfectly civilized American male is a man who honestly thinks that rearing children is a harden from which the American woman should be relieved so that bar-talents might be free to perform grander teaks. That shows how i effective ia feminist State College Hints To Farm Homemakers By Yarns Stanton Root vegetables will he fresher and have mere nutritive value if *v-'~ leaves or tops are trimmed off I they am stored in hem or vegetable bine, plant the U. S. Department at WW: (k troduced * bill ic the Legislature which would make the Inter national rale the official standard of log measurement In North Carolina. TWa bill has the support of the State Board of Agri cottars, the State Grange and the N. C. J FUNERAL SERVICES HKLD FOR MR& RALLY W. MAY Mi*. Sally Wooten May, 65, wife of Benny May, died at her home near Farmville, Friday afternoon, after of defltntnr health. Saturday at 8 p. a., conducted by the Rav. Z. B. T. Goat, Christian Burial was in Hollywood Surviving an her husband; daughters, Mrs. Jasper Evans of New Bern, Mrs. Minnie Gaynor and Mrs. Ray Hardiaon of Castalia, Mrs. Dave Fulford and Mrs. James Cor Mtt of Fhrmville, Mrs. James Brad ley of Rocky Mount, and Mrs. Walter Turner of Holly Ridge; two sons, Bill and Ben May of Farmville; two Me ters, Mrs. Rattle Tyson of FermviUe and Mrs. Jennie Jones of Snow Hill; and a brother, John Wooten of Farmville. She was a good wife and mother and will be greatly missed. It's relaxing to attend to our per sonal problems and let Walter Lipp mann dissect the international ide ologies. CARPENTERS AND MASONS WANTED. Plenty Work?Top Pay. Mercer Construction Co. J. D. Mercer. 1M W. Stk SL?At Fhn OrM* N. C. . v ji'.. ? i LOST, SOUND, ETC. WANTED ? TWO (2) FURNISHED ROOMS. Call 293-1. * ] CORD WOOD FOR SALE. Mini Baft Burnett, near FSrmville. (It;) JUST RECEIVED ? Shipment of Ran' and Girls' BICYCLES ? Western Ante Associate Store. WANTED?AN APARTMENT ? 1, 3 or 4 Reams ?? Alfred H. Lewis, FfcrntviB* N. C. (F-2l-2te) FLOORS SANDED and REFINISH ED ? Expert Service. J. R. BRADY, Phone 369-6, Farmville, FOR SALE: ? WHITE ENAMEL FLORENCE Hot Water Heater and 56 gal. tank hi good condition. Call 255-1. V . (ltp) JUST RECEIVED ? Big Order of I VIGORO, Pruning Shears ft Hedge! Shears. ? Western Auto Associate Store, Fartnrille, N. C. IF YOU. HAVE MILK BOTTLES that are not needed, please set them out or call us so we an get them. We cannot purchase new bottles. Pecan Grove Deify. (ltc) TIRES?TIRES-JUST RECEIVED A Kg Shipment of DAVIS TIRES and they still earry an uneonditk al Guarantee for 18 month*. Getl Our Prices before you bay. Liberal| allowance for your old tires. WBSTStN AUTO ASSO. STORE. I IUST RECEIVED NICK LOT OF SEAT COVERS ?Can fit mat ars. WESTERN AUTO ASSO. STORE "MALE HELP WANTED" ? Van willing to work 7 hours daily five days per week, can average $50.00 weekly on established local route. Write Dept. 88, The J. R. Watkins Co, Richmond, Va. (Stp.) CALL.ITS FQR SERVICE on YOUR Radio, Refrigerator, Electric Range, Kerosene Range, 00 Hater, Iron, Toaster, Vacuum Cleaner, etc. We service any make. Our Prices Are Lew?Oar work is guaranteed. THE GARNER FURNITURE CO.! RADIATORS?We are Equipped to Repair Year Radiators. Re-cap ping Tires, Vulcanising "Tires and Tractor Tires ? All ROUSE RE the m of3 these birds, nestiwr friendly people can help and" Blue Bird have homes by ing them. * Blue Birds like their on the body of a shade or fruit tree, a post or pole anywhere from five to fifteen feet above the ground, pre ferably not close to walks or drive ways. Wrens prefer