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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, October 04, 1918, Image 5

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POLK COUNTY NEWS. THYON, N. 0. For lack TRYON 1- urO C I fit V LAV. O 1 V4. A I 1 I 1IIHINM IV WIN -vs- . " 1 rubccK j rr,eo I nICfJ iTS .received until of . , aie cumueuea to omit a large amount of interesting - vv, xx vim tnis issue. Rinds, Monday anu"Jf 4tn TO for furnishing VX V Williams and Miss office quarters at ryon,. C ww waajj r aierm of 5 or 10 Vears begiiining'uly 11918. Sarn pie of lease specilcations and blank proposals may be secured by applying to the postmaster Proposals should uuuieu to n. u. Farnno-ton 0f rs- 'rnt Wednesday m apar. e iburg- . orHc for Miss Hes- 1 Wednesday, the 16th, wee now out. of rensacoia, r uu, offif.p .inSTfonfft, nu-ZiZli-K?" from the uaiiuyie, 1M. v. 1 Mary Xoyes, oi re Dr. ia .nv home lie orPLA off in Tryon, Monday, h, s UFCt of Mrs. Strong. 1S some other breeds, few move le11'.., i. rheaD ich 1U "c TAMES LEONARD. are requested to announce that re -r 'uf will sneak at Co- n- J Oct 9th andDr. roweii win bus onthCilth. Both talks will be tal Patriotic lines. flip live stock man. w,a win exniuii- ime wiu- w. s. s TO THE PEOPLE OF POLK COUN TY. who Kir. C if tIW rountv farmer irlo improve his herd. ff Teonard bought from Mrs. Jai tVwston and Mrs. Addie iff w, inte nn Trade street occu lt V Ballew and Joe Gurley, f? "Lu them to the occupants. Mr. f i will erect a business house on It D""6" I make this appeal to you. I mean you not the man or woman living over on the next h illlmean you and t y?,u ,am talking listen to me and I will tell it. We have come to a new realization the. Power of labor. Nations are not built by statesmen onlv built by those who subdue the earth. vvars are not won by soldiers only but nai, t thA Fair next week , , , UUh won DV soldiers only but red T boa would ?e for slle V nwith the pick theman at this boar wuuiu uc iwi with thp saw tiP mur, v, t 1 believe there will 'be a better and more equitable adjustment of things and a more satisfactory division of profits after the war and now is the time to begin to prepare for peace; then it behooves everybody to prepare for peace in time of-war. The economical conditions will be wnaugcu aim iet s Degm to prepare government in this trying time which tries men's souls, because vou have to or fight andyou are too cowardly to do that unless it be against one of inferior strength. BRING IT TO THE FAIR AND COME. ; Yours for a good showing, I beg to thank you in advance, E. W. DEDMOND, Supt. Mineral and Wood Dept. Columbus, N. C. - WALTER JONES. ATTORNEY AT LAW Office up Stairs In Jno. L. Jaekon C Bld'g. We Have the Right Prices i r : and i Kind of Material to do your buildfrg. Full stock Doors, Windows, Siding,FIoorIng Ceiling, Shingles, Loths, Interior Finish and Moulding, Rough and Dressd Lumber. Carry complete HEARON LUMBER CO. SALUDA, N. C. . . ii -n n I ..... " r- r ' T, Boald of directors oi tne rout ior u so tnat it come not upon us un 1 - hair jot J? to complete arrangements for ,-.r- a ocriotinn nro rpnuest- I awarp as HiH fVio onin. -e IT; mppt at (JOlumDUS, on monuay,. war in 1000 v to nieci . . i ... . lie Fair win." - y Rp sure and attend this .A Mill. . Ltine as some very important bus- s IS 10 uc """" iiess x? Aiilftir roci in op in ill raisers oi ""'"j xox , ... fAU;nshiD are asked to meet at Elaine hall, Tryon, tomorrow, Sat tl Oct 5, kt 10 o'clock a. m. This "Sine is called at the request of the meeting is pAQi f Ao-r,. nlture ana n wm Sting tO tnOse "U aucuu. j-c mcxt. nn. r;fth Pioneer Military uana ras served supper by the ladies of evening. At the close of the Wal the room was cleared, ana me jiovs were tcuucitv v4-. lumber oi i ryuu pcupic ontim'-u ui action and did all they could to it the success ll was. ine uanu i were completely capiurea uy J' 1 i.V 1 J. ITrvon tes, ana upon tneir aepanure, Sunday morning, it&.cu uwi nicjr uc invited to return at an early day. Hnyold excuse, so that we can come, kt be sure that you ask for our band," is the way they put it. ine nontenant in command said it was no wonder the old 27th always spoke so highly of Tryon. w. s. s. A LINEN SHOWEK. i We have come to thp rpalizntinn nf the fact that work makes wealth. We talk of the natural resources of our land and they are indeed wonderful and abundant. But what value is the coal if it is not mined; of what value is the iron if it is not worked; or of what value is the ore if . it is not smelted or the gold if it is not mint ed : ui what value is the timber if t is not cut or the fertile fields if they are not sowed or an abundant harvest if it is not reaped ? The Bible is the uuarujr oi tne toner, it Knows no leisure class.