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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, June 27, 1919, Image 2

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la'IM abfe . v v4 uu' " WAR pii BPORnnr news THE' WORLD OVER AND, OTHER NATIONS FOR SEVEN, DAYS GIVEN 4 Doom of the daylight saving lnaugu rated as a . war . measure, was pro nounced by congress both, senate and I housetadopting by overwhelming votes measures (to terminate operation oi the . law when, the period of summer time ends next October 26. The house, fnllfYwfne' three "hours riehA.te. by a IMPORTANT HAPPENINGS OF THIS vote' of 233 td" 132. passed a bill to repeal the law on the lastSunday in next October, but rejected an amend Iment to make the repeal' effective at once. The , senate, by a "vote of 56 to - 6 after brief discussion ": added a rider to ; the agricultural appropria tion bill providing for repeal of - the Taking Place In The South- daylight measure on the same date fixed by the bouse bill. German dye interests barred from France and England, look to . America for disposal of their large surplus out put manufactured during the war, Jos eph H. Choate, Jr.; counsel for the Incorporated, THE NEWS OF THE SOUTH . i land f Will Be Found .. Brief Paragraph In Domestic f Six de-Haviland planes left Elling ton fields Houston, Texas, undr their chemical ' Foundation, own power for the Mexican border for told the house ways and means corn observation purposes. Six more mittee in urging a licensing system planes are to leave later, and an en- for the protection of the American listed personnel Of 150 men is to be dye industry. "Something has to be sent to El Paso by rail. done to save the dye industry, and Two train robberies and thirteen tariff alone won't do it," he declared, bank hold-ups was .the criminal re- Under a resolution introduced by cord admitted by- Gordon Fawcett Representative Fitzgerald, Democrat, Hamby, alias J. . B. Allan, 'awaiting Massachusetts, congress would "pro trial in New York City for the murder test against any league of nations of. two men when he robbed a Brook- mandate over' Mexico being given lyn savings bank. Seated in his cell, to Great Britain and express the feel he told the remarkable story of his ing that the United States is amply crimes in an impersonal, and dispas- able to take care of any situation that lionate tone, closing it .with a declara- may arise in tne neighboring territory Uon that he had nQ further interests of Mexico." The resolution was sent in life except to be executed as speed- to Xhe. foreign relaUons committee. uy as possioie. 1 Group of striking female employees of the Western Union Telegraph company in New York city 2 Armed civilians arresting Red Guard soldiers in Munich, Bavaria, when the soviet forces were driven out 3 Lieut. George Horowitz of Passaic, N. J., the high-honor man of the 1919 class just graduated from the United States Military academy. ; . - JSURPATION OF AUTHORITY BY AND BUREAUs must COTTON PRICES EHOJUK Hereafter Action hv Calculated to Hold Dow Be Looked Prices Wi " or I... Into Washington. Sen ator s bag ln"nons m. uio aiiixnunirinr! grenades and wPnt n, m h government bureaus that n dling with cotton. The J board aroused his ire H benator Simmons MM,nJ mo uoor or tne senat pation of , legislative ue notipA IP that 4v ecutive departments J to cease. uureaial ' Arrested at Huntsville, Ala., with two other soldiers and brought to Nashville, Tenn., Howard Moore, 22 of Mobile, Ala., winner of three medals and eleven citations for bravery, con fessed that he and his companions were the men who tied a local taxi- cab driver to a tree and took posses- Establishment of a .boat line be tween Mobile, Ala., and the west coast of South America within the next few weeks) was announced by Assistant Director of Operations Tay lor, of the shipping board, after con ference with representatives of the Mobile , chamber of commerce. The HEWS REVIEW OF CURRENT EVENTS Uncertain Attitude of Germany Toward the Peace Treaty Up to Friday, June 20. sion of his automobile. Moore served deleStion declared