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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, February 06, 1920, Image 8

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BANK Off ALU OA Capital $10,000.00 SaBifldla, IM. C. -O B.ANS0N;Pre$. PRESTON H. BAILEY, Cash. REPUBLICAN CONVENTION The Republicans of Polk C unty, met-at the court house in convmtion and selected the following riek ?ates to 1 the various ! conventions To the Congressional convent; m; W?. F. Swann, W. C. Robertson, C. E. Shore, J. W. Walter, w. y. misu, M. if. opears, J. H. vvnavii, Hutcherson.' r To State convention: Ji. w. man, C. E. Shore, W. C. ko&i Thomas E. Face, W. r. awann, Spears, John 1. Smitn, , TW .Qonafrrvrial convention S E, Dedman, WrF. Swann, J. W. Walker, M. P. Spears, Thomas Hi. race,' w. v- Robertson. ' , j . To Judicial convention - w . Swann. MP. Snears'B. E; Back- well, Lindsey Smith, W. C. Robert son, C. E. Shore, J. vv. JNewman. , rne ioiiowing . resuimiu3 . read and approved: ' I. 1st, mat we renew our auesj ance to the principals of the Republi can Party, which, when enacted into laws nave never ianeu w mmg va nrosberitv and J contentment ; to ;the people of this country. ; .!' 2nd, That we unamousiy. enaprBe Hon. James J, Britt, for Governor of the State, and we do -ereoy instruct mir Hflpcatfs tn the state convention to cast the entire voting strength of the county for him in said State (Con vention. ; i 3rd, That we indorse the very ef ficient work of our nresent state chairman, Hon. Frank A. Lindsey, and we do herebv instruct our dele gates to State convention to cast the entire strength of this county lor him in said convention for reelectioii for another two years. I 4th, That we indorse won a. jacic son for one of the delegates from the tenth district to the national conven tion of the party, and we hereby' in struct our delegates to tne congres sional convention to cast the entire voting strength of the county for, him in said convention for said district. 5th, That we endorse M. P. Spears, of Columbus, for solicitor for ; six teenth district, and we do herebv in struct our delegates to said conven tion to cast the entire strength of this county for him in said convention. 6th,--That we indorse Hon James M. MoreheaH for reelection as nation al committeeman from this state, and we do hereDy instruct our delegates to the State conventi6n to cast the en tire voting strength of this county in said convention for him for national committeeman. And we do hereby most heartily congratulate : him for the splendid showing made in the special election in the ninth congres sional district The fact that he was L&ble to reduce a Democratic majority oi anout nve tnousana to a majority of about eleven hundred proves him to be one of the strongest and mbst popular men in North Carolina. It was through his effort that the War ren apointment was rejected by the U. S. Senate. Am achievement which which ought to be appreciated by all people who believe in honest election which is the foundation of morality and sound government. W. F. SWANN, C. E. SHORE, E. W. DEDMAND, ; uommittee. NOTICE TO DELIQUENT TAX ; i PATUSKS. Notice ia hereby given to the pa rtier named below and aU pereons thatmay be cotiecratd: as' mortgagees, that the undersigned purchased at a sale oi property of deliquent tax payers, m Columbus, Polk County on the 4th day of May, 1919, listed and describe ghteeracres of land in Columbus Township, listed in the name of L. r. Grant for the year 1918; one lot m the Town of Tryon, less forty Afeet . on back,; listed in -the name of A. Smith- i . fVA, irofli. 191Rr one lot in the Town of Saluda, less one foot on the back, listed in the name B. L. McLaii for the year 1918; one lot in the Town of Saluda," leis one foot tm tn back, listed in the name of Mrs. C. P. El; lerbe' for' th year 1918; tne town lot in the Town of Saluda, less one foot nn-tho harlf. listed in 'the name of E. L. Moore ;; for the year-1918;- one hundred cahd twenty-nine-: vcres oi land in White Oak Township listed in the name of W. M. Sentell estate for the year 1918; seventy-two acres of land listed in the name of A. B. Green, forty-nine acres in Coopers Gap Township listed in the name of Grant Walker for the year 1918.- Notice is futher given that' application will be made to the sheriff , of Polk County by the undersigned for deeds of aid. pro perty after the 4th day of May 1920.. L. L. TALLANf, Jan. 23, 20. Purchaser. S-times Statement of. the Owner.hir, v i agement, Etc. p K of the Polk County News and t Bee, published weekly a' 1W T October. 