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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, May 30, 1919, Image 5

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iflf Paper .fished in County for ItSvllcse AND THE' TRYON BEE Vol. xxv no. 4 C.t-vTiTIVE W. F. SWANN KL3r.. 'mswebs senator cloud. I.,ittHim to Come Forward . Detent" and Moses. .of rH,s I ;ta Administration irjv ono uau (rough Its Eight Years of Wan the. Wildernes.s in Tint; 11 n . ndline the Public Affairs of ilk County. . TRYONI N; C. FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1919. $2.00 A YEAR i litor Polk County News: tease allow me space in your pa lo answer Mr. Cloud's article pub Id April 25th. I suppose the Ws of the NEWS, or audience as (alls it, has time to digest its ar- and get its full meaning, m to do that I think we would to read between the lines. Mr U you speak of my reference to acts of your party as suDteriuge amouflage. That may be - a good to put it if you choose to use L terms. I shall not object. You f i rii' -T j.1 ' 1 ilore the gooa wuroi me pwpic 'stating that you have no quarrel K members of the opposite party, declare that you take no pleasure hewspaper controversy, - and- fur- V declare that you are only defend- your legislative record and your Wv am neienainK anu swiuvunK Is the right and justice, in politics veil as in other matters. I. need vuivi ou ask me-why I did not include in summary of legislation the act Regard to depradations of do- kic fowls. I did not include it for reason that I knew nothing about and can not claim credit for this . If it is placed to my credit it is 'error made by some means. It may a good taw. I hope it is. . If it is act that we have it I have no idea to its application. I believe you ite after being in the General As libly a few years ago that you did know how Polk county got under primary act'. You tate you no ltd this chicken act . near the close the General Assembly.,, I . suppose i though it agood law at that time, you would have given the matter me attention, as you were elected guard the interests of our people well as mvself- My mind was not upied with thoughts of chicken n, or other legislation of that I was thinking of bigger ngs better schools, .and tnany ter things of more importance In it I was thinking of the injustice to tax jayers of the raising of the aries of the State officials and oth.- employees of the State, and of the f eral hundred new positions created the General Assembly. And in dition, giving the Governor full au- pnty to regulate salaries of clerks d stenographers. One centleman. pemocrat, when the vote was called J' on the state prison question said, Ire you going to raise vthe salaries the state prisoners ? You had just veil raise them as you have raised erybody else." I vas also think- g of honest election laws, laws that Nd protect the rights of the people the ballot box. By the way, did you PPPort the amendment to 'the abssn-- voters law introduced by Mr. Her- K of Sampson county, called the pest absentee voters law bv the jn. Victor Bryant, of Durham, and ",er leading: Democrat. nf t.ho StatP. 5 they plead for its passage assert S tnat the Democratic party in the rie was slowlv dvm Fthods. derlnrn, v. i f. nitu, uie pcupie ai v; jfjnng for justice and right at the Ut box One eertpmnn n Tlamn. N , tu you wno voted against 18 honest, election law. "You are nd'ng the dath knoll fn fv, hom. , . . J " A,"ni Carolina iur er aeclarine. "Wo wn v o iricpj , J1VI MC out- vnen we spp th w "" "Ult 111111U1 1 VJf i-ne maioritir o 1 4-4. b "HI passed fhn uo ' t.:.l rem-V, i ixuuac, which was ""CimiTlflr i. rv . i. . pf0o j n democratic, but was seated in the Sfpna n: 101-v "ii LK1 yuutjruuc "Jua 11111 Ion or did ft I in f i - V"witorthe one that came nS after win; : j PoikJVi.. trie avenues ana K wlf fraud? The bill as it L . 0th hUSes Will in thp revt. election inn y i Practiced m the last elec- dh -t a voter may llao BTm T 1 ' Dy hand r mail. It tay ft'hldes that the sick man may nd j ,c dau vote, and can even :hat a w0!1?11 wih the request lldo.i lV, ?ecast fr him. This pro- "oea all fVi.