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The Carolina mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood County, N.C.) 1925-1925, October 01, 1925, Image 8

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.if,i.rii o ,'in,?.'ip! 1HIIKXI11Y IN If IK KM 1 THE CAROLINA MOUNTAINEER r? f iff V Tbe Carolina Mountaineer 979 Main Street Wm. A. BAND, Editor-Owner Policy Democratic Display Advertising Rate: Forty Cent per co umn men. Guaranteed Circulation SUBSCRIPTION RATES Subscriptions payable in advance (12.60 if not ao paid) 1 Year $2.00 6 Months 1 00 8 Months 50cta Entered at the post office, at Waynesville, N. C, as Second Class Mail Matter, as provided under the Act of March 3, 1879, November 20, 1914. PUBLISHED ON THURSDAY A CORRECTION. The article concerning Mr. C. W. Miller, which occurred in last week's issue of the Mountaineer, unavoida bly left out the name of one of his popular daughters, Mrs. D. D-ayton Terry, who lives in Chester, S. C. Mrs. Perry spends several weeks each year with her father, and she has a host of friends in Waynesvil'e PROGRESSIVE ADMINISTR-TION. Foralfffl Afivatrf Ulnar Re nraaa..laliv THE AMERICAN PKFSS SV:i : 'if 5.1. ' THURSDAY, OCTOBER U 192J AN IMPORTANT MEETING The get-to-gether I Liiuet and meeting to be held on next Wednes day night will probably be the moit important gathering of the kind ever held in Waynesville. A campaign is to be mapped ojt lor raising between twenty-five and fifty thousand dollars for the Board of Trade budget. A president and board of directors has already been elected and there io a great determination upon the part of nearly every tax payer and progressive citizen of Waynesville to ' jut Waynesviiie on '.h? map" by an advertising campaign such as is be ing done by all cities. That a full time secretary-treasurer who is an advertising expert and promoter is absolutely essential is the universal opinion and it is pointed out by those who have had much experience along this line that a man not connected in any manner oi form with the business life of this community should be selected. I othr words; a stranger, one who Uai no axe to erind and who will be hired to work for Waynesville ar.d not himself. He should not be con nected with any other business as t aide line. And it would be best n t to hire a man because of relatives or friends in the community. A secretary-treasurer of the Way nesville Board of Trade will not have an easy position. If he is suc cessful in creating a spirit of co operation aminn the civic leaders, he will have ..ccomplished a great! deal. In connection v ith the Board of Trade with the '-operation of t dp tninisteiial associati. r. y II hive good functioning i immunity or associated charities branch. We rhould have the women's ot- Waynesville has one of the most progressive administration of any city in North Carolina. New streets; new white way system; additional acreage added to the watershed and many other things all looking to tlu.' future growth of Waynesville. Praise where it is deserved is al ways in order and every fair minded citizen will agree with the strle ment that our Mayor and Board of Aldermen are giving this city a real progressive public spirited and cap able administration. Mayor J. H. Howell, Aldermen Frank W. Miller. G. H. Jones and W. T. Shcitor. IF SATISFIED, STEP OUT. The pessimist who has made his money and is not interested in mik ing any more should hoard his funds, and retire to gloat over them. He would then be out of the other fa- low's way who did have ambitien enough to help prosperity and pros terity by helping build up his community. Therefore, in obedience to the proc-j lamation of the Governor, I ask all school officials and teachers in Hay wood county to formulate this week a program of exercises to last through the week of October 4th to 10th that will bring the matter of fire preven t'on and hazard to the attention of school children and through their parents and friends. These exer cises may take a variety of turns according to local conditions. The period set aside for the opening ex ercises may be largely taken up,f ter a short preliminary, with talks on fire risks, forest fires, accident prevention, reading, speeches, and the like, all looking to the education of the children in the very essential details of fire pervention and the escape of accident hazards. This is a matter of no small im portance, and as was stated in the meeting last Saturday in Waynes ville, the teaching of fire prevention is in our curriculaum by legislative act, and we cannot avoid the respon sibility if we desired to do so. Let every teacher in the county make next week one of vast impor tance to every child in the county in learning not only the routine of lessons that naturally come along, but in learing something about fire losses and fire prevention and acci dents that will be worth much in years to come. Very respectfully, Wm. C. ALLEN, Superintendent Haywood. County Public Schools. i-Tutt's Pills-i EnabteDyspanflcBto oat whatever they wish. Causa Hood to asstmttato. Nourlsn the body, give appetite. ENJOY FOOD