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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, April 18, 1919, Image 1

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I A ElvefiXkLi For itz i llcce AIND THE TRYON BEE pnik County m?&mrSmmm : ..--, kin. wr...v. f- :..nnn .... -t - .rf.ffjfl ftM-ad, .... Vf J3ggfegSMWA THE FUNDA-J6SI.TAkATION t0 As.. Difficult Prop.rti dard or vuc m i i j P-r Cent of Conservative I Hi ent Revaluation Is for Ben- , i 1 Governments- A ludein V - en Heal for Cities and iowns. Square ue1 or (By A. J. Maxwell.) ," last article covered the organi se fa" evaluation of real es- zation i , act except Spe- state The act authorized W Zx.: r-,mi5?sionv to employ for the lav wz. . ,,;,f 1 nvnwiinflK! tft QCQlct ? appraU of properties the value . Eh is difficult to ascertain. This in ap?" .ffl -u ;0 flSCe 01 anticipates that in so far as h maV D- wunu -x - , fnH nraT rn exnerts in 2Ky will be. employed with; the g that all property of feach. bf such classes wm J- 5U ..n,r annraised m all parts of the State. Capitalization of enterprises has been nanuicu ""r, r - f ways that it furnishes m many ;LS a totally inaccurate index of the value of the property represent a The success of the revaluation rlan will depend upon the thorough ness accuracy and-fairnes with which it is done, and it will not do to as sess at full value the classes of prop erty the value of which will be within the knowledge of the assesor and -to take a poor guess at. the value of other properties as to the , value of which he will have little knowledge. . I H !An in W 1111 AJ I1M vmtih .u The Standard or value The standard of value is 100 per cent, or as expressed in the act, what the property would sell for at ordi nary sale for cash. Forced sales, auction sales, and sales on: "the ex tortion plan," or the allurments , of time prices are to be eliminated as a matter of course. The actdoes not anticipate that unnaturally inflated values shall be used, even when sup ported by some conditions of sale. The rule is plain enough; the difficulty is in the application: - That element of value is in every case a matter of sound judgment and discretion; based upon accurate knowledge of the prop I. erty. A very small percentage of property has actually changed hands by recent sale, and even as to this small percentage s there is ! in every case -room for investigation of Hthe character and ' cori3itiovns . of. the ale to ascertain if the price represents actual fair value. The judgment of well-informed men will - in ' almost every case differ. The one thing that will be insisted upon is that the as sessing officer in every case, -as to each piece of property, large or small, get all the available facts not take for granted, but take the trouble to investigate and after , acquiring all the knowledge that can reasonably he gained in a proper way, exercise an in telligent, conservative- judg ment as to actual, stable value, and then apply 100 per cent of that'judg ment as the basis of value. . To use any. other basis 95 or 99 per cent would be like" knocking a chock from behind the wheel of a car stand: mg cn a steep incline it would set tle right back to the old levels, with a different rule applying, -in , each county, and with inequality the gen- mi rule. Revaluation for Benefit of Counties and Cities Thfe Etate. tax rate has been re duced this year 11 2-3 cents. . The average tax rate in the counties: in eluding special taxes f or various local purposes was 1.08 tier cent in 1918 In most of the larger cities in rthe ole tne total rate is around 3 per cent. So that about 10 per; cent of the taxes collected in tbe counties from Drcmertv will hp for tht nse of the State, and less than , 5 per cent f total taxes collected from prop erty in the cities is for the use of the State. The State is pursuing a poncy oi receding from the property ldX ana looks now definitely to complete abandonment of the nror rty tax for its revenue, except for 11 distributed back to the counties. Sq that the chief purpose. of the revalu