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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, August 30, 1918, Image 5

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POLK COUNTY NEWS. TEYON, N. 0. rt RECTOR FOR HOLY GROSS. .. T H. Griffith, of Kin- OpV. l"r " .... Ic 4 f e Invitntinn Ston Atrcpi of Vestry. Will ARRIVE OCT. 15. The X' ton. -' Mr to hini Cro J. H. Griffith, of has accepted the call by the vestry of Holy and will arrive in Iry- wife and two children, 15th. o( c u pied i 1 Si a ,. 1 1 1 mil .i ..'..Vviiss th;ring ti0i .. '.t and the ot T vv-d with his work that the '0.,V,!!:'ivt ended. lilt u iavi Jianvi w iwv the pulpit at Julv and for part membership was We liVlt"' to hand familv, and hope their i Trvon will be one of pleas- and from a very short with the gentleman, we coming: will be one of membership of Holy nee o thei'i tire 3cqlia:nt:unv t" til 1mT r.rirtith was rector of his church . 'Vton l'or twenty years, lacking : iiionths. and his congregation vetUCiuiu lu pan wan mm. I'ne the vn-v pa! H. spec nation to his behalf, ot yea VPVV iiidi'liinu iiaiiv ui zvniiii-"ii nub complimentary notice re- -fter nearly twenty years of ser n rector of St. Mary's Episco- ehuvoh m i ins cuy ine ivev. . j. i!ith Wednesday evening at a al meeting presented nis resig- the vestry, which being left without cuoiee irom ine wurumg ox re resignation accepted it, and ap pointed a committee to draw up a Lmorial covering the splendid work Mr. (innun during nis twenty service wun uie cnurcn. 10 pot of the vestrymen the announce ment of the rector came as a thunder bolt from a clear sky. Ha is to go to Tryon. in western North Carolina, to take charge of. a very flourishing church., and 'where he filled the pul pit for several Sundays during the summer months. "There was deep regret expressed when it was learned that Mr. Griffith had tendered his resignation. Had it left any loophole for the vestrymen to so act they in all probability would have refused to accept. That was the way that several expressed them selves to a News man last night. Had Mr. Griffith continued his con nection with St. Mary's until Decem k'1 he would have served the church twenty years. The ties formed be tween the pople of this community and him and his excellent family are of the strongest kind and sincere re gret will be felt at their departure." w. s. s STAMP SALES. TRYON'S FRENCH ORPHAN. The Past VVPolf. enialKr Lr, 1 Leon Levasseur's, Tryon's adopted F rench Orphan's; - There were two piano recitals,' Thursday evening and T.ue,sry everting,-by JVIrS. Delos Hill at Villa Barbara 1 the : "- VUl H 111 1CSI- dence. Seventy or eighty people at- wenaea tne nrst concert, nearly as many the last. But half of the latter came aoout sundown rA themselves on the spacious lawn, with a basket supper. Enough funds were raised from thP to pay the boy his pledged annual sti pend, ana . a balance that mav Vmln his two younger "sisters, if w oi 1.. w . , , J " "Ul reauy provided lor. What his mother. ' in tninKs ana says about it is embodied m the following extracts from her recent letter to a Tryon lady, which has been translate W Twice. nn,-n Avremesnil, the 23d of July, 1918. Mademoisselle: I received this mnrnino- o if,. from the "C . . v- A 1UIC111IIC Amencaine," reproaching me for not having thanked you, for the help that 1 have received from you, dear Mademoisselle, I am very much touched by it. My little son, not knowing how to write as yet, I have therefore taken his place. I lost his father in the offensive of Champagne. He was killed the 26th of September in the year 1915. He was a farmer, 35 years of age, leav ing me. three children, of whom two are daughters, Bertha and Mariette, aged seven and one years, and Leon aged nine wears. They are now ac tually three years older. I have stayed away from my farm, too large ior me to attena to with three children. 1 have kept two cows, pension, of which I have and ENTERTAINMENT PHIRIOJIC LEAGUE. Two New Clubs for fcWar Work Organized at Saturday Night Meeting. AN INTERESTING PROGRAM.. and have a the charge. you can see that out of this we get our living. At next St. -Michel 1 am going to live at Bourg, in a small village. We shall have another cow through the aid of our dear Americaine Benefactress. I send you a photograph of mv three children. Please accept, Mademoisselle mv respectful greetings, with our best thanks MRS. LEON LEVASSEUR... W. S. S. MATTER OF PUBLICITY. Report of War Savings Stamps sold by Tryon merchants, to date: L R. Williams iO.OQ Carolina Hardware Co 125.00' Mn L. Jackson ; 000.00 John Orr & Co 35.00 E. E. Missildine 54.80 Tandy Belue 58.00 Joe Gurley 110.00 The Ballenger Co... 1,030.00 Wiikins & Co 54.50 Total....'.. ..