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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, July 18, 1919, Image 1

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'"1" : AND, THE TRVON BEE VOL. XXV NO. 11 TRYON, NCT FRIP AY, ; JULY 1 8, 1919. He only Paper , . ...AjLp;. SE NATOR " UD CLI DEFENDS PARTY. national politics, sees a glorious vis ion and sings the Swann song of the people , everywhere turning away iromtheir false political idols to the only true and living republican party. 1- suppose every one knows the le gend that the swan sings " only one verv beanf.ifiil enn oj 4.i j- m o I xYTi i aim men aies. Tfcinkf-it "8C jsas tnat me people actually liJU . t- it Iicrnorea tho nnnnol d,-j i. TTT.-r About rassageor ni; . li. j. t v.v xcpuuucan congress, that Boston and Baltimore went re- puoiican and that there is no consola Knows Domestic Fowl Bill. mr SWANN SOME QUESTIONS tio for democrats in the election of ASKS MR.2WAwnow vc ny Michigan. One would think he was vtor.rolk County NEWS: Wh throu casting the satanic democratic partv iuw ucptns oi oDiivion ana chain While it may be true that the dis- ing it for a thousand years while he .im betweenJVlr. Mvann ana l reaa tne title of A considerable sum was expended for bridges and then rebuilding after two destructive floods. The state-: ment referred to and a slight exami nation of the records show that about $28,000.00 was so expended. lhe unpaid bonds of 1913 are not so specified in the statement but it seems that they were, the county home and court house improvement Wids1 that, have been explained. Other, items of. expense are specified and are presum ed to be correct. I find that under the recent republican administration $11,500.00 was borrowed, that $10,000 was paid by the ex-sheriff ,j and that $14,848.48 was collected by' increased tax, making a total collection of $36,-1 d45..4. Ol course it will be said that the high tax levy and the money col lected was made necessary by demo-: cratic mismanagement and r resulting making indebtedness. It does not so appear Rev. Charles B. Boyles; of Newland N. C,. stopped over night in Lynn, en route to Columbus anoS Sandy Plains, where he " preached at; the "Presbyter ian churches, on Sunday, ther YoXslX. Mr. Henry Clark, of Old Fort. N. C. was visiting kinsfolks in Lynn last week. - - : Will Newman while wOrkiner on the church one day last week f elf from a last week. LYNN , ; MAPLE JPRPVE. . (. Several from here went , to ; Cane Creek,. Sunday, to .preaching,' all , re port a nice time. ' Mr. Virgil McGuihn has purchased a new car. 'v iMr. Tolbert Odell "was a caller at Mr. M. N. Burnett's, Sunday.' r -: :,Mrs.rJ:sL. Jackson had the misfor tune to lose her Sunday hat, one day POLKS' SOUTHS. his Dartv in the Vio eh your paper has been unduly If he will come down to earth for a vnlonired 1 want to as your inuui- uew minutes wouia like to make pnce and that of the public to the some pertitnent observaitons and re g. ... t" onp more article. I woudl' view a bit of historv. In maVin. not have written again if Mr. Swann charges of fraud and theft against as the records only show payment of had not challenged me to answer the democratic party he does not indebtedness amounting to about $19, ' mipstions and make certain ex- seem to consider that if thev wpre 000. this wnnlH Ipsvp 17 sir 4r .Was ulanations. He denies any knowledge well founded it might be. a case of the (this sum used for current expenses or v.t not to 'prevent depradation off pot calling the kettle black." But is there a ronsiderahlA halrv in the domestic fowls." II want to prove that his party does treasury, due to good management of I have just receivea me miormauon i not nave a monopoly on all righteous- the republican administration 7 from the Secretary of State that this J ness and honesty. I want to infro- The taxpayers might be v glad to umi -ai introduced in the House bylduce a very imminent witness. Col. have light on .this matter'. - the Hon. Victor Bryant for Durham I Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote