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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, June 27, 1919, Image 1

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VOL. XXV NO. 8 ntxaiFMi june 27, 1919. $2JK A YCAO SPIRIT OF IPATRIOTISM. ercises next. Sunday, June 29th. The COUNTY SUMMER : SCHOOL pastor will be present and speak on ' ' ' FOR TEACHERS. Columbus N. C, June 244, 1919. Christian education. A warm , wel- F.litor Polk County NEWS, come to -all 1 The following is the daily schedule Trvon, N. C. E, J. JONES, Pastor. I of recitations which will be followed Dear Sir: N ' .T" "0"' " at the summer school for .teachers, There is a saying m the Boole oi red MOUNTAIN. Columbus, N, C., beginning Tuesday, Rooks somethinir like this, "As a man (July 8th. I hope each teacher will thtNKETH in his HEART; he." Mr. and Mrs. R: H. Wilsnn visits I make' up his course of study before Now if our thoughts are transformed the hitter's parents, Mr. "and Mrs. wJscnoo PPl18 so that h will be ready into character, how, careful we should A. Ruff. Sundavf ' ' Ito go at once into the class best suit hp in proper thinking. Next week Mr. and Mrs. Press Owensbv made e to his needs. Jf it is found neces- on Friday, will be the 4th of July, and a busines trip to Mr. Andy Dimsdale's isarythis schedule may be changed to on that day every , ci uzeu ux, x uia Monday. county should be at A,oiumDus ana au Mrs. McCurry , is visiting her think together one day if never before daughter, Mrs.; J. W. Biddy, this week. nor again. There will be so much to Mr. Furman Jackson made a busi think about on that day it being the ness trip to Hendersonville, Saturday. Birthday of ouri National life,; we Messrs.: Clarence Ruff and William should think of that: day in joyous Gibbs returned, Sunday, from. Gaff ney terms. Then we should think and be s. C, where they have been for the invful that the great war that one past week. year ago was raging has come to an , Claude Wilson, Grace Gibbs, Thur end, and that our illustrious soldiers sey Burnett, Oma Gibbs, Clarence are returning triumphantly to their Ruff, Major Jackson and Barney Wil homes. We should think of our near j son motored to Chimney ilock, Sun- by neighbors m a more sympathetic I day. and loving way than m the past. Misses Vena Bailey, Viola Lawter, Towns should think of each other in Ruth Bailey,' Eva and Ora Burgess, more brotherly terms than in other and Messrs Homer Nix and Horace times, states should think df sister Bailey; visited"' Miss Sue Jones, Sun- states as being of the same flesh and day. blood and the right to enjoy equal with you at Columbus from the 8th of July, to August 1st,-1 amv iVery sincerely and cordially, E. W. S. COBB, Sounty Supt. ' .0 . MILL SPUING. privileges with an other states. . i . LYNN. Then from the standpoint of the . . . . i j i.i?ii Nation we must Droaaen our. Lnmtuiig, Dr : Pratt filled his remilar annoint- our sympathy and our love. We have t tere last Sundav. nreachine at come to the time that the Fatherhood 8:30 p. mjbut owing to little showers of God and the urotnernood oi man about the service hour the congrega- must be universal, uez us tninxt on tfQJL was exceedingly small. this Fourth ot juiy.tnat i.iDeriy.rung It.g an actual fact that the saw and out by the old Liberty Bell in Phila- hamvner can now. beard tw delphia on that 4th of -July fori the church avLfeure sound 'good: people of the thirteen colonies should ,jTSt jr. rxvpe and family, who ring out this 4th: of Juy t the peo- m0ved to Spaaiiburg last fall have suit the majority of the teachers'. DAILY SCHEDULE.' 9 :00-9 :45 (a) Rapeer, E. W. Cobb, y , 9:45-1(1:30 (a) Primary Methods I. Reading and Phonics, Mrs. J. W. Jack. s '(b) Grammar Grade Meth ods. I. Reading and Lan guage, Miss Kate Hayes. 