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Duplin times progress sentinel. (Kenansville, N.C.) 1963-current, February 10, 1983, Page 14, Image 14

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Joe Lanier ?0N <* a ggfr ine county commissioners have, once again, failed to take advantage of the situation. There has been a resignation in the county manager's office. . .One of his secretaries has left the county employment to work for a private firm. . .A most opportune time to do away with the position. It is not needed. . .It is one of those positions there for the glory of it. It is kinda like the gold wrapping on a package of cigarettes. . .It looks good, but it has no i use. When the package is thrown away, the gold wrapper goes too. . .Fact of the matter, the whole office can be discarded. . .It simply has not paid for itself. . .It has been a liability from day-one and still is a cobblestone around the county taxpayer's neck. . .It is a convenience for the ' county commissioners as it handles the mundane, unimportant things for the county commissioners. . .And it costs the county taxpayers well over $100,000 a year. The office uses monies budgeted to ot^er areas, such as the county commissioners, so as not to si.^ *he actual amount of tax money thrown away. . .The secretary' - nosition that was resigned is the higher paid secretary, with ,. salary of $11,213. The other position pays some over $9.OOo. .A most strange situation. . .The higher-paid position is not being advertised. . .The lower-paid position is being advertised for someone. . .However, the county and the lower-paid position employee said the lower-paid employee has not been promoted to the higher-paying position ? even though she is doing the work normally associated with the higher-paying position. . .And, her job is open on the bulletin board seeking someone to fill it. . .If there is a job of any importance in that office, it would be the lower-paid secretarial position. . .And that position could be handled with a part-time employee. . . as the county manager so often likes to say, for less than $4 an hour. . .If the commissioners would just spend the tax money as though "they had to earn it." . . . ????? I often complain about the wastefulness of the county commissioners, but here is a praise. On Monday nipht of last week, the commissioners put the taxpayer's money to a good use, in my opinion, and that was when they held the 4-H appreciation banquet. . .Some 60 young boys and girls from all over Duplin County who excelled in their 4-H projects, were treated to a supper at the famous Country Squire restaurant. It was a dress-up affair ? top flight all the way. The youngsters dined by candlelight on steak and baked potatoes after devouring a most scrumptious salad. So often the only youngsters you read or hear about are those who are doing something bad. . .Here is a group who did good. . .And it is very right to spend the few tax dollars to show some appreciation to this fine group of young people. . . I believe it is an investment in the future of Duplin County. This pat on the back will be long remembered. . .1 do. however, have a complaint. . .Seems there were too many adults in the crowd. I think only the commissioners, the 4-H executive and his boss-lady and the featured speaker should be in attendance. . .1 saw too many groups of adults talking. The commissioners should have been circulating among the youngsters talking and shaking hands and congratulating each individually. . But, all ip all, it was a praiseworthy affair. Con gratulations, commissioners, you have tor once spent my tax money in the right place. . .Do it again. ***** My daughter gave me a sweater for Christmas. It is, to me, a very pretty and fine-feelir.g and wearing sweater. On the front is an emblem of a horse and rider jumping a fence. . .Steeplechase brand. A fellow pointed to the emblem the other day and said, "I see you've got one of those high-priced sweaters.". . .1 smiled and he went on. . "They make a sweater with an alligator on it too, and it is high-priepd. . .But the one that costs the most is the one with the alligator riding the horse.". . .Son-of-a-Gun.. . Along tha Way ?* -Intllv Klllett* Most people in Duplin County have heard of Weaver's Bridge on High way 24 between Kenansville and Beulaville. Above the bridge is Pickett's Hill, and during 1937, Duplin com missioners signed a resolu tion to unify both names after A.J. Pickett. Pickett was a Duplin citizen and the bridge bears "the name of a former United States presidential candi date, General James B. Weaver of Iowa. Letters from Duplin citizens came to the DUPLIN' TIMES to protest the name change because of the historical significance of the bridge's_ title. According to the March 11, 1937 newspaper ac counts, the bridge was origi nally constructed by people living east of the Northeast Cape Fear River who desired a crossing. The builders of the bridge were said to be strong supporters of Weaver for President. The following excerpt was taken from a letter about Weaver's Bridge: "In 1892, General James B. Weaver of Iowa was the Popularist nominee for President of the United States, and I heard him make a speech during that campagn in a big grove belonging to Captain John C. MacMillan at Teachey. I am quite positive that this bridge was named for General Weaver. That was my under standing at the time. I was living at Sarecta at the time, about four miles from Weaver's Bridge." The resolution to change Weaver's Bridge to Pickett's Bridge was abandoned by the Duplin commissioners after submitting the petition to the Highway Commission. The Highway Commission informed Duplin commis sioners that the bridge's name could not be changed by the county governing board. This yeai you're faced with over 100 changes in the tax aws and forms. Did you know that working married couples may deduct up to $1,500 for the first time? There's even a new entry for charitable deductions or the 1040A short form. And that's just the beginning) DVe know every change on every form. H&R BLOCK The new tax laws, ? ? 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