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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, December 05, 1919, Image 1

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Hie only Paper A live,;-Gan ? Published in Polk County Fotihe" .lkir.8 4". and he w tepapr VOL. XXV NO. 31. f FRIENDS 5a itev Sections of SILVER CREEK. Mr. spent Mr. Reagan Bradley ' of Trycn the week-end with home folks. J. T. Outz and family, motored frnm fcDartanuurg ouuuay auu gpent the day with Mr. anrf Mrs. Patterson Arledge. Mr. Frank Green was a .pleasant caller at Warrior Mountain Sunday. Mr Walter Green and wife, Miss Lena Green and Mr. Bynum? Hill "vis ited Mrs. Green's parents at Boiling Springs last Sunday. Misses Grace Arlerge and . guest CIra Outz enjoyed the afternoon at the home of Bona Arledge Sunday. Mr. W. G. Hill is moving his family to Mills River. We have a new mail carrier on our route Mr. Walter Green. Hope he wont forget and carry letters around on the route twice before delivering. Miss Grace Arledge went to Spart anburg Sunday evening on her way to Cherokee Springs where - she will spend some time with her sister Mrs. Mrs. Jesse Splawn. MELVIN HILL Mr. Sam Gilbert and family are moving to Inman this week. - There was Thankgiving services here at the church, and - a fund of eighty-nine dollars donated for mis- sionary, an,a qtner purposes. The-debate last Saturday night pick- Farmers have about finished ing cotton, and are sowing wheat. The school - committee - here have secured the assistance of Mrs. Min nie Mackenree of Chicago., v '. k Several of ;thMefi;-Htt;?foJai contemplate attending communion, services, at Mill Creek - next -Friday evening. - V- Mrs. Agness Feagan -Edwards died last Friday night, and was buried at Creeks Creek Saturday : evening. Mrs. Edwards was quite old and has been ailing for a long while. She was the widow of Mr. Garner Ed wards who preceeded her a number of years ago. " ". ' Mr. Simp Johnson has been com plaining for several days. Hope he will feel better soon. . A new baby was born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Neely Ayers v Mrs. Jim Johnson who was sick - is able to be around again. : ' Elder and Mrs. Branscom attended Thanksgiving services at Mill Creek, mi i inursaay. A number"of the people here are wishing for- cold weather so they can kill hogs. There will be Quite a eood deal of moving-and changing here soon. ine debate is scheduled to come on next Saturday night with - same speakers and subject, and a good large audience' is desired. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Feagan, and several others attended services " at Mill Creek Thursday. Mr. lorn WaldroD is remolding a tenant house for Mr. W. D. ; West brook. . , ' Mr. 0. R. Streadman is building himself a new residence, no more Tennessee fever for him. On -account of the holiday or some thine:, we failed to sret The NEWS last week. FRIENDSHIP NEWS. A number of young people , from this community made an enjoyable trip up on Tryon Mountain one day this week. Among those1 who went vere Mrs. H. F. Thompson, Misses Josephine Owens, Delia Thompson, and Edith Miller, Mr. Calvin Thomp son and Mr. Vance Thompson. We are sorry to know that Miss Jane Morris, who has been ' ill for some timeis-not improving. , Misses Grace Robertson and Lucile Harris spent Thanksgiving with Miss Clara Thompson. 