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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, March 07, 1947, Image 1

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The annual will begin on and last for (MM weeh quota is $40,000,000 County quota is $18,000, ville's share of this amount is While it is tree the war has let us remember that the Red Uroasi is not Jast a war agency, for it ad ministers to want and need in tbaeaj of peace. Down through toe Red Cross has become pensable agency of both war and peace. It gives relief to " and even millions in time of dim die tress and nee The record of the Bed Cross i for itself. Last year, for $3,800,000 in financial aid was given to veterans, 1,700,000 assisted in filing claims of (inability at separation centers, 1480,000 vet erans and families helped by ten of Home Service workers. There were *1*,800,000 to loans and grants to men Mill to service, 1,300 { tional ffto rperatirn sea&v There wns expended $1,500,000 in domestic disasters and 180,000 per sons aided. It is interesting to note that the Bed Crow came to the rescue of the Grifton community to this county when hit by a tornado. Those were 134,000 home nursing, 337,000 first aid, 4024)00 water safety, and 53,000 nutrition certificates Many other things too numerous to mention worn done under the banner of the Red Croea. To continue the fine work YOUR RED CROSS NEEDS YOU. Through your generous support of the Red Cross you strengthen a vast program of mercy and community service reaching into every part of America. How well the Red Croea does its job depends on YOU. When you con tribute to the 1947 Bed Croea Fund, you become a member of a great, working family?a family of Ameri can neighbors who are pledged to help each other to time of need. People everywhere respect the Red Cross because it knows no boundaries of race, color, or creed, because its acle concern is for the good of man kind, because it serves our men to the armed forces and helps veterans, and is ever present when disaster strikes. Sam D. Bandy, chairman of the Farmville Bad Ooaa Drive, states that every thing is to readiness for the campaign for funds which will begin next Monday. Committees have been appointed and workers have volunteered. When the solici tors call on you GIVE GENEROUS-' LY TO THE 1947 FUNDhnd YOUR RED CROSS WILL CARRY ON. Hedrick Fears Less Tobacco Exports Baisigh, March 5. ? The opinion fast filling the depleted stocks in oar foreign markets" has been voiced here by W. P. Hedrick, executive sec retary of the N. C. Tobacco Advisory Council. 'If -the present ratio at production and exports is co at breed. we wUl soon hit the point at saturation?and t flue-cured grower will find himae)f confronted with 300,000,000 to 400r 000,000 pounds of surplus tobacco" He declared that exports of flue Mceo last year totaled 64SA xmnds as against a prewar srwi a two weals' two China, which ranks neat id imports of tobacco from the United States, normally usee 33,000,000 pounds per r, but in 1M? bought 60,000,000 or wsIT ever s year's supply, is generally this country," said Bed Rotary Kiwanian * not from sympathy and understanding to mw'i fellowman and to aid in the kftHik far tntfK. for troth. Bar. Holmes that it is his firm conviction that ! world can nover have a Ingjing peace without , _ , stated that 1? was grateful for being allowed tmdalk on a subject that fastis field of endeavor, because often ministers aae called agon. to on subjects which they - an not familiar with. Ed Nash Warren preeehted his guest, Scoot Robert Bollard, who dar ing the recent campaign of selling tickets for the Scoot Hot Rind sold the largest number. A report on the proceeds from ties Rotary-Kiwanis basketball game given by Scoutmaster Warren. Loss Wooten Won the attendance prise- Attendant* was the beat it has been sine* Johnny Mewbom. be came president. -? Visitarians were Maynanl Fletcher, of Washington; Bssdd S. Harper, Charlie McCuUers ahd Jimmie Stocks, of Kinston. Kiwanian H. D. Johnson was also a From a total outlay of about ten million dollars by State and Federal com breeders over a period of thirty years, hybrid corn research has "paid off" with a gain of three-quarters of a billion dollars a * < 1'4 t Collections For Last Record of $87,989,745 Raleigh, March 6. - North Caro lina's general, fond revenue, which began climbing during; the years just s_ _ ? a? _ . s . _ a ? n ?IIi.-l oeiore tne wsr, continueu max cnxnu during February, the Revenue De partment reported yesterday. General fund collections, which all State agencies except the y and Agriculture depart totaUed (55,499,014 for foe *He*h Of (12,481,419 or 28.95 the same period last for all af last year 887,969,745. ' provided for the income tax Sales tav eoQec (2,653,478, fw make a scoal for 4 erer, hia !i*fct y .., ,. ? fident to keep the ladder in an up right poglttHi egabu* the peepe far air by the professional Hl"*M .1 "Thy" Monk pfrieaaedaaexcel lent Job M blocking back for the Tliilalaa. but he was unable to riwch "Light Hone" Gikhriat, who fre ' to-ttSrvmL to the Mfttt movements of "Jitterbug" new born and "FPwen" FlaUagan of tin Rotarians; "Lanky" Harria (I'm a dentist 'canes I like to make jfeople happy), "Walking Ckne" Tnrngge, "Grandpa" Quineriy, and "Speed ball" - Albritton for the Kiwanians. More gymnastic*.were seen fat this half, as the players tumbled, slid, and performed various acrobatics. With less than a minute left in the game, the soon was tied at 12-12. Witkabeatifeitor-aaeeafe left in the game, amid yeHe wi bV*,i"g whis tles "Nimble" Warren made a field goal to not the Rotarians ?iw?j at 14-12, the final score of thasaaap. Huan scored high for the Bo wtth six points, While Gil two, Mewborn one, end Far the Khmrttpg, four HtKSiues fort Of NatfM's 4-H (Ma PnaklMl Bant & Tramaa fcaa 1 md the following totter through L. R. HarriU, state. 4B Club Leader for the Slate College Extension Serrice, in comeetloa with the annual astSKaraiTS *? ?from Meroh 1 to ?nearty two Qnb You ate to he oongrstoiated jraor wiat vM faith |ccopg, livMtocc, ??# y??**- of the farm or' ' projects ere I to the tD eern money A OPP9VPHMHPT4 Ijects, 4-H Ctufi rWZfd^ Club to the 'M m Mid' tite fern In the United ir feme have [the effect of work beinc done by the boys end girls 4-H Clebe. ~ i 4-H Chib wo* to not en year otoetendtng (tab . week et e 4-H fetevettinr to e pert of no couaw idpo to ? hour's fen end frolic. Any will toll you Ma 1 M -f Li-t. __ --- 1G&I ClOTCI^,. -MVMp W JrOiI HSpiiB wmm WMmmm, Head ia for thinking; heart, for "It was truly a ' he said. ' tacks," he sakL "It i I,,. ^ - ? I.A ,. _a i^l preereve, Dom sir n^ VMiQty too ?] its symbolism. I was thrilled hy ttl to be do-] hearaed it today tion at will fly. volcano, <* *? l&plM mm IPM of test night at in Us honor in '?*&! ?* -" . t v .??? ? > " ? ?&8MB& HMHtfl * 1 ?3? 7:8CPlHr - Town Hall mm Wl i unit to Finn villa can be J|i'*Ntr '? ^cooperation of J. W. Hardy. aa where to locate in Itomftv and this brought up many p mmzmtmm MR that by baited action oa ths part ?f WttM" pa is now is|t whole qaantor block of to set up a veterans teMmnnity. as cities in the stats have sMpi their ex-servicemen Is; ' I" and for the land to locate net exceed At P A coat land, BIB Hardy, and D. U KgtBF mi

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