FIRE PREVENTION WEEK TO BE OBSERVED IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS To school officials and teachers of Haywood County: In accordance with a proclama tion of the Governor of North Car olina, next week, October 4 to 10 in clusive, is designated as Fire Pre vention Week. I wish to call atten-J tion to the Governor's proclamation which follows: A Proclamation by the Governor. The State of North Carolina has for years led in efforts to reduce fire waste and its attendant loss of l;fe and property. October 4th to Hith inclusive has been designated as F:re Prevention Week throughout the ITnited AnH T n nruinl tr mirl jitizenship who are so familiar w;thlHayes Alley destruction of fire to become vitally interested in this great economic waste. The fire loss in the United States last year (1924) was more than fifty millions of dollars with more then 17,000 persons killed and vastly- larger number crippled and maimed for life. North Carolina's share ir. this loss was more than five million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars with 343 lives and hundred of our people maimed. It is well known that carelessness and igno rance of fire hazard go hand in han 1 as the chief causes of our great NA- MISSES DENTON AND BUSH NELL ENTERTAIN. Misses Eleanor Bushnell and Fran ces Denton were joint hostesses to six tables of bridge at the home of the latter, Thursday afternoon. The home was artistically deci -ated with a profusion of early fall flowers. The color scheme of yellow and white was effectively carried out in the score cards and the dainty salad and ice course. Those enjoying Misses Bushnell's and Denton's hospitality were: Misses Nora Ashton, Eleanor Garrison, Janic Love Mitchell, Caroline Ashton, Brax ton Kirk, Fannie Neal, Isabel'e Davis, Thomasine Howell, Tibby Har din, Mag Francis, Elizabeth Quinlan, Dorothy Thomas, Josephine Thomas, Elizabeth Smathers, Lucy Tate, and dings to cylinder walls for hours or Uys or weeks, if need be. Whether your engine is run ning or not, a good oil must stay on the job ready to lubri cate at the. first move of the motor. Here's one that does. STANDARD1 f&la MOTOR OILS 50 ytttrt" txprrienct NOTICE OF SERVICE BY PUBLI CATION. North Carolina, Haywood County In the Superior Court. H. B. Edwards I vs. i Florence Edwards. The defendant, Florence Edwards above named, will take notice that an action entitled as above has been' commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina,! ! by the plaintiff for the purpose of U. D. C. MEET. Mrs. R. N. Barber will be host.'ss to the Haywood Chapter of U. D. C." at her home Friday, Oct. 2. All mem bers of the chapter are urged to be present as chapter has importnn. business to transact. ..... ... by the p wilda crawlord, Mesdames joe uner. buj i absoluto divorce fror.i Curtis Logan, Jr., John Swift, Jr. and the defendant on statutory grounds; and the said defendant will further take notice that she is required to aDDear before the Clerk of the Su perior. Court of said County on the' 26th day of October, 1925, at the court house in said county of Hay- wood, and answer or demur to the complaint in said action, or the plain tiff will apply to the Court for tnt relief demanded in said complaint. C. A. HAYNES, Clerk Superior Court of Haywood County, By Nannie Persons. Denutv This the 23rd day of September, 1925. uct zz-c-JMy Tcau, instead of so many different TIONAL BONFIRE, clubs and societies not only amon;r I, therefore, urge that the week of the men, hut among the womo:i October 4th to 10th be set aside as Perhaps our secretary can mould Fire Prevention Week in accordance them all into one snlendid co-onerat- with Section fiOSO of the Consolidated 4 ing body. i Statutes, which provides that the - r' be Governor of North Carolina shall, each I year in October, issue a proclamn- JIMMY REED ENTERTAINS. Friday night Jimmy Reed enter tained several of his friends with a delightful dance and weiner roast. On the lawn was a very unique cam fire where the guests assembled and roasted marshmallows and weiner? Those enjoying Mr. Reed's hospi tality were: Misses Eleanor Gar rison, Virgina Garrson, Edith Man gum, Mary Barber, Dorothy Lane, Grace Hipps, Elizabeth Smathers, Tibby Hardin, Caroline Ashton, and I.nhelle Davis, Messrs. Douglas Radgett, Noble Ferguson, Mel'in Reeves, Roland Stall, Harry Rothn, to a proper, jiowp Crockett, Joe Howell, T. N. Massie, Jr., William Garrison, Snm Welch, Bob Hardin, Lee Davis, J. P. ! rancis, Jr. and Henry Cox. The merchants bureau should another branch. And the mechants and farmeis tinn urging the people should and probably will be hrouijK observance; in closer and more friendly contact. I During this week I also urge that The advertising of Waynesville tc Cue drills be hold in schools, factor!'1 eet tourists here is verv important, and stores, and that they be con- but of far greater importance shouNi tinued at regular intervals; I MEETING OF ALUMNAE OF be that of entertaining them aft-r Tin' schools, theatres, church"'.' NORTH CAROLINE COLLEGE they have arrived. This will be an- public rnd priw.te hospitals