that at the post of overseas with the 115th infantry for Mobile there Is carS enough every eighteen months. He spent eight sixty days to fin 45 additional ships. The board will also hear the claims nf Uneasiness for the safety of Amer- New Orleans and several other South SCIIEIDEfilANN CABINET OUT ivtui citizens in norxnern Mexico is felt in El Paso. Because of the expe- Provision in the army appropria- dition by United States troops into tion bill for maintenance of an army Foch Ready for Invasion From Three than half a million, and the larger part of those are concentrated in the east where preparations had been made for warfare" with the Poles. Also, the German? are notoriously weak in the matter of railway and motor truck transport and have few airplanes left. It did not seem that they could pos sibly make any powerful and pro longed resistance to an invasion, but Marshal Foch planned his operations to meet the maximum strength the enemy might summon. aroused the senator was V 4 that Republican, ably led the defenders of anxious t n , ' !m. n the league and bitterly . criticized his upon signi" ofa' Mediately party colleagues-for, conducting what a very large amouni otZl haps as much as one million faZ : " ucnta. Accorai SldeaTurks Ask That Their Coun try Be Left Intact Americans Cross Mexican Border and Punish the VillisUs. By EDWARD W. PICKARD. Ve had better sign the treaty and Mexico to disperse Villa's forces at- of 400,000 officers and men during tacking Juarez, it is feared Villa and the next fiscal year was tentatively hia men will attempt reprisals upon agreed on by the senate military sub American persons and property in committee. The house bill, which was the north of Mexico. before the committee, reduced the Mormon officials in El Paso and size of the temporary army of 509, in Juarez. are much concerned over 000 officers and men requested by the reports that Villa is heading toward war deDartment to 2(M nnn ftmiM.I-. Casas Grandes. Chihuahua., This is Uon of the bill was virtually complet- have done with It But whether we near the Mormon colony of Colonia ed. . - sign it or not. the worst is yet to S WherenyvMrm0n fami "The Mexican governmem considers and we refuse to cheer Several American mining companies aS closed the incident brought about ' ha -aPPf e. attitude In Mexico have ordered efr Imeri- by tne crosS of American . troops f the eater Part of the German peo can employees to leave for thebor- into MexIcan territory said aWe- Ple Friday, June 20, when this re der as soon as possible." " ment ued here by General Can- jew was written. However, at that Two thousand Yaqui todians havo dId Aguilar, President Carranza's t115 " was Impossible to forecast the teen sent to Parral byr Gen Manuel confidential; ambassador to .the United actIOn tnat would be taken Dy the Ger Diguez, to reinforce that town which states- Announcement, was , made by man government, and the news col was captured by Villa's forces on Ea- the state department that American tell whether thejreaty was ter morning. JC : . officials in Mexico had made strong M511"0- or rejected, by Monday, June The resignation of Premier Orlando of Italy and his cabinet, It was feared, might have an embarrassing effect on the peace negotiations, as Orlando was a member of the council of four. Or lando had addressed the chamber of deputies In defense of the peace treaty and called for a vote of confi dence, which was refused through the efforts jof the socialists. The king re served decision as to acceptance of the resignation. The German peace envoys had an unpleasant time last week. On their departure from Versailles with, the final draft of the treaty they were as sailed by a, mob and several of them were Injured by thrown stones an un fortunate occurrence for which the French authorities made ample apology. No sooner had the envoys reached Weimar than some sixty Spar tacan prisoners, released from the Jail Renorta from inaM ti4 I reDreaentfttions to thn if wa at P- m- Fans time, when the I . i -A -T I .:.;7.rky,lwrMWL-i " 7 IT r" r time limit p(v0n th.'n.m.D i" guvernmeni