for Deducting current expenses there ..nnntv and was amended so as to in- luutiook m 1912 as follows The rank should be a substantial sum in the elude Polk. I wonder why some other I and file of the republican party have treasury. I believe ; that;-equal or member of the House would be so in-1 absolutely no chance of regaining greater public s improvements 1 were w,ctod as to take it upon himself to I control over the. party: the partv has made bv eight vears of democratic amend tlu bill so as to make it include I been definitely, andfinally brought by administration than by fifty years of Polk county, and how it escaped the I tneit ana iraua under, control of the republican rule m this cpunty atttention oi our representative, nejoosses. i i regret that an explanation of my onamoH to be so viligant that no other I No self respecting man should stay legislative record a few. 'months ago bill affecting his county passed un- within the pepublican party under has developed into a general political noticed. He seeks to extenuate ap these circumstances." Mr. Roosevelt t controversy and I want to say that I parent negligence by saying that I resented the action of his party in will not continue it Under any circum- L riPirlie'ent in a similar wav when the Chicago convention so strongly sances. I take no pride v or pleasure the primary act of 1915 applied to I that he later wrote an editorial for in sucK discussion I have my polit this county without my knowledge. I the Outlook entitled "Thou Shalt Not ical opinions and have due respect for in thk hp has been misinformed. I Steal" in which he bitterly arraigned opposing opinions when ; they - are Not knowing the will of he people and denounced his party for bald based upon principle and supported concerning this question I amended faced fraud and theft.- by good reasoning and argument and he state wide bill so as to except Polk I would make no such charges, -but not upon narrow-prejudice and the be- ntv hut nrovided that itTmight be of course Mr. Roosevelt was in a po- lief that all who hold different views Aa tn nnnlv to this countv -bv a sition to know and speak with author- are rascals and thieves. In the main majority vote at an election jthat I ity. A great number of Republicans 1 1 believe that democrats and repub ' nmuA hi called hv a small number of I agreed with him in his estimation of licans alike in this county are honest. voters. It so appears in the Senate! his party and when he said come out Amman's party does not make him Journal today but through an error oijirom among mem ana tie ye separate ja saint or a sinner; it aoes not cnange the printer this county was brought ana ciean ney iouowea mm in . bucu numan nature. mAnr nnpvntinn nf the art.. It Hid not I large numbers that the republican E. B. CLOUD. I candidate for president only carried bv the republicans as they continued eight states in the election of 1912. THE; ABOUNDING PROSPERIRTI to nominate candidates by convention pe wa iwsw niau icy n, , uruw nniu iHiSf tuunitti or by a few select delegates in a se-I progressives out oi the land ot igypt, .Ko,v,Kb- coiritnWmm .tKWnm. I across the Red Sea, to what they be- Tiion herd Our Representative scorns beved to be a land flowing with milk land honey. But sad to say when luciuca 6" "6 ..y6f..,-. .. . j j j fK. Mr. Reuben Wilson was a, dinner" guest of Mr. U. S. Gibbs. -Sunday. Mr. and Mrs B. R. Wilson visited Mr.J and Mrs. Lee Wilson, last Sunday.' Interest for This Movement U Gaining Headway ia All -Parts of the County. MANY DONATIONS RECEIVED. The Soldiers' Monument fund con- and others motored to Whitney, S. C..