1 Mr. E. B. Thompson haspurchased a com mill and the people of the com munity are clad to know that he is almost ready to begin grinding. Mr. Q. FLanning J went to Hert dersonville a few days ago and pur chased a new wagon. ;x S. H. ; Slaughter, Miss Annie Slaughter, Mr. and "Mrs. Columbds Thompson-and Children visited Mt and Mrs. Henry Thompson I&kt Sun ROM 01 day. OVER THE GOUflTY uy uui v.orrtpoaant rron Varioa Polk Ceonty ' Mrs. Wallace Thompson was in Saluda shopping ' Friday. ; The friends of Miss Maggie New man are real sorry to know that she is very ill. - , :- A number ol beys from here went over in Green River Cove "coon" hunting Thankgiving and caught some nice animals. ' Mr. Wallfctce Thompson V'iJ led twj hotrs cne weigh d. 150 potnds and the other ene weitfheil two hvrdred lbs. ABOLENE. On account of the bad weather the debate between Green River and Mel vin Hill was called off, but will be held on next Saturday night. . Mr. Gpmer Davis was accidentia shot in. the foot last Monday evening. It seems that he, while talking to someone, loaded a snot gun, pulled he hammer back and not thinking placed it on his foot and pulled the trigger. He was rushed to Ruther- brdton hospital and returned minus two toes. " The . people of Green River church are on tne iod canvassing tms coun- ry for pldges for the 75 million cam paign. A great many of the workers think Green River will go far beyond her amount. ' Miss Pauline Wilkins spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Annie Davis. Mr. J. I. Ridings and Mr. V. H. Calvert have nurchased a saw mill over near Henrietta, N. C. The peo pie of this section, think, perhaps umber will come down now. Mr. C. O. Ridings and Miss Pauline Wilkins were pleasant callers at Mr G. A. Painter's. Sunday evening. y.: , O vv- - - Hillcrest Institute is fulL again af er a 1 brief Thanksgiving holiday, which most of the nunils spent at home. " Miss Helen Keisler, of Columbia, S. C,. V is a new teacher at. Hillcrest In stitute. 'T7VU-. Jafl. Miss Alma High spent the Thanks giving holiday with Miss Ruth Brian Mr. L. F. Camp spent the Thanks giving holiday at home, returning to Charlote Sunday afternoon The Watson land sale last week Aras well attended, the land bringing .remarkable prices. Mr. U. S. Roddy has boueht the nlace recentlv acquired by Mr. M x Georgion. Quite a number of our citizens went to Columbus on the b rst Mon day. , : "' - ' i-o - FISHTOP. Winter seems to have reprieved his sentence for awhile i While we have mild weather it is rather wet for plowing. Quite a number of Fishtop people attended "the Republican club organ ized at Saluda, Saturday. v 1 T. R. Stepp is moving to W. C. Robinson's place near Saluda. T. C. Laughter went to Henderson- vill'e Saturday last. Mrs. A. C. Jones and niece, Elma Newman, came in Thanksgiving to ipend a few days with kinsfolks. v . Some of the patrons with some of the young folks visited the Fruitland Institute Thanksgiving dayv- - - Uncle James Case went to Saluda, Saturday, to meet his daughter and children, from Inman, S. C, but they failed to come. ; .. Miss Flora Bradley went to Saluda one day last week to consult a doctor. Although late in the season ; E. J. Bradley is still taking orders for fruit trees for the J. Van Lindley nursery. Mrs. Rora Waller of Brights vis ited her parents Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Laughter last week returning home Sunday. ' .' - . V ' o . LANDRUM ROUTE 4.' We are sure , enjoying u some fine weather now. r ' t Hog killing seems to be a very in teresting game that most of the peo ple are playing. . ,. x "' V Well we were glad to -see so 'many people going to church Thanksgiving day . ; ;:-.:--i;' Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Greenway and son, Sidney, and Mr. J. H. Greenway mad a flying trip to Asheville, , last Friday, B i . ' . - .'. k . '' ' ' ' . t . Zl .-. - t . - - -. . . ' . . ' ' ' ' -'" " " . "- ' 1 ' ...... The vlittle two-year-old boy of Mr. and -Mrs. - W. A; Kirtley was laid to est'atfMIlI Greek 'Friday. We .'ex tend to .'the' bereaved family ' our deepest sympathy. - - ;- v MrJohn -Horn -has purchased a Ford car.4ately. ; , , Mr. CfC. Greenwayiade a bus- ness trip to Rutherfordton, Monday. Mr; B.'H Horn and family were the dinner rgoests- of Mr and Mrs. E. M. Horn' Sttoday. 