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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, June 28, 1918, Image 5

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POLK OOUUTY NEWS. TRYON, N. C. 1)' J. B- A- J- Mrs Mr? 1 . , i-tT Hie -f .1, VlfH TRYON t0r ?pcnt Tuesday in Cnox spent Tuesday in Pitkin loft jn Detroit. Stackhouse for a two Sun- 4Vl.MU HI spent Inman. lta t . ,i.onn rame in Wed- W'?el.?V.;rt visit to Tryon rel- ve-:' (.v Mackay of Greenville, Mi 1,1 ;7,m-- her mother, Mrs. K. BelUe' vLv Young and Wilbur Mtrs' hevile, were in Tryon nf Spartanburg, and Yl 'i,,vp taken th big Bell Vfor the season. 1 noticed the broad grin H? 1?;, is wearing this V Well, it's a girl. K" ... ...,-.,". IN- increased Cost lo"1 " , f k Lanier li- lit "r4 lw doubled. tV cannon umm-i A- l"c , .i,, I'rnt thp corn fodder and to gainer. m n ant : ,,),, to grow t . .i of colored men ' ,-x- .hitv in the cantonmnts. TWp i such a thing as a oeiwecn ' J hnv season, but the war 3ff i. ... i-nt tn notice a be- ardoncrs - i Ctpnvns is ronfinPfl .'i1- -.1, f 1-. ..- f nncH OTTCHlr itis. Miss Edith" Triton -is acnuK v "e rv , , nr: (V; es and aaugmer, nnt-s ma- Mrs. Flat Rock, Wednesday, l. .itt Tl ,m, thCV Will !pfliu V"tr "tviv, "vi flen go on to New York for an in definite stay. V . - . 1 1 - I "! "! V" TA ITf I III it Mf link nLl lt 1 1 ai.vh w fev ' lumher ami . asphalt business at . l-.,,.,i. h IC TUMI I IV. It I U11 snp.naiKHt: ----- ' f the (.'.irrirnip lOHSP. v,fen occup.wwj, .. rill follow soon. One had only to look up to the ab- skv -eearlv part ot tne weeK,'io recug aze the""heavenly" weather Tryon so John . Langley and iuiss t 1 ' -v -v v rr loot" Bessie jacKson hch; Wednesday, ai uif iiumc.ui ." t at; lor-lrnn Mr. and Mrs. PfuS Ul iUIM ', " T 1 i . I W 1 - - JnO. L. jaCKson, ueai iijuu. Thp executive committee of - of the - . . 'ii i. i.1: Red Cross Chapter win meet on r n- dav. Juiv o, at uiree p. in., at wc t- 1 . A. 1 C 'I I ...Jn People? KanK, lnsteati 01 muisuay, hp usua date, wnicn comes on tne Fourth. " We beg to acknowledge the gift of nmn Pnmf't I i 1 li 1 1 ii win -r I 1 '1 i x. Mr W t. Kruse. v nen u comes iu .: r. li ; v rr o lilr hot. growing wmli timis j"- -'"' "v.w if L-o Mr kriKO IS nl- ... ..ii wavs inert-. The steady patrons of the Missildine oda fountain are wondering whether 1 A A the closing doTi July 1st an tnat have used up their allotment 01 su- gar, win maKe it a nty iuwu ni em. Thev say it will be a hard dose to swallow. A Trvonite's subscription to the War Starrm has creatlv aided to fill I C5 ... out tne Quota, ne disclaims pauwt- T i i 1 J.1 . 1 (t c aisinteresteaness on tne iuuhus that Uncle Sam nromises to pay lour and one-half Der cent free of all ob ligation. Too good a thing to over look or let pet bv. A nine Year old Tryon kid on being nvited to call on the Union, South Carolina Camn Fire Girls and pick . ... ?. i out a sweetheart. oromDtlv replied, Thank you very much, but I've got one a read v. ou cant cet ud eariv - - C , enough even thpse riav-hPht-savine dav? to p-pt flhpaH nf Trvnn kids. For selling1 an excessive quantity 01 SUPar tn a rnnsnmpr tVlP Wilming ton branch nf C. Ti Kpnnv ComDanv has been allnwpH in ront.ribute S100 10 th.P phnrtsv nf Vis T?H CrOSS Z'Aa f flSP iti Hnnra -frvr n o HfiV in leu of beincr black-listed and thus IVKpA nnt nf hi State Food Administrator. Mr. Henrv A merchants in KnrtVi Pnrn ina tn StOT) - ' ' ' 111 11 VI Vll VM V 4 Ml w I nr cr.ll 1 hv the i w . " T PPCk Or hnshol Knf tr Kii7 nun sp hv thp nniinrl dm-iyif. fVi- onntimmtinn nf i - ' i . , HUXlllt LI K; LUllLlIlUMViv.. "J ' tne war b-icf TViom to nn parth- ly reason why rnm Vneal should be hi. iL. 1 '1 1 , 1 i. K.,1,1 Ljir- uri h til i iniici. li u ohwhim , ... I 7 - OP ii h- tVi , , , ,1 -fci pvuiiu "e aro In rnroirf nf n rard from t - - - r-' V U LI T T it. i i i ",j c r 1 1 - t r" i m ri i w ni n nr ni J'Kfri, S. C, stating that he will be in a.uda on July 1st and will remain wre for three months. Dr. Teague ras been coming