1919. ' ",KV Owner and publisher r Tryon, N. C. ' L" B Known bondholders Plr, and other security hoid-v x per cent or more of toti' C. W. Ballens-er. V. p f rvhi H. Holmes, Geo! El Mort t Hester, Trustee r ' J- I C Bush, Publish Sworn to and subscriber er 16th day of January, 19 0 l0T W. F. Little Notan- My commissi expires Marcll N(5tlCE OF ELECTION .Whereas the Board of Education of Polk Qpunty has petitioned for an election to be held in Green's Creek ; School District No 20. in Green's Creek Townsrin. Polk County, to ascertain whether the vi'rs " 4 district are in favor is?iti:-.! ' rfor the purpose of builainc; i r .7 j lie school building,' more j'a,:.-.' . 5 described as a Smith-Hi ' tural School-house, w''h v " and other room, ia sad school tii'; ' trict, in accordance with the provi- siona of the State Wide Bond Act for School Buildings, Chapter 55 of Pub ; lie lawi of 1915, as amended by the public laws of 1917. Therefore it -is ordered by the Board of Commissioners of Polk County tha an election be held in Green's Creek School District No. 20 on the 30 day of March A. D. 1920. to ascertain whether the voters of said Green's Creek School District No. 20. are in favbr of issuing a bond in the sum tf Three - thousand Dollars ($3000), for the purpose of building, rebuilding and repairing said school house in said school district, and furnishing the same with suitable equipment. The said bond shall run for eight teeli years and six months, and shall bear interest at not to exceed five (5) per centum per annum interest pay- able j semi ; annually together with a portion of the principal making a total semi-annual payment of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) as shown in detail in" amortization table attadied to 'said : - bond. Privilege shall be granted rof: making additional pay meats on the principal as therein specified on anv of interest navment. ' thus shortening the duration of the - Oondv . The maximum that may be levied ' to pay' the interest upon said bond ' hd at:sinkihg - fund" for1 the semi-annual payment on said bond shall not exceed thirty (30) cents on the hun dred dollars and ninety (90) cents on the poll. That the said election shall be held at Sheild's precinct voting place in v said Greeny Creek School District No. 20, which is hereby designated as the " polling -place -of said election, and the said election shall be held under the laws, rules and regulations govern ing elections in special tax districts. That Berlin White ' ia herebv an- pointed Registrar of said Election , and tr. Tiid Feaean and J. T. aren-wrav ;JtH effty appointed ; as? Judges of aid election. it is futher ordered that at said election those favorini? the issuance of a bond and the laying of a special tax anan vote a Daiiot on wmch shall be printed the words "For School-house ana xnose wno are opposed thereto shall vote a hallot - ,be printed the wosds "Against ocuvuinouse conas. - ..; And -it is'fntner'nrrHfV. nntr of this order, which shall constitntA & notice of eaid election shall be posted at the Court House door r of PaIV County at Columbus 'N r. fV,; yrprgcedg-said'ele wpy of this order which shall con fute a notice of tltcttoa shall be published in the Polk County News, a newspaper published at Tryon, N. C. in said Polk County, for four suc cessive weeks preceeding said election. Done at a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Polk County N. C, on the 2nd. day of February A. D. 1920, at Columbus, N. C, at which 3 meeting there were present Chas Davenport Chairman and G. L. Thompson, Commissioner. CHARLES DAVEPORT Chairman. G. L. THOMPSON (Advertisement.) ORDER AND NOTICE ELECTION OF NOTICE DELINQUENT TAX PAYERS Whereas, in accordance with pro visions of Chap. 532 of the Public Local Laws cf 1919, a petition ihas been presented to the Board of Coun ty Commissioners of Polk County, signed by twenty-five per cent ofHhe qualified voters of the county, i for order of an election to ascertain ) the will of the voters as to whether bonds of the county shall be issued and .sold for the purpose of building and equip- ing. a County Home for the aged! and infirm: Now. therefore, it is ordered by the Board of County Comriiiss- r Notice is hereby given to the ' par ties named below, and to all, other persons who mav be concerned as morteacees. that the undersigned ioners of Polk County .that an elec purchased at a sale of nronertv of de- tion be held in said - county at the ? . . I ! 