9 Mr EM. Horn is very busy build ing afifew cottage. ; Therlig to be a communion service at Millf Crek church, -Friday night, Nov. 5th. : to Mr. '-Charlie Williams and wife the week' at Saluda in search of ; a home'asr they wish to change climate for their-health. V 5UWNT TIBTr Who ;ays Sunny View is not alive ? Despite the inclemency of the weather last Saturday night the box supper proved to be quite a suc cess. Many thanks are due -to those enthusiastic married ladies who brav ed the -weather and brought their boxes therefore helping . in'- a noble :ause. lotal recejps of boxes were $45.40. 'After a long contest - between Miss Mattie Mae ' Williams and 'Miss Clara Feagan,' the cake was won by Miss fWilUams Total cost of cake, $46.50 ; making a total of $92.00 foi boxes: and cake. ;Miss Feagan has already secured $5.00 more by private subscription, and "says -she can easily raise " $3.00 more, makinir i an even $100. Vrhe proceeds will be used to buy ah- organ 'for the school. Our motto7?We do things."' The teach ers and1skhool of .'Sunny View ?wish to7 thank the teachers and school of Red Mountain, for their presence and box es last Saturday night. , i Mr. Taylor Brown was an afternoon guest at'Mr. J. U Jackson's, Sunday MKrJd4avWilso; of Stearni-lligh School, was at the box supper Satur day night. . i Mr. Andy McGuinn and Bill " Jack son madela trip to Spartanburg, last Week, v ji - . : Miss "Maggie Jackson was a guest in MapleGrove, Sunday. 'rl Mr. R,,- R. "Wilson and Wheeler Odell,; of Spartanburg, visited home; folks, Saturday and Sunday. Messrs J Ral.h and Bill Jackson are4 in Ashevifle, this week. : , , ': ' Mr. Ralph Edwards was a pleasant caller -atr Mr. N.vE. W:llams', Svnday. evening. : : '. MOUNTAIN VIEW. Mrs. Rome Corn and . children vis- ited in ihe upper part of the setttle ment, Sunday. Mr. J. L. Jackson was an afternoon visitor -of Mr. Dennis Jackson, un- day. : ' - ; : Barnettand Broadus M;Crain and Roy f McMurray were play ; visitors, of Arthur" Jackson, Sunday. , , Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McCrain made a business trip to JLandrum. Monday Mr. ; T. X. Jackson was the dinner guest 5of ! his sister, Mrs..Martin Mc-j Crain, ' Sunday. ; ; ; . t Mr. "andMrs. Moses Jackson made' a business trip to Spartanburg, last week. . ';. '. . ' ' 1 Mr. .H. McCrain was an after noon caller on. his mother,' Sunday. , f FOX MOUNTAIN. ! A large:?crowd f rpm ths section at tended preaching at Bethlehem, Sun day, andJieard another good sermon delivered by Rev. W. r J. Hackney. Each metrfoer xf this church seems to be well- pleased with - the "new preacher.' ; ; ' f ; We areladtd report that Mr. Jas; Smith is 'recovering nicely.' . . The Fp Mountaain literary, socie ties held Jtiieir' first meetings Fnday afternoon: -In th.-debate,- "Resolved the cow5 M is - more useful ; than the horse,", the negative side won in the girls society and the affirmative side won m" the. boys' society; ? ' ' ? The - girls .were glad to have Mrs. Charlie -Parton visit them. We wel come' other parents . t J - y;; Miss Clara jEdwards ; who has been attendimrchool in Charlotte, is at home, thiseek for a vacation. V- I Miss layttiet Jackson of S. "H. -S., spent ,the week'end at home. i ' Mrs. ' Riy Edwards and Miss Clara rE4wardsrisited ; at the home' of Mr. E, BiT lraxds : j f I fMissescta and Lillian Pack of SaludaVSaminary, spent ThanksjiV inffvathesit;: '"v.- 'We have al realized ' that winter is here at last. ' '' ; TRYON R, 1. "Hope none of us were so unthought ful as t to notkeep Thanksgiving . and return t thanks for all blessings of the past .year. Misses Octa and Lillian Pack -were at home : fort the Thanksgiving ; recess. Mr. James Waters and family, ef Brevard, -spent a hort while with relative on "the route. . Mr. Biggerstaff . and family have moved 4 to Cherry Mountain. Mtisses Carralee and : Lillian Rouppe were given such a surprse party last Wednesday, night, some of the ; girls are not' through laughing yet. - Mr. Jake ! Holbert ,. gave a cotton picking -last Saturday t night. "; Mr. F. B. -Nance ; spent Thanksgiv ing with his -parents in Spartanburg.. Mr. Fletcher 'Jones and . family spent Sunday ?af ternoon ; with ;Mr. and Mrs, Bale -Henderson. 