- , . l i Dut it does not !x bef , lrl ii ' Ul Afn, ... Mr pu . A,lwiedge. ureeic was a stench m my nostrils, and - that when ReDublipans madp gains at other places all was fair and honest. You are at least partly right in this statement. It is neith er astonishing or alarming to see Re publican gains, from the fact that men by the thousands are breaking f atih with the Democratic party all over the -country; men are 'turning from prejudices and voting for prin ciples.. Take for example the citv of Boston, normally 30,000 Democratic, nowgiving a Republican majority of 10,000 or more; the city of Baltimore about the same way. Do you think you can get much more consolation fro mthe state of Michigan than from these cities referred to. In fact look at the entire elections last November. In spite of the strong appeal sent out by the Chief Executive of the Nation to uphold the administration by re turning a Democratic Congress., Men ignored those appeals and voted ac cording to the dictates of their own conscience, and elected a Republican congress by an overwhelming major ity. The election in Greens Creek should be a stench in the nostrils of all men who 'would uphold the dignity XT J 1 - . ox wneir country ana Deiieve m a 3quare deal in politics as well in other matters.- Was there anything wrong at Greens Creek ? To say nothing of the particulars of evidence, see these figures: The' Democratic state ticket claimed a majority of 33, the congres sional ticket a majority of 30, and the county tickt amajority of 120. Did yorever know a ballot to count out like that? Mr. Cloud, you state that the copy of the county home bond bill I have is not like the bill as introduced by you. I don't know about that. You gave me the copy after you introduc ed the bill. I don't recall the conver sation you refer to. Will you please publish the first parts of section one and all of section four of the bill as you introduced itv You have, a good deal to say.aboutj me wanting to refer J the matter of bond issues to the peo ple. I still contend that the taxpay ers have a right to pass on all such matters.; Lincoln said government of the people, for the people and by the people. I endorse thi liberal and honest spirit and say give the people a chance to express themselves on all such matters of taxation. To do this I think we would have a better gov ernment, and at the same time it would stimulate our citizenship. Men would feel the responsibilities more keenly, and w.ould take more pride in the public affairs of their government. In this patiicular cose you say I would curry political favors while our county continues the disgrace of auc tioning off the poor to the lowest bid der. Why do we do this ? Your par- 4 ty had control of the county for eight years, yet we continue they disgrace. Why did yu not provide for them when you had that $10,000 ? The bur den is on you and your party for this condition of affairs. You state that this money was not stolen or misap propriated. ; According to your ex planation the money went , exactly where we expected it did, into the county funds. This money was bor rowed under the head of county home and court house improvements, and was applied to other purposes. Web ster says ' to misappropriate is to mis apply. It looks very- much likeMhis money was misappropriated. You mention county funds ' account five ti-mes: amounting to about $2,000; 1 road funds account $3,113.05; school funds account $1,030.00; bridge funds account, $947. 14. Why was this money applied in this, way when we had tax levies for all these purposes? Our school term was not. lengthened, in fact some of our schools were shortened, with some of our teachers waiting for months to get pay for their services,- As for our own roads, well they speak for themselves. They spoke to Judge Long as he rode-over them. He spoke to the Solicitor and instructed -him; to secure tWnames of thp trustees and indict them. The records will also show what he thinks of the condition of our court house. You say you think it is well known that there was a money deficiency on account of the county commissioners taking over some land in. a settlement with the sheriff. I do not think this matter is well known. I am sure we have, tax payers who do not know about this matter. They have a right to know about it, and all other mat tears concerning them as tax; payers. Why was there a money i deficit . What right had the county commis sioners to buy land with the peopica tion caused temporary embardssment,' but that the ultimate result was bene ficial! 