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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, May 30, 1919, Image 1

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r : !e only Paper published in Polk County A live,. Clean! Newspaper For the Home AND THE TBVON VOL. XXV NO. 4 TRYON, N. a FRIDAY," MAY 30, 1919. $2.00 A YEAR 'V"".,'' G iil Tf M STOE HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY. m.-v H. McFarland.) L Art of -the General assembly of An.Ac Pio f iSlfi and 1827 to Norm iiiuniirt ay off and establish a county by tif name of Polk. - The late Col. William L ,i. r thu State, was a meritorious irtVr in the Continental line during The commissioners "appointed to have the boundary lines established, and by authority granted them,- em ployed Messrs. Chesterfield McKinney and Joseph Whitesides to make the survey and establish tne boundary lines, who performed the ':. duties as signed them.' - The next thing in order was the location of the geographical center ers to Sell "lots at Schuvnrha. " The next in order was the tax levy of 1847. 7 -The county tax on the $100 valuation was 8 cents,. on white polls 25 . cents, and black 25 cents . The poor tax on the $100 valuation was 3 cents, on polls 9 cents. Common school tax on $100 valuation 2 cents, on polls 6 cents. i ; In September, 1847, was " the time i.hi'x --f L'hM -kc virv-M j' sv-t t;. vr'vr?l ?T4rrC ;v :;r. ' i -T Jr , A V, ' . ; Tri!- -si;- 'it:- (v .! i . Pi:- - u-- --.r vTii ; i. i ! r- ; I J -jfji Jonathan Newman. Dr. Columbus Mills, beincr a man of influence, and one of the strongest ad vocates of this point, did much in naymg tne county site located at this place, anoj in honor of him the name of,Columbas was given the town. The commissioners were engaged fourteen days in discharge of this important duty, ior mch they were paid $2 per day. . The commissioners appointed to superintend, and. look 'after the public works were: Dr. Thompson Simms, sale a large number of people were assembled from this and adjoining counties. D. Thompson Simms was the auctioneer, and lots sold for fair prices, bringing from $200 to $1,000. The little county now being fully es tablished, the attenton of the people of adjoining counties was attracted and the outlook for its future prosper ity was flattering. Several good cit izens who had purchased lots began their improvement at once. The con tract for the erection of the court house and county jal was awarded to i term, June. 1856, His Hon. John L. Bailey presiding. The first court at, Columbus, , the - county site, was held first of December, 1856, His Honor John . W. Ellis, presiding, afterward elected Governor of the State. Held in a temporary building erected for that purpose, which is now used as a stable at the-Chevalier House, at this place. The bar was there represent- . ed by able and learned attorneys, such as the -Hon. William M. Shipp, Bur- gess S. Gaither, John Gray Bynum, B. F. Edney, C. T. N. Davis, and oth- County Court House, atlColumbus the war of the revolution, and in the capacity of Major and lieutenant- Colonel rendered oisunguisnea service in the battles of Germantown Brandy wine and Eutavv, in all of which he was wounded, and, Whereas, This General Assembly is -desirous of testifying their respect for his memory uv cat ling one of the counties by his name, therefore, ; Section 1. Be it enacted, " By the Central A&nblyv6yheSial,C''"n?f North Carolina, and it is hereby en acted Dy authority of the same, that a new county by the name, of Polk and the same is hereby laid off and estab lished of parts of Rutherford and Henderson: That portion of Hender son which originally ocionged to Jiuthert'ord, 'beginning on the top of Sugar Loai liiountain, at the Hender son corner, and running nearly east down to the ridge between the waters ofjGreen and Broad Rivers, and with said ridge to Gray's chapel continuing the same ridge, down to the lands oi Thomas Millers, thence nearly east, including said lands to Broad river; lthence wtih main Bread river to lPoor's ford and from Poor's ford with y? old road to the South Carolina v, thence with the South Carolina li ''Xp the old Buncombe, corner, and tUncewith the old Buncombe hue to original point on Sugar Loaf -mpuitain, which shall have all the powers lauthorities and immunities of othei cjunties of the State. ' Th: let further provided and made the house of Marvil Mills the court houFy until .the county scat