1 j . m 1 nnquent tax navers. in uoiumhus. various election precincts on luesaay. Polk County. N. C, on the 5th day of the 20th day of April, 1920, under the May, 1919, land listed and described same rules and regulations, and in as follows: the same manner as elections ! for 10 acres ef Land in Greens Creek members of the General Assembly, at Township, listed in the name of San- which time the question of issuing ford Liles, for the year 1918. nd selling Donds m the amount . of .Notice is herebv criven that aDnli- io,uuu ior tne purpose stated above cation will be made to the sheriff and the levy, of a tax suflicent to pay signed for deeds of said nronertv af- a sinkine fund for their retirement ter the 5th day of May, 1920. This shall be submitted to the voters of! Dec. mh, 1919. , tne county quaiined to vote at the. BEN LILES. Purchaser . preceding general Section for mem- ; bers of the General Assembly, at MnnTainrp-o our- . nr x Awn which election those favoring the -4s- . u ,A, suence and sale of said bonds shall Notice is hereby given that the un- otenwordl "Fo Countt PH1 rQi7rrIf ZvTy 1N;emer' written the words "Against County 1916, by Grant Walker and wife, Tina vrnrno nria TVo tu?2 Z ul 1 1 WialVpr will rpIi nf nnKii Pome i-onds . lhat this order shall waijcer will sell at public auction for be notice of aid plection aTlf, suflll fncn ot t rt a t nnFr nmicA vt t yv i tobu,, Polk County, North Carols; n X Ty MONDAY PFRPTTAPV Qf, ioon published in the Polk County News xJlyl, 9.i92?', for three months next immediatelv ftiirinr 'Aa I . " v - S)dlU " : r . a: election. scribed real estate: !! ' ' j 'I ''.., GET a package today. No tice the flavor the whole some taste of Kentucky Burley tobacco. . Why do so many "regular men" buy Lucky Strike cigarettes? They buy them for the special flavor of the toasted Burley; tobacco. There's the big reason it's toasted, and real Burley. Make Lucky Strike your cigarette. y Guaranteed by from your fertilizer will be greater 'ou use tf f It is futher ordered that the follow- "r,"; ttim t t i wckuuuuk in xuuza wacKons une i j v. j ; , r . on a-amaU white oak: thence in a mAna" e" De a.n? ne.reoy appoint- - . " ' i in Tf a nT oa vf 1 1 hnriAiM m kA . ; !trm m? to a black oak; thence Xft a suraignx line to a wnite oaK; tnence I inVh w xi a'a rvJ V a sffai?ht line tn a wnito 0v ti,0r,n0 t1- w- B, Arledge, registrar, J. . : .. ai Manrman J T. 171. r i a onaasiiw line UJ tt UCttU lOCUSt IUU OI I i A00 rpWT T ESS &2$i ;S r SSSSTj :'vu& Sid w""f "5" Thompson's; thence with said line to ffdfres,wSnnU0dl h-S&&P2nx Z V. Thompson's stone corner; thence f'r V'1 Sgfl J'r?- etcad?5f' . . xiiumpsuu, registrar T. C. Lawter and M. A: Jackson, judges,' Big Level: W. H. Ledbetter, registrar, J. C. Powell and ' TRADEMARK south 20 W. 18 noles to a stake in a path in or near Edwards' line; thence souxn ooi i. 74 poles to a Fo. at the road in the : Eliza Jackson line; thence with said line to the becrin- mng, containing . 40 acres, more or less. The above sale will be made for cash to satisfy the mortgage T men- uonea aDove, mere having been forfeiture of same. THOMAS THOMPSON and WIFE, a di ne merui REGISTERED tZQT Thezi Made Germany's Honey Production, beekeeping was an Important in dustry around Nuremberg, - Germany, as long: ago as the thirteenth century. Germany's total production of hony is now almost $7,000,000 a ytr. jerry jacicson, Judges, Pea Ridse; J. CarsweU, registrar O. W. Ponder and N. D. Moore, judges, Green's Creek: G. C. Feaeran. registrar jt t Greenway and Walt Feagan, judges. Done by the Board of Countv sioners of Polk County on the 6th day of January, 1920,' at a , meeting ad- 1 mT m ------ A. r AW 1 . Morton crppB Arum tne om nay. or said Mortgagees, i th and:ye at , whic meetin vhcxb we present unanea . nn- enport, Chairman George A. Painter and G. L; Thompson, commissioners. CHARLES DAVENPORT, flrlftiwufln . Ceorge a; painter; O. L. THOMPSON. i " . OKualsioners. Eish Scrtkp I?am QMS CO 'SSJ Chnd' Va- Lynchburg, Va. Tarboro, N;C;' Charlotte, N.C WaRC C61umbia,S.C. Spartanburg, si C. Atlanta,Ga. Macon.Ga. Columbus, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. Baltimore, Md. Toledo, Ohto

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