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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, February 28, 1919, Image 3

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THE" LEG IS LATUB t UAPPPNlNft OF INTEREST IN THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA. TEACHERS' SUMMER SCHOOL auite a ' successful session independ ently last summer, he says.' Senator Stacy denounced "as mean and absolutely c6ntemp'-ibbV criticism by the North Carolina . good roads propagandists in the Greensboro morning paper a statement that the suDDorters of the Stacy substitute road bill were insincere and lacked vision and ; statesmanship. They might be wrong 'and lack vision, .he paid but the 30 senators could not be charged with, insincerity. The senate passed the house bill to. move prison- ers to the state farm and convert the central prison into an insane hospital. CARGO OF GOT lOt! FOB PUBLIC IHPBWEHEIITS SHIPPED TO GEIIOI North Carolina' Secures Quite Liberal : Share in Public Appropriations v- "From House Committee. - ITALIAN STEAMER RETURNING- , , . ' - TO HOME PORT WITH 16,75 X- "... " 1 1 ' ' - BALES OF COTTON. Senator Stacy . Bitterly Denounces as Mean and Contemptible Cricism of Goods Roads Propagandists. Raleigh. The following is a resume of recent work of the General Assem bly of North Carolina 'of general' in terest: : . r . .,, House and Senate. Raleigh, Feb. 14. On - motion of Representative Ray, rof Macon, the house refused to concur in the senate amendments to the state-wide dog law and provided for a conference com mittee. . ' Senator Brown introduced the de partment of health bills for repression of prostitution, 'to obtain reports of persons with venereal diseases, and to prevent venereal diseases, three separate bills. . - Senator Carr introduced , a bill to encourage holding farm products to stabilize the markets by authorizing a tax value of products held subject to Hens the difference between . the due value and the indebtedness against the products to constitute the tax value. I The house committee on manufac tures reported favorably a substitute bill by Neal for child labor control. It provides for a child welfare com mission ; compulsory school attend ance with truant officers to go out after the children, and for inspectors to work under the direction of the commission, appropriating $6,000 for expenses. r, ... . , f ' .The Senate. . 1; Feb. 19. The &Ucy substitute road bill passed its third reading in the ' senate with but four votes recorded against- it, and now goes, . to the house of representatives, where it stands an excellent chance to be amended in many important respects. Its passage : through the senate was marked by. many vicissitudes, nor did Senator; Scales show any disposition to smootn its, devious path on its final journey. Final adoption . of the road bill' was I the principal feature of a session that lasted for a little more , than two hours. Senator .Holderness started a lively discussion when he objected to a motion made by Senator Davenport that the Cooper cotton warehouse bill be recalled from the appropriations committee and sent to the agricul tural committee, of which Senator Davenport is chairman. A roll call was asked and resulted in the defeat of the amendment by a vote of 14 to . 27. - The House. ' . TCoTvon finer its nroeram of a double session Tuesday, the house adopted eight further sections of the revenue bill, making 23 in all., :, . Gold, of Guilford, offered the most vigorous protest to the adoption of the income tax section of the revenue hill so far made, against any section. Williams, of Cabarrus, and Winborne of Hertford, followed his lead and urged the adoption of an amendment that would raise the exemption to married men from $1,500 to; $2,000.. y The idea that two can live as cheap ly . is- a fallacy. , Mr. Gold told FREIGHT RATES WERE HIGH HPEOVED KHTCtn rrrtRSlTIOHAS 'EESSDH innnrTiin in n n UUJlOJ tit iDi cu nuiec u nruii unuuL Vessel Chartered Several Weeks Ago Transportation Charges on , Cargo f : . Are Approximately $700,000. 