to Saluda for the summer months for many years, and ''ile there practices his chosen pro 'sSotj of dentistry. Saluda during l-e summer time without Dr. Teague uould not seem natural. There will be a school for Sunday Sf,hool -'teachers and Christian work rs hHd. at (ireens Creek church ' ;Jnp 29, and 30, 1918. Rev. G. A. jWartrn, of Marion; Kev, J. G. Gra-Jfm- of Caroleen; Dr.M. B. White, of pplby, and expected to be present to tach and lecture. Dr. Adams, of at night. Ev- invited. KEV. J. M. WALKER, Woodsvde Farm, Route 4, Campobello, S. C. : 0)' br-an flour is included in the u v f . - Between shine and shower, take or leave the umbrella, Tuesday after noon many a one found shelter and waited until the sun "came out" only to be well wet down before thev sot home. , J fe We received a communication from a party, this Week, stating that he had been coming to Tryon for many years to get away from the hard ce ment walks of the city, only to find that we had the same kind here, and says that he has made his last trip here on that account. Oh, goodness, godness, Agnes, can we stand such a calamity as this? Will it be possible for Tryon to stand the shock? In all seriousness, we believe that Tryon will be much better off without the company of any such person; one that is so narrow-minded and little as this had better arrange to spend their va cations at Mushy-Mush Podunk or Possum Trot, where they can find all the red soil and mother earth that they desire to tread on. Are there any sugar "slackers" in this region? A woman on being told that she could have 25 pounds for canning, provided she would promise not io use it at tne table said that she wouldn't dare to agree to that. Another got her 25 pounds by telling how she and a neighbor were croinfir into competition over the numbers of cans they would put up. Later when the neighbor was asked about results denied going into any such arrange ment, and that the sugar buyer was doing any canning whatsoever. It is - 1 1 IT , risKy uusiness. uncie bam is very severe with hoarders, and those who pinch and save are very likely to re port those they find putting by sugar instead of putting up fruit. County Food Administrator Bacon is now having his troubles. Since the late sugar ruling has gone into effect he is daily besieged by those wanting more sugar than the ruling allows. The most frequent excuse, and the one which by the way is worn threadbare, is that the children re quire more than three pounds of su gar per montn. Mr. Bacon was heard to tell one person who came to him with that excuse Wednesday, that was quite likely, and that the older people would doubtless have to deny themselves in order to give the children more. True patriotism is now undergoing the "acid test." If you are a true-blue, genuine Ameri can you Will make no complaint, but go ahead and cheerfully comply with the sugar and all other rulings of the food administration and thank the stars that you are in the United States where you can get three pounds per month of sugar, instead of in 'England or France where they are allowed but one-half pound per week. Take your medicine and don't whine about it. Y'ou are no better than millions of those who bow in sub mission to the dictates of Mr. Hoover and say "Go ahead, Mr. Hoover, wc are with you." The time is at hand w'hen the true patriot can be easily picked out from the make-believe. There are those who have whooped and hurrahed, but now that the REAL TEST is here, are showing themselves in their true light. Don't say that you CAN T get along with less sugar than the ruling allows, Cfor you will have to anyway) but w -w-wr-ww -w . i -I 1 1 1 i say l WLL.L,, and tnus neip to ngnten the load of those who are doing all in their power to see that all get some, and that a few do not get more than they are entitled to. w. s. s TRYON WALKABOUTS AND TALKABOUTS. above them shall wave o'er the Bovs tnat are free and the Scouts that are brave. ADAM JAY WALKER. w. s. s. For fine Japanese nreserv ing plums see