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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, July 04, 1947, Page 2, Image 2

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- The recent report of the Prei dent's Advisory Commission on Uni veml tneat and country. Thera is new in compoboty ?the armed long before World * the of study by the CpmmisiilltijFglvSa it an unuSbal ihgnm of force. So does the Commission's membership. It did not inchxb n single military man or. professional Jingo. Its chairmen was the distinguished physicist, Karl Comnton, president of the Massachu setts Institute of Technology. Other members included Daniel Poling, editor of the Christian Herald; Chaa. E. Wilson, president of General Elec tric; Dr. Harold Dodds, president of Princeton; and ex-ambassador to Russia Joseph E. Davies. It is stated that, at thy beginning, then waa a wide diversity of opinion among the various members. But, at the end, nil of them came "reluctant ly" to the same conehsnon. That conclusion consists of an eight-point security program of which compul sory training for all* males at the age of 18, or after finishing high school, is the keystone. That woald affect from 760,000 to 960,000 young men each year, and the annual cost' of this part of tne program alone Is estimated at 81,760,000,000. The' suggested training plan>is an interesting one, and in some respects it it novel. The Commission believes that it should be placed under the control of a three-man commission, reporting directly to the President, of whom two would-be civilians and only one a military man. Training would be in two parts. Part one would be of six months duration, ?rul would consist of military training in an Army camp Ob abroad d Navy ship. Part two would offer a number of options, including enlistment in the Army or Navy for a two-year period, enrollment in the National Guard or the IJeeerves with 48 even ings a year of drill phis two-week periods in summer camps for three years, or enrollment in college R. O. T. C. courses In addition to this^the Commission feels that national security demands, seven more ingredients: a united and informed nation; a coordinated intel it It total cost of this . not estimate It Bat, it added, the alternative wm an "invitation to extermination." The Commission beUsves-us do allj military authorities?that the i war, if it comes, will arrive with believable speed. It observed that the obliteration of twelve American cities in a single day, along with es sential -*?i?transporta tion, and power resources wee not at all impossible. Our monopoly .-of atomic weapons, it said, will sod shout 1951, and by 19W an all-cot atomic attack couid be mounted against us. The program it ad vocates would take six years and perhape longer to achieve significant results. - The Commission forecast that its universal training program, would .produce a long list of benr&s. First and foremost, of course, it would provide a trained force which could he rapidly absorbed into the services hi time of emergency, said thus tre mendously shorten the tiAe neces sary to effective mobilisation. In ad dition, the report -gees on, it weuld improve the quality of the regular establishments in peacetime; it would provide a large, trained group in each community capable of deal ing with problems of civilian defense and mass disaster in the' event of bombing and other attacks; it would help to channel young men into scientific sad vocational training im portant to national defense, and it would give greater military strength at less cost than would be provided by a large standing force. And, to quote the report directly, the pro gram would reduce as far as possible "tiie disruption of normal family life which Inevitably attends the calling of young men from their homes in the national interest In another paragraph it met an obvious objec tion to compulsory training by say ing that "we are convinced it is en tirely possible to provide for Ameri can-youth a whblesome, moral, and religious environment in training camps." It pointed to the widely publicized experimental unit at Fort Knox in substantiation of this. The report is 44ft pages in length, and a brief summary can touch only the high spots. The big point is the commission's somber belief that pre paredness for war on a scale never attempted by this country in time of peace is absolutely vital if we an not to risk the chance of being extermi nated. "-.