$1,477.30 W. S. s. MRS HILL'S RECITAL. ine numbers for her recital at the Library -'om Sea: frapospfl in the "V Mermaid," chosen by Mrs. Hill on Thursday evening were varied, running atti's Pastoral and Caprice, sixteenth century, to a fantastic little by and origi- :-:ir-- composed for the pianist, to teacher. Mayer, of Atlanta, o ry Mrs. Hill, from the nal M. .S. "netnor she intprnrpts tho master, hetweenites, like Lizst, and -"e author of Campanella, the soul of tousio speaks, and all who listen are ,r"jwed to find that music, like love, r--no time limit. "idle" giving recitals at the Winona --'auqua, Mrs. Hill received a very wwnnjr offer for twenty-five con !"'ts next season, so we can look for hopefully, to hearing her again oa-kn- return trip. - W.S. s. POLK COUNTY RED CROSS. We have several times touched on this subject, but so far our warnings seem .to have borne no fruit. We have had one of the best posted law yers in this section, Mr. Walter Jones, to go into the matter from a legal stand, and find out just what bodies in Polk county were required to pub lish statements, under the different provisions of the statute. Mi. Jones tells us that the following bodies and persons, in Polk countv are REQUIR ED, under the law, to publish annual statements: County Board of Education, Road Commissioners, County Commissioners, Incorporated towns and villages, Tryon Graded School. . -Since taking charge of the NEWS just two of the above classifications have complied with the law, County Commissionersa nd Tryon Graded School. The Board of Education, Commissioners and Tryon Graded exception of the town of Lynn, not a single one are complying with the 'law. Yet, if you should accuse any member of any of these bodies of not being law abiding citizens, how in dignant " they would become. But, gentlemen, should any person over whom you have jurisdiction fail to comply with the law you would imme diately start proceedings to compel them to do so. Then don't you third: you had better' first set the right kind of exapmle and comply with the liw yourselves? We n?ay be competed to usi a lit tle harsher me.iSt.ies if the puV.y laws 'n this county are not co.npl' Ml with. e w. s. S GOV. BICKETT IS COMING. Unfortunately the rain kept many people from attending the Patriotic League meeting, held in the school house, last Saturday evening, but those who braved the storm were re warded by a program of universal in terest. Dr. Ayers, of Y. M. C. A. Unit, of Camp Wadsworth, gave a very stir ring patriotic address, emphasizing the part women have alreadv nlaved in the war work, and setting forth the importance of a hi eh character stand ard in the nresent. crisis. At the close of the address of Dr. Ayres, a pleasing dance was given h six little fairies, followed by a ery beautiful dance by Ella B. -'jlen. ox Savannah, Ga. The patriotic singing, assisted Dy the Doubleday orchestra, was most enthusiastic. The organization of the Partiotic League was preceded by a pageant, "Heroines of History," a series of girls who have in times of crisis, serv ed and even saved the countries. Tableaux 1; Miriam pleading with Pharoah's daughter to save Moses for the Hebrew children. Singing, "Onward Christian- Sol diers. Tableaux 2; A Christian Martyr who died that Christianity might be held true. Singing, "Marseillaise." Tableaux 3; Jeanne d'Arc, who led France to victory. Singing, "God Save the King." Tableaux 4; Florence Nightengale, who first went to battle fields and nursed soldiers. Singing, "Yankee Doodle." lableaux 5;- Mollie Pitcher sprang to her husband's place, his gun, after he fell in battle. Singing, "Dixie." Tableaux 6; A Southern girl who carried messages through the North ern lines. Singing, "Over There." . Tableaux 8; A grouj of Patriotic League girls in service uniform, Red Cross nurses, ambulance drivers, far merettes, munition workers, and the group of younger girls, knitting, sew ing lor French orphans, collecting: old kid gloves, and buying War Savings Stamps. As a finale, the girls who the previous scenes marched i ig "America the Beautiful." Miss Helen Rue, who is a war worker of the Young Women's Christian Association, gave a talk on the work and purpose of the Patriotic League pledge. The Patriotic LeLague is an ideal, not an organization, striving not only to do a part of the work needed at this crisis, but to raise the standard of character of every girl in America. Two clubs have been organized to ! carry on the work. The Girl Scouts, under the leadership of Mrs. Eric Lubeck, and a Comrade Club under he leadership of Miss Julia Abrams. These two clubs hope to accomplish much as the Partiotic League of Try-on. w. s. s. WAR SAVINGS DRIVE. We Have the Right Prices AND Kind of Materials to do your building. Full