10:30-11:45 Recess.; 11:30-12:15 (a) Primary Methods, II. Number Work, . Seat JWork, fc Hand Work, etc., Mrs. Jack (b) Grammar Grade Meth- " ods III.'U. S. History, Miss y Kate Hayes. , O.V (c) Civics, E. W. S. Cobb. 12:45-1:45 Noon Recess. 1:45-2:30 (&) Home Economics, Mrs. J. W. Jack. Mr. G. C. Brisco, little Sallie Brisco and Miss Sallie Geer went to Ruther fordton, last Saturday. v Despite the threatening of j. rain Sunday morning, nearly every mem ber of the Sundav school started out for Chimney Rock. The crowd reach ed the .pools about twelve o'clock. Then after having a short session of Sunday school a most bountiful, din ner was, enjoyed. The" crowd moved on to the pools and enjoyed the beau tiful work of nature to the fullest ex tent, with the exception of some yel low: jackets, wasp and hornet nests. Some of the people then started back home some 4 came by Hendersonville view the beautiful scenery around Bat Cave, while others- went ? upon Chimney, Rock before going home. O- ' 'V-.-! TRYON DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY ENGINEERING. Mr. B. F. Copelad has been on the sick lis,t this week. Mrs. J. B. Reid is visiting, relatives in Spartanburg and .Gastonia. West Raleigh, N. C, June To meet the great and growing. - demand for competent highway engineers - in North Carolina, the State College has Mr. E. P. Bacon attended to busi-1 crated a department of . highway ness, matters in Asheville, Monday. Mrs. Lillie Ellis, of New 'Orleans is the guest of Mrs. B. F Copeland. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Buckius have returned from a visit to Asheville. "7-' ..Don't forget the Forth of July cel ebration at Columbus next Friday. Miss Lessie Johnson, of Lumberton, N. C, is the guest of Mrs. I. J. Jones. engineering. The present, demand for such, a, course is emphasized by the fact that all of. this year's graduates in cival engineering are going , into state 1 highway work.; Captain. Harry Tucker, 105th Engi neers,, who ..recently returned from France, will head the new department, as associate professor of highway engineering. . : . This department will be a sub- Miss Rachel Oliver spent Sunday in I division of the civil eneineerinir , de- Fiat Rock with her friend, Mrs. C, S. partment The - first three years of Corwin. , ; the course will be. practically identical Miss Helen Kenworthy left, Satur- with that of civil engineering," but in day for Saluda, where she will spend the senior year the-subject of least the summer. - imPrtance will be omitted or abriged f and the - resulting time devoted to , Mr. and Mrs. S. M "Robinson, of specialized courses iri highway engf Lowell, N C, were in Tryon a few neering. : These purses , are to be days last , week. , such that the students .who specializes ' I '-Mrs. Li SJ Presson. of Asheville. is in highway engineering will receive a ' .QOTTOQ 1 wv n 1 . Al'rt ' I - - 'm -mm- I IITaI 1 Vt A 1 t n ,A.rl 4-. i 1 4.1. ! v-.wx 4.xv4i4 wupcr uap ana. iaii- i visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. w,j c uauiuvcu, wvumug aiungme unes MOUNTAIN VIEW. ver Creek attended preaching semces j. Gaines, in this city. aundav. ' . I - Mi rA nnu.U LLi i - rinoimes was looiong aiier . , " Y".1 we business aifairs v Mr. Joe Cox,-after a visit of three i-n AsVpvi11a. last. viaituxa oi mrs. n. a. Mcuram,, Sun- Friday and Saturday. (b) Grammar,, Miss; Katel- . . tt ; I Mt Ivi avtm HTi1 nir-ii ti ' nayes. - , -r . i ' , ox mnwpnng - . o ... f-A ;n r (c) Health. Hygiene and tef 2, passed away to that, Great " 17 ":" .' Sanitation, E,W. S., Cobb. Beyond,. Saturday afternoon. His W &uay. remains were interred in the Moun-' Mr. Brcaddus Ballenger returned and costs of constructing foundations, tain View cemetery, Sunday after- Monday from a month's trip to east- dams, retaining wallsj arches;, piers, noon;" Mr. McCrain died. rejoicing 4n ern markets and resorts. '- arid the masonry structures of-road a Savior's love. He leaves a-wife and of general, civil , . engineering at the same time. ' -ih : 1 ; 3 ; ' - 1 . The .prospectus of the I course in cludes engineering geology,with spec ial refrence to , materials used "in masonry and highway, construction; manufacture, use, und properties of lime and ! Portland cement; methods 2.30-3:15 (a) Writing, Mrs. J. W. Jack. . rr (b) Geography, Miss : Kate , Hayes, -v; ..