--v Bridegroom: "This steak has a ieer caste." Bride: "I cant understand it I. burned it a little, but I immediately rubbed it with vaseline." ( Catherine Orr. r WH# _?rxsr-"?- :-*u June 22, at Garfield hospital, Wash ington, D. C. Mrs. Simpson Is the* former Miss Virginia Lang of ?toabars. \Jk .tom*; NOTICE OF EXECUTRIX -??? - L The undersigned, having this day qualified aa executrix of estate of Lixsie Gey, deceased, late of Pitt County, this is to notify all pieasiit them to tte ttderaigned, or to her attorney, itemised and veri fied, on or before the 1Mb day of, June, -lte8, or this notice will W\ pleaded in bar of their recovery. AH] ' - - 1 to add estate wffl or her attorney. This the 10th day of Juno, 1M7. EASTBE MAY GAY, Executrix, 619 Market St, Wilmington, N. C. Wbl J. Buady, Atty., N. C. 1M NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Pursuant to the provisions of Oen-? s Statutes 160-37, the Board of! Commsrionots of die Town of Farm-J vflle, North Carolina, do herewith no tify all interested parties that the roll for the paving itn within the Otjr Limits of FfcrmviBe, North Carolina, daring the years 1946 and 1947, has completed and has been deposit ed in the offiee of the Clerk of the Town of. Ffcrmville, North Carolina, and is now open for inspection to all interested parties; _ Notice is also given that the Board of Cammtssionen and .Mayor of the Town of Farmville, N. C., will hold a meeting on Tfceaday, July 8, 1947, at eight (8:00) P. M^ for the hearing of allegations and objections to the special assessment Meeting will be held at Town Hall. The above mentioned assessment roll and the above referred to meet ing is intended to cover the entire paving project es started in 1946 and now steering completion. ~fl BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE TOWN OF FARMVILLE, N. C. By: J. W. JOYNER, Mayor By: C. M. PAYLOR, Clerk Bny "Savings Bonds" Have FAIN LOANS M M.J. J. V. JOYRER The Prudential Insurance Co.. of r DR. KENNETH L. QUIGGINS OPTOMETRIST- ' Bank of Farmville Building EACH WEDNESDAY-9:00 to 5:00 Eyes Examined Glasses Pitted A LONOINIS.WtTTNAUM PRODUCT .on* ~ 1 - ? ? Kill j .. and guaranteed ??;? **?.-*??*??^S3KSS!kff3 Vt ?" '? -3 f*9? *-' ^-S?* ? '?' -s& :'TI ?"'.v-foM*. 3~ . ? ' ?,., ' ttCft *.- 'V3(r-i'"i fi" < - '??. . ?> - ? * ? ????:' ' >' ? " ???. . ' ' f. n i?? r.?3-" >> --i- *fc?, '? L 'TiT ? .- * .? ??'??? -fv &-> '?- '" '. - - Tr. .. tr;;-3-v-.-?-v,:-- . ?. ?- &^?3yflERtfr?S ? - ; > ? mmmmm 'J5 f DELIVERY TO yOUR FAltti R>. " !&?< '-'B^aEJFtif" ?"? :~?'??Peps -?". , f^iKW1" " l^E ?#? .? ;,**:***.? ' :' ' ??- ' r ? ' ' V '? .?'* ' :v-^.ife-^-- ???^ ^ -?*>* If you are thinking _ _ _ _ _ __ hW?w<M: w?m^itm. ^ '?. - ? ? m ? ? ? -v.- ?AT? ' - ;"' ? '"? ???; v .?- ????'4>-'? v ". - V-.\ -w':*;- r ,-V ? ' /.iwisisdi.:. - .": : - / 14th St. at N. S. Railroad Track GREENVHJiE, N. C. rt|; . : '--*.s .'"' ' - _ ' ?@R? -r ? _ k,:, J x : ,-r r Kinston, N. C. BULK-TYLER'S BIG REMODELING NOW IN FULL SWING. Prices cnt to the bone for ' BE HERESATURDAY! ?? ??- " BATH CLOTHS, PASTEL COLORS 7c Cannon 4 ? in . 1 W M 11 )I'U' ANKLETS PASTELS ft STRIPES SHEETING GOOD QUAXJTY g: gloves ; VALUES TO $3.00J > ?. ? All BEACH WEAR -0-- ATiV,. Drastic REDUCTIONS ? , Will "l ' I' I " Ladies Rayon PANTIES Nylon HOSE , Entire fCED rt>B CLEARANCE 14. Ladies'SKIRTS .ySa JTtt : ,3.-. aft Values to *4.00! ' i ?? - v. ?

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