ation act is to furnish a more accu se, efficient and equitable means of k me local neeas oi we counties and cities of the StateJ . hey win be the chief beneficiaries i its success. A Square Deal for' the Cities ine tax burden bears , especially JJfavy in municipalities where so ny modern improvements have ceen provided at public expense. It is in the cities especially that we . f;far the complaint thatx high tax rates are confiscating income from Foperty, and a very great-reduction Clty .tax rates is essential to the successful administration of the full I e ..Property tax system. . The re valuation should leave the total com bined tax rate in the highest taxed S m the State TiSte dose around on!Per cent. - , inere are three nroviirn tnat will tior, ?!? teffective under the ' revalua larwat.wlU be interesting particu wn w t0he municipalities, and that itend lower their rates. onaroo 1 .... . hpf 1 &LOCK lri their banksnave .otore h&p-n j;crutA wa vPr l r of the shareholder, where storv llved' Now all the shares of whero 1? e1very bank " be taxed banV r b,ank is Seated, against the be ;?? d .theref ore a11 the stock will located pallty where the bank Real none rntvivN.. , "'"i vi vcicy- on Ll.mpa.mes have been distributed W wnTliager Ail such property ow located within a munlcipaUty KOAD TRUSTEES . RESTED. AR. yhSFw'a Fd made its re port Wednesday, condemning the' con ditaon of the publia roads Sjh Pofk" ?2 k asked Solicitor nf & i J1 naa a Ust of the nams L StSel' "an? Mr Huffman Vve' but. could procure same. The J udge told him to do so and that he, would have writs issued for thearrest of these officials and ascertain why the roads of the county were aUowed to be in sch a shape. l he time has- arrived when the peo pie of the county ; demand better roads. . No doubt some of the trus tees can give the Judge ample and sufficient reasons why the roads are m the condition they are now in while others will have a merry old time con vincing Judge Long. , In tns connection we desire to call the attention of the jroad treasurers to the fact that not a single one in Polk county has complied with the law by publishing their reports in a newspaper in Polk county. The law plainly states that you SHALL do so. What are you hesitating about? One correpondent asks the question in this issue and wants to know why the reportsvhave not been published. We hope this will be sufficient no tice to these treasurers, and ' that no unpleasant" steps will be necessary to compel them v to publish their reports in conformity with the requirements of the law. MAPLE GROVE; Mr. Wlieeler Odel visited Mr. Sid ney McGuinn, last Saturday night. ' Wedding bells are rinirin!? in thif? section.' Mr. Badere ADDlev ar.H Miss Lula Haynes were married last Sat- uraayevning. ' Mrs. Fred Wilson v visit.fH Mrs George Price, last Sunday. xvjssrs. u. s. uiDbs, yjill Corn and M. N Burnett are attending court this- week. " , ' Mrs. U. S. Gibbs visited Mrs. C. R. Gibbs, Sunnday. Mrs. W. Wilson was the miest of Mrs; B. Laughter, Sunday last. , neiio, faunny View. Glad to know you think our. name sounds good. ' Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lemon visited the tatter's-parents, Mr. and - Mrs. E. .L3IcGuinn. last Sundav. - -rivir. U7 xr. vy usonr leit, lastMonoay, ior kock mil, wnere he will spend a tew months. - Mr. Virgil McGuinn visited at Mr. L. bpicers, Sunday last. Mrs. King Stepp and Bonnie Corn visited at U. S. Gibbs. Monday after noon. . , . Mrs. U. Sr Gibbs visited her mother Mrs. N; L. Lynch, one day last week, Miss Lola Gibbs spent Thursday night with Mrs. Bonnie Corn. Miss Ethel Ruff- spent Saturday night with Miss Esther Wilson. . ' t MILL SPRING ROUTE 2. Mrs. Laura Searcy, of Arcadia, S. C, visited relatives in Red Mountain section, Saturday and Sunday. Mis Esther Wilson spent Wednes day with Miss -Arkansas Jackson, near Sunny View. i Mrs. J. H. Laughter was made hap py when her son, King, arrived home safe from "over there." Mr. Laugh ter was in the 119th infantry of the 30th Division, , and participated in some of the