1 You say we own "an undivided one-half interest in -this ' land. . Will you please tell the taxpayers how many acres there are .and. how much it cost per acre ? You say further that you have no doubt but that this land could be sold for almost - double the amount pait "for it. I am glad that it has increased, so rapidly in value. I am informed that the former county board of ,.comniissioners tried to sell a part of this land" when they were in J 1 such a strain to pay interest on the county maeotedness, but could not sell it without a loss and was forced to raise taxes in order to be able to meet the emergency. If this land can be sold for double the amount paid for it, it seems, to me that I we would be able to build the county home without the sale"of additional bonds, by selling this land nd buying elsewhere at $20 to $25 per acre, possibly better suited for the home than the land now owned by the county, taking the dif ference; to build the home. You asked me to rehearse my state ments before the legislative commit tee when we were trying the merits of your jury revisal bill. I am not pub lishing particulars of evidence in the contest case now pending in the coun You. stated tliat when you appeared before the committee you did not have any facts in regard to the polit ical complexion of the jury boy but that I had. I stated it was $t Dem ocratic. "I ask you to refresh your memory on that' pont, as I do not "Thrrefore, for-the purpose of ex tending knowledge ?as ; to the financial standing!, of the county and the tax levy," We! publish the following state ment of the . .financial condition' of Polk county; whijch covers approxi mately all of the. indebtedness,- except road bonds. ' ', 1910, unpaid bonds. ... . . . . . .$. 6,560 1913, unpaid bonds. . : .v. . 10,000 1916, bridge bonds; . . . ...... . . 13,000 1916; Poors Ford bridge. C... .. 3,500 1916, school and county note.. 10,000 Outstanding bridge notes. . .. . . 5,50j0 Outstanding warrants; v . . ... ? 2,000 , " - , .. . -$51,500 . .S. H. Slaughter, Chm. Bd. of Com. Joshua', Hodge, - - ? i C. C. Owens, . - f . v J; T. Waldrop, Ex. Chm. After 'this report was made it was discovered that the following items were not included in the report : L. P. Crawford, county warrants, $1,46&02 hank interest on road bonds $2,750,00 making a total of $4,213.02, raising the total county indebtedness to $54,77102. - Will you give a detailed statement as to the indebtedness tand name the monuments for the' benefit of our tax payers. -.They are entitled to this in formation. v ' Respectfully,. W F. SWANN. TRYON THE DEATH OF MR. WARNER. ine ianier library will be open-on Mr. George H. Warner died at his Tuesday and . Saturday afternoons j residence, "Round Hill.' in the sub- from four to six o'clock, beginning the urbs of Tryon, at one o'clock Thurs- new hours on June 3rd. day morning. Mrs. J. W. Kennedy, Mrs. Frank Mr. Warner's krength, Vather than Cain and Mrs. A. L. Hill attended the his health, had Been failing for some biennial meeting of Women's Federa- time, and those seeing him as a kind ted Clubs, at Asheville. , j and devoted host in his own hom Mrs. W.- T. Lindsey went to Atlanta I could not realize how great an effort Wednesday! to hp nrPSPTif at. tVi mti. was for him to entertain them. sical recital of, her daughter, Miss Mary Lindsey, which occurs June 3rd. "Hon. T. T. .Ballenger arrived 5 in Tryon, Thursday, en route to Atlanta from Raleigh, at the latter place where he had been in attendance at a meeting, of the trustees of the A.. & M. college. 1 A long and very interesting life closed when our friend passed to new fields and unlimited possibilities of life We shall not see that fine white head again, nor be greeted in that kind and cordial manner, but every memory connected with him is pleasant one, and we , know that th story of his life would be an interest- I will be at the Town Hall, Tryon, I ing document. t N. C., on May 30 and 31, to. list taxes. - Two children survive v him, Frank 11 who fail to list on these days will Warner and Miss Margaret, whost be listed as delinquent. Delinquents home has been with her father, are to. be penalized by having their After funeral services at the house assessmnet doubled. 1 , - " J. M. BUTLER, Tax Lister. Mrs. Beach and daughter, Miss Ma ry G.-Beach, left for their home in Terre Haute, Ind., Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Girefrath, of Charles ton, S. C, have arrived in Tryon for the summer.