- idl itT should It is the hope of tuTS rnA Turr ' V : the committee to .raise not less than Mr. Claude Wilson was a guest oiv $iooo for this, purpose,, and -we are a theroute, Sunday. . , long .ways from that amount now. : Moss Maye Lynch , has gone to! ."t?' .ui-iwwi. . rI' here shc wiU sUishea to contribute to efuia 11 a few weeks. , , ; - . Iif '. - fv,i niQno fh scaffold some ten or twelve feet. No snous damags except the demolishing of. a $25.00 watch, - --'-o ' It s rumored-the school , building is to have a new addition by.;opening of buiwi. ii so tney win-nave to ao some hustling. . ;. -; lhe lryon Hosiery Mfg. Co, has shipped, the last 30 days, about 30.000 dozen hosiery. Getting a . little busy. iJirs. w. w Ballard jwsited relatives in East Flat Rock: last week-end; ,.Miss Nora Jones ' and mother spent last week-end in Hendersonville. i-Cloyd Metcalf is visiting her father Ed Metcalf i down in Georgia. Aj. H. Bradley, wife and babies, of Spartanburg, motored up last Sunday returning in the afternoon. Jasper F Arnold, of i Portsmouth, Va.,. who was recently discharged ; -. . . I t - T a n u; from servicevpaid his relatives in ?- V Lynn a short visit. Young Arnold : . . w -i. In -r n-u ii. o a - t i J j I esung sermon at.tne m. tzt. .., cnuxcii, i xx.; x . SB &&kylJ tsunday. ; He was ; soUciting funds -for H Tomlinson,. . :. ; ... 20.00 Hello, Red ; Mountain and t gunny Tlh View, we saw in-the NEWS wherewd. 7tfffS-&W Ahn1 letus PubHsh:the Ust.each,week. Sfi ' 1 Below we givel the amount sub- M N L Xynch, last week; . Boy Scotsyon...., ...I... ,? 5.00 MILL flPBINC. A. T. Hart..;.... W. A. Cannon. . .... . . . ..... . -1 W. T Hammett . . ; of King's J.tC. Fisher . . . . . V. . . . ; . w. L Hammett. . ............ LOO xOO 1.00 4.00 HAS ENTERED. TJ?e hlS ld 0b Ck the first of the.Economy Home for the Mother K. O. Huskey. .6.00 Sl -TT- ; -: less child. - - R. W. Tallant. j 20 t I nuersonT ana ner.ww. , A'number from here attended the J. M. Lewis. ... .... . . : . . . .-20.00 tlenephew, Master Joe illiam entertainment and ice cream supper T. T. Ballenger. 20.00 Reid, were guests of Mr: and Mrs. W. at Columbus, Saturday night.! C. ;J. LyncR:.. . 20.00 A. Cannon; Jastveek-end. - Miss Carrie Barber is on the sick W.-T. Lindsey. .... 20.00 ,iow Mr. lishtop,- after reading tlist at this writing, x J B. L Ballenger. 20.00 your 'statement about rattlers we I nric. Tiv -cJZt. .iu-iiwi,,., t t Kftrt MTf """P - Bessie . Hamilton, , Sunday. ; v.:y- -4J vt """" " W" Miss Sallie. Xieer has returned :to and tJiose luscious, apples you sell -at her home an Riitherfordton,, after an o cents each 7 . ; - ' - l ovfnricif-fVi v .M0i.Mr:T. Mr. R. H. Metcalf who has - been I q - Brisco-' : ' . sorely afflicted for some time, has I nowwe understand, a Nbad case of guest8 .of Mrs..L. C. Gibbs, . Sunday -.vvv.ii0.6. -. latternoom. Junior- Order, Tryon.... . 49.75 Total..:. . . J... . . . . ..$19525 MOUNTAIN VIEW. Mrs.. Dennis Jackkson and . son, The Ladies' Aid will serve ice cream ! m; rH"Sy ,;.,,, '.siii. WiMr. Master Arthur, were ynsitors at Jar. and ptherrefrestoents in new chwch end wi SThinie & &T has seeded McOTam's; Sunday lima; L.... I l J .1 J . J l"J T 1 I -i- ' . " . - : . uuiiumg oaturaay aiternoon, jury i. XVVeSK':m guest of Miss. Alice Corn, Sunday Greenville, SirC. , v- f'Quite a number from this section mSSSK yUpn-duce to Hendersonville last. Hillcrest Institute announces ;? the night. There wilialso be ice cream , A .. n- . ' u .. HILLCREST. For months the United States Gov- to a -thing so smau as aomes- v 4.-T Lm j realize that they could "sell" prosper- s and their depredations when htical success and power thesecKild- -t t th eount bv bii bolddver- upwiuig uiiis summer term, uu .ivxqn- icmuauc xwx j. ivlcw a;' TlJrCoi lllaa day July 21st. During this term only go to the soldiers' monument. Ev- A KSSsm boys -will be .received lis boarding pu- erybodjy invitedfto come. Girls, bring ferniok- ' Sunday af- -pi(S)V-vniic-giriS' are tajcen asaay. pu-Js?ue.iouy;jLrins wsjny uu uie pils., This .popular; school; is- c under girls! " f f vrr-.-- v ; tention tic fowls and their depredations when LAfnrfho flh At t( the country by big, bold adver it was his great mission to save the ren of Israel longed for the flesh pots L. Ifc urged everybody to adver - i. t fiiof land have been gradually returning to ..