--. . . - (c) School Law, E. W. S. Cobb. . - I five children, twenjty-one grand child ren, ,and a host of friends to mourn fit C lAnn - A. il d m .., . .1.: ij li.kVTt..TMw .r rrr r . a 44- j . 1 u.-- t- r9 xyDO yPze witn the be- pie oi uie wuiiu. vj 14. i returned, moving into tne same 1 1 Aucuute upuu hub i . wv i reft family. The funeral - , r . ... jtu r ' 1 1 , . - ... . . - ( , ivi ioumjf, iue xunerai s a Naton was born that established lib- house she moved out of when she Uompulsory, but due credit, in a finan-1 were conducted b R R services erty in the Western Hemisphere and moved away I ' tit l. . il l Li - ciai way, will oe given wiose wtio at-, : M N c .Rlllw - Ail,.i' . S'ZTS1 location and msWHnr,: ,wvR proclaimed, the. Monroe Doctrine as a L KarLUnderwood has taken his old tend and do the work. No teacher's TemD. f- , v "u"7'l It' ' . 8 nWM IT ' ' ... TT . 11 1 .1 11. A. Z J . . - ' " " I . , WM UbVVUUCU I L11C QUlillllt: I 1 ItZK f. . W LII i ri 1 1 1 II JLrr . I frovirninflr'.law. so lar .aa8inemis-iTJOsitionwith the: Trvon' Hosier 5 oo.. I salary .wiu De mcreasea over.vnat RrrViQ s.;.. -. . T I ' Ttei'l&hlsr(M(idl a rrii- -1 last year who does not attend tms or i .r v the peoples of the world meet on tne Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Robinson, of some other summer scnooi, next 4th of July and renew the patn- I Lowell, N.C, were in Lynn one day I AH teachers who are applicants for buildinir: stndv nf -maA . macwalt hit: t.,:i r i 4... j 1. 1 . v ' T-trT u.uwuc found mNorth Carolina; studyol from Pittsburg, Pa where, she, has methodg mteiillj f hc been , spending the past several construction , of county roads ,anc months. - city pavements; maintenance of road: James P. Thompson, of Columbia, 1 and Pavements; economics of highwaj Mrs. G. E. Claxton. TEAUIDGE. estimates for , a section o country road;, study otie . road law; of Europe, National ioadiawsV r an ' JGarrei kfV-Tesdayor,iTal-Ithe;A3d laws of. North Carolina: toi -: V mouth,-Mass.; for 'an indefinite, stay, jatio'n; Jand" methodsof 4 flnancii. otic fires on the altar of our hearts last week.; Mr."' Bobnson;is president I State .certificates wHlfind the summer I Grayson A Turner, who has been in Before leaving he called aWd'had his Iroadwork;' relation of "good r roads t and proclaim a world liberty and that 0f the Tryon Hosiery Co. r, I school the best means of jneeting the- China, in the U. S. army for the oast name added to our rapidly growing! the economic and socialwelfarp oth the principles of the Monroe Doctrine J , Mr..T. A. Rippy, who has been for I requirements of the State Board of four years is home on a three months list of subscribers. ' , , 1 people; , . specifications,, busiriesi l ... . " I j 1 4-n flnanr CM. I 4.; ' 2. n 17l T"l J I i . Tl ...1. nnVU 4. maat I flu-Inn rvV. . - , ' - ,11 .. . . : . , . , j I '1 mi ... - - . j .. 1 . shall be carnea, noi omy w . some ume,wnn,o. r. xvuyswer uruauu lixauuners. . iiwse niw w1Bu i-u x.wu61i. I t 1 i t i , , - - iana tne law oi contracts;: reconnai i .tt s.w: w ..i.iL..- c rs "Jl - Li. 4. 4U wroi -1 " ttiMt 1? j ...... , Ralph Jackson arrived home from! . J-' tion of the weswro nuisycit KO., oi vjoiumoia, v., is at iiume un me requirwucuis ivi mc icuct "-"jf Wy aim wue spent sunaay I - . j ... , ,. 1 sance, preliminary. and- location sui to the utmost parts of the earth. ; let hjs surnmer vacation. 