live., it, cAiakcu ueiween Americans and I cllAJLUCUfc lur " proiecuon or Amen-1 . . v"- Mexicans is denied by American Con- can? ln the disturbed areas of that fay mornIn8 came the news that iiHiiwuciuauu caomei naa lauen and that Gustav Noske. minister of de fense, was to become head of the new government This was taken to mean that the treaty would be signed, as Scheidemann had been the chief op ponent of such a course. NIt was be lieved that the rule of Noske would amount to a dlstatorshlp. Another story was that Bernstorff would suc- he characterized as a campaign of mis representation and distortion, fie ad SL"!? but -Port, one ofZ viKuruu5iy aen ea mat it aiscnminates ments or bureaus contempktM against us or imposes on us any obli- Ing certain orders that would ! gation or. burden that is not equally Germany's purchi Z cS t borne by every other nation. quantities at a timJ l ton to small It was predicted in Washington that ;uan"tIes at a "me, at periodical I uabB. ine Knox resolution would be defeated but that it would receive enough votes to show that the treaty and covenant together could not be ratified by the senate. President Wilson's announced plan of making a speaking tour in sup- Senator Simmons is detent that hereafter any action of m department calculated to hold im the price of cotton and restrict the freedom of trade in this great south tm ...... port of the league Is not approved by h" "rE? a to tte many of the Democratic leaders. whJ C ?8est.8Cru iny and Mhorizei say that he will thus give the Repuo- M retrICons upon th licans an opportunity to make the S league an issue before the people. But promptly to account Mr. Wilson, as well as a great many At tne conclusion of Senator Sim other very well posted persons, be- mons' speech, in a colloquy which hs lleves firmly that a vast majority of had witn Senator Fletcher, of Florida, the American people want the league 14 was closed that in the" matter or covenant ratified so ' he does not fear trelht rates between American ports an appeal to them on that issue: a tne lOTei&n Prts tJie South Atlan tic states are very grossly discrimi nated against. Senator Simmons' dander is up. Once again -American troops have been sent across the Mexican border because o'f the action of the ViUIstas. and this time the latter were quickly AN APPEAL FOR PROTECTION buI General Edward A. Dow. who m country, he had been courteously treated. With few dissenting votes, the een- , ft Cabell's statements here ate naval committee, decided to rec- tnat the expedition to Juarez was a ommend an increase In the naval avia- closed incident has been accepted at Uon fund tot 1920 from $15,000,000 to in6- !ff 110 further devel- $35,000,000, as requested by Secre. " v" c ouuupaiea. lary Daniels. was their Intention, apparently, to seize Ebert Scheidemann and Noske. but they made so much noise that the surprise assault failed and the troops drove off the Spartacans. The Ger mans considered this occurrence more Important than it appeared to be on the surface. TTT I- . . . . ' European vviiBuu aamitrpn that th& 11 1 m. . .. dltions in the :7 tL7Z tSTZZ . A"L?"m!te ?.rov 8lon f or Germany's ceed Brockdorff-Rantzau as head .of weakened, but the American T pJIX SKT 1 of nations, the commission. tion of Lkbor, hi selSont Z mEde i TeYiSBd treaty' DlsaPPted. dismayed and thor- City, OanSlSfS SeSaVStJ la ' VD aned by the final refusal of Arrest of 6.000 O&we WudSS" at dl8armament the allIes to ameliorate to any marked Tuchow by Chinese' and Ja n 7 . ; ' 1 V extent the terms imposed on them, the military authorities is said in offficial Alcock and Lieut. Arthur Germans raged impotently against circles: in'Washington to have resulted 9' the, airmen who jnade the their fate. Count von Brockdorff- from the anti-Japanese boycott grow f"1 nonstop flISnt from North Amer- Bantzau and his colleagues on the Ing out of the decision of the! peace 1 f-Ireland were entertained at a Peace commission united in advising conference on the Shantune ncheon at the Hotel Savoy in Lon- the cabinet to refuse to sign the treaty. tion. " s " aon Dy the