stock Doors, Windows, Siding, Flooring Ceiling, Shingles, Loths, Interior Finish and Moulding, Rough and Dressd Lumber- Carry complete OP HEARON LUMBER CO. SALUDA, N. C. WE SOLICIT Your orders tor flooring, calling, siding, finish, mouldings, framing. We manufacture tills and can save you money. See us for lath, brick, doors and sash. TRYON LUMBER CO, i Think it Over! WALTER JONES. , ATTORNEY AT LAW Office up Stairs In Jno. L. Jaek8en Ce Bld'fl. Is There An Electric Flat Iron In Your Home who firing You live in this county you believe in it you love it because it's yonr county. Are you willing for it to be listed as a SLACKER County? No! You are not. Then let's get right down . to brass tacks and put it on the honor roll. Its quota in War Sav ings has not been reached; therefore we know you will pledge your full part to help remedy this con dition. 7 There will be a wind-up war savings drive in this county during September. Canvassers, acting under authority of the Uni ted States Government will call upon you. You must pledge to buy every single War Savings Stamp you can to help save your county and your boys. Any further information will be cheerfully given you by Mr. B. L. Ballenger, County Chairman of Polk County War Savings Association. This Space Contributed by THE BALLENGER CO. were in in sing- Price $ 5.00 30 Days free Trial Guaranteed or 10 Years 1RY0N ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY That thr Ci'oss knitt thp I'ed Ci many millions of Red ts may know the plans of oss for future knitting the lowing- statement V,nc hern issnprl f:';'-1 Washington. i 'f' navp today in stock or on or ',c'r 1,400,000 pounds of yarn for dis-I'j-ion to our . chapters. It is hop- 'hat wo may obtain some addition- i-'n iiom wool unsuitable for ''-n uses. gov- yarn .Th 'i.vili'i pounds IS! of t!-!'mind. 0Ur .vjppiv 1: 1 1 . fonr!u. wo total, however will be below the ten million last year. While the to- wo can secure is being de- are studying How to use to produce only garments Unless something intervenes to change the date, Gov. Bickett will ad dress the people of Folk county upon war matters, at Columbus, on Sal.ur lay, September i-xth. .V r;vnn'r ts are being in:' e to make an all-c'ay meeting of it A brass band will be employed to iur nish music for the occasion, and other noted speakers will be with us. Of course no Polk county meeting would be a success without the old fashioned basket dinner, so fill your baskets full, and let's all go to Colum bus on that day, and devote the en tire day to matters of vital interest to ourselves and our country. Full particulars will be announced just as soon as all arrangements have been made. Probably no man in the South has attracted more attention by their ear nest, patriotic addresses than Gov. Bickett. His whole heart is in the cause, so turn out and give him a genuine Polk county welcome. W. S. S. WATER BECOMING SCARCE. The week of September 9-15 has been se: aside l'or the second and final War S?vings Drive in Polk, couaty. It is earnestly, hoped to be able to fill our quota at that time. home able campaigners have prom ised to oe m the countv and lend as sistance to the cause. Polk county has not fallen down on anything she goes into in the right manner, and there is no reason why she shouki at this time. If you are not able to buy Liberty Bonos you are aole to invest in v ar Savings, or Baby Bonds. w. s. s. TIT ft 1 1 we received a request ier a nice long "puff" from a citizen of Tryon, this week, on stationery printed at an out-of-town office. If everybody in Tryon adopted the same tactice how long do you suppose you would have a newspaper in Tryon ? W. S. S LAND SALE. GEO. A. GASH JUSTICE OF THE PEACE -AND NOTARY PUBLIC. Collections a specialty. Deeds and Mortgages prepared, and Contracts written at reasonable prices. TRYON, N. C. We Want D(t Odd D(fc? This bank is here for the purpose of helping out every worthy enterprise in Polk county both old established or contemplated. If you have an enterprise that you want to push come to us and give us the data and we will help you with it if it is feasible. Our success is measured by the prosperity of our county and we want everything to go with a whoop. If you have any idea for the furthering of your business or for the benefit of Polk county in generol we would like to hear it and to help push it. PEOPLES BANK & TRUST CO. G. H. HOLMES President J. T. WALDROP Vice-Pre. TRYON, N. C. W. F. LITTLE Cashier fOR SALE or LEASE! RIXHAVEN LODGE On Tryon Mountian Suitable for small first class hotel, or for gentleman's residence. A fine orchard, vineyard, small fruits, as paragus, etc, Address, RIXHAVEN LODGE Stearns, N. C. 