W. B. Kruse. w. s. S. NOTICE. Notice is herebv C1VPT1 Vi rx nnrL' l. has been made to the Governor of North Carolina for the pardon of Andy Laughter, who was convicted at r JT r f ,m' iy11 of the Superior Court of Polk county of murder in the second degree anH Spntfl0fi twenty years in the State's prison. All persons opposing the granting ol taici pardon are requested to for ward their objection to the Governor without delay. inis th day of June, 1918. M. R A TTMRTTlPm?T? 4t-pd. FOR SALE. :1F A young milk cow. Has been milk ing two weeks. Applv f . G. H. HOLMES. NOTICE APPLICATION I PARDON. FOR Notice is hereby given that appli cation will be made to His Excellency, Thomas W. Bickett, Governor of North Carolina for the pardon of Charlie Gosnell, who was convicted, Spring Term, 1918, the Superior. Court, Polk county for Retailing spiritous liquors and sentenced to four months imprisonment A on the Henderson county chain gang. All persons opposing tlte granting of said pardon are requested to for ward' their objection to the Governor withjbut delay. ' v Tftis, June 4th, 1918. -T i CHARLIE GOSNELL. Aragoo Goffe 0 el v o A good stock on hand. A China Dish with each package. Price the same, 35c per pound. Rye Flour, Pan Cake Flour, Meal, full line of : can ned goods at lowest prices. 600 cakes fU. S. Mail Soap, as long as it lasts, 5c per cake. Soft Drinks of All Kinds. Phone 125 T W. Ballew T ' . Tryon N.C. Sa polio doing its work. Scouring for US.Marine Corps recruits. Join Now! CNOCH MORGAN SONS CO. APPLY AT ANY POST OFFICE for SERVICE UNDER THIS EMBLEM Men who wear this embleta are U.S. MARINES SERVICE K eryhMv V. 1 . "-"K'Mistic services A big gun boat launched r.t Charleston this week is to be chris tened The Asheville; with giape juice, not champagne, of course, as becomes a dry community. Con gratulations to our neighbor. Tiyon will wait for a dreadnaugftt as its namesake. There are smart kids in Tryon. One of 'em has a patient mother who sometimes loses her patience trying to get him into SMmev.h-ng besides mischief. "You're good for no'hing," she finally told him. "I don't want to be good 'for nothing,"' said the lit tle ten-year-older right off the bat. 'If you are good for a nickel I'll be good for the rest of the week." It seems that like my very, very great-great grandfather and name sake, Adam, I occasionally make a mistake. He did when it ca ne to choice fruit. All of his dnldren make mistakes. Otherwise, as some body asks, why tip lead pencils with rubber? I should hate to pretend l nevr made any, fr folks wo old ake me for a Hun and then for a spy. Well, a correspondent writes that 1 was wrong in saying tnar tne inqui sition burned Galileo lor declaring hat the sun stands still and the earth movs. 1 was wrong i-.u jjhu. h didn't put him to death, but twice 1 i 1 lit 1 it nearly scared him to aeatn Dy threatening to, and he recanted; which is a pretty word lor "crawnsn ed," or went back on himself. He died what is called a "natural aeatn, though all deaths are natural, aren't thpv. whether bv cut, or smash, or fire, j , . . nv wnfpr. or nre-water ,or disease ; Lord Bacon said it is as natural to die -.Ti l A 1 as to be born. Jaturai oeatn, gener ally means to die in one's bed as a lilpn did in snite of the Inquisition. His last words were "tne world does mnvp " as it still does, and will, in snit.p nf Kaiser and Huns. It's built that way. oooooooooaoooooooocoooo3oaQooooooceoooooocooooo LOUZIANNE COFFEE REDUCED I None better on the market at the price. For a short time we will sell you a 3 Pound Bucket for 90 cents 1 Pound Can for 30 Cents. Regular priee 35c per pound. We are also making a special price on all kinds of groceries. Watch our ad for other items as we expect to offer you some special inducements for your trade. f . To WHY PAY TRIBUTE? 