--. Z m... .ui,. " j j how the republican party w growing Business men, everywhere and flpurishing m the earth. With commenCed to advertise7 morefreelv wnai ivir. xtooseveit cimiaciciiicn i , , , r v . " i-" ui.r-.i 1 aim un uroauer uues.iuany men wnu "the most .giganuc sveai ipjjuuh h,ad never done much advertising saw history" still fresh m the mmds of Q nayxr i, qj v,omin oic. forward and JL!n?,Le erfe' 1 r , tr people wr. awaim com iurw old-time advertisers made lar assumes a more nuiy uian miuu I fy(lr aTnrnnriatinTia nnrl (rv. nfp, titude and prates about a steal by f0"th- almost limitgss po&we; of aemocrats m ine ntue prccmcv w Greens Creek. It seems to me that 1 - i i j ircuuic iium uuuiaaiT& muwviuu " i .. . . , i j t use xicciviiyi xx - wiev were aiieauv all" Tould result fron raising the salaries the party they spumed ras being dis- y exnendi- ofafew state officers. Of course I gonest ana rrepu A tures and broaden their publicity cannot know the motives oi mr. .Xw campaign; and if they were not ad- bwan and his jei ow repuDiican mem- 13 r mcTi AhV rT fall vertismg, to begin an aggressive cam bers ol the last legislature but x amrvv 6 w, "" paign. v . of the opinion that their touching so- on ms necK, kiss mm . Qr""" Never was better busines advices Jjcitude lor protection of the ; people Y" IT" flrr given, never was it more fully accept- against taxes was merely politican "if." Z,mJTa and never was there a greater propaganda and a desperate casngit of the wisdom of such about for party issues. - j They wanted to be. able'to tell the dear people, with tears in their eyes, that they had made a great effort to save them from the burden of increas ed taxes but were overpowered by the cruel and bloodthirsty democrats. Of course they would not tell, what they know in their hearts to be true, that all the increased salaries were deserv ed and justified by changed" condi tions. 1 supported those bills and have no apology or. regret for so do ing. I am sure that no reasonable citizens of any party are opposed to lhe payment of adequate-and just sal aries to their officers. After sermon izing on honest elections and -dwelling at length on the horrible frauds perpetraetd by the majority party Mr. Swann asks me if I supported the Herring amendment to the Absentee Voters" Act I did not, but I voted 'or an amendment that embodied in substance the same provisions. The Herring amendment - was nothing - more or less than another republican effort to create-a campaign issue on honest elections. It was an amend ment to the general election law as eli as "thp Absentee Voters' Act. It provided that sick voter micht send Ws ballot to the polls to be cast if a doctor certified that the sick voter was unable to attend in person. lhere was no otmosition to this fea- utre of the arhndment bv republicans !n the Senate and there -was no reason or condition that required the propos amendment to the general election ;vv and it it had been adopted no ma terial change would have been made. -After a thorough studv of this pro- Posed amendment I voted against it lor the reasons stated and would do "'0 again. As to the quoted remarke of soroe democrats concerning the im pending doom .of their party if repub "can charges and demands were un .uea 1 nave only to say that I have w ,,x 111a . uiuuuckji -F X w mere are always a few -calamity "uwiers m every party and gome that nut in tun accord with the prm- 1 c'Ples and-policy of the"ir party They oien set themselves ! up as being more righteous and wise than the Jjnk and file and from their pedestal if1"?. ?e ""rty of its sins and the J'ain to come. Mr. Swann seems to ,v!ef' Jubilant because some demo-f-d tl riember 0;f the. Ho use, predict-tvL- ynles there was a change of itv1paily Plley there is a probabil fL the minority party will gain "ntrol of the state. - , 'mi2?nik llJis question can -be disn Cd tU? observation that ;nhe S,?,ld.dreads ' fire ". The IrS ?hoin 1 am replying, after J anding democrats as unfair and honest m elections of . county and nal oJT antxy ueyona our ongi 1 controversy to the larger fields of he should cast the "beam out of his own eye before he can see the mote in he