'aye most essential. When a (f) is roar-bod wp will an- ur full nrnirnm nf km'trinc. i r c- Edition to this stock of yarn, Cross has on hand 1,600,000 131,000 mufflers. 384.000 "istlots pai, 000 Wo in l hod 228,000 helmets, and 1,328, of socks a total of 3.674.- are hopeful there- tllilt tVincn nrA fV.i nAAl- - ..i. ami auui uiuci ouui ai'lK-tos. We make Win (1 garments as we shall be able enable us to meet the tf' nt requirements of our men llri the C'Orm'ntr wintor Tr this Onnf:tion it will be interesting to the from September 1, 1917 to whn Vioirr 1;;-. fx '' 1918 the Red Cross distrib- o,()00 knitted garments to the - ouvv Ul I. I1H llllll.t'll Oly2.Lt:n. I) Ul"'nn the same period 870,000 knit- t a,'llt--l"s were sent to the Red . (Jmmissioners in, France and uls and distribution to soldiers, sail- civilians. . ., Town Manager Blake was in the NEWS office Wednesday, and con veyed the startling information - that Tryon's water supply was growing dangerously short. He gives as a reason that the ground was frozen all last winter and did not , absorb the 1 r'rtwnilAVnKln O T1V rams and snows, uuaiuciouic . iety is resulting over the condition, as we'll as discomfort, Saluda and Hen dersonville, so he says, have had to increase their supplies by pumping fr-nm ntVior sources, but so far Tryon has had enough water for ordinary purposes. Mr. Blake requests every one to use as little water as possible, stop all leaks, and do not sprinkle lawns until rains of sufficient amount has relieved the situation. Mr. Blake says that we have only water enough to last during about one hour of fire fighting. -So govern your selves accordingly. --W. s. s. Tuesday night three illicit stills were destroyed in Polk county by rev enue officers, assisted by town mar shal Wilson. Two parties, Dean Dur ham and Shufart waiKer were cap tured. Durham is a mere boy, only about 15 years of age, but we are in formed this is 'his second time to be arrested on the' same charge, - i n . i i 1 Lsy virtue ot the power vested in me by a decree of the Superior Court m the special proceeding entitled J. G. Hughes, administrator of E. M, Hughes, deceased, against Benjamin Roberts et al, authorizing sale of land to make assets, the undersigned will, within the legal hours of sale, at Co lumbus, N. C, at the court house door on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 1918, sell to the highest bidder one town lot situated in the town of Columbus, county of Polk and State of North Carolina and described as follows Adjoining lot ot J. Lr. tiugnes on Peak street, measuring fifty feet Iront and one hundred and ninety- eight feet deep, being lot No. 5 of the F. M. Stearns plat. Terms of sale; Cash, This the 30th day of August, 1918. J. G. HUGHES, Commissioner. Registered. Jersey Service Boar "Tryon Prince" J. F. BLACK, Hillcre.t Vineyard of NOTICE OFf LAND ENTRY. W F. LITTLE NOTARY PUBLIC Tryon, N. C. DR. B.H.TEAGUE DENTIST SALUDA, N. C. During July, August and September, To A. L. Pitman, Entry Taker ot roiK Countv: Take notice that I, James Leonard, the undersigned, of Polk county, North Carolina, have entered and laid claim to. and do hereby enter and lay rlaim to the following described niece or parcel of land in Tryon Township, Polk County, State of North Carolina, containing aoout thirtv-fivfi acres, more or less, the said land being vacant and subject to entry under the laws of the State of North Carolina. The said piece or tract of land is described as follows, to-wit: Adiommg the lands of Cobb, Wil J T 1 TT 1 i1J 4-T son ana jonn nooeiugnt on me eei. Hobemgnt on the south, lorn Mill and others on the west, &-r, Wilson ixM others on the north, containing t.hirtv- five acres more or less. Entered this 12th. day ot August, 1918. JAMES LEONAKJJ, A. L. iPitman, ' . v Claimant. Entry taker. ' i Filed at 2 p. m., August I2th, 1918 GARAGE Having bought the garage recently owned and operated by C. W. Ballenger, this is to notify the public that I will continue to do business at the same place and respectfully solicit a continuance of your patronage. Asyoa Know, we have one of the best mechanics in the state, and prices are reasonable. We also sell Goodyear tires and tubes and the very best of oils, greases and . auto dressing. P. G. MORRIS GARAGE. This Bank is for People who Want to Improve their Financial Condition. Will you let us serve you? A checking account is most convenient in the payment of bills. It is the safest receipt, A Savings account is the sure road to an eventual com petency. We solicit your account. CAROLINA STATE BANK. DAVID C. BARROW W C ROBERTSON, Q. C. SONNER President Vie Prosideats H. B. LNE Cashier FOB SALE. A young milk cow. Has been milk ing two weeks. Apply G. H. HOLMES. W. To Laodsey REAGf ESTATE

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