1 or Wilmington. Carrying a cargo 16.T59 bales of cotton, valued at $2,n 250,000, -the Italian steamer; Ansaldo. IV cleared port for the return trip of her maiden - voyage to Genoa, Italy." This is the first cargo of cotton to leave this port since the signing of the armistice. LThe vessel was cba- tered several weeks ago , before., the Washington (Special) .The house committee on public - buildings ; - and grounds: reported a bill with the fol lowing appropriations recommended for North Carolina: Greensboro, $450, 000 p Asheville, $95,000; Lenoir, $45, 000: Lumberton, j $40,000; Mt. Airy, $55,000 ; ' Edenton," $40,000 r Smithfield, $40.000 ! ?; Albemarle. " $50,000 : . Dunn, $45,000 Morganton; $50,000 ; Ruther- rordtoh $30,000, .and waaesDoro, 000. Increases in .the .limit cost are allowed! to Rockingham, $5,000; and ThomasvUle, $13,000. For Bites, appro priations are allowed as follows: Clin ton, $e,000; Hamlet, $10,000 ; Hertford, $5,000; 1 Marion, $6,000; Sanford, $7, 000 ; TryonL 55,000, and Williamston, $8,000. Wilson'is allowed $140,000 for a larger building. , ; - , (3y Rfcv P.; B. riTZWATBR. i. ix; Teacher of English Bible In the Moody Bible InstltuU of Chicago.) . , (Coprrtkt. 1919, Witm Wwipapgf tJaUm. , LESSON FOR FEBRUARY'23 V THE BREACH OF THE COVENANT AND MOSES' PRAYER . FOR -IS RAE.L. (If ay . Be Used With Missionary AppMca- - v .tion.) LESSON TEXT Exodus U:l-S4:9. ? ' . GOLDEN .TEXT Ths sffsctuol fsnrent prayer of s rig-nMoua man iTiinw mnch.-Jamss 8:1. j " - ADDITIONAL -MATKRIALr-DsuL t:- Eph. S:li-21: Jajnss CARDINAL : GIBBONS PRESENTS RESOLUTIONS TO BE . LAID r BEFORE CONFERENCE. , 1 Sl.250.0d0 QUICKLY RAISED Delegates From Many SUtes, Repre sentng Irish Organizations, Crowd -Philadelphia Academy of Music. ' ; Philadelphia A resolution present-. PRIMARY TOPIC Ask God's help for d by Cardinal Gibbons for: the peace hr. Mtmorr Versa James 8:1. Mnmoaa n annlv tn Ireland the doc-: if '5 Equal Pay for Equal Work. Charlotte. Female teachers thru out the "State are working to build up the recently-organized North Carolina ad- I "RlnoQtJnTi Association, which has , as Dvuiv va v' . woH " " v Z justed on a lower basis and the freight charges on her cargo are said to be approximately $700,000. ' U Annexation Is Planned. 1 Durham. Several automobiles, loaded with citizens of Durham and of "Wallace township, Chatham county, left here to attend the hearing (before the joint legislative committee on towns and cities, regarding a propos ed bill to annex Williams township, Chatham county, ,to Durham couniy. Attorneys Jones Fuller. R." O. Everett and S. C. Brawley, of Durham, will be spokesmen for those favoring the annexation. Get Prominent Mention. it eihrdr.tti ihe "extendinK 01 scnooi terms,!; better salaries, more efficient teachers and jequai;pay . for -y equal work.1. 'rf '" : A A bill is to be introduced in , the North Carolina general assembly pro viding minimum salary for teachers and requiring that female teachers shall receive , equal salaries to male teachers when they perform the same duties as the men; The association has a Committee in Raleigh working in the interest of the bill. This com mittee consists of Mrs. Bickett, wife of the governor; Miss Gertrude Weill, of Goldsboro, and Miss Shockweli; as sistant! supervisor of education of Granville county, ? Mia3 Skra Kellv. of the Charlotte ethers. Memory Verse James junior I TOPIO-Prayins: for people. . ' INTERMEDIATE . TOPIC Interceding far others, v . ,.' " . ' ' SENIOR AND ADULT TOWW-m .value of intercessory prwyer. ; ; 1 Less than slx; weeks have elapsed since Israel took the path of allegiance to Jehovah. In less than forty days they flagrantly break the first and sec ond commandments. , - I. The GoWen Calf '(32:1) 1. Moses' delay (r. 1) ThU they in- trine of