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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, April 18, 1919, Image 6

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9 h GINS APRIL 12ffi9 Easter will soon be here, do your shopping at Patterson's, the best store in Western Carolina chandue U right You can buy better goods for less money at Patterson . " Easter Apparet A veritable Exposition of Fashions, not only entirely new, but refreshingly different and with out any freakishness. Capes, Dolmans, Silk Frocks, Suits, Coats, Dresses, Seperate.Skii ts. Everygarment clearly portrays a model of re fined elegance. The touch of individuality in these garments beas a charm and a grace that meets 'with universal acclaim. Make your Easter selections early. Easter Capes and Dolman s. Individualized types, emphasizing the most dis tinctive features of fashion. This statement sig nificantly characterizes the assortments assembled with skill and care. - l Here is a variety of mode that is best in the new viashions, modified and tempered by the dictates f 8 laste Pces range from $10.00 to $55.00. Easter Millinery. Uncommonly attractive jmd unusually different are the models we are showing. $1:50 to $1500. Easter Blouses. Silk and Georgette. A collection of Women's and Misses New and Pretty Blouses, well worthy the attention of aU interested in something totally different from the ordinary. Prices range from $1.95 to $12.50. : : ' . X ' : -. -. ?tn55 "- v:-:-:::-. ;-'-''' ' '- - 5v-' ' - . Jsv-. For Men Faultless Gowns and Pajamas for Men Silk and Muslin. Prices from $1.25 to $7.00 Manhattan Shirts, Collars and Underwear, the best in the world. Prices are very reasonable. A 9 I! Men's and Boy's Clothing. which we have selected for the Easter tradfe are very attractive. Boy's suits from $2.98 to $18.00. Young Men's and Men's Suits from $10.00 to $55.00 The style, price and quality of the mer cheap merchandise elsewhere. Easter Dress Accessories. Everything to enhance the beauty of the Easter Outfit is here in rich and bountiful assort ment. Gloves, Hosiery, Neckwear, Ribbon and Flower Bouttonieres, SihVHand Bags, Handkerchiefs, Perfumery, Jewelry, Footwear, Beads, Veilings, Etc. Articles that the discriminating woman will select, because of the correctness - of style, color harmony and quality. Easter Apparel for Girls There is a marked interest in Patterson's Store in the new fabrics and the favored colors in the Season's New Attire for the Juniors. Prices range from 69c to I . tszr.'Ki K '1 -rr 7 ''' - SALE URO)AY9 APMD0-: U. 2(th - - . - Specials Patterson's Department Store Specials S Ik Camisoles 95c v Longerine Shirt Waists, $ 1 .00 value, 49c. Yard-wide Black Taffeta, $2.00 value, $1.25 . yard. Only one dress pattern to a customer. B-QENO Dght Percales only 7c yard, 5 yards to customer. JLSHT gS t SflCfl IBCS t D K. Percales and Ginghams, 1 6c yard. The Mildred and Phillippine Silk and Muslin un denvear,for Ladies are now cn display, at very low prices. Men's, Ladies and Children's White Shea, Pumps and Oxfords, for Easter, are going at low pnees. Bleaching. 12 l-2c yard, Ira ttilcricicrsoo .HjilLliU MiL y We have thousands of other specials ccme and see them. QNVGLOJEo No O. 1 ti 1; , - r .'" ' 2 E . I 21 WHAT POLK COUNTY FARMERS " ARE DOING. County Agent Sams Tell3 of Progress m T 1 a 1. A T 1 C Trade Idea. Columbn? T.wpship Umpt madto PfJjL to this end that the committee ap pointed is at work, and so soon as our township organizations show suf ficient strength, then a eeneral coun.- ty meeting will be called and an at- lraae iaea. commons iownsnipi .7 r . , rv,w. Vi-f Organized and Read, for Business. Umty "er f Commerce tha JV1UV VI U " W and hoping for. Respectfully, seed, to be used oy our farmers the remainder of this year, tome . ami vnnr rnntj;? vpf the seea U make that pasture for the pure bred 1 livestock that sooner or later you are w to crot G. 1j. UKK 6v& e Columbus N. C, April 14, 1919. Editor NEWS: So far we effected community or township organizations in each of the six townships in Polk county. One at Greens Creek High School which will J. R. SAMS, County Agent. Columbus Township Organizes... The farmers of Columbus township SS , aM"ock at the county court h, a .r urday before eacn fourth bunoay -d hv eleeW J. T. Gilbert. Cofiim- towSTwhim on 5 Saturday before each third Sunday, J gef ecre W Colmnbusrhich meets monthly at Committee on Perneirt Pastures the court house, 3 o'clock p. m., on PAf'a b' Ed' Saturday before each second Sunday. (Dick) Edwards, and Mrs. S. B. td- Mill Spring, m -White Vale townsnip BEAUTIFY TRYON Tnet.s at Mill Smine. on Saturday be fore each second Sunday, at 7 o'clock p. m. At Lyn, in Tryon township, and FnendshiD church, m baluda town Committe on Agricultural Lime, J. T. Gilbert, Mrs. S. B. Edwards and G. L. Orr. . Tf artv one whose shiDinff point is Tryon, wants any amount of lime for x iuuoiui, v. . , . 