famous fights on the Hindenburg line. - ' Private Ralph Jackson visited his lister, Mrs. Zira . Smith, of' Campobel lo, S. C, last week. Misses Annnie Wilson and Mattie Mhe Williams spent several hours with Mrs. F. R. Obggin, last Sunday. Sorry to note that Mr. Frank Jack son is very ill .with the flu. - - Mr. Claude Wilson was a caller in Maple Grove section, last Sunday, Mr. Andy Wilson, from Sandy Plains visited . relatives on the rpute, last week. ' - . Private R. R. Wilson, who is witn ncr.unation reports that they would leave Germany-on April 12th. ' . ' , , Let's not forget our Sunday scriooi at Cooper Gap. Uur - supsnntenuem, is so faithful. : . . . V Rev. N. L. Wright spent oaiumaj night at W. W. Gibbs'. . Wi D. Helton maae a uusmcoo "'i to Tryon last Saturday. RALLY DAY AT COLUMBUS. ThprA will be an all-day rally held by the Baptist church at Columbus, next Sunday April 20th : An esting program has-been epared for the occasion, which ; v- pelled to leave out on accuuni, "?Many interesting addresses, recita tions songs, etc., will avurg -the program. Atnoon ;dmne spread on tne grouiiv. rvCj a most enjoyab time anfacipated A ceneral invitation to come ana brgSfilled baskets is extended to everybody ... : t will be" subject to the munkipatax. Ats: vards and, terminal facilities have heretof ore been assess ed 'as a part of tJTVmnl distributed -on mam.nne ,",rIW":Vr that with a few sngiu, taxes pmy vu f vft c6r 1 hfiSls of main .line miieagc ( y""V"irtr Under the revaluation nextvear the value of all ja of city or town will be subject o municipal taxei. - " . ORDERS TRYON, N. C. FRIDAY APRIL 18; 1919: 1 OUR FRIENDS some items. of General Interest Gathered ' - - Sectins f WARRIOR MOUNTAIN Mr; V. G. Jones Sunday with Rev. J. B. Arledse. . Mr, Govan Constant was' in .our community recently. - . r. . U hisses Kena, Ula and Dosie Thomn- son were pleasant4 callers of Miss Ab- wit- Ai ieuge ounaay. v mr.v Kegan , Thompson, of Virginia, was m this section visiting friends and relatives. - - : Mr. George Foster has sold nart of his farm but we have not learned the name of the' buyer. Miss Irene Salley . was un looking after business interests recentlv: We were glad to see her out again. we are the proud possessor of six teen thoroughbred Rhode Island Red thickens, obtained through County Agent Sams. , MAPLE GROVE Mr. Wheeler Odel visited Mr Sid- ney McGuinn, last Friday. Messrs. bampson Smcer and Vireril McGuinn, went to Hendersonville last Saturday. - - V . ... Ihe little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Wilson is staying with her grandmother, Mrs. H. M. Ruff. ', Mr. Claude Wilson was the cruest of Mr. U. S. Gibbs last Sunday.' Miss Uma Gibbs "visited Miss Leon Burnett one, day last week.; ; Mr. Tolbert Odel was . a caller at Mr. M. N. Burnett's Sunday, r ; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Corn spent Sunday night with't Mrs. Ellen Searcy. Misses Thurcy and Bessie Burnett visited Mrs. Fred Wilson, last Tues day. - . : ' -I .- Messrs. Sampson Spicer and Virgil and Misses Vada Haynes ,ahd Eva Spicer motored to Hepdersonville one day last week. " Misses Leon arid Mabel Burnett visited their grandmother, Mrs. ', Whit Wilson, one day last week. Mr55 Zach Searcy has returned home from Great Falls, j S. C. r : cross keys ingtime i e andtneTfarm--f ers are busy turning their land and getting ready for planting. , , L. D. Bridges and wife spent Satur day with the later's parents, Mr. and Mrs, D. P. Welborn, near Sandy Plains. - : Mr. Wilbur McGinnis, Miss Gladys Smith and Miss Cantrell, "of Melvin Hill, N. C, were seen in this vicinity Sunday afternoon. Miss Gladys Flynn and friend, Walter Edwards, called on Miss Nora Welborn Sunday afternoon. Mr. Roscoe Hall also called on Miss . 