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The Elkin tribune. (Elkin, N.C.) 191?-1969, December 05, 1940, Image 2

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Da&Catoeqie—, Author of "How to Win Friend* H and Influence People." |'yj| SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS * Are you self-conscious when you come Into the presence of strangers? If so, would you like to know how to cure yourself? In the first place, dont worry if you are self-conscious on meet ing new people. Many people are, more or less. If you are very self-conscious, then you merely have an exaggerated case. Luther Burbank, the plant wiz ard, was so self-conscious as a boy that if he came in from the field and saw an extra plate on the table, which showed there would be company for supper, he would not come to the table. He would stay outside and eat in the Omit Worry ! We'll do it for you. Insure with HUGH ROYALL ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE PHONE 111 I BIG FLOORS 1 1 LOADED WITH GIFTS FOR EACH 1 I MEMBER OF THE FAMILY! | raj You'll have no trouble in finding just the gift he or she will appreciate from our S|[ W large stock. Two large floors, and all loaded with hundreds of many desirable W *0 items to make choosing easy. And better yet, all are priced at a figure that will Sfc St enable you to give the finest at a very reasonable cost. By all means visit Walker's JS S today! Buy now before stocks are picked through. You don't want to have to £u give "left overs." 1 FOR "HER" FOR "HEW" fig St Hosiery Jewelry Shave Bete Glares Cf £1 Hand Ban Gloves Bedroom Slippers Kodaks fm EL Silk Underwear Dishes Fountain Pens IMlllMds AS W Toilet Goods Stationery Ties Handkerchiefs W Tf. Manicure Seta Box Candies Socks Tie Sets ££ S It would take more space than we have room for fit T■■ IB to list all the many fine toys we have here to f? W I■ H make the children happy Christmas morning. But W a visit here will disclose hundreds of toy items m I I ■Up suitable for evety age group—and priced so low B* W ® ™ that buying will be a pleasure! jS sWalker's 5-10 c Store! j| L. F. Walker, Prop. Elkin, N. C. W kitchen rather than face some one he didn't know. The distinguished American writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, was so self-conscious that when he saw visitors start up the walk to his house, he would become so panic-stricken that he would go down and sit in the kitchen until they were gone. This was not when he was a boy, as in the case of Burbank, but even when he was married. His wife would have to sit in the parlor and en tertain the visitors. These are exaggerated ex amples of a feeling we all have. So don't worry if you are self conscious when you meet stran gers. It's mostly a matter of de gree. The important thing is how to cure yourself. Here are four ways which will be of tre mendous help: First, take a course in public speaking. If the student is taught to get up on his feet and talk, then you will gain poise and self-possession. When 1 you lose your fear of crowds, you lose your fear of individuals. Second, think about someone else instead of yourself. At the bottom of nearly all shyness on meeting strangers, is this think ing of self. Homer Croy, the writer, is famous for feeling at ease when he meets people. He said: "I'm so much more inter ested in the person I'm meeting than I am in myself, I forget my self. I get the person to talking about himself, or his interests, and usually we get along fine." Third, ask* questions. Direct at tention awfiy from yourself. Then follow closely what he says. Real ly concentrate. Think the thoughts he is uttering and thoughts of yourself will disap pear. Fourth, get out and do things. RADIATORS Cleaned and Repaired All Work Guaranteed W. C. OLIVER At Bryan's Double Eagle Service Co. THE ELKIN TRIBUNE. ELKIN. NORTH CAROLINA MERRY CHRISTMAS MONTH On The Farm and in The Home The Piglets two on ChrULtrtai Day Ma hoped that she would ret perfume % Found lovely things upon thrtr Which would have tickled her a lot, ( rtf| But just a plain and useful broom And they got busy right away Was all the present that she got. With toys in great variety. Vet she was glad with all the other*. While Bolivar made far more noise For that's the way with first ratr Than forty 'ieven firls and boys. mothers. This Month On the Farm The month of December usual ly means "hog-killin'" time in North Carolina, but there are other things than cold weather that are important in curing meat. Earl H. Hostetler, professor of animal husbandry at N. C. State College, says pork of excellent quality can be cured on the farm if proper precautions are taken in slaughtering the hogs and in Don't sit in a corner and envy people who have an easy manner when they meet others. The late Martin Johnson, fa mous explorer, was so shy of peo ple when he was a young man that he would pretend he had a headache and go off into a room by himself. He helped overcome this shyness by doing something. He worked his way from his home in Independence, Kansas, to Chi cago and then to Europe and back for $5.25. He finally got back to America by hiding as a gtowaway in a lifeboat on a steamer bound for New York. By the time he was home again, his self-consciousness was gone. There they are! Four simple rules anyone can apply. curing, smoking, and storing the meat. In past years, a folder publish ed by the Extension Service on killing and curing meat has proved extremely popular with farm people. This publication has been revised this fall to in clude the latest recommendations and will soon be off the press. Farm families desiring a copy should