1 ALL certificates, may do so at this at n,. l hompson's. citizens of Polk county ana ox i ,;Mr. A. N. Kunkel is visiting his fa- summer school. rsoDDie Vjaut and wife were guests us as North Carolina and of r the ; United ther at Statesville, N. C, who, wel please bring all the books and ma- I of Mrs. John Foy, Sunday. ; overseas, . Saturday, : looking i hne: His many friends are . glad to. wel come, him home, again. : States meet jand think , in broader learn, is quite sick'. vey for a .sertlon. of road; 'which i cross-sectioned and the earthwor computed, - and ' complete plans a!n and more brotherly terms than"' we Mr. L. H. Cloud is treating Mr. J.' xhe following texts will, be, used Sunday, at Mr. J.-B.'Dalton's have ever before done and show tojL. Jackson's residence to a coat , of Rapeer, "How to .Teach, the Elemen- We wish to correct a misl terial that you think you will need, h Mi. and : Mrs. Sam Edwards spent . 'Mrs. Charles R. Boynton 'and jyoung I estimates prepared, 'including a mkr I son, of Louisville, Ky are visitig Jklrs. I diagram; location of ' highways an thP world that we are in favor of a paint. progressive world civilization, on the v,,We are.not able to find anything to Reading and Phonicsr Reading Litera-- Willie Turner; and wife that attended high plane! of cooperation instead, of fc report ;this week . of very much inter- ture, Primer ;- Reading : Literature, the singings at Greens Creek, and not Jthp nrinciDle of righteousness by est. We understand 'the political First Reader; Reading 1 Literature, alph 'Edwards and wife.7 V - might. Respectfully. - contest is still contesting. It has I Second'" Reader;'"' Readg,' literature, j- Mr.' WitcherMoofe,, of the" U. S'. J. R. SAMS, County Agent. been said that the inconsistency of Third -Reader, .primary Met him COLUMBUS. man hath no bounds. MELYIK HILL. The Betterment Club will give two t.Toc frCO of oWe. - "The :;Sewing a m, Rnnlr Accent." pre 8 broken the mistake that Boynton's mother, Mrs. B. ' D4 Wil-1 special problems in .highway eng tary Subjects." Primary Methods II. j occurreo! in last-issue'; It was Mr. liams on Melrose Ave. , neering; and the testing "of materia ,n ' ; used in road building, including san Material is being placed on the lot clay, cement and wtuminous mate recently purchased by Joe ,Gurley on jajs v , , Trade Street, preparatory to the eec, , Special .students,; who, - have t! tion of a business building. . proper , fOUndation,wiil .bepermitt( New World Spellerok I; Language as his ship -was ready to sail. - Mrk J; H. Norville, of Greens jCreek, 1 tfke th work; in highway enr and Spelling,. Leipr's " Language in Mr. John Foy spent Sunday , in was in town a short time Wednesday: I veering in one. year, 7 supplements the Elementary School; 4; Pnmary J South Carolina visiting friends. -land while here callol and renewedhis I lt With some of the , other courses . T 1 TTT1 . i -1 - . 4,- . 1,.- . m - . m Methods III. Milne's Book 1 ; is umrjer w nat fxas oecome of Mill Spring subscription to the NEWS. I C1VH,. engineenng. ,1 ms permissi ir.i eAn4. WrtV' f lirn-TnTTiar I Koiit 1 f .rm q iroin ..r4- - , . . r, 4. 1 I If ucoir t.v&xv, , &vw, i &", v. .naiiir W xaix4C, xov Grade Methods I, Reading and Lan- hear from you. guage; Reading -Literature, ourth Book 1; CROSS KEYS. "-"-"fe . -. . i . be givev Saturday July ,12ft. orou ade,.; Practical ngUsh, : Book I; Hieh School xampus,. at eight, o ciock, "'""' "'"""-" Graipniai Grade "Methods 11. ahui- r, TP.voWKndv: rordiallv: invited. people awenqea uie xunxi - There will be; a four5 weeks' teacn- p.. xw , j; - ers' institute held at ColumDus, ue- if - ' ginning July Childrens' . the Columbus June 29, at 10:30 a. m will be granted, only to those havii Mrs. Jas. Ely and Son Jams,' of At-1 the proper -training to form t lanta, who have been the guests of J groundwork for the -special -course. ivir. ana Mrs. w. x. j-iinasey jor mei . o past