5 Nora Welborn Sunday evening ,; , Mr. and Mrs. J. D Weaver and children spent Sunday with Mrs. Weaver's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Flynn. r ! : A Sunday school was organized at the Sandy , Plains school 'house Sun day morning. . L. D. Bridges and wife called at the home" of Mv. and Mrs. Flynn, Sunday last. ' Dr. Head has the "spiff" under iiis control around Greens Creek vicinity o MILL SPRING School closed Friday. Everybody seemed to enjoy the program given Saturday night. The , children did their part extra well, under the ex cellent training, .of our faithful teacher, Miss Dalton. r A play, en titled "Topsy Turvy," was given by the young boys and girls of Mill Spring. We Were sorry we could not accommodate the people with plenty of room and seats, but we hope we may be able to do so next ye"ar. Miss Dalton accompanied... by Miss Lethea Barber, Messrs. George Bar ber and Robert -Foster, left for her home at Chimney Rock Sunday af terfnoon. After a, pleasant 'visit , and a. 'cold , climb on the" rock, Monday morning, the party bid farewell to Miss Dalton and returned to their homes ; Monday afternoon. Miss Gladys Gibbs, Messrs. Claude Lewis and Robert Foster spent a few social hours with Miss . Lethea Bar ber Saturday night. . i V Miss Lethea Barber and Mr. Joe Hall spent the day, Sunday, with Mr. Hall's sister, Mrs. Ed Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Foster and son: Robert, went to Landrum and Spar tanburg Sunday, returning Monday evening. . ' ;" -: v . t: - SALUDA There-was a debate in the Presby terian church on Friday night of last weeki subject, Compulsory - Military Training. , The affiirmative; was rep resented by Miss Clara Thompson, and Master Ernest Thompson, of, Saluda Seminary, and the negative by Messrs. , Galloway and Westby, of Brevard Institute. The judges decid 0a in favor of the negative. vn : g erviU have made a short visit I to their summer, home in Saluda, to Mr and Mrs. li. ' W. iieeves. - oi 5whev will r eturn later, for the -:,r--' Tho rntiaVe beloncring to u Mrs. riora Rarbour. formerly of this io.0; hnt-now ' a : resident of Tana wccoa' Fla .V has been rented to Mr. DePau. of South Carolina, ' for the summer. ' ' , 's ; -'.r . " iMrs. Kinlaw has aub:rented the cot FB OVER; THE COUNTT Bv Our CM-reinonrlrmti Fmm VLim Polk County J. J, . - . .. tage occupied by-her since February, and has rented and , moved into one of the Wilkes; cottages, for the sum me'r. -" JCHK -y ':- - j-.;': ; ; Mr. and MrsV "Julian Ravenel and little daughter are "visiting' relatives in Savannah, Ga. x C ; - Mrsi R.v B. Little and small son are visiting relatives and friends "in Spar--tanburg. r - Miss Louise' Lane spent Sunday in Hendersonville with her aunt Mrs. La Motte; - ; . ' Mr. Parler, of this place, is now in Baltimore recovering from anopera tion, at -Johns Hopkins Hospital. Judge'jA; S.' Moore is now in Saluda where he-resided for several years, and i is stopping at 'the Caro lina House. - r -;. v . Mr. and Mrs. Corwith took a long drive to Pacolet ; valley, on Sunday, and report Vegetation ' much further advanced than m and about Saluda. Mrs. E.jM. Salley and Mrs,, H. P. Locke; both had a- fair, percentage of chicks- from their recent hatch; but Mrs. Mark Wilson has an old hen whose recent achievement beats the incubator all to smash. She was set on 20, eggs and hatched them all, and is busy scratching for 19 at this time. . Mrs. Walter Jones' music class en tertained their parents and friends last week by giving a musicale, much enjoyea by all present. - .,;ri r TRYON ROUTE 1. Oh yes Mr. Lynn, we will second the motion to erect a monument in mem ory of.- the boys- who made " the su preme sacrifice. We suggest that it should be erected at the court house square in Columbus, and the name of the one wha lived nearest to the court house to be the first on the monument then' the next . nearest and so on ; date and battle field on which they gave their lives should also be added.' Many passed on the route, Sunday, to attend the burial ; services , of the aged father Levi Bishop. . Messrs. Clark - and Brannon and families, of New Prospect; S. C,v were gMjQtfiMiss Salue and MrP Jpmv Carpenter. Sunday. i-Miwr', Mr. Frank Edwards has a severe case of inflammatory rheumatism. , Rev. Mr..Noblet and wife, of Chim ney Rock, were visitors on the i Route, recently. '' -'v'r - :' Mr. Joe- Carpenter is in from Ten nessee, visiting his boyhood nome. Hoy, hoy, what has become f the railroad prospects for this great out-of-doors; wooded land part of : the county ? Will we have to wait until the smallest boy can . grow a long, grey beard? j : COLUMBUS. Superior Court convened t Monday, with Judge Long presiding. Messrs. Sol Gallert, Smith and Spainhour are among the out of town attorneys. Mr. Joe Hall, , who has returned from overseas, was in. town Monday.; Mrs.