- Its people are all workers. I do not remember a single idler in the whole Bible story that amounted to or accomplished any tnmg ot note. Henry VanDyke put it in the following little poem: "This is the gospel of labor ring it ye bells C at 1 1 rrl -r . ui me KirK. ine juora oi love come down from above to live with the men who work." This is the rose he planted here in the thom-Cursed soil Heaven is blest with perfect rest, but me Diessing oi earth is ton. riAVC iuu bur A kuur or a piece of mineral or fossil or anything in some old gully which you do not know what it is? If so bring it to the rair on Oct. 9, it may prove to be worth more than your most cher ished dream could prove to be. You might have such mineral as would prove of great worth and make you rich if it could-only become known. So bring it to the Fair. It will cost you nothing to . find what it contains I want every loyal citizen of Polk county to bring something in the min px:-::; A linen shower usually precedes a wedding, the filling of the bride's "Hnnp LnesL uciiik nic, uui the one which Tryon is to be asked to mvc Vine ft widpr and more touch in sr 5"-, .... . x t. I cuuiity w uniiK suiiietmiiK in me in in- intfcWfflT theopewst i:w Hne; - Ifyou re notlftyal to your Il'ieu oeit-EKo lu uie n,eu yxu. a, own pountv vou are a slacker, and on wuniuduca aicu! " "" , I ly nave to snow your loyalty to our Doys in ine nuspiLi ui o. im.c nu America. Each one is asked to contribute a strong sheet, a good napkin, a good We are urged to select these objects from our household stores so that our money may find other uses. Ladies will call for these donations but should the chest fill up before they get to you, do not be impatient, you will be called upon later. Throughout the country the women are doinij what they can. One bright 2nd helpful woman wrote with regard to the clothes for the Belgians, "I am wearing my winter suit for the third winter, I have a friend who has dyed hers and will wear it for the eighth besides large families are in vogue nere, so that our cast-offs are already spoken for, but with the sheets, tow els and napkins we will be able to help." r?W. s. s. NOTICE. v 5 ' Clothes Economy fliniiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimininiinitiiminiiiimmmnuiiummmuniiiumiiiia Vou can best economize on clotkes ty urckasing good clottes. You often, wisely. need not buy if you choose Born tailoring offers the greatest measure of clotkes value in exchange for each dollar invested. Born tailoring offers true clotkes economy, you Resident Born Dealer) TOU IE BALLENGER CO. FOR SALE Al A BAR AN If taken at once. Cash or reasosble terms. Two tenant houses,! well built, in colored tenement district. Store house and lot on Trade street. GEO. A. GASH, Agt. .v.v.v.'.v-y- tW-YtvtYtYiYY II x dollars thai .Figol m ii m 1 tot By SENATOR HENRY CABOT LODGE , By virtue of the power contained in a mortgage deed dated Sept. 18th, .M6 to secure the sum of Seven Hun dred Dollars, due Sept 18th, 1918 and default having been made in the pay ment of the said sum, I will sell for sh at the court house door in Co lumbus, Polk county, N. 0., on the THURSDAY OCTOBER 24th l 12 o'clock, the following described nd, to-wit: Beginning at a point in the creek heie the Ridings line the Cl'eek and runs south 1 deij. east 30 PJ es to a stake, then south 23 deg. Jl 2 deg. west 10 poles to a stake, l"en south 22 deg. west 10 poles, then south 14 poles to a stake, then south deg. west 10 poles to a white oak, en south 14 deg. west 21 poles to - "wainut stump, Carson?s corner, thence north 45 Hpv wPSf 4f nolps to a Pine stump, Carson's other corner, nce with Carson's line west (va ? 101 poles to a stake in Cleve- m m ! The War will be won. by men and ships, by guns and airplanes. To raise armies and supply them, to build the navy and support it, and to furnish ships and trans- !)ort, we must have money in arge amounts. The expendi tures of the Government for the ensuing year are estimated at $24,000,000,000, a sum which baffles the imagination to con ceive. That vast amount must come one-third from taxes and two-thirds from loans. The suc cess of the Fourth Loan, like those that preceded it is, there fore, absolutely necessary. We must work with the highest speed, as if the war was to end in six months. We must pre pare in every direction, as if it was to last for years. Speed and preparation are both expensive. m $1 m land line, thence north (va 4 deg) 127 ."fence with the meanderings of the leek to the beginning, containing 91 more or less. Inis 19th day of September, 191S. P F. M. BURGESS, Executor "of the last will and testa ment of Jas. F. Ridings, deceased. w. s. s. f orth Carolina, County of Polk. Jn Superior Court in Vacation." v1': Pritchard vs. Kattie Prichard. 