1 Mr. Bill ' Bradley sas a very sick baby. ' -V's-r.; '. : . Just a moment now; let's read then heed, - the ; following ! little piece of. po etry, for the benefit of -our faithful mail -man: t The Pennies in the Box. When the roll is called up yonder And we shall all . gather there, They' wouldn't let the mail "man in If they knew he'd learned to 'swear. If you wjmt St. Peter to open the gate When -your -rural carrier knocks, Buy stamps, ; and don't! be . guilty Of putting pennies in the box. " -Selected. I COLUMBUS. ;A number -of people from -over the county Were an town Monday. Miss Gladys Smith spent a few; days lait week visiting -friends at Greensreekvf - ' ll MTSVtVKs Hill and iiephewrCaTrol Hill, of Rutherfordton. spent the week-end herei l - : - We are sorry. to notethat Mrs. J. W. Jack, the primary teacher, is tun able to be at her work. Mr. 'Fred WT Blantonuspent Thanks giving with ; friends in ; Charlotte. Mrs. J. R. 2 Smith and daughter, Miss Gladys and Grace, also 'Mrs. Laura McGuinn and daughter Hannie were shopping in Spartanburg- last week. r- Ja;tet!3 rMr. R F. McFarland ratterided court at Asheville last week ' Mr. W. EJEHiOtt spent a few days here last week, v Mrs. Robert .Hill and rMiss Mae Miller were shopping in Landrum one day last week : Messrs. .-Bill and Jack Guffey, .for mer students oi ' Starns High School, visited relatives here, this week. Mrs. Pendrgast and . daughter, Miss Bertha,, spent Ithe 'holidays ;in Ashe ville. Prof. E. W. S. Cobb attended the N. C. ' Teachers Assembly last week and reports a very interesting , meet ing...-: " ' i "rr-'-' " l Mr. John . Arledge, Rev. Ralph Mor gan, .Miss vEmma McNinch, . and .Rev. J. B. Arledge were -dinner , guests at the Arledge hotel, lost Sunday.. The many 'friends-of Miss -Eliza beth Spivey, a former popular teach er of "S. H. S., are sorry "to , hear of the continued illness Of 4 her sister; "Miss 'Emma "McNinch spent 1 last week?' in the' home of E. W. S. Cobb. :Mr Yates Arledge, an efficient member of - the . Henderson ville bar, was .'home :for a short while tn Thanksgiving day. : : , MILL SPRING BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday School 10 ;30 Preaching Sunday -morning 11.30 " " It is hoped that a complete report can be made Sunday Dec 7-in regards to our Campaign work. . Already we have gone "over'' in glorous shape, but there are- some who have not yet signedpledges; - ortgivenlany tthingJ to this magnificent -enterprise our Denomination. Come prepared Sun day to do your part, by cash or pledge cards. All .must do something to 'be able to receive the. blessing. "Wel come to; our services. - CHRISTMAS SALE-AND TEA. "The ladies of HoCwsr rEpiscopa Church-will1 hokl ealer of fancy .and useful f articles! Sot Christmas, at - the Lanier Library on Wwesday, 'Dec entber 10th, from 3 three to six P. M Ta will also bt scrrcd. , ' IIAWY PERSQHS HELD BY HYPKOTIC SPELL erroneously lmao That Value lney Lies WTWiln Iteelf and Nt In Th ThJngs i It -Will Buy. Thousasds ( Amaricaas are jxndar Oa-kypaotla apll tt aoaey. TWfth diitorted-viewpoint thay have coma to retard money .as : .fraat traaauro In ttaalf whereat money has . Its real alf - aSfleance only In what It buys for a. Aman'a reward f or his work does not depend marely -on what ha earas. Tor the trno reward; of labor la thta aar- vica - the worker is ;able to obtain 'with the arni. It 1 avldent tiat a-man may earn twice as rmuch at ka once did in money and yet bo no WtUr? off if .the foods : he - needs eort twice or throe