was es- SfUBlished. It also aDDointed . Wm. for the county seat. After a careful and accurate survey the . center was located, which was shown to be three and a half mjles northeast of Colum bus, the present county seat. - The act provided that the' county town should be within five miles of the center. It was. found that the most suitable place for the town ,; within the, pre scribed limits was a " point 7 on Cow pen's ridge, three and a half miles c a&L . af JohiraJbuSfKhichwas - - given the-name of Schuyucha. The next thing in order was to make surveys lay off streets, lots, etc., for the town, cansequently three competent survey ors were employed, viz: Chesterfield McKinney. and Adam Camo. ..-of the county and William Thornhill of Greenville, S. C. In February '47 the first court of. Pleas and Master Session was organ ized at the residence of Marvil Mills. Tho old iustices of the Deace who constituted this court were Ambrose Mills, Joel Cloud, John H. Alley, Luke Waldrop, Wm. Dimsdale, Thos Eger ton, EJ.- G Foster and Richard Allen, and at this Session Wm. S. Mills, Da vid Porter, John W. Hampton and H. M. Earl e came into" open court and were sworn in by the chairman of this body. 7- At this session also the county of ficers were elected, viz: E. G. Foster, Chairman Select Court; Ambrose Mills and John H. Alley, Associates; Wm. Wilkins, Clerk of Superior Court P. B. Williams Sheriff; Thomas Jef ferson, Register of Deeds; C. McKin ney Surveyor; Wm. Tabor, Coroner; Wm. S. Mills, Treasurer; Jason H. -r-'1- I i f ' - '.v . t i . " ..t - . ; :-rZ.'i - at J .. ' v ' vvs-: .- ' . c . .r r? . - .- : ..,'" . y . . M'W i , .... .'. . " ! ' - 5? ; . ..... ..... Blue Ridge Mountains in the Distance set apart for the sale of lots at Wm. S. Mills, J. W. Walker, J. Schuyucha, but as there was some , Ward and A. E. Miller. trouble existing with some of the cit- Engineers Glemi and D. Peak and lzens of the county with regard to the Wesley Wall were engaged to lay off T. , Ephriam Clayton and George and John Shackelford of Asheville, N. C, and an examination of the . work to day proves that they were contractors r-.-. "J. : i - -.' J X-". if""-. IV . , s Mill snunkawaken Falls, near Columbus. ' Pg,1 JcmMlnBlacvellt Jonathan j Carson'i County Solicitor. , missi;h-M lls .and Wm. R Jonen The same court appointed Jas. McD Xunty ieaf ?f ay off an locate ncVof Marvil Mills, Esq. The same couri i.aPPOinted fas. McD Carson, Geo. J. Mills. Wm. F. Jo nes Dr. C. MillsHenry M. Earle, Wm. S. Mills and Luke Waldrop, commission-. - geographical center, of --the same, George Baxter counsel for those op posing the location, procured a writ of injunction, issued by Judge Bailey, of Morganton, and had it served by M. O. Dickerson, then sheriff of Ruth erford :.. county, on the commissioners on the day of sale" of. town lots, which stopped further business. 'At the next general election the new county question was .made an is sue. Wm. Wilkins was elected to represent the county and through him the new cdunty act was repealed and most of the .records returned to Ruth-L crl'ord county. At the session of the general assembly of 1854-5, Col. Wm. x1'. James and Dr. Columbus Mills ooth favorable to the new county, .vere elected to represent Rutherford and Cleveland counties, and to them ,vere intrusted the re-establishing of :.he new county. After encountering i long and stubborn resistance, they aiccecded in the re-estabiishment oi t'olk county whi ch was ratified the nHi Anv nf' January. 1855. and at the jihie session of the general assembly 3. Burgin, of McDowell county, J. R. iOgan, of Cleveland county, and J.; J. firwin, of Burke county, were ap pointed to locate and lay off a town ,ite for said county. -They met at the louse of Geo. J. Mills, on the 11th Jay of June, 1855, to enter upon their mportanti duties. After obtaining all ,he information from persons, surveys itc, made in reference to the boun dary of the county, as originaHy nade,, and to the location of its town jite, and being in doubt as to its true point of the geographical center, call ed to thir assistance , two competent Engineers, Messrs. Glenn - and George Peak, and had such surveys made on the boundaries of the countv and geo graphical center as to fix that impor tant point to their satisfaction. Hav ing ascertained the geographical cen ter of the county, a careful and thor ough examination was made by them to find the most suitable location for a