eye of his brother. He calls atttention to he difference in the state and county democratic ticket in Greens Creek as evidence of fraud. If he will examine several election returns he will find that such discrepancies are not unusual in Greens Creek and other precincts 01 the county, I have no desire to discuss this mat ter through the papers , while it is pending before the referee. All the eviaence is in, uie xjeuiic have heard and had the opportunity of judging for, themselves as to wheth er or not charges of fraud have been sustained.! think that there was a a complete failure in his respect, xsot having a county home, bad roads and some other aenciencies are . wmiKw against the democratic party and this by a member 01 tne pariy uiai au control of the county about fifty years including two recent years, while the democratic tenure is only eight years. Wp Hid not make desirable improve ments in fifty years but why did you not make them in eight years is about the extent of the logic used. The in quisitor after fraud admits that the tmnnri borrowed bv the county com- for countv home, and court hono was not stolen " but used, for other- more necessary purposes . but he says that according to Webster this money was misapplied. I am. surprised that he used the mild word ipo instead of stole. He fuses the word steal, or - the insinuation, when he is talking or writing about democrats about as often asCol. Roosevelt did in.1312 wnen ne -was speaking of the repuDiicans. . xne ue Kio .nTirlition of public affairs un UIUIUU . . , tie admisistration is oe- utA "- , A . J. J wailed and the staiemenL mauc. wri the immense debt OI oy,wu was i a nftAff rnp reouuiicaii dumnuo tSion had left a :4t of ?300.00 and $1,909.00 in , the treasury. , I am informed by the democratic treasurer, who held office at that time, that he received no retiring treasurer. The financial statement published covering the per iod from;1910 to 1916, includes one re publican year. J910. I am requested to name the enefits derived from the expenditure of the $50,000 but is obvious that I would not be able to do this without making gviucxuie vestigatlon, MILL SPRING KOUTE 2. t;itrs.JElirac3cson iS veTy f eeble r Miss Enmia ' McCrain was a caller at:Mr. H. H.' McCrain's,; Monday af ternoon. -.v :. STJlfltT TIB1T. publicity. The result is everywhere in evi dence. -The confidence displayed by heavy advertising , begat confidence lhe optimism of advertisers created optimism, and the pessimists slunk back into their holes and-pulled the holes in after them-permanently buried face downward, as is the just desert of every man who becomes a pessimist in America Man- men who at first did not se just how advertising could help their individual business, .nevertheless "they too, if broad in vision and patriotic in spirit began to advertise, following the Government's advice; and soon they felt a pride in being numbered among the business, leaders who were doing their .part toward bringing prosperity to their country and thus helping to destroy .the seeds of Bol shevism, which fructify in poverty ! 1 V '1 j; jt i - sons ana wnicn (lie pin sons wnere prosperity is flourishing. Largely as an outcome of this splendid work; vigorously conducted by the Secretary of X : Labor and to whom great credit is due, everyone now realizes that the country has ta ken the right road at the forks, and instead , of traveling toward the land of poverty and anarchy, is headed straight on the road to the land of abounding national prosperity, and this glorious change is largely due to the power of advertising, which cre ated an air of optimism, arid as a na tion thinketh in its heart, so it" is. The nation is now thinking in terms of publicity-created prosperity, and it realizes as never before that advertis ing is the great power which has sav ed us from stagnation and unemploy ment, and that advertising, big, broad and intelligent advertising, will keep the nation traveling safely on the road of prosperity. . ... Advertising is, therefore, so strong- lv presented by the Federal Govern ment. a work of patriotism as well as of enlightened selfish business inter estsManufacturers 'Record. Meeting of fair directors. the efficient management of Rev.; R.