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Duplin times progress sentinel. (Kenansville, N.C.) 1963-current, July 28, 1983, Image 18

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Jot Lanier Son ? 4 g?2_ First off, let me correct sn error I made last week. The redecorating being done in the out-patient surgery area of Duplin Genera) Hospital is being done by Maggie Ammar, Dr. M.I. Ammar's wife. She and Tonda Watson are hanging wallpaper into the wee hours of the morning. They now have one room completed and are working on another. Dr. Ammar is the OB/GYN at Duplin General ? the only OB/GYN in Duplin County. I understand he and the OB/GYN doctor at Sampson Memorial Hospital in Ginton will be on stand-by for one another in the very near t future so each can have a little time off. . .Now, back to the 1 decorating. . .These ladies are not being hired by anyone. They are not being paid by anyone. They have gone out on their own to create a more pleasing surrounding in one area at Duplin General Hospital. . .They, of course, had to receive permission from the hospital before beginning { their adventure to create a better-looking place to recover from the unpleasantnesses of necessary surgery. Once again, let me say, 1 really think it is great when people go out and do things for the betterment of other people with no reward for themselves excepting the pleasure of helping others... ???*? This new law passed by the legislators that no longer will allow an informant to remain anonymous will, with little doubt, set law enforcement agencies back for awhile. . .Fact is, most crimes solved today are the direct result of someone telling on someone else. . .It is not the tact finding,clue-finding routine assumed by many. . .It is one telling on another for various reasons. Most often the one doing the telling does not want the fact known he or she is telling. . .So, it seems politics got in the way of crime solving once again. . .This one sleight-of-hand law change could really be a benefit to the drug trade. . .It really makes one wonder about the legislators, especially when most of those in the Legislature are lawyers by trade. .. ***** 1 understand there may be a 70-year-old grandma in Beulaville wearing a "bandaid bikini" before long. Seems a grandson had a bet with his grandma about his folks building a swimming pool, and it appears the grandson may have won. . .This young man seems to be very ingenious as well as a good salesman. . .1 wonder if he is selling tickets to see Grandma take the first plunge in the pool while wearing her bikini.... ***** Thn I aniclotiipo naccaH a Kill Kofi\ro ?rlinnrnin r? allnu/ino i iiv la-gmiaiuiv pajovu ?a uiii uv n?i v. mvijuui mug uin/??nig the counties of North Carolina to increase the sales tax in individual counties by half a cent. This can take place by two methods. The county commissioners can pass the increase, or it can be put on a ballot and voted on by the people of the county. Duplin County Board of Com missioners indicated their interest in this half-cent tax this past Monday, and will, in the near future, set up a hearing for the public to have a say in the matter. The commissioners indicated their interest would be in money for school buildings ? both maintenance and new buildings. . .In my opinion, the fact that the com missioners can pass this additional sales tax does not mean that they have to do it. If, in the interest of schools, the half-cent is added, then perhaps an amendment is needed to clearly state the money is to be used for buildings only and if the administration unit is increased other than by state funding, the sales tax would be null and void and uncollectible... As I see it. this is one of the problems with education today. There are too many chiefs and these chiefs have secretaries and some of the secretaries have secretaries. . .It is a dangerous thing to have a chief with nothing to do, for that chief will create enough unnecessary paperwork to keep another secretary busy. . ..Most of the time this unnecessary paperwork is there to try to justify the position its creator is holding... Donald and Ruth Buckner saved and skrimped for years and finally put their dream vacation together ? a trip to the West Coast. While out there and in a Mexican bordertown, they were browsing in the novelty and gift shops. They stopped in this glass and crystal shop. Ruth went on in. Donald, thinking he might be a little clumsy and break something, immediately folded his arms on his chest so anyone looking at him would well know he was touching nothing. He stayed in the area near the door. Suddenly he heard this glass falling and breaking ? not just one piece but several. . .He backed to the doorway to make sure he was not involved in this breakage, thinking "Oh my gosh, what has Ruth done!". . . Ihe breakage continued, sounding like a bull in a china shop. . .The Mexicans began talking in their native language to confuse the situation even more.. . .Finally someone said "It's an earthquake.". . .Now Donald grabbed Ruth by the arm and started out ? then thinking maybe inside was best. Before any tough decision had to be made, though, the tremor ended. . .Hands in pockets, they walked away trying to whistle. . .Donald thought he had spent all his vacation money in that glass shop for broken glass for a split second. . .Of course. Ruth figured Donald had fallen and knocked all the glass down. . .1 guess they were relieved to find out it was just an earthquake. . . Son-of-a-Gun. .. . I i FUN, LAUGHTER & EXCITEMENT UNDER THE BIG TOP BRING THE FAMILY THE ORIGINAL FUN-TME CIRCUS SPONSORED It D'JPIM COUH1Y LOW ENFORCEMEHT ASSOC. TODAY ONLY WALLACE ? 28 I ' HWY. 117 ?. KErr TO DOT'S (RU SHOW THE S11 pa ; H? M <? -ibLi ? r RESERVE THE RIGHTTO LIM^^i - ii jui j *~1 W*^0^rm J* ?? '?? iir,?*. QUANTITY ? Fk Ak ROUND 1 ?1 STEAK I n $1>58 Nj BONELESS ROUND *1.69 LB. m ? CUBE BONELESS ROUND *1.79 LB. V9HKMR BOTTOM ROUND *1.89 LB. wXaKBf TOP ROUND *1.99 LB. . 3 LBS. OR MORE L GROUND ROUND ?1.69 LB. M SLICED CURTIS g g|g||N BACON 12 ?Z $1-17| CURTIS LITE DOG 12 oz- 66*1 CURTIS BEEF MASTER FRANKS ^b. *1.491 BOLOGNA lb *1.491 CURTIS WHOLE HOG I rirocrTouTFREEMr^ s"^l ! \ WHOLE BOX BEEF ROUND ?1.48 LB. 50 LB. AVG.I L!)(a )ju 3 PC BONELESS CHUCK *1.29 LB. 60 LB. AVG. I ^ 2 PC BONELESS CHUCK '1.39 LB. 48 LB. AVG.^ old hickory barbequeI f' l .991 kg|pM KRAFT GRAPE I1T19I Frozen French fried 2 ut| ?POTATOES 2/$ll ?comet ? RICE 3 lb. bag 99C1 ipAC-MAN 13 oz.l > i pillsbury CAKE IMIX 69c| ICRISCO $2.09| ipringles potato i ?CHIPS 9 oz. ?I.19I ijlf peanut 28 oz.i ?BUTTER '2.491 ? chef boy-ar-dee | i spaghetti with | MEAT BALLS || 40 oz. *1.69 II delta 4 roll pk.i i TISSUE 88*11 king size i liquid dish detergent JOY *1.591 purex BLEACH oal. 77*1 generic i CHARCOAL I io lb. *1.39 I ?COKE 2 liter 99ji r fryerI legs! I 6911 B KRAFT FRENCH & 1000 ISLAND I I DRESSING I IpS 8 OZ. I 69* I LETTUCE 1 HEAD I 48* SAVOY LB. SQUASH 29* LB. I I ra^il PARKAY II MARGARINE Ij ^ . 1 LB. PACK II I 2/M.OOll

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