town under the limits prescribed by the act, decided to locate the. town site oh whatMs generally known as the "race pathes" on the line of the survey of the Charleston and Cincin nati lailrcad surveyed by Capt. Lewis and John C. Freemont in the year 1836, upon" a tract of land containing 100 acres' which is recorded as .a do nation for the purpose from Messrs. John W. Hampton, John Nodin and 7.20 .50 39.00 19.00 , 6.75 19.70 2.50 2.25 1.37 5.21 .44.70 10.60 33.92 6.75 6.32 8.90 5.50 ' 5.90 5.90 5.90 4.50 4.50 4.50 ,4.45 4.45 4.50 4.50 11.00 2.25 4.50 3.00 31.25 4.50 1.50 1.50 3.00 3.00 A Mountain Home in Polk County and locate the public grounds," streets and lots, with O, Amer as their clerk. This work having been accomplished, Wesley Wall was chosen supervisor and in September and Octdber of the same year, employed a number of hands to remove the timber and clean away the rubbish. The following are those who v ere employed and the amounts ot money each received for the fame. Elijah Thompson . . . ... . . w. .$122.25 D. J. Garrett 7 . 8.07 Nathan Williams . . . .'.N E. Smith .. Jonathan Newman J. K. Cloud.. R. Dalton J. E. Hall &' Son. ....... John Flinn Lee Pack . . . .". L. Underwood ..... Wnv Foster ...... . . A. Thompson ....... Alex Thompson . . Cavid Thompson . 3. P. Thompson Robert Lankf ord ... Foster ......... Mathan Lankford . . W. R. Williams;.... John Wi lliams 3yron, Green ...... 0. Lynn Henderson . 7 Nodine ......... C Nodine ........ . Jeter Nodine . ... .. D. Nodine Jack Foster . ...... D..W. Foster....... Thomas Williams . . f. Qarrett ......... Steve West ....... W7 X Foster. .... .. Prank Henderson . . . Terrell Tallent W. .-Wall's -.hands'...'. W. C. Williams..... W. C. Williams..,.. D. Newman v. J . Hampton. ... . B. H. Green. .7. . of experience. The work was com pleted in the yar 1859, and all ma trial used was furnished by the coun ty. . -X r The first tvTo terms of the Superior ers. The first clerk of the court was R. S. Abrams, elected by the peopl August 1855, and held the .office 31 consecutive years; E. L. Allen, sheriff, . Thomas E gerton, treasurer, Jerry Jackson, register of deeds and John ' Little john, entrytaker. - The county was now in af prosper ous condition: and was regarded.-as-v -having as many progressive citizens as any forJts size, in thestate; It grad- ' x" -VlJmBroyedjmme jearJL86L ati. which time the news of the war be-, 7": tween the States was soundedthe ex-7 X--citement of which seemed to stop all further plans of business and a large . number of the county's best citiens went to war for what they then be lieved to be right, many of whom never returned to their native county which they loved so well The North Carolina Roster shows : that the county furnished the Confed erate army 303 soldiers. The first company was organized at Columbus . on the 20th day of April, 1861, with the followinp" offivers : J. C Camp, captain: G. W. Peak, 1st lieut.: R. S. Hunter, 2nd lieut; R. H. .-Mills, 3rd lieut. Number of men enrolled 110. The second company organized April 5th, 1862, with officers as fol- , lows::. N. B. Hampton, captain; J.'A. Thorn, 1st lieut.; D. V. Rhodes. 2nd lient.; O. M. Cornwell, 3rd lieut.; number of men enrolled, 65. - -The third company organized July 5th, 1862, with B.T. Morris, captain; . W. R. Tabor, 1st lieut.- B. F. Hamp ton, 2nd lieut.; H. H. Collins, 3rd lieut. - The fourth company organized Sep tember 7, 1863, with J. L. Ward cap- r Total amount . . . . 7. . . . . . .. $331.88 After this was accomplished, oh the 17th and 18th days of October of "the same year, "were the days of ; the sale of lots. Total number of - lots sold, 59, unsold, 28;- set apart for pubic purposes 6; aggregate sale of town lots, $16,394.00. all of wheh was ap- plied for public purposes On day of -1 . If V"' H.t 6 it 00 - X'4 i ."' r. ... i At . vr Hemlock Falls, Near Columbus. court of the new county were held in the residence of George J. Mills, , at Mill Spring, the first being held Dec. ber 3rd, 1855, His Hon. Methias Man ley, judge presiding; Augustus Bur ton, States' attorney; R. S." Abrams; Clerk; IE. J. Alien, Sheriff. Second tain; L. B. IJavis, 1st lieut.; Eli Jack son 2nd lieut.; C. S. Monroe, 3rd litut. number of men enrolled 50, making a total of 303. as above stated. . . This number of oar very, best" men taken from the county while yet In its - . (Continued'on next page.) . '

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