- N. Hunter, assisted by Miss ' Carrie Hickman and. Miss Love.- Hillcrest is fortunate to secure the return of Miss Love, who is greatly admired by the Hurry up and sow turnip patches whole community. and get ready for the revivals and n m ti i 4 r j 1 . ev. ivxr. rsoyies preacnea at oanay smenncs. , nu.'. u.. uw cA.r P1a;na' i,...:. r:i i.T- i . WU iTlAJC WUWl UUUJ, :xWi a. "ui.uu.r. ivxrs. joessie vvnson was uie rucsi ui. nkhnnow PvV wharo, cYia Viae ocennt. ' Miss Sara Dickinson is visiting Mrs. Mrs. D. P. McGuinn - last Sunday; :f,-Vr ""vw " - ' C. E. Gray. v Messrs. Andy McGuinn and J. J.l Mr T?aTh JaMrWrm w a wtAmm Mrs. Mary A. Smawley is with her Price motored to Trvon. last , Friday. I daughter Mrs. Alvus McKinney, near Mr. Brazilla Green spent Friday m; OravoT ilmrhtPr and f amilv. Cliffside. . night with his sister. Mrs. Lillie Jones ti a Tow Miss Margaret. Brian, who is 1 at- near Trvon. I vfi, m n '4aZaa a tending'the summer school for teach- Mr. N. E. Williamson and little nonpr fian'simdav ers, at Columbus, spent Sunday at daughter, Mattie , took dinner ", in irm t. N. Wilson attended Masonic home. : Melvin. Hill section, last Tuesday. Miss Ruth Brian spent the week-end Little Pharoah Lynch has a very1 ' - with Miss Pauline Wilkins. badly cut. foot. ' I L,, t t a -Poi Talrenn The friends of Miss. Winnie Moore Hurrah for good roads on Route 2. TOade a business trip to Saluda last A XI. T..X1 e IX 1 ix1 1 I n ITT t yl Ml ' -i x I CV. at me xvuLnerxuiu tun nospiwxi, is un- rtev. w. rv. ureen win preacn ai- Big Level next Sunday1 v improved. Misses Martha Hunter and Mary Hickman are with their mother, Mrs. Carrie Hickman, at Hillcrest Insti tute. ' ' Little William Henry Hunter was -Or TRYON JROUTE 1. Mr. Birch Jackson, who was . badly injured on last 'Sunday when his mule ran away, is improving, nicely. , Misses Myrtle Whiteside : and Maye I Lynch s spent several days with . their grandmother, last week. Messrs. a Reuben - Wilson and ' George The congregation of the M. E. so unfortunate as to break his arm, church, at Mill Spring, was held Friday afternoon. ' spellbound , Sunday, while Rev.' J. H. j Ruff made a trip to Asheviile, Friday, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Walker spent. Spauldmg, of King's Creek, S. C, with a load of apples, the week-end with Mr. and Mrs Ed. was pouring out facts to them. "Facts Cooper Gap township Commercial W?JkerA r, and Folks" was his subject, and Try- Club, at its last meeting, decided to Mr. Oscar Bridges, a "Wildean" re- on Route 1 was well represented. : hold a community fair. The' State cently home frpm France, spent the Sorry our mail man, has a load of furnish half the money for prem- week-end with L. F. Camp. V troubles to carry also, on account of iUms and the club the other half. Miss Calvert, of Landrum, is visit- sickness m his family. , F.vorv nno ia I'ntrpafpd m tWn ing her aunt, Mrs. Ellis Kimball. Mr, R. G. Hamilton spent Saturday I should be at SunnvView Saturdav. The young people of Sandy Plains in Asheviile, on business. IJnlv 19 t A oVlorlr n m. , Premium enjoyed a singing .at ' their school Mr. Swann, of Tryon, was on the I books are readv so be there house, Saturday night. . Route, Saturday, working in the m- ac f tni, rtfl f Miss Fanny Dickerson has returned terest of the NEWS. Sure Mr. L, ' ,..,V .il rr ZZZT . ZZ h hnnJ ir, W,.fhMnitwi Slvxrar, will ror.Pw nr Cnhf?rtT, f At- AVXXil Oprmg CUU1X" WIXU ,WWC All members of the Board of Direc tors of th Polk County Fair Associa tion, are reauested to . meet at the Bank of Tryon. Tryon, N. C, on JMon dav. July 2Si 1919. at.2,o'cJock p. m. Verv ircrortant affairs are to be ta ken up, the - election to fill vacancies in offices, etc, so piease ne were. W. T. LINDSEY; President, B. F. COPELAfD Secretary, i. "Hot weather;' hard on folks. good for FISHTOP. I I Ml! X J Xl 1 X X xl cotton; we've