times what they formerly eost. But ft 4s rapparant to all .that apart rfrom increase or decrease la wages aa ex pressed In money, there la a wide dif ference iat the real value earned br person! reeelTlng the same la actual cash. What a person gets out of the world in return for what "he . giroe it. da- poods finally en f the choice , made In disposing of his fSLcoma. One man by wlse- buying, careful and cooilstent sarlnt; and-eafe and profitable 4nvest mant in such scestitias as War Sav incs SUmpe, Treasury Sarinrs Certifi cates and liberty Bonds, i may trattB f orm .Ihe reward of his v labor into all the necessities and comforts of life that ha requires and oven Its luxuries. Another, saining exactly the same sum! la actual cash, may through --watte; extravagance and failure to save, find himself unable to secure even the no cstities. r Whether , or aot a worker, eama . a onm which falllls id estimate Of what should be. Wt .Jtttt .reward for labor, the-rejponslblllty 4 for :xae .i wayiej. apeads what ho rets remains with him aafd wlth ; Jhba alono Jnd .caonol .fja) tramtiorred i aj 'Other tpertoa fPttooaof noceasities had waeet- may eblaad flowlika th itlda but the-tua-dameatal t aot? remainr Atnehanffedhai 9arttrom the aetnre sand volume, of bis-oarninfiJ erery man! can, within limlta, determiae 'the; richness of the reward of his labor. .He can aaecom siish this by the . amount of restraint a4 tntoliiffeavee ho exereises . in spend- 4ag what he has to spend-and in-sav- itntT-and i&veatisg whathe has to save: pCALER OF WAR SAVING STAMPS ARRBSTBD. Trom every Federal ? Reserve Dts trkst in the TTnltad States information la being recad by the Treasury -Department, in Washington that a deter mined war Is being waged against persont, who, by preying upon the -awary are tranicicing in war saving and Treatury Certificates. The latest information regarding the activity of the "Scalpers" comes fjrom 8t. .Ixmis. -where two arrests have been made .by Deputy United .States Marshals. Both prisoners, were re leased -on 000 bonds -and are jiow waiting for 'a hearing 'before the Tad oral commisiloner. Oae of the men is said to have al tered registered mtrmbers on War eavings -OrtificaUa, it being alleged yflLiLouts:patal authorities that in the man's office were -found $S75 in War Saving. Certificates from which the registration numbers had been re moved. It is charged that the other aceused man had in his possessioa fSfffJO - worth of altered government aeeurities. v.'"' One of the suspect is employed by a St Louli brokerage concern; the ether U 4Jwiproprtetor of a hotel. ? - Honor-Not All Gutenoers'tJ1'' Printing is eaid to have been Intro duced to the' world Aug. 14, 1437. John Gutenberg stands at , the head of the early typographers, supported by the genius of Schoeffer and the generous patronage JOf i Faust Gutenberg used only blocks, and to Schoeff er isrdue the movable type cast from matrices. Caxton, who Introduced the art into England, began life as a trader, .but learned printing at Cologne. The first printed book on record Is "The Psal ter,' which. John Faust and Schoeffer published at Metr in 1437. ; Combinations In Soap. The principle of soap making is al ways the same and is based on the combination of fat and an alkali, as In the case 0f tallow and lye. ' Varia tions in fsoaps are- largely due to ad ditions of perfumes, coloring matter and such substances, which? have-nothing to do with the primary purpose of soap, which Is to cleaste, - - $2.00 A YEAR: ... V YHY. CERTIFICATES ARE SO ATTRACHVE Unusual Paaturaa ' Maka New vrn mant ftacuHtiaa Salantf Id Medium In Which to Invest Savins. DoUils of the features rhieh maka tha new Treasury Saviags Cortifleatoe of $100 and $1,000 maturity value at tractive investments have been com-' piled in pamphlet form by the Saving Division of the Treasury Department In