DailyNJiail, at which the the cabinet to refuse to sim the tmt ....owatiui, yiuB 01 3u,uuu oner- in me national assembly at Wei- ed by the newspaper, was presented to mar, where the treaty was to be con the aviators. It is announced that sidered, the majority socialists, It was the king has conferred the order ol believed, would vote for signing, and the knigh tof the British empire on it was believed the Catholic center Captain Alcock and Lieutenant Brown, and Independent socialist parties also The demonstration against members w?uld Anally agree to accept the terms. attacked and as quickly put to flight xne rebels had Invested Juarez and. as on former occasions, some of their bullets landed in El Paso, Tex. Sev eral Americans were killed and wound ed and our soldiers got into action in stantly. After the artillery had rained shrapnel on the -Villa forces the infan try rushed across the international bridge ana drove them from their trenches, and the cavalry pursued thein for several miles. The Mexican authorities were assured that this was not to be taken as an invasion, and In deed the Americans returned to their own side of the river within a few hours. At first President v -w imam AGAINST SECRETARY DANIELS The 'Turkish peace mission was re- 1 I mi ilia iiiui n ioa v a vrm wm w con, protested against the action, but ten at the Qua! d'Orsay and its mem bers set forth the Turkish situation. They asserted Turkey was forced into the war by the Young Turks, the for mer German emperor and Russia's de sire to grab Constantinople and that the Turkish people were not responsl next day the Mexican government an nounced that it considered the incident closed. Whether Pancho Villa also would so consider It was another matter.- All along the border there was fear lest he attempt reprisal and. Washington. President Henry Breckenridge, of the Nary league, ap pealed to Sherman Butler, of tie house committee on naval affairs, for protection for his organization agamsf Secretary Daniels. In a lengthy letter he replied to an attack made on the league by Mr. ' Daniels two weeks ago. "We are imbued with no malice against Mr: Daniels," said Mr. Breck enridge, "but following out the in alienable American right of petition, we do petition, so far as you maybe able to protect us as American citi zens from the unjust application of the power of an official of the execu tive arm of the government, who by all our traditions is a servant of the people and not a master of the people." bl. for It The grand vizier pfeided tZ, teSSpS The menace Domo outracrea Rtm hangs over the county in the ' belief cf officials of the department of jus tice. William J. Plynn, chief of the department's bureau of investigation said that he believed there were more oomos to come," but said it was im for the preservation of Turkey intact and the withdrawal of Greek troops from Smyrna, saying that course alone could Insure peace among 300,000,000 Monammedans throughout the world The council gave no Intimation of its intentions, but It has been generally ad mitted that the empire of the sultan is to be dismembered. WASHINGTON RECEIVES NEWS WITH PROFOUND SATISFACTION possible to say when the next attemnt of tne German' peace delegation, ap- .Throughout the former diverse. empire Chancellor Benner submitted to the allied delegates his detailed objections to tne terms imposed on Austria,: pro testing especially against the alleged "Injustice which menaces 4,500,000 German Austrians and against the setting up of a number of new states In Europe which he says will create at the points that were considered threatened, f Of course the senate took a whack at this affair and the opponents of the administration severely criticized it for its general Mexican policy, which, Senator Fall asserted, was to support the weakCarranza government with out protecting the lives and property of Americans and other foreigners in Mexico. .. i: - t The week opened with , the . great news of the successful noristOD flieht tions might fail OViUM Auanuc Dy uaptaip Alcock Washington. rNews that the Ger man delegation had been