week, returned "to their; home I . FISHTOP. " - metic; Milne's Book III; Grammar We are having some " splendid yesterday. , . .. . Grade Methods IIL;,U. S. History, weather now, crops are fine; and the s i.The Boy Scouts of Tryon went to I Nice-growing weather prevails ji seems to be an abundance this season, mostly honey dt Laughter and consort visit in the Brights Creek section, Sund, Mrs. J L. Tar If son ! nf T Mr. E. E. Missildine and wife, Misslv,. at Pishtop last week 'retu. v2l Missildihe and -Miss Emma- Mc- I hornA Fridav . ' . -lour, Kepuonc; ueograpny nice rain we naa last mgnt put, new I Tnman MondaV .where thev Dut on a I now. 7th. - ;:J "irrrriCH ancC0UD0?g" rinrns si Minstrel show to a good house.;, From There day will be observeu xxcmlcv " , mg, Berry wntmgooKs 1, ix, Wx A z-eno anieios. has .; returned from comment s made by those present the honey1 ;.Baptist! church, sunaay, t 11V. ueaitn, Kiicnie s irnmex overseas ana spending a lew days I boys evidently gave the Inman, people ' T, C. ' "l I lUf. OUU luioi " ' I ma-nj - A AV rt ' ' KOfllf " t .O ... IVltUUC S WITil niC Wito in Aehatn a Mio rwi'n- . . i "N. ' i j . . I ma-nA - A AV rt ' KOfllf ' ' t .O.. IVltUUC S WITil H1C Wlto in Aehatn a Mio rwi'n- i 11. 1 , 1 me zy, at a. m. . . , .A fl fft visit the " T .. , : . . w " riV" ' I mgnijr entertaining snow. There will be a meeting of the net- netia, -maue jr4.4.6 ."r - -Primer of Sanitation, worm dw ents and sisters are anxiously waiting mere will De a meeus lw- wrtfnpr Mrs. Morris, who I . ,mfl;t 4 . .. .. V: - 6 trrmonf r.inn af. the school . aucuwi- i xuiuxcx . -;- - . i uo., uivics, reei s uvu vw"' ior mm xo visit menu r- . .xaaw 1 il. . UaaU a itMH rl OTT1 f 1 I 1-- I - VI . , , i r-i. - i arAomnaniea tneaxi uvxv w n.a,mai. Pesontiai studies in xiine-i Wo w.n.. tj-i j i tL-va missiiame ana -iviiss Hjmma-mc-ux nj num, aaturaay, Juiy uw4. . .. . cod several weeks t.. . . a :-..r U. . . . It?.ij ir. iif-i-.. nri-i,ii I ... . "' Friday June 27 will be used as a aunuay, I lishook 11. Komns .Kowe; -n.Kxxcux- Marnett - iJiacJcweu -has safely, landed I i ttA1"u iCAV "xy ui nxWiYIUc jiss Myrtle Pace went to the h work day for thJ-Columbus people, there. j ture, Burkett, Stevens and Hill; Home on this side, all of the 81st division. r" . -r- i operation, ior tonsilitis. went .through ml Uncle James Case ha crnn fx, v new luick car. . Ihis son-in-law, X. Vaughn, at Inn Sundav school at the Trvon Bantist 1 S- C:. who quit sick. church at 10 o'clock, very. Sunday I ' ttlers are plentiful, .but morning. , You are invited t come I eeras to De scarce, h' and join one of our many classes, and! inai 18 most pleasant to take. anjjoy the wonderful lesons of . the AXiere are ss hshermen , on -quarter; There will be special ser- nver-this season than usual, also 1 vices next Sunday, the pastor speak- fis5x we ro informed. -V , 4cx c, occiua m oe a aeterminat Every one - school Fourth of July. Misses Vada McMurray and Lizzie Dedmond spent Saturday in Tryon I ! xvxr.' . " i . . it.v. last I hoard and the necesarv books. Visit relatives m . . . " . .. A" weeks aim and wq fA mn . i sure that it is not necessary j.ux xxxc v i ----- -o-:- r- x- , W H lookinr very , well ii emphasize the need of every teacher Va., where he will receive his dis- Misses Marie and Hilda -Burgess conjidering . the dry in Polk county doing his bit in ; the tnarge.- e visiting at Clyde, N. C. . . ZitteT : better professional service that V of- Mr, andMrs. TV A. Pendleton and Mr. Guy Hill is visiting relatives at -e- and fcr3 his county as a toacher. The ' Lo,s spent school term has been lengthened, tne. jr.. axxu xxo. Wuc uuxxy Sandy Plains. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Feagan; f ainil v snenf Snnrfav in Landrum Mr ts. R. F. McFarland ' and . Mrs. W B. Arledge spent Tuesday . in ; Lan- dium. , t . Mrs. H. H. Edward spert several days, last weekih Rutherfordton, on business. " ( ' Mrs. A. L. Pitman hi on Uie f ick list this wf.elcl ' " - A crowd of young people enjoyed a Picnic op the school campus, last Sat urday evening. . The Sundav school at' the Columbus Baptist church ingrowing ; by leaps and bounds, reaching -high ;wauci mark last Sundav. when 102. were in attendance. Let ust strive . to make it 125 the? first Sunday :inJuly.- ' All invited f on imn .s in these interesting exercises; j l -T.n average uup xx. t uvv. ...-. r - . . , w . i n j0 heard I c n a -htort . inrreasefl. and along 1 ounoay. Mftt a lOCUSt cv44 - - 1 J T). here yt.. ) "K m "V-h 111 a with these increases there must come .nr. renajeton has gone into the an increase in professional and tech-. cnicKen Dusmess. . lias just r received nical ability and efficiency. The pec- one pen of S.; C. White Leghorns, the MAPLE GROyUi. , t.j i? are oinir txvexnect here of us as Wyckoff strain. : . . ii,4 w iaTnoint them7 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Weaver and cij.T Miiiiinn anai ...... ..... . vl x.m j 4. 4.t. j ' j. xif , Messrs, oxvxxi , . I am SUre that W Will meet tms OD- tmmxii pxij, iar. anu mrs Wheeler Odel ; have . return- , j lW.ifnev. S. C, xruxxx ,...! j ru ... . w 1 1 nri axiu Messrs. a w , ,:.4 MicseA Grace and uma ence nun, - , Gibbs and Thursey Burner -tGrp to Hendeoiwille, 1-t Sunday CSra7spt a . itt while with Mrs V. S. Gibbs, gunday. ; : Mri G L Taylor and;children, also Messrs. .Crarence -' -- dee during the summer season. I even seen,; and had twelve rattles and join, us "in these l.T' turned home from Gaffnejr,J : Confidently looang rise We need youlGibba returned ho ....jtowt and profltabh, lieation and discharge it, not because Flynn's, Sunday. we owe it to the County Supt., or the Mr. Keuoen MUins conducted pray State Board of Examiners to attend er service after Sunday school : at this schooL . But we owe it . to our- Greens Creek, Sunday evening. selves and to- the children k of Poll? Mrs. Bob, Shehare and family, from county. This school has been placed Boiling Springs, spent - the . day at within your reach : 1 T6th - financially Mrs. Toneys, Sundays it is left with 1 Mrs. Brides:. snent the .week-end tv,o t,er Af Pnlk cbuntv have with her son. Roy Bridges. : and; re-1 Jrcises of the State University. Mrs. f Sandy-Plains this week, but'.-: Keen at all times loval to duty and op- turned hoine Sunday. . v . ' ' - I Lindsey's son, Edwin. Lindsey-vvas ajname .was signed; to it,. -we are portunity and I-am sure that ,they . Mr. JClaude Edwards, was a visitor 1 nember of the graduating, class of pelled to refuse publication, f It wsii ftf ho "slarlrers" now. -. , to see Mr. .Rov.Welborn;, Sunday. , I Jiat institution .this -year.. I He re- Junchangable rule of a newspr PftYifipnflv loftldnp- forward to a Mis -Nora Fruitt spent the evening -uraeu nome wiw ws xxxuv oxu - ww i four YreelO wita Miss vwie vx.eiooro, ouuua. . vi, ing on "Christian Education" at the I Z IT 4. If , ' asual hour. ? I10 nSnt to a tosh 'if it takes summer!l .the . contest- case.. Most of the passenger train rhang-1 There are some of the largest st ed time last -Sunday, the greatest potato patches ever seen in this c uiange.ueing in iio. wiuc posses munity ' ..,, . 4 . Wre one hour earlier than formerly. James Millet, T. K Stenn'd . The passenger train passing ,here at Case each killed rattier; aTd 1 ,:io a. m ior Asneviiie anc, return- nest.Laughter two. Miller says ng at iv.xo y. 111. was piaceti xu ser- 1 n- ha KU w,..u i- 4. , Mrs. W. T. . Lindsey and .daughter, I lookedilike' a ram's horn, they wj Miss, Mary, returned home from 1 large. . . Chapel HU Sunday, where they - had I ' :-f ' 0 - oeen to attend the tommencement ex-1 .We .have . received . a letter Insane signed to iV j wd you need us

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