national selfrdetermination, and that- a declaration of principles f demanding that if any league of na tions be created, all features which may infringe on the traditional Am erican policy including : the Monroe doctrine, shall be eliminated, were adopted unanimously at the closing, session of the convention of the Irish race in America. In support of . the movement to bring freedom to Ireland the conven- terpreted to mean that their leader tion pledged ' i to raise within six had either lost his way in the dark ness or had perished. In the fire tnat hovered over the mount. v t 2. The people's demand (. 1) . They demanded of Aaron that he make them god to go before them. Their pro fession of allegiance to God collapsed as soon as the strong personality of their leader was no longer felt. ' 3. Aaron's cowardly compliance (w. 2-4). He was. an eloquent man, but lacked moral courage. Many today can talk fluently, but vacillate before th real issues of life. In order to of the Rockefeller Foundation in which is incorporated the report of the general director of the Interna tional Hfialth Board, the following the house, and upon the present basis gtate university alumni on the staff . .. A: mon HrHh Or With- I , : I receive- prumiueui mcuwuu. Chanel Hill In the' annual report high school faculty, is. in charge of .gain time with the rebels he demand- The Senate. Feb. 17. Senators Connor and Man gum were appointed as a committee from the house, in conference with the attorney general, as to adjust ments of the state prohibition law that are needed to meet the condi tions of the national prohibition law. T;iic -.oocprl .final reading as fol- lows: . , -1 - . 7 -. Amend the law as, to the procedure in the appointment of, guardians for idiots, imbeciles and insane. Allow registration of deeds, ease ments, and rights of way by grantors by copy. . , " Amend the revisal as to the time ot serving " cases on appeal to the su preme court, giving 30 instead of 15 days. Objection forced this over for thirdreading. Amend the banking laws to allow investment of a greater per ceni 01 capital in bank building. , The House. ! Speaker Brummitt . convened, the house at 10 c'clock. : New bills were introduced as follows: mend the 1913 acts re lating to the Lincoln county roads and special tax. - , . Clayton Amend the 1905 act relat Vi , f ri road labor. ev-.'n-.iAmend the law so as to oucv-cl" 'J protect purchasers of lands v amend thf) act as to the filing of papers with the register of deeds. ,.f ii-Hhfir a married man, wim ui out children, is entitled to twice the exemption of the single man, who does net pay income tax until his earnings pass $1,000. 9 A. A I AT) t - The argument againsi au.c John A. Ferrell, director for the United States, on the administrative staff r D. G. Ab sher. junior field director of Arkan sas; W. H. Kibler, associate State aI" agaiii removed by the board of alder- a. jm tv...V. nti ton a TK "R. Wash- I ' a i Via tnflnatiTa sitlia- nr 1 iiii 1.11 mr i m k -- izktion work in Mecklenburg county and she is starting a cam paign for members. ipiu Ban Again Removed. Statesvine. The quarantine which has been in effect here since last Sep tember being lifted only temporarily dnrire I the Christmas holidays, months one million dollars, but before) Justice Daniel F. Cohalan, of the New York supreme, court, chairman of ,the convention, completed the calling of a" list of states and cities, more than $lf 250,000 had been pledged to the cause. Delegates from many states, repre senting a large number, of Irish or- ganizations, crowded the Academy of . Music when Cardinal Gibbons . in a few word- presented .the .resolution calling for the right of Ireland to se lect its form of ; government, c Ap plause swept the crowd, as thelfcar- dinal slowly read the paper. - tnoir ipwelrv and vi tiiai. mtj -a-t. vf w . X. '' bring it to him. Perhaps he thought GERMAN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY was that their love for It would cause them to forego their demands, but they cheerfully gave up their Jewelry for a false god. Aaron, like many compro mising men of this age, opened a door which he could not shut 4. Wanton revelry (w. 5, 6). See ing their disposition, Aaron erected an DISCUSS NEW CONSTITUTION Weimar! While the German na tional assembly has been holding open meetings several committees have found time to discuss the draft of a ment, presented by Governor Dough- burn 8enior State director of North ton and Mr. McCoin, was that the in- Carolina. j. f Kendrick, associate di- come tax must be collected on the ex- rector f0r Seychelles Islands; P. W. emptions of 1.000 and $1,500 or else Covmgton senior State director of j-i.r, .avanno wmild be jeopard- m flii tnff vt- House and Senate., 10 Th house of representa- u. - 1 1 Ot tne wnoie, of the revenue bill Feb tives, in committee - j is ertions ni-terial amendments Dill Y UUU". " and continued its work on the xou, n.iprfid the vote by rne nousc , mdeei ana registrars of elections to iflr Ef. wJ T tabled, and passed tne 1 t was easv to criticize. Gover nor Doughton . thought, but another proposition for the critic to su . x more feasible metnoa o--un -revenue. All amendments were lost and the section went through as writ ten by the finance commiuee. The Senate. Peb 20 The senate tonight passed on second reading the bilVto author ize the state board of agriculture . to erect a department building to cost U rtr, t, cite of the present building, opposite the capitolrbuild- ine. - Final reading was lorc.u on objection of senator fort to have an amenamem board' ot.agricluture must wak jmUl it has the money m nana. " 1 t ment was accepted that one floor of the building must De aevinu -B illative committee rooms.' -w. vM.A rr.mnleted the cons ider- ation of the schedule sections jf he revenue bill 33 to 75 row. - few changes in any 01 tnem on tobacco warehouses, uw ' j. t f ai thP first 1.000,OUU was maae - -- . - , tn rounds sold, instead 01 iw Pouuuo . .... 1 AAA AAA .nrtnnds. man - ann tin rss liib uiuucuna Ulii - " tion, oi account of which the ban was first placed on public gatherings be comes acute again, it is not likely that the restrictions will agai, be effec tive. The board passed an ordinance making it a, .violation of the la w,- for Generous Students and Faculty. v ny dividual who has the uisease or ; wi,rraflf.4 a result of a local -arhn has been associated m any way w a&w x j w j - -t - , campaign which has been waging for with anyone who ,has had it, to mmgie th nast three weeks, the- students withuother people ouisme new German constitution as prepared altar and proclaimed a fast unto Je- by Hugo Pruess, a member of the cab- inet. The draft has now passed on his r. own and faculty of Wake Forest College have pledged and partially paid m 10 59S towards the State campaign of the Baptist denomination. Eight Murder Cases. Louisburg. Franklin county supe rior court is in session here with Judge Oliver Allen, of Kinston, pre siding. There" is to be a two weeks term, and because of the influenza epidemic, this is the first court held here in several months. Eight mur der cases are to be tried, besides otn ers of less general interest. premises. - ' ! - More Money for Relief Fund. Raftigh. After a1 three-hour discus sion; most of which was taken up by rftDresentatives - of the fire insurance companies of the State, the house in surance committee voted to report fa vorably the bill proposing to require North- Carolina fire insurance corpora tions to pay 50 cents out ot each one hundred dollars in , premiums into the firemen's relief fund, .which foreign companies have been required to do since :1907. Micharles TJ. Harris, of Raleigh, who introduced the original .bill, ex plained that a majority of the insur ance! business goes to North Carolina companies and he thought it only fair that thev