4. 1 rlover. teas and leeumes. please com- K SBTTaS -nica 'your wants to any of tMs theses organizations is growing, and A.i in one or it is a matter of great interest to effort is to be made to ship m one or await and let thi future develop more .cars of lime this immth. Over whether the people of Polk county half a car was subscribed at this win suck 10 mese orgauiiuuua 1 ... x,.t, r 1 r- by so. doing learn in an organized ca- "g;"6 ", ?,"lt7' th! pacity to develop the wonaenui re-lii-- v r- - sources that have been neapea upon mo - :C k ""h them: or lapse into the old individual- every raiser of any breed of poultry isScway of the past and be content n Columbus township statins: the to remain a back number. In other kind of chickens. . ' . . words "A Last Year's Bird's Nest." Mr. J. R. Sams offered a prize of Thl enthusiasm and earnestness $5.00 for toe greatest vanety of best with which the people in the several display 01 legumes at any fair held m towhipsliave entered into these the county this fall, open to every organizations, and the unanimity that i1? pov in m a hal prevailed everywhere, lead me to The .township decided to-Juve, a prophesy success. Already three of township, fair to be held before the f i r - l: 1 j - j-j .nimtv tair npvt fall, not to be run m uiese organizations nave aeciueu w -' " :77 r; 4 -r u.,. hold community fairs, preparatory to competifcon.with the county fair, but a great round up county fair in uc- 1 WVi "V ;r iW - ,,KC. tober. ( The regular meetings of Columbus tx be held hereafter on ganizations get well on foot, .then thesecond Saturday at Z p. m- fcv - from each of them, and other ' organ- pybedy : invited to come and let us ized forces already at work in Polk know your problems and what effort Te time of the vear is upon us when plans for the beautifying of our town should be pertectea. "There are a few places on Trade etropt that need attention in that line. lots that could be made beauty spots with but little cost and effort. . Has the Lanier Club -a civic lm provement committee? If so that ittee .would be the very ones to do that work. We say this because we know that when the Lanier Club takes hold of anything of this nature it alwavs nuts it through to a suc cessful termination. We hope some move will be made in that direction while there is yet plenty of time. o A SOLDIER'S MONUMENT asking what day has been appointed as Clean-up Day for Tryon; also stat ing that if so desired a lady will be sent from headquarters to superin tend thf inh. If there is a pown m isortn Caro lina that can attend to anything of this kind without asking for any out- side assistance it is lrj-on. dui iur some cause civic pride seems w oeai 1 A & very low ebb m our town at present and something should be done to arouse interest, bo many tnmgs are needing attention that we believe a oublic meetincr of cititzens should be called, and proper committees conv possd of both ladies ana geniieraen, seiectea, u iook. aiicr "ic "wuo things .needing attention. What say you, Mayor aiissuaine: WThy not you call a public meetting nf hoth sexes, and let's eet at the thing in the shortest and best way. Wp -KNOW that lryomtes can ac complish these things without any . . . j zV-.ll AT vMAAT-i-ncr outside assisxance. v.ati uie Mr. Mayor, and get the thing over with. TOWN MEETING. vre will, far-due te, under- you are making to overcome them. fv - A cill meeting is for April 4.6tn, to The question of the erection of a suitable monument to the Polk coun ty boys who enlisted during the re cent world's war is being very Imuch discussed at present. - Snch a monument is due the boys. "and now is the best time to put the thing through. It should be done by tiomilar snbserintion. and every