supported our county paper ev- K er since its birth. Would like o "T"ZTZa i 7 77 i.w if rtfi,- -u0,Ta- T memorial services m memory oi zaba ALSfSSSr' on th. RontP WilsonJ who is now sleeping in Flan- A-recent happening on -the Route . , , ... tl,eref 6 Avas a oeautuui pair, oi snowy wniie i " r ' " ; " Mr. W. D. Helton made a business Columbus, Monday. tx x , x . v , x,, i. cranes, which had taken up their Mr. It seems too hot to live, and to die I . Aa ' uttMV,jQ wt,r 'L.... trip to ... -I XX I CWKAj VII 'C. fcVX UiUU kVWiilVy 1 , x- ""6" .. . . .. i ro cpnt a th rhi mrPTi m m waiic ail A7o VnW 4-ha. kaomact ri iti nf thP I 0 . .. . - . c aio.u ureiuvaiivok luiu wx f avniinH rhnm Unf aloe o Tioi(rhKnr- 1 -r-r 1 .x i season Fridav r - , j -,"7 " oi. i. 1 1 he IN ews Ox tienaerson sounhy xs sedson, riiuay. , , . . - . 1 0u how ronlrt hp hp so cniel ? Shot I 5xxi xi. . x; 1Ij fii j ix." u. -l-i"-" agiuxung uie qucsuui ux yx "' j "A iV- " un the nannv hirrt Tamil v. . l j " j . x-x- . - . . ireea. iieiifii uuir. aiiu assuic vvu uic Miss i Leona Egerton was the pleas- people of the county will never regret we snouia nave reponea me oif"ii9nj ldllpd on. of thpm th ns hrpalrin I ?V& j 6 f v F a fine bov on the 29th of June, to I J?lel SJ,01' ?,hus . brea,cliag Henderson -county. , We hope you suc- Mr. and Mrs, Walter Burgess. Vrs-T . Also that Mrs. N. A. Price apd two ant after church i, m -SiZS little nieces, with mumps, are much ?TnlSf!5 fcJ-of--. e .-Mtioii. Polk county held her first bpttpr ' " I j j t-i iru ' , I Fair two years ago, ana it was a ae- eitect OI rlun gas. Up RpttPntimif nlav anH snimpr at .wo, v- & .w. . Too much rain last week for rat- nermeii piay ana supper ai jg transpired m the county in many l00A ram laSl wTee 1 t ; Columbus, Saturday night, were much Vpars This Apar we will not onlv tiers to stir. However, James Jones, Draised hvthoKP of us who attended ? ?I 5 " i- i .Jzrt: who livps in thP rattlesnake, section of P156? oy, tnobeoi vus wno awenaea h M county fair, but four commun- .i5UA' U.,? ity fairs in addition. These commun- ever seen, aim -iie iiaa bccxi auu something, to sell and buy , somethmg, Up -t - tna: week before the county Fair, thus stimulating in- them in quantities. , . Sbv v0? 11 hl thP rI T. E. Pace,. C C Jones and Earnest mdnumnV higher " " your PPie.rovner-Koiwcui Tno-hfr haw hppn hauline- tomatoes rao"UI"-Ilt ier . . , no earthly reason why. a bigt wealthy iaughter nave oeen naming tomawe A pious little heorme of Route 1, .intv i:f WpTiHprann shnnld - not to Hendersonville for some time - hardlv three years old after reciting cunty UKe . tienaerson snouia not Some of the cove people attended h ZaSTSS avea county fair. o:i rwvAb-1 -rw ?" - -i . Oil vex vucca preaching services at church, last Sunday. I'll be a .Woodrow Wilson . supporter urch, last bunaay. . ; ., on retiringo bed was heard saying, Herbert Pace and family visited 1 t 1q,- a )m eiMn t una. 10UW.1.HUU ium,, tne It on to py to sieeD. , dav and Sundav. Ellis Laughter, of Saluda, brought over several of Walter Burgess' rel atives, Sunday. V . , ; K Something to Worry About.; y v j Considering how little Is accomplish ed, one sometimes wonders If it Is real ly worthy hungry, elephant's, time to f fered for many, years as v reward for eat so small a thins as. a peanut. , l thoroughly trustworthy timekeeper.' - - Invented s First Chronometer. - The. first chronometer of any value was the invention . of John Harrison, about 1750,,.forwhlch he received from, the British board of longitude $50,000 as . a. part of $100,000 which "they of- Mixing Tobacco. ' ; The mixing of light and dark tobae eo is a tWng of compaimtlTely reiient date. A man from London found hi pipe tobacco, was nearly exhausted, so be ctt up acake iof chewing tobacco and made a mixture. ) Be continued to smoke the blend.' and, meeting a friend who was : in the . trade, he gave him a sample,v with the result that the first smoking mixture waa soon before tb public, . ' V . . pi 5I i r

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