should neip Keep uy Lynchers Are Convicted. Winston-Saiem. Fifteen of the 16 defendants indicted for participating in the riot in Winston-Salem on No- 1 - t mu nmra rrtnvirted ltt vemDer xi, - -m - .n q0mHv fnr . i t a iiirv rptiirnme nmrt.u He maae pica, cciivvv . surry suyiiui v." " - " . ' rtTOnW who re- lUO IHf""'1'"' . the. verdict at noon. fTeoreft Douthit. J. E. Savage, Pleas Cline, Grover and Walter Kiser and I r i. . M tmrA trn'Sltv fit at . aaa aaa mAimds. Will uaner weio wui m , nflditionai l.uvu.wv . ttjcv. Q volnr- . . . -I..Jh nr III 1 I tuZ.A&A w ml The new sectiu" - - . v..nnr and -loan, rent a snare ou " . ceive no pay for their services, stal ing that he thought the home com panies1 ought to be willing to encour age them and that it would be worth r noM to the insurance commis- 10. "c r " was the aisiriuuuuu, "7- nglt enrolled for ratiflca. tion, being a senate measur n x flnvans - nnereu " . senator ow" vm . i-iLuv, otsiimmer schoo . o Vwill to esiaouau ior teachers at AsheTille. carrying : labor that creates a cnuo it rtf X10.0UU uvi 1 ' ,;ciainn. consisting . appropriww-.--- - " ,,..ii.KMil the weliare cuiu-.;-. vu fn- su" - , x . anttndent oi . yuu jsioner lor adopted. ; . ..." -rtro a amp.nflfta . nni' rnp 111V.C t VOlveiB. a.u. - - IMattheWS. Ot Heme, u7 , tax $100 instead 01.?. onmmittee on br. Victor Bryant, or Durham, chair- man reported lavoraDiy ui . man, reyu .,Kaitiit. bill to regu- noon me o-v-, hn, dealers in re- to make, the child la- ed prisoner in the city jail and were whil. sentenced by Juage a. r u)"6. presided over the special term, being ordered here by Governor Bickett to try these cases, to 14 montns on w Forsyth county roads. 1 Frank Hester was convicted of the same offense .and given a term 01 10 months on the roads. Eight other defendants were con victed of conspiracy and also of at- tempt to lynch the negro, their sen tences being as follows: Ira Whita- Pearce Hammons, a. JSi. v hovah. He no doubt wisnea tnem w worship the Lord through the image, but he had made a god for them and it was a very short step to the heath en s orgies connected with Idolatrous Worship. - - - ;-.H .. i-;-; a''. , II. God's Burning Wrath (32 s7-10).s God's nature Is such that he cannot tolerate a rival. No gods shall be be fore his face. The rival must be re moved or the people must be consumed .with .divine wrath. God does not own them as his people, for they had cast him off. - III. The Mediation of Meeee (82 The declaration of a divine purpose to-destroy the Israelites did not deter Moses Trom making Intercession for tem. What was his threefold pleat (vr. 11, 12, 13). v Moses knew full well that the people deserved to die, therefore he could not plead ' any merit on their part. His plea was based wholly on God's pur pose for Israel. Through his Interces sion God relents. IV. Judgment Falls (32:15-35). 1. Moses broke the tables of testi mony (vW 15-19) emblematic of the breach of their covenant with God. ; 2, Moses destroyed the Image (v. 20) and made the people drink of the wa ter which contained lte dust, thus mak ing them to experience In a physical sense the bitterness which results from sin. x J '.V:,.'.:"..'",. 3. Moses showed Aaron that he was tnoYnsiihlA for his oart In the dls- second reading. . The original r few paragraphs have been cut up and ex panded into 109 paragraphs, which cover every point carefully .vS The new draft consists ; of . even divisions. The first division, .entitled "The t Nation and a Its Component States' - provides i that 1 the national territory shall not consist of the' for mer German states as -well as 5 other states that may, after ? a j plebiscite, desire to be incorporated with Ger many. The flag of the new 1 republic will be black, red and gold.r ; t ker, I Voung Distillery Captured. Durham. Deputies "Car Belvin, Toe Pleasants and Lonnie ;. Morgan ook in a-small, young, yet vigorous, 4istillery which was in