and in-j FOR WOMEN. other duty of a full time secretary 1 stitutions, factories, store and hotels j He would probably promote be inspected to see that every Fafe-j On Saturday, Oct. third, at 3. CO courts, horse shoe pitching contests, puard against fire is provided, and o'clock at Mrs. Nannie Persons in revise the baseball teams, create also that exit facilities arc sufficient Waynesville there will be a meeting parks and flower beds on unsightly in case of fire; of the Haywood County Alumnae As- vacant lots: nrovide benches for! The local authorities examine their' snciation of the North Carolina many other things fire ordinances and make them suf- a successful tounsi ficient if they are lackingin any par- tourists and the bO necessary in community anil pcAKi he inaytt ticular. j ble to revive the anni'i county fnir. To this end I urge our citizens to --Fifty thousand dollars is a small thoroughly co-operate with our In sum of money to accomplish all the surance Department, and that every things necessary, but i' nh-u!:l ,o fr-r Mayor issue a proclamation. I eain to put Waynesville on the very top estly request the co-operation of e rung of tourist prosperity. !cry citizen. Chamber of Commerce, We should realize that in su1- Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis and Women's scribing for .memberships in the Clubs, and all other civic bodies and Board of Trade that it is not a do- the press. As October 4th comes on nation, but a safe investment Sunday I especially appeal to the with sure and safe interest. Ea.h Clergy and Sunday School Superin membership should be at least tweii-. tendents to bring this to the attn ty-five dollars and there are many ( Urn of their people. who will take two or three hund-eJ Ji 'nwmberships. iy i ' Every foot of earth in Wayncs '".jV. jrill that advances in price is that ', ttnch more money for the owner "'.'t wfectlier the land is sold or not And large property owners are the ones , pho profit most. In many section! of the United States double taxation 1 assessments are made on unimproved roprty and greatly reducted on im proved property. "' Another thing is that we do not 1st to get behind th. city adminis I ration because they w- very pvo-i-esslvs; but we, shoal i back thorn a4 co-operate with them. We not expect them tc tia it all with enconrageinent. : , hd the meeting. Now, therefore, I, A. W. McLean, Governor of North Carolina, in ac co. dance with law, do issue this my proclamation, and I do set aside and designate October 4th to 10th, 1925, as Fire Prevention Week and do urge all the people to proper observance of this week in obedience to the atat utes of North Caorlina. Done at our City of Raliegh, this the 18th day of September, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and tewnty-flve, and in the one hundred and fiftieth year of our American Independence. ANGUS W. McLEAN, (SEAL) Governor By the Governor Chirles H. England, Private Secretary. College for Women. The meeting will be in charge of the chairman. Every alumna within reach is urged to attend this meeting. In the history of North Carolina College October 5th has become al most sacred as the date .when the college first opened its door under the leadership of the late Dr. Char'c-! D. Mclver. All work is suspend .! on the campus and appropriate ex ercises are held. The alumnae take an important part, many of them re turning to the college for the oc a sion. This year all over the state meet ings of the local alumnae assoc tions are to be held during Found er's Day week. Literally from the mountains to the sea, and outside the state, alumnae will be meeting to gether, honoring their alma mater, and enjoying fellowship of one a.i bother. A somewhat unique program han been prepared for all the associa tions. Messages "broadcasted" by letter will be read from members of the xfaculty Preident Foust, Vice President Jackson, Miss Coit, Dean Cook, Dean Wade R. Brown, Hiss Mendenhall, Miss Boddie, Mr. Forniy, each message telling something about the college life. - : . t Every alumna is cordially invited to come. SERVICE OF PUBLICATION NO TICE. State of North Carolina, County of Haywood In the superior Court. O. Y. Steuber vs. Inez Steuber The defendant Inez Steuber will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, to secure a divorce absolute; and the said defendant will further take notice that she is rc oured to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County in the Court House in Way nesville, North Carolina, on the 3rd day of November, 1925, and answer or demur to the complaint in said action, or the plaintitf will apply to the Court for the relief demanded n said complaint. C. A. HAYNES, Clerk Superior Court of Haywood County, By Nannie Persons, Deputy Clerk. This the 23rd day of September, 1925. Oct 22-s-WRF Dresses and Coats THAT SHOW THE MODES FOR Fall and Winter Await Your Inspection We anticipate a visit for we are anxious to Show You Our Many Lines Don't take chances on colds. Buy a Sweater we have a full stock for all the family. 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