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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, October 17, 1919, Image 5

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Brassieres Bandeaux Camisoles 50c to $2.0 & STREADWICK, Wilkins' Store TRYON, - N. C polk county news, teyon CAROLINA Classified Advertisements. FOR RENT. Six room furnished bungalow, with bath for rent or sale. Overbrook Or chard Saluda, N. C. MISCELLANEOUS. Buy your nursery stock of E. J. Bradley, Saluda, agent for the old reliable nursery company, of Pomna, N. C. He can save you money and assist you in your selection of trees best adaptedt o your soil. .k FOR SALE AT RICKSHAVEN. The Encyclopedia Americanna. 16 vols.; the Century Dictionary, 10 vols.; household goods, kitchen uten sils and farming tools. Inquire of MRS. MARY D. OSBORNE, Rickshaven, Stearns, N. C Wanted: Irish potatoes - $1.50 delivered at Landrum, Tryon, or your nearest railroad station. Frying chickens 30c, hens 22cr eggs 50c; first-class country butter 40c. Turnips rutabagas, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes in 10 bushel lots, apples or any other country produce, also ten der sweet corn wanted. Call, write phone, B. Willis, Tryon, N. C. FOR SALE Fresh Cow j will sell for cash or exchange for work horsei G. G. Weaver, Tryon, N. C. Tryon Lodge No, 118 Knights of Py thias Castle Hall in Missildine Building Meets Thursday Evening at 8:30 VISITORS WELCOME - Ireland Still Medieval. , In Ireland we are still medieval, and think that how to live Is more Important thun how to get a living. When I was a young man if I an nounced that I intended next morning at break of day to r,tr :i 'on some en terprise oramusement, 'r it might be of high duty, the whole "amily would get up to see me off ; but if it were on some matter of mere commercial gain, I would brea'-ifast " in the care of the servants. It was thus through the whole of Irish lifv iohn Butltr Teats. - COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE LAW. An Act to Provide for the Compul- -ww cxiuance upon the- Public Schools of Children Between Cer tain Ages and to ReeulatA anA n: strict the Employment of Children ana to rrovide for the Enforcement or me rrovisions of this Act and of Chapter 83, Public Laws of 1913, and Chapter 857, Public Laws of The General Assembly of North Car olina do enact: Section 1. Every parent, guardian or other person in the State of North Carolina having charge or control of a child between the ages of eight and fourteen years shall cause such child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school in the district in which the child resides shall be in session. The principal, superindent, or teacher who is in charge of such school shall have the right to excuse the child from temnorarv attendance on account of sickness or distanrf of residence from the school or for oth er unavoidable cause which does not constitute truancy as defined by the State Board of Education. oec c. Any parent, guardian, or other person referred to in section one of this act, violating the provis ions of the aforesaid section, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be liable to a fine of not less than five dollars ($5) nor more than twenty-five dollars ($25) and upon failure or refusal to pay such fine the said parent, guardian, or other person shall be imprisoned not exceeding thirty days in the county jail. Sec. 2a. GROUP iiisioi AND FERTILIZER For Fall Grain In your preparation to live on "the fat of the land" use a liberal application of R. L.Xee & Co's ground limestone and fertilizer under fall grain. For Sale-Front Our Ware House At Landrum, S C. 100 Mesh Ground Limestone 100 lb paper bag, per bag. 37 1-2 100 Mesh Ground .Limestone 200 IK burlap bag per bag .75 10-2-0, 9-2-Q, 10-Q-2, 10-0-4 fertilizer also 16 percent Acid phos phate, at fall price which is about 30 per cent below last spring prices ex cept ACID PHOSPHATE. v m It is our purpose to carry a Stock of fertilizer from this date until the gram season closes. Ro Lo LEE & CO, Landrum, South Carolina. FOR; AH kines staple and fancy groceries at prices that will save you money see T.W.BAILEW, Tryon, NX We Have the Right Prices AND Kind of Materials o do your building. Full stock Doors, Windows, Siding, Flooring Ceiling, Shingles, Loths, Interior Finish and Moulding, Rough and Dressd. Lumber. Carry complete rstaurant, barber shop, bootblack stand, public stable, garage, place of amusement, brick yard, lumber yard, or any messenger or delivery service except in cases and under regulations j prescribed by the commission herein after, created: Provided, the employ ment in this section enumerated shall not be construed to include bona fide It shall be the duty of the boys' and girls' canning clubs recog- State Board of Education to formu late such rules and. regulations as may be necessary for the proper enfore ment of the provisions of this act. Said board shall prescribe what shall constitute truancy, what causes may constitute legitimate excuses for tem- nized by the Agricultural Department of this State; and such canning clubs jare hereby expressly exempted from the provisions of this act. Sec. 5a. It the duty of the county boards of education of each county in the State of North Caro- rn lull in some newspaper published in the county if there be one, and if there be none, then in circular form and distributed over the county at least four weeks prior to the opening of; the schools after the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen. ; O ii NEWS ads get remits. SUFFERED FOR THEIR FAITH Only Real Riches. There Is no wealth but life f life, In cluding all Its powers of love, joy and of admiration. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human be ings; that man is richest who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpfur influence both personal and by means of his possessions, over the lives of others. Ruskin. Popular Names for Towns. There arc 31 Franklins given in the latest TTnitpfl Stntps nostal guide. Chester and Clinton are close seconds, there being 30-towns and cities by each of these names !n the United States, Washington and, Newport come next in Domilarity. each having 28. Iff Chance for Inventors. A prize of $10,000 13 offered by the Walnut Growers association to any one who will invent a satisfactory ma chine for branding the shell of each English walnut in a yearly $10,000,000 crop. . a James Stucky Says, "Rat Cost $125 For Plumbing Bills," Me " W couldn't tell what was clogging up our toilet and drains. We had to tear up floor, pipes, etc., f ound a rat's nest in basement. Tney had choked the pipes with refuse. : The plumber's bill was $125. BAT-SNAP cleaned the rodent out." Three sizes, 25c,' 50c,$1.00. Sold and euaranteed by The Ballenger Co. and The Carolina tirdwar Go. V, 1 1 porary nonattendance due to physical lina to cause this act to be published or mental inability to attend and un der what circumstances teachers,or superintendents may excuse pupils for nonattendance due to immeditae demands, of the farm or the home in certain seasons of the year in the several sections of the State. It shall be the duty of all school officials to carry out instructions from the State Board of Education, and any school official failing to carry out such instructions shall be sruiity or a misdemeanor: Provided, that sec ... .... tion one of this act snail not be in force in any city or county that has a higher compulsory- law , how in force than that provided herein j but in any such case it shall be the duty of the duty of the State Board of Education to investigate the same and decide that anv such law now in force has a hierher commilsorv attendance fea- O - & m ture than that provided by this act: Provided, that wherever any district is without adequate building or build- incrs for the nroner enforcement of this act the county boards of educa tioh may be allowed not more than two years from July the first, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, to make full and ample provisions in every district. Sec. .3 The suDerintendent of public welware or chief school 'atten dance officer or truant officer proided for by law shall investigate and pro secute all violations of the provisions of section one of this act. Sec. 4. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction shall prepare such rules of procedure and furnish such blanks for teachers and other school officials as may be necessary for reporting each case of tj-uancy or lack of attendance to the chief atten dance officer referred to in section three hereof. . Such rules shall pro vide among other things, for a noti fication in writing to the person re crwinaihlp for the nonattendance of any child, that the case is to be re- the chief attendance officer r"- of the county unless the law is im mediately, complied with. County beards of education and governing bodies of city schools shall have the rieht to appoint town or district at tendance officers when deemed by them necessary, to assist in carrying out the provisions of section one," two, 4-v.wa a rtA four of this act. and the biilVV ' ; rules and. instructions which may he nromulgated by the State Supennten An rtf Public Instruction. But in ev- uiv 7 erv case in which it becomes neces sarv to proscute for non-attendance the case shall be referred to th chief .u,.jnl.o nffiper of the county lor aiicuuauvv further action: Provided, trot towns or cities-having speciai rend- ance officers paid out of town or city f,mH? said officers shall have full .au thority to prosecute for violations of this act. . ' , - '. ' ": - V - Sec. 5. No child under1 the age of fourteen years shall be employed, or ;t.tA in -work in. or about or in connection with any mill, factory, workshop, manufacturing" 0foKiiliment. laundry, bakery, mer cantile establishment, office, French Huguenots Driven Into Exile. by the Revocation of the Edict : of Nantes. The Huguenots were the Puritans of France In the sixteenth and seven teenths centuries. The name was first used about 1560; Us origin Is un known. The Huguenots suffered se verely In the reigns of Francis I and his immediate successors, and after 1562 were frequently Involved in war, under the leadership of such men as Admiral Coligny and King Henry of Navarre, afterwards Henry IV of Fnmce. Coligny and from 20,000 to 30,000 others fell In the massacre of St. Bartholomew, August 24, 1572. It Is disputed in history whether this was suddenly, caused by the discov ery of Huguenot plots or had been premeditated. In spite of all this, thay continued numerous and power ful and the edict of Nantes, Issued in 1598 by Henry IV gave them full po litical and civil rights. Their power was broken after the surrender of LaRochelle and the revocation of the edict of Nantes by Louis XIV in 1685, and hundreds of thousands