- C. D. Elliott had the misfor tune to fall and fracture her collar bone, last week. Messrs. Lucian Hicks - and Dewey Owens were visitors at Stearns High School, Monday. A play will be given at tne .fctearns Vfifrh School auditorium. Saturday night, April 19, at 8 p. m., by the pri mary and grammar grades. Mrs. J. W. Jack and Mrs. T. M. jonnson, teachers." ' ; A: ' Mrs. Elizabeth Spivey was a dinner guest of Mu. and Mrs. J. W. -Jack, Sunday. , , . . Mis Lizzie Dalton. of Mill Spnng, is visiting at the home of her uncle, Mr. F. M. Burgess. - , Mr. Jasper Guffey, of Stearns nign School is visiting his parents in Ruth. erf ordton, this week. ; : . " ' a immoTi's Missionary union was ore-anized at the Columbus Baptist A. X. VUibMl W ,"r tr . . a . .linrrh Snnriav aiternOOni. miss Axm- . , H T " hi . nie Aridge was elected president, V.i.., g . . . 1 A. . Mrs; Chas. Davenport vice presmcm,, and Mrs. H. H. Edwards secretary treasurer. . ' .., - c. AT r-c Trtlvn T-fWlS : . femitn. - OI Ol i-y o r orivwl to sDend tne ATX X. Jm U VlUt - ' - , - summer with her parents, Mr. Mrs. J. W." Newman. . . and Attorney Spears, trom uaaen, N. o4- tun-in crnool debated m tne L AnUct with Saluda t and n Te-ntntA. Fndav evening; Lriiinii uiiii. utu"v . . Aoril 4th: The negative woe T-"f iCVUU iiai.-j . . . , i question W-flWS ,"XT.H theiive by Miss Ada Tallant and Miss Thelma Mills.oi rAinmKiie ! There were kuuu "6- v.At h sides, however the de bv the affirmative. rm - TToTira.tives at ure .j r-nrAn-n Johnson and vara were wn. j i, ; offif Mr. Ernest McMurray, n4 .a arna rpnresevted by Mr, tX and Sir. J. K. Matthews, Jr. The Stearns High School also tho decision af Brevard Institute We are very proud of the. success pi the seniors of Stearns. Narrow Escape. One morning theiyoungest: pupils mAM KHfrori to sit upon a' rsovable hpnrh tn recite : soon thert was a com motion in the midst: of which; Edtth wvd ner hand excitedly ana saw: Teacher, Johnnie tipped the seal; and I almost fell off , the class rv" t FULL REPORT OF THE ' The grand jury completed the task assigned , that body, made its report to Judge Long, Wednesday, and was discharged. - The jury did its work . So well that u compiimentea tne labor, w mat uoay ana endorsed its action So P 4? ?Ult- He, w?nt eYn furthe.r that by , 'ordering tne report opii upon tne recoraSi oi tne court for eighteen months so that each sue- ceeding judge mirfht be able to see it. arid to ascertain if anything was be ing done. to oarry out the recommen dations of that body. He aiso order ed a copy sent to the Board oi' County Comrnissinoners for their informa tion. , ' , We hope to be able toN secure the Honorable Court's comments vpon the re'port and publish same in our next issue. the Polk county soldiers and of course Columbus would be the. natural selec tion for such a monument,' but so lit- tle care is taken of anything around the court house grounds that he peo ple who are willing to donate for that purpose want to know first if V any! care is to be taken of the monument after it is erected. If not, then some other site will be selected. After the report hal been read, Mr. A. DeVere Turner, a member from Saluda, addressed the Court and said Al X. ... J". 