their hemes in a sheltered place under the" eaves of'a building from three to twelve feet above the ground. The bottoms to the bird houses should be removable so that old nests can be removed. Both Blue Birds and Wrens hatch several broods every by removing old and ,W9 PARAMOUNT 1 THEATRE I FARMYILLE, N. C, SUNDAY-MOMMY KtSi***1 ? W ? ADDED? f Selected Short Subject LATEST NEWS. country at National 4-H Club Week will br termination date of the prin will be December 81, 1048. What has happened to all those old whan except under water??Indus trial News RevleW. ' ? 'i ? ? ' ? U. Department of Agriculture experiments indicate that penicillin is highly effective in- saving turkeys that have been infected With the fwine -erysipelas organism. A farmer who had spout his life in the country, retired and moved to the city. Oh the first morning in their new home, his wife sakl: "-Well, Pa, it's about time you started the fire." "Not me!" he replied, nestling down deeper In bed. "We might, as well start right now getting used to all the city conveniences. Gall the fire d pertinent!"?Industrial News Review. Smokey Says: BJ fore yon throw a match out your car window! Trip?$7.65?ping tax Bus Station I C anoWtRfMlWAyS - ' p J5 Dr. Kenneth L. Qiriggins c. Optometrist . 109 Vi W. Fourth Street ? Greenville, K. C, Hours For Eye Exaadnationa For 8:30 to 4:30?(Wed. till Noen) Phone 3779 AUCTION Every Wednesday at 1:31 P. M. Located Back of Bus Station. NEW and USED CARS and TRUCKS! ? BUY OR SELL # W. BILL HATFIEU, Auctioneer For Information Call 465-1 DON'T... continue to sponge on your Neighbor! Subscribe to THE ENTERPRISE yourself. men wofk on your Ford and yOu'H > interest. They're Ford men who And you < Part? i , andwl _ There's a/ m M M To Help You many problems to^tt ' of them must be met ikajpd. From our experience, we have by fairing over many such tasks and accordance with instructions we receh our service to you. Bf|Ep?wr Ja" ' t 3 FARMVILLE FUNERA ? Day Phone 383-1. Mr. Edwards 405-6 ? Night Phones ' AMBULANCE SERV* Latest in Albums MUSIC TO SOOTHE YOU I MUSIC And MUSIC TO REMINISCE 1 REGULAR RECORDS Beware My Heart The Pleasure la All Mine Vaugh Monroe and Orch. Vktr: Record : Price C5c All By Myself YouTI .Know When ft Happens Saikmy Kaye Victor Record . ? Price 66c When rm Not Near The Girl I How Are Afapi li Glocca Morra Tomay Poraey * Victor Record Price 6Pe Open the Door. Richard Me And The Blare ^ \yr Count Basle and His Orieh. Victor Record Price Be Hoodie Addle Ann! rettery Tex Beneke A The Miller Orch. Victor Record ,L .... Price Be Mother Ytat're Irish And Yoo're Beaatiful Frank Conners \ Sonora Record i-~.. Price 65c One e'Ctoek Jaaip John's ldear Count Basic and Oreh. Victor Record T Price 65c Coquette I Corer The Waterfront Johniyr Green and Orch. Victor Record ... i Price 65c "GETTING | Tommy Victor Alb hymns c General . by Br sain, 1 Landsman J Shepherd Eli, Eli. Bea.itifnl The Old R A Mrili la The Victor TOMMY Old Una tra, Jo Plpera. Jeroae Kern j Johnny Merer j The Kins 5SPK For The . hee Didn't 8a Pl?l Hal Derwin 3HHLT?!eb ?{ Clark Dennis "All The Thi,r ??ol Weston ^h? Way Yoq Capitol OOMB IN AND LISTEN TO YOU1T FAVl WB HAVE ALL TYPE NEEDLES, RECOltJ CASES, ud PLAYERS. ROBERT'S Plume 479-7 ? NwrtkMainSt ? THfc TROTH ABOOT IS THE CATHOLIC CHU1 $ REALLY CATHOUGt You should know the REAL Pi Write for free information BOX 351 ? WHfTEVILLE, I Farmville Retail Lumber' i : vm ? wom mm ? Nut to N?rtott-Ro?ttor. D?M ? "TIDYVP WAJfi FOR ANT AN; I - \ \ -

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