'Noe of Summons. Summons having been returned in tIls ,action by the sheriff, endprsed ;e defendant not to be found in Polk Jffy. n. c.- An defendant, Kattje Pritchard, vol Je notice that an action for di r!L i been crommenced v. in . tMs jourt by the plaintiff for divorce on W gI;ounds of incontinency of the de fendant, and let her further take an that she is required to be and PPear at the Sprin Term 1919, of superior Court of Polk and -there tC , -or demur to the complaint of 6wLP ain,tiff and "in" default of an to tlor demur the plaintiff will apply in Se court for the relief demanded tne said complaint, n.., J. P. ARLEDGE. . . . m 5? Without the Loans we cannot have either Wc arc fighting to secure a just, right- must not be left in Germany's hands, eous and lasting peace. For a complete That would mean another war. Poland peace we must have a complete vie- must be free. Slav republics must be tory. It must not be a peace of bar- established to bar the way between gain or negotiation. No peace which Germany and the East. Serbia and satisfies Germany can ever satisfy us. Roumania must be redeemed. All No peace that leaves Germany in a these things are essential. Nothing position to renew the . war against us will bring them but complete victory will be worth having. It will be far and ja peace dictated by us and our from sufficient to gain all our objects allies. It is a conflict of ideas. It is on the Western front Belgium, Al- the principle of evil arrayed against sace-Lorraine, Italia Irredenta. The the principle of good. It is the battle President with wisdom and foresight of freedom and civilization against and great force expressed his deter- barbarism and tyranny. Wc must mination to redeem Russia. Russia win and we ahall win. luink it Over! .You live in this county yoirbelieve in it you love it because it'syonr county. Are you willing: ; for it to be listed as a SLACKER County? No ! You are not. Then let's get right down to brass tacks and put it on the honor roll. Its quota in War Sav ings has not been reached; therefore we know you will pledge your full part to help remedy this con dition. There will be a wind-up war savings drive in this county during September. Canvassers, acting under authority of the Uni ted States Government will call upon; you. You must pledge to buy every single War Savings Stamp you can to help save your county and your boys. Any further information will be cheerfully given you by Mr. B. L. Ballenger, County Chairman of Polk County War Savings Association. This Space Contributed by THE BALLENGER CO. I i hi m We cannot win without money, and therefore, these Loans v vital, and the country should rally m all its strengtn oversubscribe the r ourth. Liberty Loan n 11 m are and subscribe and Buy Bon ds to Your S35 This Space Contributed to Winning the War Mi l S Utmost! 1! by Mmmmm Did You Ever Have a Dollar Work for YOU? Buy War Savings Stamps and collect interest from the Government. $4.20 in yested now brings you $5.00 in 1923. PEOPLES BANK & TRUST CO. G. H. HOLMES President J. T. WALDROP Vice-Pre. TRYON, N. C. W. F. LITTLE Cashier 3C 3C MOTOR COMPANY Germany will not win if you do your duty. You should not only buy every dollar's worth of War Savings Stamps possible, but should have your chil dren buy, and should ask all with whom you come in contact to buy. - This space contributed to winning of the war by THE TRYON MOTOR CO AGENTS FOR THE WEBER WAGON, This Bank is for Peope who Want to Improve their financial Condition. Will you let us serve you? A checking account is most convenient in the payment of bills. It is the safest receipt. A Savings account is the sure road to an eventual com petency. We solicit your account. CAROLINA STATE BANK. DAVID C. BARROW W C ROBERTSON, Q. C. SONNER President Vice Presideuts H. B. LANE Cashier -c OCO000O000O000000OC0O0O000C0COO030CC3CC30CCC3CCC0CCC3 w, Lamidlsey REAL ESTATE boot .HQ i JOHN OTO CO h perior Court Polk Co., N, C. Aiorrow, Atty for Plaintiff.

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