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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, May 02, 1919, Image 6

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I'i POLK COUNTY IHSWfl. THYON, N. Q PRICE OF PEACE REVEALS SECRETS NOT ASHAMED OF THE BILL .!.( &tS quickly. We won. Of all the Liberty Loans, this is the most important. We went in to win and to win Now we have got to pay our bills. It means we must see the thing through Uncle Sam's debt is your debt and my debt. Let's put over the Victory Liberty Loan with a bang and square things up buy for cash and buy on installments and do it today ? Victory Liberty Loan Committee This i pace contributed by J2';.:zr OLDONOS. PHARMACY MOSS 1HH LIBCniTT LUrtu 11V. - . ii . i . - . 1177 TT. csiic v ictory Loan Button is not only the out ward and visible sign of a duty well done it is a symbol of good judg ment a sign of keen perception a mark of business acumen. It means that the wearer has put his money into the safest investment in the world and is proud of it! $?ar this Button and Proud of tW Investment Get your Button! Wear your Button! Victory Liberty Loan Committ This space contributed by - JOB-ON ORR CO. Treasury Presents Film of Events in Great Conflict Showing What Victory Lib erty Loan Bonds Pay For. Secrets of the war recorded by tha motion picture camera and only now released by the censors are revealed in "The Price of Pace," an official film issued in behalf of the Victory Liberty Loan, and being shown all over the country. "The Price of Peace" is the only official picture ever assembled which purports to cover the war from the day it was declared down to date. The purpose of the picture as an nounced by the Department of the Treasury through Frank R. Wilson, director of publicity, is to put before the public a graphic accounting and to make clear why there is now a Vic tory Liberty Loan. The picture opens with a scene in President Wilson's office and a refer ence to that momentous April 6, when war was declared. It concludes with a remarkable view of the Statue of Liberty, in New York harbor, and the homecoming of our army. - But there is a vast deal between, including the embarkation of troops, their landing in France, final training over there, then the desperate reali ties of the front line trnchs, gas at tacks, army railroading under fire, the great attack from Soissons to Chateau Theirry, infantry and artillery under heavy bombardment, a battle between aeroplanes, and the downing of an enemy airman, the observation bal loons under fire, then the battle dead, the prisoners, captured guns, our troops marching over the Rhine into Germany, General Pershing and his men in Prussia. Christmas with the Army of Occupation in Germnay, and the home coming. Probably the greatest thrill of the p-cture is in the scenes where our troops are seen going "over the top" and into the wheatfields at 4:35 o'clock on that famous July 18, 1918. There is a dim, misty light, that gives these scenes a peculiar intensity. Other scenes of desperate fighting show an American battery under heavy fire from enemy guns in the Argonne. In yet other scenes American soldiers are shown bravely advancing under shrapnel fire across an open glade. Two are shot down near the camera. The activities of the American navy furnish another important chapter ol the picture. A number of 'impressive scenes show the German fleet steam ing to surrnder. AIR SERVICE HELPS VIC TORY LOAN LET'S HELP AIR SERVICE. When the appeal was sent to the air service by the Liberty Loan Organization for using the arrplanes in helping the drive, the response was immediate, and Liberty Loan committees all over the country are now co operating with the air service to encourage enlistments. The air service needs men and offers a number of attract ive inducements to those who enlist. Those who have had ex perience and re-enlist are offer ed the following privileges: Onejrnonth'3 vacation at once. Bonus of $60. Furlough fare certificate en titling you to ride to your home at one cent a mile, with an addi tional five cents a mile for trav eling expenses. Month's pay and ration money on return from furlough. Free clothing, medical atten tion and quarters and board. No los of pay while sick. Furloughs with pay. Insurance at low rates. Pay ranging from $30 to $121.50 a month. Langley Field, Hampton, Va., is a recruiting center and Lieu tenant Joseph Mac Lean is in