full operation whenfthe officers came upon it, It was located in , Lebanon township, about! eight miles from the clty--aboutt two miles beyond Christian s mlir.. ' r It was running at full blast, with no one near. It is learned that thrfifvl men. one white ; man and 1 two DATE OF EXTRA SESSION : ; 5 DEPENDS ON NEW , LOAN J3ILL, graceful affair (vv. 21-24). a lfitoa aii aii fnr tnose wno wouia Q.r fr th rrd to eird their I Washineton. President vynson win words and slay all who stood out In be advised soon after his return re rebelllon. The tribe of Levi ranged garding the extra session. The nature themselves on his side and became the of the advice, according; to Demo- instroment by which God "chastened his cratic leaders, principally ueyeuua upon disposal ' or tne penning nousc u v ; anfrtnrjTP '-. $ Of ALL CONFERENCE COMMITTEES MUST COMPLETE THEIR WORK v ''' , , tvt-:'r'.. "frli:' -vv Paris. Results of far-reaching char- acter were obtained at, the meeting ) of the council of -the great powers when resolutions were adopted requir ing such a speeding up of y all; impor- , tent ' branches of the work of . the peace conference as to permit the- -formulation of a preliminary peace ; trftatv :bv the time President Wilson returns to Paris in the :middle .vOfk March. To accomplish this all ques tions of reparations, boundaries. land economic and . financial Issues .must report to the supreme, council within, the next two weeks, or, b March 8,, at the-, latest. X. i..Vv:-X4i; people (vv. 25-29). 1 X 5.Moses confessed the great sin of the people and begged that God would forgive them. He was. willing-to suf fer the nunlshment himself. If possible, n iPt the neonle eo free. The Lord short-term treasury notes in lieu of Liberty bonds for the April loan cam paign. If the measure is passed, the leaders plant tc advise tne rresiuem. ieaa me . . -0t of received state w:;f statef board ot ononuraeement as to supy- v. commissioner oiyuu ;nd exnects to accept an amenou,- - ;tct that- the governor i a- f trustees. He has uuaiu vens and Cris ; Chappell, six years negroes, 'were each on the couaty roads; John Bran . . ..'v o-a limit years; a. a Annni aj.v' - - i - t iaqvph i.lio cv- v i and expects vu ,n the He weliare. n . aftTit: four years include vocational . . v , CTCim, had and the hours pi r-. . x nM; VrthMi- Mnnliv. three I not cautured. Tne QOIly IWU jrcaio, , , , myj. , ; - - - VV ail . w - . 1 r . w on a high hill some i, fft him in answer that every fn call the extra session about May. 15 1 A. I A I .. If it, falls, it was sata a requesi ioi call of Congress notT later ? than April I would be submitted thinff events., but OU111 1. gallon' capacity. to work of summer m tn rf-W i Blind Tiger -While no man should be permitted to hide behind his: inflrimUies todo evil, stiU, I do not believethat man should be W.1?,? life tor the violation of ProhlW . tion law," said doning V.'A. Long, of f retaii. 63-years-oldnconv mg and semeuu haf in iail. Two reputable P1" in stated to the l ,nTuE& ir orison would very umv result in the , death of the aged man. lantry,.na- "V" '.i,r S4 W - u... nr camo Greene. .J:: nian.-The North Carolina delegition J. .Congress, head ed by Senators to .me wxi , Baker to senu ' A. man. weni . QopTPtarv to urge . uv " Thlr- the North Carolina nw - - To Build New Roads Shelby. Number , 9 township an nounced that $25,000 cash for road bonds has been placed in bank and is . j v l- An AT- now avaiiaoie tor roau wu. ,c0 ionnal Confer- der has been made for tools, , au aro mules will be bought In a snort -time, ence, if m - aed ' Superannuated Endowment Fund. Winston-Salem. Rev. J. P. Rogers, representing ttfe superannuated en dowment fund of the Western Nortn -nr t cuumaii viin has had I tions to the, fun, uapxam yv. r. , ,,,t long experie I.'".".