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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, May 23, 1919, Image 8

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-v4.4:""1 - -r-r- -POLK OQUirTY UCTO. TOYO; I?: o - i , . Some of the most beautiful scenery in ica is m Polk 1: 5 Amen i : vvh-'; ,'"i-:f:';',-'t -''--- : :,.lijyi, : , v ..... . W ... .., - ...... g-Wai'l'i''' . .. . I . . .- Cpuhty, and their cli mate well come and try it. You be disa will not ppointed Pacolet River Warrior Mountain in Background APPLE GROWING No Section Offers Such Oppprtunities For Money making in Fruit:, as Is to be Found Here. From the first time I saw Western North Carolina, about twenty years "'.ago,' my belief has been growing in its ability to grow THE BEST of apples, in flavor and color. The mountain portions of Saluda and Tryon townships, in Polk county, are especially adapted -to the growth of rine apples, as well as grapes and small friris. The soil, drainage and long bright summers with cool nights, grow near ly all varieties of good appls well, but I believe the Delicious, Stayman Winesap, Grimes Golden, Rome Beau ty, Magnum Bonum, Ben Davis, are frrown nearer to perfection here than . anywhere else The fact that apple trees older than the oldest inhab- itant ac still bearing app'es, though ' trees have had little or no attention, shows this to be a natural apple coun try. ".When apple trees are given a fair show, with care in spraying, pruning and cultivation, Polk county apples are not afraid to compete with the world in flavor, color and size Polk county climatic conditions and the potash in the soil put a color on its apples that is? just a little finer any other secton of. the United States Apples raised in Polk county have little the best of the markets, owing to its apples ripening two weeks or more eariler than other sections of North Carolina Georgia and Florida, as well as being near the large mar kets further north. The only trouble now in Polk coun ty is its inability to take advantage of these markets, owing to the fact it does not produce enough good apples to supply the demand. Even the Northwestern States, Washington, Idaho and Oregon, ship apples in this section, at an expense of one dollar per bushel in freight, simply because Polk county people do not appreciate the great opportunities here lor ev ery one who will who will work to produce good apples. With lands at very moderate prices good markets and prices for good ap ples, and every prospect for, the de mand increasing, are not the oppor tunities for fruit growing in Polk county an attractive proposition? H, P. CORWITH.. I I ' - t tJv r el it ' J t ! ir'fi' 'V' is' jJ- v 1 I r,t's';:;f;ifR. i. ' - ' A Glimpse of Pacolet Valley One oi the Many Beautiful Waterfalls near Tryon PEACHES fTixere Is Gold in Peaches at Tryon, A Former Georgia Peach Grower Tells the People of Tryon Waat a God-Fa vore J Section We are Liv ing in. Wc Should be Realizing at Least $50,000 Yearly from Peaches. Hendersonville, N.C., April 5, 1919. Dear Mr. Copeland: V B; " Knowing as I do that you people at .Ti-yon are ina section where the biggest sums of moniy can be made out of the, peach business, I am con strained to 4writc this letter for the fcod of that community, as you know, was once an extensive peach grower in Georgia, and know the peach busi .1C3S from selecting suitable ground for an orchard to the receiving the cash from the large fruikjdealers in New York. I know that when the last peach is ;n and gone from Georgia, the famous Elberta is from one and a half to two weeks later at Tryon, which would fill in that notch of time between the Georgia crop and that of eastern shore of Maryland. Now when .the Georgia crop comes in, on account of the crop being so heavy the p.rice ranges from $1.50 to $1.75, and as soon as the last Georgia peaches are gone, the price in New York arid other eastern cities jumps up to $4.50 per crate. Now that is why I know tnat th Tryon people are in the midst of , iiLiikv ami uuu l KnOW It. j-ivtai, tuiiimu- one year a?o the peach crop of Georgia kWht (50,000. Wbuld the Trybn ike to have an income oi JKniku Of that same sort of pech moup md a large portion of that amoa ilear profit? If you would, then get busyaad verest your Northern friends vhr, i;k ;o visit Tryon, and form a joint stod ompariy and get ready to plant g teast ten to fifteen thousari tree lext winter. It would be a mose ;ia.K.t;r ujki pay lor useil everj' y?j tfter it comes into bearing the middk f the tlum year The , stock vouli ;ell for two to one at least, very sooi If I had time I would like to ai Iress a large audience of vour Trva oeople on this most important subject, rod tell you what lands are the best adapted, and how to prepare ground and dig the holes and select and prune the trees, and fertilize them and cultivate the ground; when to gather the fruit, how to crate, anl where to ship and do my utmost to make your people realize what a God favored section that south side of Tryon mountain is for peaches. Yours truly, R. H. SMITH, P. 0. Box 417: Hendersonville N. C. JL, 3C 5 We have gotten together a collection of merchandise, such as the needs of the com mimity demands, a great deal of which was bought much ahead of rise in market and we are dividing the profit with you and guaran teeing values, whether it is Ory Good D-Qaits IVQaBDoimery (GirocsrD2 or tuff We want and will appreciate your trade, and assure you that, quality "considered, no one under sells us. We carry the largest and best assorted stock in Polk county, and you can do no better than shop here. r Mi At Prices ' jljj Styleplusr tm pm I dotpes S lt Dm Mot Sty lei Style Plus Suits, $17.00 to $40.00 TFD-DE, BAtLLENO COMPANY 0 Below we quote a few prices taken at random from our large stock: Lard by tub 26 ;1-2 cents Wholesale today. 1 lot Dimity worth 20c for. . 15c 1 lot full piece Ginghams worth 25c at. . 20c 11 lot lawre II 2 11 -2 cents Worth 2Qc I lot Men's work pants . $1.50 to $2.50 Worth $1.00 more Overalls worth $2.25 f or . . . . . ...... .$1.89 II Dot Men's Suits S1 7.00 worth $25 Work Shirts worth $1.25 for. . . - 89c - 1 lot Men's Oxfords worth $5.00 for. .'. ....... . $3.65 Men's dress and work .shirts, on- some numbers , pre wari.prices, on others about one-third less than present valiies. ,Can giv: you dress shirts from 75c to $4,00. We have a few special values in Men's trousers with a saving of from one to four dollars. Men's straw hats at pre wan prices; panamas, sailors c and leghorns. : : j - 1 L xdies' house dresses,' lawns, dimities, laces and embroideries. , -v x " - TRYON, 9 NORTH G AROLIN A N

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