9 StocK Insurance Companies, When you can protect yourself from loss by fire in the old reliable tate Mutual of North Carolina, at 25 per cent, less than stock companies will write you for. Call on or write Geo. A. Gash, Agt. Tryon, N. C. AND HSURAHCt REAL ESTATE, LOANS Gty and Farm Property Bought and Sold. Finished and t i ii t . f . .1 I tumished houses lor rem. rroperty lacen care 01 ana rap eolleeted. Do not waste your time.and tire yourself out forking (a nl m a a m miiIv met l irMi-T Ara A fAatt IU& a place viu auiu id ai jruui a-otvi-w-w u, JAMES LEONARD, Tryon, N. C un- rcnts H. PACE & SON, SALUDA, n. a ii HONEST GOODS AT THE MOST -REASONABLE PRICE" Hurnased with wheat flour and is b 1 '"lnK used in somo sections. large quantities m One North Carolina thvop V o A cV i nnpfl m barrels of soy bean flour to rthorn cities fr use in bakeries, yh, , an(- restaurants and had con- iracted for the delivery of 400. tons mor Xorth Carolina produces more nion and should be a pioneer in the onsuWion as well as the produc- 'm. of this nroduct. arcordin? to the 'imououuu Mr Fo WViitvnll y, , work at Washington, D. uk's vacation Beatson, engaged in Fort Mevers. near C, is home for He is just recover- a minor operation on his I, .v . a uciBiatexii cuiu, xxwux J?,ne has suffered. He is pleased v- "is work and is hoping for cai- to the front abroad.' A Trvon kid who saw what he call- aA tho pHtisp of the sun, the other af- fomnnn an d learned tnat tne oar VV J. i 1 V V , m -..too fVi moon, cauent sirnt oi KJkttJ V 7 ' " spot the new moon soon elipse nearly rubbed didn't it?" said he. after. "O, the moon that out, a The Boy Scouts have been given another national flag to take the infl ,vr v.o nnp that went up in uiavt vj. - - e,nV0 at. the" fire, down town about -nfV, nor So once more they can w v,o dawn's early light wnat so proudly they saw at the twilight's ioof ,iMmimr. when the bier fire s red larp flames bursting in air gave v,o niorht that their nac, UIUUl 111 Lliv -- o , :- fv,Qvo- fnr it was already little handful of ashes, not to be told from what was left of cambrics, cal ; rvmoHna sheetmes. etc.; in tne stock of consumed merchandise. So their Star Spangled . Banner still HOUSEHOLD NECESSITIES 1': are often hard to find if you have to go to one. place for one thing, and to a different place for something else. In our basement and on the second floors you will find most of the necessities for the kitchen, and house furnishing. If it is there the price is LESS THAN THEY ARE WORTH! on today's market, for we bought early and, are sharing the benefit with you. Make comparisons with other towns and see. 1 WE HAVE A LIMITED QUANTITY of Overalls, work shirts, dress shirts, negligee shirts ginghams, madras, etc., that we are selling for less than we can replace them for. If you want your share come for them. The wholesalers are getting more for all these items than we are asking you to pay us. For in stance, Overalls are worth, wholesale, $2.25; We are selling for $2.00; Ginghams are worth, wholesale 32 cents.; we are selling a limited quantity for 25 cts The best grade of outings are worth, wholesale, 35 cents; we will sell for the present, at 30; cents. Why not buy your fall outings now and save money? Farm Wagons, a car load, at today's wholesale price. CO THE BALLENGER IFOR EVERYTD-flDNG. We Are Prepared t t Carry out Mr' Hoover's1 request for ONE MEATLESS AND ONE WHEATLESS DAY each week, and call attention to such articles FOR WHEATLESS DAYS: Corn Flakes, Posty Toasties, Rolled Oats, Yam Nuts, Yellow Meal, White -Meal, Puffed Rice and Corn Starch. ; FOR MEATLESS DAYS: Fish Flakes, Shredded Codfish, Herring Roe, Shad, Crab Meat, Salmon, Tuna Fish, Kippered Herring. John Orr & Co, Phone 'No. 14- Tryon, N. C. GARAGE Having bought the garage recently owned and operated by C. W. Ballenger, this is to notify the public that I will continue to do business at the same place and respectfully solicit a continuance of your patronage. As yo i f no w we . have one of the best mechanics in the st te, and prices are reasonable. We also sell Goodyear tires and tubes and the very best of oils, greases and auto; dressing. P. G. MORRIS GARAGE.

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