- nmfa0ri tn send Mecklenburg ana uaaiuu "w:f;;. a k -'M.nhMi the Uization. Mr, wer;vi-r-,7 - haa hfift: building roads -in No. 6 Vhe52uu,uuu gu-v. v in W.i-. M iem-, wuu di;mG8 and the.; widows , of long experience m roa? $ w renorted' thatof rade and to Camp -; r -oiti Mr, Baser promi - iin- if it could be arrang, and nas oeen - " nTt J totals $117.000.: Mr. Rogers, neia oui . heen whr will snena tne ween ucic numucr .ui - ; --Vr - htantial sub- a ed. Greene what failure. No . hope was The deieganou left some- ty, for a le-The - to. avinervise the construction has.secureu v-- disappointed over meir y J 0 j scripfions from locn pusmess mcu. - I w w . , . .... ....- .... . man should bear his own sin yv; 80-. V. The Covenant Renewed (33 :1- 1. Moses commission renewed Cvh. 83). . ' 1 ; 2. The second tables of the law given (34:1-9). In the giving of these tables he reiterated God'e justice,, but gave particular emphasis to his mercy. The Lord God, merciful and gracious. long-suffering , and abundant in good ness .and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving . Iniquity, r and transgression and sin. and that will, by no means clear the guilty visiting the . Iniquity of the fathers' upon the chil dren, and upon th children's children, onto the third and fourth generation," SECRETARY LANE'S EYES ARE OPENED BY SOUTHERN VISIT, Washngton.iDeclaHng that ' what he saw during his recent trip to the South to look over lands which might be made : available for returning sol diers and marines opened his eyes to possblties never dreamed ot in ms en Ire life. Secretary Lane of the depart ment of the Interior; has Justy filed With 'the houses committee investigat ing this matter a most ' interesting and lucid indorsement of the proposi tion. . . s','-' ' Interest Increasing In Poultry. ' The poultry club office of the AktI. ben most ,--7- Wft,en. Nearoes Arrange for Campaign. '. . -hi. nrv. .. nAirrn - rhamDer The Rose's Name, The name "rose" varies only slight- t?wa Rnnnh Treatment. rharlotte Despite the pronounced y among different nations.-- The Ro- mans canea . 11 , - assisted by conducted uu,.wu.. Charlotte. me nBru xc-r . r .nf the committee --l IlrSM " SrTtheTbm, members ote to ln Itallan. for --.e- - rr:t , ar-i nT,.Witt and?- Mecklenburg county Russian, in rousu u is rva, .u .w-. , .urjtili among the ; negro popuiavu- 7. arin before the joint ro In Swedish.ros,, and-In French, Asso;iaiionv -- lotte in hom gardening, .rrixes S nf the lerisla- and Danish convalescing. " -.Totivft rnner the week ol January - w warden vields.De- turef declared tneir expec -t , : Young Coor - . will be worked U favorable report from tne comm v- n .rLVMW,u: Represenuivf i . i-,v,lltl WAre organized. , v taus wrc , Wpive -roueh treatment H -Another thins tnai rve nouceu m .,-a r h! where- win's office was nouueu - tf : hospital snrlnes. Represent B,uo' ..k - or oreanlzed. a taUs lor xne camp.6 - . A 7- L..i M.oivft MrouaL treatment"! : Another- thing community ciu, - -'- , to o nilt: 4 Secretary B., N arris, - it -.hnl ax l.-tw, observed the tc. fl Warr Miss ' Delia .strouu, w v i "TTI': .Mimt : this bill- by I -ha a breezy : way about' nim U - - . . A - 1 plct r 11 1 III I ' . n 1V - stration. agent. ". ;r:wtt.i , thorlties of the J T-cnamDer," r . i immunity clubs In Davidson county A . 14 meetings. Going from ASK RETURN TO 4OWNERS.OFr. TELEGRAPH-ANO TELEPHONES i xxr; ahin eion; The executive and auu i v . Nation In Polish It isroza, in Dutch special war comm.uBc v v - ties commissioners, representing the ...Kit. rvir.A commissions railway and public utilities commissions ; of the states (excepUng,. Delaware, which has' no1 public "service or railway com Uk rMxi ddresse1' letter tc tresident Wflson 2 requester' him ta i - iiTiiT" and telephona rose. T,dT .EdBoml0nty. t;ta i.r, ,1 wealthier coati. lus been.tals' osuaUy pretty frexb." return the telegraphnd ; rcpertiea to thsir owners. Point 10 neeUngs were held ' y mm - Liirui kw va wtMr .... . " 4 Charlotte,"

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