charge. SURE! Well Finish Job I j e the Sfcr THE IV lPTnjYUBHTY Lfl AH BUYING LIS. ONE PURPOSE OF O N Your Vic tovy Liberty Bond Subscriptions Will Help Fay for Saving of Hundreds of Thousand?, af ' 'Doughboys" One of the features of the coming Victory Lihe. .? -oan is that it will, in part, pay ll cost of saving the lives of morr tV.n 50T),000 Yanks and thousands of our allies, according to Lewis B. Franfilin, Director of the U. S. War Loan Organization. "The speed and bravery of the American doughboy affected the Ger mans on the front line more than it 111 ? f LEWIS B. FRANKLIN War Loan Director. did the men at German general head quarters." states Mr. Franklin, "but the fact that America was preparing for a drive on Berlin struck terror to the general staff. "And those millions and billions of dollars spent were far from being wasted in an unnecessary preparation. I feel that the fact that money was spent and that an enormous output of munitions was ready was the control ling factor in the weakening of the German general staff, and that it caus ed their message to the kaiser that they were beaten and that he must sue for peace. And the way I seeit is that this money, instead of being wasted, can be written down as hav ing saved the lives of hundred of thousands of American men who would have been sacrificed had the war continued another year. "That is the money we are going to ask the American people for in the Liberty Loan., We are going to ask them for the money to bring our boys home safe and sound, instead of leav ing them buried in France. And when the people of America realize what this money did, we are not go ing to find that they are lacking in patriotism to 'come across.' " THEPAINTER'S BEST FRIEND V Of all the many liquid sub stances which can be used for the binding of aint or dry sub stances which when dissolved in water are used as vehicles for pigments none fulfills necessary conditions so well as Unseed oil the king-of the fixed oil, and what is of enormous importance, does It as cheaply, it is the painter's best friend because It maices Ms work satisfactory. FINISH THE JOB Success of the Victory Libert) Loan, the: fifth government war Ion will depend largely on the savicjid the people of the nation. To insure its success,' we must m NOW to practice anew the greaj lessons of the war, thrift and econoaj Aside from the loss of respect for our. selves as a nation, every family be unpleasantly affected, if the coa ing loan is not fully subscribed. Undo Sam's war exchequer is compelled to! spend money to maintain the army off occupation, to rehabilitate the wound ed, to bring home the victors andtaf carry out the program of reeonstro tion. This money is being borrowed froa the banks of the country, and Unci) Sam is issuing short-term certificate of indebtedness in anticipation of tii coming Liberty Loan and of the W eral income taxes. If the banks Ten not speedily pai4 back, their resource) would be gone, and as they could maki no loans, credit operations "would !n hampered and businss stagnate. How about it? Will we finish ou job that of laying the 'war bills, our immortal hroes finished theirs d s vanquishing the Hun? They were id Anil i i nMn nrVl AW St O 11 A ATI tf iJUlklCIS, CVCIl WUCll lancu v "i make the supreme sacrifice. Will mi tee quitters, wken there is all to pi and nothing to lose? , I A little saving now is all it -will t and this saving will mean a stronfeti grip on the future. The Victory uj erty Loan will soon be offered. you be ready to do your part! VICTORY CROPS ' Y Whm you tev a Chance to lay a j a few mre gfovtrnment bonds ai i m m V P't jro niTMtnifnt ror vour mum:, no mans neglect the opportunity. ment tkaw Viotrvrv T.ibertV BOE witt lrt call on all the resource the United itates. The crops of " tory Tar," m reported by ths fovert ment. added about JiT.OOO.muw - mir vasUli Hk'ra nrp IllSt a the nrinciDal fStems: Porn t.KSJ.JH 4.000 bushes, 313.001. Wheat 917,100,000 bushels, 0 623.000. Oats 1,11,359,000 bushel, 423.000. ' (1 Barley 256,375,000 busaela, 269,000. Rve 89.1 03.000 bushels, Jl"1 F J 000. Potatoes 397,676,000 bushels, 731,000. Hay 75,459,000 tons. $1,522.4, Tobacco 1,340,019,000 PoU $374,318,000. .j Apples 173,632,000 barrels. " 990,000. A" THE OFFICIAL TRADE MARK Or 'p 1919 WAR SAVINGS STA w . (The plqtvre of Benjam -p reproduced above appears on , oavings o camps oi

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