-and are . occupyng the Joyner house, on -Melrose avenue.: i From the Heart Our favorite books are . few ; since only what rises from the heart reach es it, being taught aud carried on the tongues of men wheresoever love and letters jouruey. Alcott. Polk county has great opportunities for ! live stock raising," dairy -farming; poul- try raising. We welcome the home maker, the business man and the man ufacturer. There are exceptionally fine openings at Tryon and Saluda for good hotels. Come to Polk. You will be ac corded a hearty welcome. P 0es it toJT rus are . Vd, nor 1 tneir knowl0Ho. KiAnr to buy land with ,vvnn state that his transac care to be misquoted. I stated very clearly, that I did not have figures as to its political complexion, but that it was my belief that it 'was 3-5 if hot 34 Democratic. You asked me to re hearse my explanation , as to the nec essity of a similar bill imgoduced by myself two years ago I answered that I did not care to open up those matters, but if you insisted I would do it. J stated that the county had been under Democratic control for eight years, and that there was prac tically no debts when your party took it over, and that there, was some mon ey inthe treasury. At the end of eight years of Democratic administra tion there was an r indebtedness of $50,000.00 or more with an empty treasury,, with but very few- monu ments, so far as I know and that there; was a suit pending jrowng out of the mismanagement of the administration and that it looked like the jury box was almost solidly Democratic. Now, Mr. Cloud, since you have de clared yourself as tlie defender of your party;. "we ask you to come for ward as tiieir Moses and lead its ad ministration through the eight years of wilderness 'of conducting the pub lic affairs xrf the county I am inform de that , when your party took over the affairs of the county that its in debtedness.' was a little more than three hundred dollars and that the amount' oj noney in the treasury was more thian li90Cfc00, and as stated be fore th? i ebtedWss' during the eight years of., Democratic . mismanagement had reached the immense sum of oyer $50,000J,2st here. I give a report signed : by'-the, board of county com misioners and Mr. J. T. Waldrop, the ex-chairman of the former board of commissioners. TRYON ROUTE 1. the remains will be taken to Hartford where i;hose of his wife were laid some years ago. THE SOLDIERS' MONUMENT. The organization to put through the matter of a suitable monument in honor of the soldiers of Polk count v Mr. W. T. Lindsey has been ap- is progressing. Soon we will be able pointed couty chairman for the drive to announce the full list of officials for associate members of the Boy Ifm-tho' eiro .A,,nfv. Scouts. He informs us that the per- it is proposed to devote the period sonel of the committee has not been of June 27 to July 4th, for a drive, to completed, but will be in time for our secure funds to erect the monument, next issune. The drive is June 8-14. put if von fwi iiTr oV. a. Mr. Ralph Newman left for Ashe-1 nation before that time, just renlem- dlle, Thursday, where he has accept- er that Mr. W. A. Cannon, of Lynn, ed a position in a drug store at. that is treasurer, will rceive your money place. Mrs. Newman, and the child: and give you a receipt for same. Will ren follow later. We'are very sorry also publish your name, ' giving the to lose this family from Tryon. -Mr. amount of your subscription. ' , and Mrs. Newman have a host .of It is hoped that every person im friends here whose best wishes follow I Polk county will contribute some- himself and family to their new home. I thing to this cause. AH children are fr1- A ' ;4--4i 1 asked 'to ,donate - the, sum '9ijjtni&,'i , pecial meeting of the LanierClub, to . VAti in ao . - . . - take place at the . Library building j.n ment at Columbus, to be able to say, Thursday, June 5th, at 3:30 o'clock, p. m. County Demonstrator Sams will "I helped to build that." The unveiling of the monument will be present and address the members. Qn Friday, .October .10th, the last .day of the Fair, provided' enough money is contributed to com plete the work by that time. Send in your contributions. o A MUSEUM FOR TRYON. The weather being so unfavorable the quarterly meeting was not very largely attended, although the church went "over the top"; in the centenary drive. I say what a blessed privilege for all to help rebuild the world in Christ's name. Little Alvin Pack was taken to Rutherfordton hospital to .be treated for appendicitis. Misses Octa and Lillian Pack are home for their vacation, from Saluda Seminary. ; ' . V ; Let's try to get the Jsoldier boys who have been over seas, to give some brief experiences and trials of oversa warfare. Probably would be more entertaining than anything we could have at the glorious fourth. . Children's day exercises will be held at Bethlehem, Mill Spring M. E. church, June 8th, second Sunday, and a welcome s extended to all. ... o .COLUMBUS BAPTIST CHURCH.. Mr. Sams has avery important mes sage for the ladies of Tryon,1 and we hope every one will attend who pos sibly can. Read the announcement of Tax Su pervisor Gash in, another section of this naperw He is very