1-1 AT i- vxiau uie jury -xeit xuiuxir umi f proper custodian should be employed, one who would be held responsible for iC Fi u6 vi wxc wuxv o fl"u ful reading of the report will be bet ter. It follows: r . s Report of Grand Jury. To His Honor, B. F. Long, Judge Pre siding: . .. , ..V; -: General changes recommended. The grounds about the court house build ing should be cultivated and when the proper time comes should be sown to 4.t!i erass. and the trees witnin tne W grounds should be protected about the roots with rocks lying close by, and proper walks prepard leading ; txv the court house from different directions. We recommend ' that the county v,oiumpus;TO ouuiin wau;rv iiw nf a A Fdwards' Sundav after-byyreamwthat- , Edwards , Sunday after ; Dmimngs;can-w?suppuea;wui.rn?. lets and lavatories can be Put in the l. t 1 DUllOingS. . vynen WUS ia uuae suiiaure drainage can be supplied, to carry off th 1 is Vwrtf WhPn tliis is rinnp suitable Wfe find that the building is jery inadequately furnished as there is no seating capacity m any oi tne jury rooms or desks in any of the offices. We .would , recommend that proper seating capacity" be provided for , not only the jury rooms but the court room throughout; that the soutnriy end of the court room be. raisd on a platform on : either side .of of the main aisle so that the seating in the vai, nf n- .nr. irio tho I lt-l rV 1 Idl 1 III lL LC1.11 LJK " 111 V T ' WHVi rlprkr that th clerk's desk Jo. . .... voicoH nr at lonct hwi Cons -WThlPh platform should extend to the east chair and iurv box for twelve seats. nnd twt. tViP iurv - spats should be y.vl,t ninnrl. HAinm thio . t TYiafO -fl-,-,v. v,.. cV.nii hA r Tallinn. KotwAPT. ho. witness rhair and the, str.s lpadino- tn thp. iudtrp bench X .ivvn vwm ....,. v ,w. -------ej , o nn hnth cidps sind a rniliTio" in front of . wuvu ,v. 0 - .lie tiei r uc. The hardware for the several doors o,inni;ri wTiptp npppssarv! shades nro - vided for the windows, especially in the court room, and many lights ot boay is inviw.a u, . . - . glass throughout the building fur-. Rev. G. G.. Oneai will fill his regu nis"hpd - .Wp dn , not recommend lar anointment a Greens L,reext Jas- ki.-ir... nri ih nniidincr hut ; shadps in- 1iIUVUJ vr- .-v ; w -Q inA ' ' , ' ; . . vH VXIU ivnci xiwx r x wvi-vAiA ...- , , that the hall-way be built s from v the pleasantly surprised, ; Sunday after front door back , to the sheriff's office noon, when a party of .. old "enff with a door into the sherifTs . office- called on them from their old home ahd into the Board of Educaion room, the rooms on either side, of this hall-? way to be used as rquired m the fu ture. r The vault rooms in the recorder s office and in the clerks office should be made into fire-proof rooms - by blocking up the two large - windows that now open "into these rooms and strenrthenine the walls so that they will be absolutely fire-., rocf and safe for papers and booics. incre re some galvanized guter j neeaea to ue reDlaced on the main roof of the building. . v - We . are intormod . that tne uoun cy nomTnissioners -ire raaxinc: arrange- mnts to have the building painted in- side, but if this is not done we tnmK it should be done as early, as possioie. . We made a visit to tne jau ana find that the prisoners are kept on, the third floor of the building the first and second floors being occupiea Dy , .vne family of the jailer; that the roof of the building is in very bad condition it beintr a shingle roof. .1 he ceilings and some of the partitions down , One Polk county soldier who has through the building , are made of just returned home, a member of the wood and we consider very dangerous famous 30th" division,' says -the boys with - the shingle roof in case of fire, did something over there that did not There should be some new steps lead- meet . with the pleasure1 of General ing out of the front porch as some- Pershing, and he sent them word that body is liable to be injured 1 n going they were: "Not worth a . dam; up and down these steps. We recom- wouldn't even make good trench mend that a metal roof be put on the diggers.' But after they severed Mr. building in place of the shingle roof, Hindenberg'sf little line General Per and that a more sufficient : number -at. shjng relented and sent them word cots or hammocks be provided for the that he , took it all back, and; that prisoners, and that the jailer be re- they were about the proper soldiers, quired to keep the place, m a more The Polk county says he never did sanitary condatioii than we. found .it learn what raised 'General Pershing's when we made our visit there. There ire- but that all the same "the -havn t .. .f -lfi.i.