instructed to sign ' was received by officials here with profound relief and satisfaction. Reports of violent dissensions among the various Germna elements and of powerful influences working to com pass the rejection of the treaty, even at the cost of an entente military oc cupation of Germany had caused ap prehension in some quarters that even at the last moment the negotia te create a reign of terror hv Darently bad Its inception in the senument was diverse. The south- plosions might be made. crowd's interpretation of some gesture ern states, which would suffer most General hearings looking toward a hy a German typist or secretary as from lnvasion, Were in favor of yield general revision of the tariff will be a Provocate act. The throwing of Ing; whlIe the. northern provinces, . es Btarted by the. house ways and means stones and hricks which struck the Peclally East Prussia, were strongly committee soon after July 4 Chair- two Germans, occurred -as the auto- PPoseI to such a course. Naturally, man Fordney. of the committP Qn. mobiles of the Germans nassprf f ine oia Pan-German element was bit- nounces at the close of hearings on tnrugh Chesnay, Roquencourt and terly-aga,nst tne treaty. but ttat ele- ine request of the potash and dye 1 Ballly suburban points, on their way z no onwrr rules In Germany. muusines ior protection. 10 tne railway station at Noisy-el-Rol ..vuw o uiauo LiiciL rspr-) u"coi cuaiuiiK VjdOiiuian Km mora in 1 xiacu w uuc, luk aiiien nannns ro ir. 1 locc gnnrahMcin . - .1 i ., 1 - . a... retary Baker has authori,Pd tho ZL England her , r " " ine no chances. mdo " " ' 7" u" lue y.ari 01 tne "lm9 ume 01 10 tours and 12 This statement was made by Lieu" ,nnn. : I . wuuuiim yyjov i t . iwc tumerence. a national con- minutes. and Lieutenant Brown ln the Tickers- GERMAN SIALORS SHOT Vimy bombing plane. It was a won- V BY THEIR OWN OFFICERS aerrul achievement and all th a j I - - ' &u anorner notbea of war such as the Bal- Joineir in praise of the -courage and Thurso, Scotland -German sailors kans have been. skill of the bold avin tr f, -mra cv. w .; Wt, when way from Newfoundlnnrt rpv, , f i , . . .v Miauii 1 - J iiviiiyvDu ,u u"j; 1." , xnere was some improvement Jn the tney flew throuerh fnc nri nf nnr,v. tn return ' to . . . . . I o O v UtUUC. YBl I vr. VUg JJi 1UOU UUUC19 DoisneviKi situation and consequently they made the 1,960 land miles in the their ships and shut the seasocki. S1"? ?f WriMa for eervice on Ponement c homeward sailings Uo.n 'r immediate action in case of gress of Hungarian soviet -mS rtL Zl T; , , ey wm re- culminated in an attack by 400 lCana- Wct n of the treaty. They had Ger- Bela Kun presided, appealed to "the Despite the big demonstration by the " " t: ,:, y "rB- "0 vu. me jyaom ponce, station. " j tt guns ana trencn proletariat to aid Hunearv nnri AUicrita ' eaeratlon of Labor con- enSrnW..eI'S'W8. fr dirge: Several policemen were woundeil. one nets andwere ready ; to Inyade Russia In their "revoInZ tZ T Eress wlu riot s.nctIon a ant Nuttall, of the steamer Alouette, who reached here from Scapa Flow. a1Wv.umra oi uie action of the! so seriously that he died Th "om three sides, while on the n-irth rt ... of the wartime mmm , " pose of the attack was to release a me sn.ns-.of their fleets would enforce communist trnnn o.f mlt the manufactiire eou VV,HO I J mm . . v "VVA SENATE ADDS $40,000,000 TO AIR SERVICE APPROPRIATION TJnited States troops in crossing the ooraer at juarez to protect the lives of American eitizens. Ushed in the Mexican City newspap ers' ' without editorial comment. A resolution to interrogate President Carranza on the action ; of the Ameri can forces was said to have received practically no ' support in the cham ber of deputies. ; '.-. American troops that participated in the punitive : expedition against the Villa rebels in and near Juarez, are now billetted ' in', barracks and camps on the American side, after twenty-four hours of campaigning. Seven ragged Mexican prisoners were herded to ward the Fort BlisS stockade by a da tachment of the Fifth pavalry while another cavalry detachment drove a herd of 100 captured Mexican horses and r ponies to the remount station. " It has been unofficially stated that approximately -fifty Villa followers kllied ln the recent scrimmage upri around Juarez. Canadian soldier who hart w,- a renewea Diocfcaae by sea. ' kefnro Tnx r . and Heht noo ti , ... . 