desirous of everv person in the county fully un derstanding the provisions of the new While no one has taken advantage assessment Jaw, so if you T will but of the invitation given in our last is- rowrpt it. I sue to discuss the proposition of a IICVU AMD 1VVUV0V J V AAA. ww awqavv Dr. Charles N. Queen, Dean of At- museum for Tryon, we have been con lanta Theological '.Seminary will gratulated by a large number of per- m-AarV, riPxt Sundav. June 1st. at 11 sons on our attitude .in .the matter, a. m.., in the Congregational church, and given to understand that they All who heard him preach before, will were wth Us in the matter. want to hear him aeain. All invited. The proposition is simply this: The , - iTjinier Cluh of Trvon ia romnosed of We are under lasting obUgationsto the progressive) wide-awake ladies of Mr. W. iv. Mcr ariana, 01 iryon; xor . 4 V,c orHnln t, VtiRtnrv nf Pft t w w -J mo i "vii. " J '- tit 11 . m in 1 m. county. This article was written and 7 can ior . iiyoiu we ao no. appeared in thePOLK COUNTY NEWS on October 16, 1895, the ipa- per at that time being just twenty- five weeks old. Mr. McFarland is probably the best posted person mow say this in a flattering way, for it is but the simple truth and we are al ways ready to give credit where cred it is due. This Club has done great things for living in the county on the arlyj his- . T - i .... Mmo wi rHri inc things. The Lanier Library building is the center of all social activities in tory of the same. His article ending October 16, 1895 brings to mind many changes -which have taken place in Polk county since that , date. -I The present condition of affairs point j to a better county, and when the history of the countyj twenty-five years from now shall be written, no doubt ' the changes will be much greater and for the better.. : o ' ' SALVATION ARMY DRIVE. ' Preaching first, second - and. third Sundays in each month. Sunday school at 10 :30 o'clock. W. M. U. meets Sunday "afternoon at 4 o'clocn. A B. Y P. U. will be organized next Sunday evening for the young people. Everybody .invited to these services; A cordial welcome to every visitor. E. J. JONES, Pastor. . Curiosities of , the Calendars ' It will be found that January atirays begins on the same day of"; tbewrekr as October. " arid the same Is true: of April and : July, September and Decem ber. Again February, March and No- Polk county kept up its reputation for work in the Salvation Army drive, which closed Monday. W. F. Little, chairman of tlje drive turned over the subscriptions to a committee of three for audit' Wednesday. Their, report now on file with Mr. Little shows; cash collected $444.30, being 44.30 in excess of the quota. The committee found no expense against this fund so every penny subscribed will go to the Sal vation Army. The committee, found that the chairman, paid all the ex pens of the drive. The, Polk County News contributed a vast amount of space and advertising space was con tributed-by a' Tryon; firm. The suc cess of this drive isdue to the efforts of MaS Irene Flentye, Ciairman of the woman's committee, the Tryon rBoy Scouts, Mrs. J. M. Lewis, Mill namhor o 1 on ha(Hn nn tlta ca rrvo Hut tt .,wi, rr, i. ni. nA I Sunn?. Dr. G. R..Little, Saluda and In years of 365 days. M. Georgion, Greens Creek. ... . - Tryon, and the membership of the Lanier Club has always stood for the right on every public question. It is a law as old as time itself, and one that can not be disputed, namely, that no person or organization can stand , still. You must either progress or retrograde. The Lanier Club owns its own library building, and is out .of debt. It is for this organization to take up. this matter - of - providing a suitable permanent home for tha museum. Already there is enough material to do justice for a creditable showing for a city of 100,000 popula tion, much less of a town, of 1200. If the Lanier Club will but grasp the opportunity and provide a suitable, permanent? home for. the Tryon Mu seum, then that body of ladies will have done one of the best of all their many good deeds. ? . , - Both the town and the Club is just ' starting out under a new administra tion. What a monument it would be to both, if they would but join forces and put this important movement through to a succesful, termination- " The POLK COUNTY NEWS wants an' active agent in every township in Polk county. We will make any per son an attractive proposition' who will ... solicit subscriptions for us. -Write ua. ' . 1 y mat ureeni " " ,t'ifuuj to ,'1U'- : twjjj.l ,mm

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