-!ni-.Tini in are many ugnts wj. gi.oa -o-& YEAR . . rfafng'and 'they should be sup to keep the building in proper or-. der. We have ascertained that' he coun ty owns ,an undivided half interest in 229 acres about one mile southeast of the court house and that this land is very well adapted to a county, farm, ana we would suggest that steps be taken' to" have this land divided so that tho rnnnfv rri k rv required for a" county hom: , It is a well known fact that: the roads all over he county are in very bad condition and wp wmW. that we request - that- some steps be taken to put- them in order or to have the proper road com missioners informed that they aust take steps thereon, ' . v TM. A. PACE, Foreman Grand Jury. FISHTOP. - Nice weather seems to be i n hand for court week. . I .W. Bishop and wife Posey Hen- are in attendance at court this week. The prospects for fruit are first class, so far, for peaches, . apples, -plums, pears, etc. ; There has been little planting done yet.- ..::..- Rye and wheat look well, but there was not enough sown. We understand the law says that each road treasurer in the county,' shall make an annual settlement with : the County Commissioners, also : that they shall publish a report showing where the money came from, to whom and for what paid out. So far we K - done v Why not comply with the law and let the taxpayers know what is done with their money? They are certainly entitled. o this informa tiaon, to say the least. . .. MILL SPRING ROUTE X The farmers of this : seecion are very busy getting ready to plant their crop. Lewis Phillips, a brave young .sol-. I dier who has recently returned from I T7I ' ' li 1 J- n 4- r ranee, -is suenuing several uays " J. T. Edwards'. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Griffin, of Shel by, visited the former's parents last week. ywr 9nH.',lW White- Mu lllu? "l ja"M: ""S .uc,"Plft' 00vvu , ,'. f, ' 0ol .f Mrs Rnccpll at Pea- to give Mrs.RusselI up,' but . she's e-one to a better place. The bereaved family has our deepest' sympathy. CROSS KEYS. The little five months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Barnev , Cantrell- was . laid xo rest, r naay, au vireeua , Mr. ttrastus Mcpityre- ana wixo I sTiPTit the week-end with the formers I T - - . .a parents; Mr. and -Mrs. ; McEntyre, or I ii i T7i4... Ln !i,n .afnm. 1 tniS DiaCC. jIld,SUUS llASt JUSt- liuiu- I ed from France with the 30th Divis- Mrs Ehas Cantrell and daughters, Bertha and .Margaret, l of Landrum, 5Tl"Tir. MlTlfiaV in LUIS V1C1UU Jf H: -j . - S I .-Wallapp i Jackson and Basil ; uusn I were welcomed home from r t ranee, I m i -lJL1 T? Z . week. Some more ot tne JUtn jlivib- i . . . . I ion bOVS. , ' . " i t 1 j i 1 J A r . V1 proving at Greens Creek, we naa 1 mitiils nresent. Sunday, against 1 84 on the preceding Sunday. uope , to have more Easter .Sunday. Every- tr Sunday. Come and bring your fl . I fripnds. d I ' Af-r and Mrs. Claude Jolly were at Greer, S. C. "POLK" COUNTY RED CROSS I Some months aeo the Red Cross jhad a' gift of a piano to be sold. at auction. It brought in eighty-four dollars. ; a most welcome addition ,to J the treasury. At the next 'meeting nf the executive commitee the secre- tary was authorized to send a letter. i expressing , the appreciation ana j thanks of the committee but tne gu beintr anonvmous the secretary now; uses these columns as the only.chan- nei f or reaching the donor and ex- nrpssinc this rratitude. Mrs Lindsey asks that all children's socks be turned m as soon as pos sible, as Atlanta headquarters are calling f or the knitting. ; Remember to call on the Red Cross for any. help needed by our returned soidiers and their families. WHAT DID THE 30TH DO? j swear . oy reranin. I . . 1 " s

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