addition to the regulations gorora ing 1 the i sale .of these I-baby" eocmrt ties, thoipojxtphletfoomtataacthe relings of th iSecratary if t the Treacury oo , varioas questions -eoacernlagCao new issue. - Oae of the intereiting -loataree of these certileatee that aaJce: them unique Investments Is that ' thy may be issued and registered la t the name of an Infant "Every certffieaU.ia is sued and registered as a means of 'ab solute protection to the purchaser. Certificates may also be issued' and registered jointly to two persoas aad may bo made payable to either of the two purchasers or to both. Rulings governing : payment - of 'COT tlfieates to .deceased owners are also contained in the pamphlet with sne cltl i mention made tor .each legal re qulroment .according to laws of vsoi- ous states regarding wills, etc At discretion of the Secretary of ' the Troaaury, In event of no other r legal ftbstacles, parmeBt -will be made la the following order of classes: - First, hasband. wlfe.-aext rof ktaio other, person who payethe"roaaeaabfte funeral exponea of tho4ast lUnoas-or other preferred claims . against the deeendenta estate; second, creditor lot ' funeral -expenses expense of last IH sen or ; other preferred claims ; third' huabend or wife, child or children, father or -mother, any other of the aexl of kin 'of the !decesed. . - ' i ? -UNCLE :8AM SAY MCRC3 LlKlfJ. Treasury Savings CsrtincaUs-ekre a new issue ox united LStatea Jtorrra- ment eeouritiest They . are - of $18t and $i;0t)0 denmamatloas. Tfcey Yah for five' years and' bear - 4 per cent in terest compounded -every three montht. y---: v.-.. v-- . ;;They are little brothers of the a-ih-erty Bond and big brothers of the 7aa Saviags Stamp. , ' ' A $100 1 Savings - CerUfieate easts $84.40 this month. It will -be worth $100 January 1, 1124. It cashable any. time with accrued " interest at any pottofflce on ten days' notice.' It Is a government obligation. A $1,000 -savings - eertifleate oosta $844 this month. It will be redeemed by Uncle Sam January 1, 19J4, 'few $1,000. It it . cashable with acereed interest .at any time at any .-poetoffiem on ten days' notice. " v ' ! Treasury: savings certificates jare) registered in your 1 name,' thus Ing against loss. BRITISH NOW SAVINQ LARGE 8UMS OF MONBY. In spite of the exigeftctes rof war, the volume of saving deposlU 4ar -England .has .grown tremendously fa the last five years according !tethe comp troller of the BriUsh Post Offoe Cav jags Bank. Only twice, the ecm troll er states, was the flow of satfaga depoitts Interrupted : omce'bythewar loan of 1$15 and -once by the $ er cent loan of 1117. "ToUi deposits: Increased deeptte the fact that depositors transferred ?eve $1,000,000,000 from their postal seytnge into the various Issues of jtolfmw ment The recent figures , shew' eea clusiveiy, the comptroller asserts, :teV power of saving of the"Drlilshxia for the .amonnt diverted toTIhe car- ernment war issues has mot ed or dissipated but must sUU' be eluded in the saviags of the s ;t The Potatp.'- . . ' In its native country," on the monh tains of Chile and Peru; writes "Jean Henri Fabre, ' In . Field, Torestanol 'Farm, the potato in its -wild statje Is at poor diminutive tuber abopt as large aa a hazelnut. Man takes- the worth less wild stock Into his gardeivplanta It in rich soil, tends it, waters It ; and behold, from; year to. year :the potato ; thrives more and jnore,4ainins?. in also f and in nutritive properties an4 finalljr becomes a farinaceous, tuber. as lara as your two fists. , .,;..' Hew York Evening PostTJeafiUne "Traces Baseball to Greek - Spcta Why, we've -known all r along "that Greece produced the ' first .Homer ' Boston Transcript. ' - .:!S Into the end of the handle of a new toothbrush can be Inserted a card with. Its ' owner's name. ''-

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