1 a . 1 vMMuuiauo naa iii-fwK -ri ann rnn 1 vu . w ui v m. iinrii no. l"??" Z:LZTa contained no ition goes into effect nei IvT I!. ' r ,jan!aaian dlri ?lhi e t? Aa. &ininw auieuse alarming news. The White Guards ruuary- Amsas made certain when whom the mob was not interested. f.fLf1 R"34; which , was about ; to that are moving on Petrograd succeed tne senate Dy a vote of 55 to 11 killed During the last few days there ha start ross the Atlantic, was made ed in d,trL -.J .J0!: a rider to thf AfP. 1 W1 in the Canadian I camp the Baltic, her across thefrl Pnelan again It was reported that the bolshe- mtural. appropriation bill.. Action by vlki were preparing to evacuate Petro J; resl(Jent Wilson is the only remaining grad. 1 , -v ; , , , hope of the wets and it is slenAr to been trouble at Whitley where the soldiers burned panIon' R3-et out on a cruise nuts and did other damage, according uai Wft!l10 mciuae tne Kiel canal, to reports. ' ? Land operations, carefully planned :The Wng an., ,ueen of jhe llT'J'! cofd trnr.K . tuv.c ujr me cei- w jTicaxucut ana Mrs. gian and British forces thrnnh Wilson after a day of functions . and and the Ruhr district to the fortress .17 sightseeing that taxed the energies of -linden ; by the Americans up the subject of hot debate ! J every Individual in the Amw,n galley of the Main to the Bnhemfon -ifr??. ba? In party. The president made - thrA- border, cutting Germany ' in two h , " . i vv w n v. - "J speecnes ana an extended tour of the LUV rreucn w e rortress of Ulm and battlefields, attended a lunchenn -n then to Nordllngen. outflanking th a formal dinner ' bv the kine- i wQi strong Rhoen- mountain defenses. a there' been any doubt relative to the I tne same tIme according to the plan iceuug Detween Americans and Bel- wwu-bioto would attack from gians. it was removed in the chamber ouin ana tne Poles from the east of, deputies when the president was Js believed the great industrial warmiy applauded by the members and ouesia would thus be occu those gathered In the eallarieiL I PIed - , . . , xne aiued .command estimated the available German forces at not more Washington" Taking up the $S88. 000,900 annual army appropriation bill and continuing Its consideration at a night session, the senate tentatively approved an appropriation of $55,000, 000 for the army air 'service, an in crease pf $40,000,000 oer the amount voted by the house. Although the army bill was under consideration ' "little Drogress as mv a - - .... - .."..) 1 , . - , Senator .Knox's resolution desfeH .J'JZ.t.l-JJ U Jusled with action upon many comm- serjarBtA tha r. TT. . uls matters last week: in- amenaments being aererrea Into the Irish muddle Knor himself lenrtin,, ana.u., also. swatted the radi! ' 18 PRESENT MECCA OF speech that was fT "f " elements with n itself by refusing to sive. whatever nnp T'r a resolution for the InitlatlvA correctness of his views. HettntAH l!!!lJ?- r'e. ranks of FederaUon of Labor at the closings thecovenant as "destmoti- u-rrr.r Vlfaa"i-eu iaDor rad defeating another .w , ,i convention. progress and llbertv H'J SS' Efton for the; recognition of soviet , General tthf r? S in all crafts !, !:hIch are designed tp S throughout the United States and for emi TiitIow ' """ A aster Qen- employes In the government sei-- and 5S?!2s"-7 & -enssion The dLinrwas based on a deterrn the rm,VAPr ?iatt had end'ln ation to prevent unemployment, wh cj the conVentlotf arresoinHAti - . . : . . nf th b -1 4- 1 d flsvin- fA 71 0 Auopc- uxe aeiegates aeicarea i uv Senator McCumber of Nortk Dakota. 1 oicauM SSJIS "mV hUr tW' prIm,iry 04,1868 f lBdUSt "Atlantic City, N. J. The American through all timeand merit Is made of this purpose of the provislon-the boundaries , set up by the treaty tof

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