of. Hugue nots went Into exile, going to Prus sia, Holland, Switzerland, England, Scotland and America. Chinese Curb Tobacco Users. China's ministry of the interior has telegraphed the following circular in structions to the Shenchangs and Tu tungs all over the country, according to the Peking Daily News : Tt has been noticed that almost everybody in the country has Indulged In the use of cigars or cigarettes, which will become a worse curse to the nation than opium in former days unless some restrictions are Imposed. It is hereby decided that before taking up any measure for the total prohibi tion of its use, the following restric tions shall be imposed: First, no boy or girl under eighteen years of age shall be allowed to smoke cigars or cigarettes; second, any military or na val man using it shall be punished ; third, the use of cigars and cigarettes in all government schools and colleges shall be strictly prohibited. Far Eastern Bureau Bulletin. Legislators Must Work. A novel method of forcing . attend ance in the chamber of deputies of the Republic of Argentina has been sug gested by a member who Is out of pa tience with those who draw their sala ries from the public purse but fail to fulfill their constitutional obligation of regular attendance. The suggestion is In the form of a bill providing for' payment per day to deputies instead of a lump sum every month. Failure to answer the roll call Is equivalent to absence, and the measure provides that no deputy shall receive his pay for days when he- is hotel, absent from the regular sessions, y Km - mm U 1 GLASSES FITTED EXCLUSIVELY HOME OFFICE, '.LENOIR, N. C. ' I carry with me on all my trip an eleciric lighted Opthal mometer, Retinescope, Opthalmoscope and one of the Finest Set of Eye-Teting? Instruments made. Phy sicians are invited to make use of my instru ments for diagnosing cases of difficult eye trouble. . , . . 41 Saluda, N. C, Tuesday, Oct. 28 Tryon, N. C, Tuesday, Oct. 29 Columbus, N. C, Thursday, Oct. 30 Mill Spring, Friday, Oct. 31 - v " . , Dr. Alfred W. Dula Glasses Fitted Exclusively Home Office: Lenoir, N. ci PLANT NOW! HEARON LUMBER CO. SALUDA. N. a JOYNER KELLEY Plumbing Sewerage Heating Phone 42 Tryon, N. C. FRESH BREAD and CAKES Try; our Home-made Candies 1 We carry a high grade candy with our line of Fancy Groceries and will appreciate your patronage. JOHN ORR & CO., Tryon, N. C. ' Phone No. 14 Polk Millers Over Pills 1 Oc. The Good Old Kind that always do the work. Same formula for 50 years. Unequalled for Biliousness. , Sick Headache, Constipation and , 'Malaria. Atall druggists. Manufac tured by Polk Miller Drug Co.. Inc, Richmond, Va. , ac W. F. LITTLE NOTARY PUBLIC Tryon, N. C. Mack P. Spears Attorney at Law Columbus - N. C. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE. By Virtue of tiie power . contained i in a certain mortgage deed executed on the 12th day of November, 1892 by the trustees of the Hamilton Cross Roads Church, R. R. Brook shire, James Page- and Narsie Raines, to the Congregational Church Building Society to secure an in- - lit t maawmm. m m ueuieaness 01 $ou.uv, wmcn inon-, gage is of record in Book 10, Page" ftm j.1 i j j i i. oi6 ox ine recoras oi aeeas ana morc- T-11 A 1 1 1 k ' having been made in the payment of said indebtedness, I will, on MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1919 within the legal hours of sale, for the purpose of satisfying said in debtedness, with interest and cost added, offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, at the court house door of Pojk county, the land con veyed by aid mortgage, situated in the township of Columbus, County of Polk andState of North Carolina and described as follows: Beginning at a stake in the north east corner of the intersection of . the Columbus and Sandy ' Plains road with the Landrum and Mill Springs road, running thence along the north ern boundary of Sandy Plains road E. 18 S. 16 rods to a stake; thence N 70.20 rods to a. stake: thence W. 18.16 rods to -a stake, eastern boundary of Mill Spring road; thence S. 70 E. along eastern boundary of said road 20 poles to place of ''begin ning, containing two acres more or This 12th day of September, 1919. riAXTPTlfP TTrtT T mTTTTinTT BUILDING SOCIETY. E. B. Cloud, Attorney. NOTICE OF SALE Pursuant to the power of ' sale contained in that certain . mnrtact deed, executed by M. E. Morris, J. A. Morris, Laura Morris, J. M. Morris ana a. Jf. Moms to J.aedmont Live Stock Company on the 13th day of November 1918 and record in nflW of Register of Deeds for Polk'Coun- iy m uook ino. at page 44e, tc secure payment of the debt and in terest therein set forth, default hav ing been made in the payment of eaic debt and interest, the undersignet will sell at public . auction to the highest bidder, for cash, at th: Court House door in Columbus, N.C on the 9th day of October 1919, a 11 m O'clock A. M. the following de scribed land and premises, conveye and described in said mortgage ' a follows. . ; .- i .- y Six acres in ' the Town of Melvi Hill, Green Creek Township, Pol County, North Carolina, adjoinin lanos oi jure, j, x. xvoDDS vieorge Branscomb, Simpson and ljinal bteadman, being the one lot cor veyed to W. H. Morris by Willia: Ridings and. the lot whereon Mrs. 2 E. , Morris now lives. This 6th day of September 1919. PIEDMONT LIVE STOCK CO. -Mortjja'": Walter Jones, Attorney.

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