per son m Polk countv should suoscriDe something for that purpose. Liets fat it started Send vour-name and subscription to the .NEWS and the amount will be deposited in such bank as you may desire, thereto re main until a . sufficient amount has been subscribed to go ahead with the work. Don't be ashamed 01 - xne amount vou wish to donate. Make it a free-will offering, and let no per- son fail to give something ior this nnrnose. WTio will send the first subscrip- tionT : A GENERAL CLEAN-UP DAY : : Mrs. -W. .T. Lindsey informs us that advertised call, a town meeting was held atHhe school . i-x r TITn Ant'ArrT TiirnT house auaiwrium, ncuutvj fe"-- the election ofMayor E. E. Missil dine as chairman," and Mr. M. u. Blake as secrteary. nrv. mlnoHrm of school irusteeb i I1C UWSlUi" , . first Several parties 0 - - - were placed in nomination, but upon balot Messrs A. Lu nm, as 'u and J. W. Steelman were ceciarea as the nominees. . . The matter of nominations ior Mayor and Commissioners for the Town of Tryon was then taken up. Mr. Blake read a summary ci ,use complishments of the present Board cf Commissioners since August 1, 1917, which was received TOtn ap plause. . . , ,r 171 T- Mt- r. k. .aiissnaine ana air. r. . HaAftTi vt-r-m nlnred in nomination for XC4rWVU .v K w - - - Mayor. Mr. Missildine declined, but on ballot received a majority 01 tne ballots. Later on the nominatioa of Mr. Missildine was made unanimous cn motion of Mr. B. L. Ballenger, sec- onffM hv Mr. P. Kacn- . . nomination for Commissioners. The ballot resulted in the nomination of Messrs W. F. Little, C. W. Ballenger and W. Y. Wilkins o Mr. H. P. Corwith, of Saluda, was in Tryon Monday in attendance at a meeting of the TryopcSaluda High way Commissioners. The last regular meeting of the Turner Umb ior the season, will occur next Thursday. The program will be 1 i .1 111 cnarge 01 two gsnuemea, ujijwcu by a lady. A large attendance is an ticipated. The program will oe of unnusual interest. Rev. J. H. Griffith met with a very painful accident, last Wednesday, and was unable to conduct services in Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Thurs day. The Rev. W. B. Allen, of Salu da, came down and conducted the ser vices for Mr. Griffith. Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Frost, after spending several weeks in our city, left for Washington and New York Tuesday, from whence they will returned to their Wisconsin home. Mr. and Mrs. Frost are very popular and very welcome Tryon visitors. trm Duke Was Good Mu ITost of vou have heard of Duke, the duke of e- PInHnnd. winning eloriOUS A ' " - , -I for her. But none or tnow thnt this IrOU -tnni;T, tttot 'ha tens a fl rlor, was also something i cian. At one time, oiswj in the Brooklyn Eagie, come famous as a comiai every soldier could do uw so easily from one kini another.1 . AMinue Furnit'J1 y? Kque furniture should J thom. ana j any of old oak, which J In condition oy with flannel dipped m beeswax, oil and spirit' nointni French best cleaned with parafl Rural Rat Clubs. In any rural community badly In fested with rats, it is a good plan for farmers to form rat dubs and offer prizes for destroying the rodents. The yoTinger members of the community as well as adults should be allowed to compete and the prizes should be awarded periodically, as once a month. A first, second and third prize are suggested for those who bring In the greatest number of rat tails. Specific rules governing the contests should be made at the start, and instruction as to proper methods of trapping or other wise killing rats should be part of the program for each meeting of the club. Prizes may be provided by priv ate donation or even by assessment of members. The plan gives better satis faction than a system of straight re wards, because it arouses more en thusiasm and costs less. D. Lants in Xb House Eat. - id Henry Adams on ways doing more fessed to. witn uuu - . be interrelated into nificance. "For iaci - . " hP a profound contempt. - 1 tion he remarks that, .J cation is so asiom , rT fonnrnnre 11 a-1--- - tie form of inert facts. j in Atlantic ..A 1 no .v uiamcnos 01 " - trtnn rf A vnlne Of I'j) hUUW - been" taken from the . -..awrw earliest time to tne i- Stones before cuttw .. i.vt Kir halt their Taltxt by. fit.

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