write to the Agricultural Editor at State College, Raleigh, and ask for Extension Folder No. 34. Enos Blair, extension agrono mist, says there are plenty of jobs for the good farmer to get out of the way before Christmas. In the Piedmont, he advises plowing all clover and lespedeza lands that are to be planted to corn, cotton, or any other crop next spring. By plowing in the late fall or early winter, the soil will be sub jected to freezing and thawing, a process that not only kills out many troublesome insects but also pulverizes ihe soil in a man ner unrivaled by any other means. On red clay farms, fall plowing is often the difference between success and failure in next year's crop. For growers in the- Coastal Plain, Mr. Blair gives this time ly advice: Disc under all corn, bean, and cotton stalks before the end of the year. By incorporat ing these stalks into the first three or four inches of soil, they will decay considerably before crop-planting time, and the re- | suits will be much better than when the stalks are turned under early in the spring. December _ says Roy S. Dear styne, head of the State College Poultry Department, is a critical month for North Carolina poul trymen. Winter is here, necessi tating many days of confinement for the laying birds which should be in heavy production by this time. Careful management must be practiced, for any neglect of the birds under such conditions is immediately reflected in their performance. Here are some of the manage ment practices to watch: check ventilation of the house carefully; be sure that drop curtains are in good condittion if an open front house is used; don't neglect dropping boards, even though this is not fly-breeding season; clean nesting material is neces sary; careful feeding must be practiced; and don't let disease get a foothold in the flock. H. R. Niswonger, horticulturist of the Extension Service, reminds farmers that December is a good time to cut out dead limbs of trees in-yards and orchards. Cut close to the trunk and apply a heavy coating of paint to the cut service. He also warns that sweet pota toes in many banks in their present state will rot unless pro tected from low temperatures and water. Take the necessary precautions to ward off thfc damage. Only Looking First Drunk: "Whatcha looking for?" Second Drunk: "My pocket book." First Drunk: "Where'd ya lose it?" Second: "Down the street." First: "Why ya looking for it here?" Second: "More light." First: "Oh!" Will Be Neither Wimpus When this war is over the rich Will be richer and the poor poorer. Berzam—Yes, and I presume the Mies that are neither will be neitherer. Stannara Rock lighthouse 45 miles out in Lake Superior Is the most isolated light in American waters. POPLAR SPRING | Mr. Wayne Hayes of Mount Airy, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with his mother, Mrs. W. H. Hayes. Mrs. Ellen Batep, of Hartley, Delaware, has be& .visiting in this community the past week. Mr. Clarence Bowman, of Mt. Airy, spent last week-end in this community. Mr. and Mrs. JHugh Cass and little son, of near Elkin, spent Thanksgiving t with Mrs. Cass's mother, Mrs. W. H. Hayes. Miss Dovie Franklin, of near Mountain Park, visited Miss Ar leva McCoin, Sunday evening. The first air mail plane left Mineola, L. 1., Sept. 8, 1920. It took the plane three days to get to San Francisco. Spainhour's SPECIAL CLEARANCE OF READY-TO-WEAR AND SHOES AT REDUCED PRICES TO CLEAR OUT! Entire Stock of Fur Trimmed and Casual Costume Suits COATS Greatly Reduced to Clear One Group All 7 00 Entire Stock Reduced! Were $24.95 now «P* • 00 All Coats Were fljn OQ All Costumes That l*l7 00 $10.95 Now v^OO Were $22.50 Now v • Coats Were (M 000 aefraSpriceNow SI9BB $14.95N0w . SI2BB All Costume* Were M 000 All Coats That 00 ■ $19.95 Now Jpl J.OO Were $17.95 Now «P 11.00 All Costumes Were tQ OQ Coats Were $K Cfi $14.95 Now «pj.oo $19.95. Now P IJ.OO Costume Suits That P7 00 All Coats That $lO CC Were $10.1)5 Now V* °° Were $22.50 Now «pl" 00 Extra! Clearance Lots of 88 I«T\| PQ ' UATQ $29.95 Coats Now «Pfa« J«00 L ALU to II Ald Fur Trim Coats SOQ 00 Casual and Novelty Felts in Assorted nr oro poq qk DtiJ.OO Colors—Were $1.98 to $5.95 Were INOW (1 nn C9 On HO Fur Trim Coats (QQ OQ ip 1 J.UU Were $49.50 Now WOO aeumc.,«awulGr..„ » $48.88 DRESSES Included Are Woolens, Crepes Extra! One Special Lot of and Silks, Plain and Printed > i nirc nnrcorp styles. LADIES DRESSES One Group 000 One Group of Woolens and Silks in Was $19.95 Now J.OU plain r Novelty Colors &Snow. $llBB HALF PRICE One Special Lot Was (£0 00 T $12.95 Now 4KJ.OO Clearance of Entire stock of One Group Was (P7 00 n _ $10.95 now j'-o® Suede Shoes One Group N tfC 00 Wai $7.95 Now Prices That Say Get Yours L rTTTT I « —Black, and Brown All Over Suedes and Combinations, SPORT JACKETS priced to dear. Includes plaids, corduroys and Extra Special Group (PI OO velveteens $3.98 Values 4)1.00 CleScePriL $3.88 $3.98 Suedes Now MOO All' Jackets That ff/l OO Clearance Prlce only - Were $5.05 Now •Jri.OO Special Group of $5.95 to 00 Ont Group of $7.95 fl>C 00 Suedes, Clearance «P»AOO Jackets Now «J)J.OO Regular $6.75 Vitality C/| 00 Extra Special Lot PO OO Suedes Now Jrl.OO Of $3.98 Jackets «]>£i.OO First Floor ' I - y j | »Y 9 T I** IS JUBipy.l 'J JTJ By Elk ( VMS ■ »«J.3-\ A V KMrteW IwT *u) { M«f MMJT H* _X I IK.IS • ¥M«S )y A MUIC.M OOUAQS / aoOD UvrtEOS AND ) It's easy to get the best of drugs and sickroom supplies by trading at the Elk Pharmacy, where low prices pre vail on the better-known ____ brands of household necessities. Thursday, December 5. 10*0 ' » 1 r ■

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