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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, February 13, 1920, Image 7

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POLK COUHTY ITCWS, TRYOIT, NORTH CAROLINA town m HELP GENERAL CLEANUP IN ORDER patriotic Advertising Is No Longer an Excuse for the Presence of Un sightly Billboard. Now that the orgy of war advertls jng Is ended, where does It all leave YOU as the posters said and your future contributions to 4he main tenance of the advertiser's paradise? You gladly saw patriotism written all over the beautiful buildings and places of the city even though-this writing was a kind of scribbling, so incongru ous were the papers and filmslnesses. Iteauty.was for the moment nothing- nothing unless It, too, served. But now!' Are we to be equally content to see Piffle's Pickles emblazoned where we testified our intention to save food and thus help win the war? Will not chewing gum and chicle be more than ever an impertinence when . inflated :o the dimensions of our fatherland, the liberty of the world and the sacrl fices of our sons? Some have feared that the riot of outdoor war advertising would debase our taste and make the public still more heedless of the incongruousness and ugliness of the advertising nui sance. We think not. In spite of every thing, the war advertising truly ex- scoots iktfemenISS (Conducted by National' Council of the Boy Scouts of America. ) NEW WESTERN SCOUT LEADER - nuiu nis ant ps nvproa where, as director of athletics for the American expeditionary forces, he did conspicuous work in cuidlne the rwrp. ational activities of millions of dough boys, E. S. DeGroot, noted physical educator, Joint author of the Cali fornia public school physical educa tion law. one of the organizers of me Playgrounds Association of Araer- icp, organizer and director for eight years of Chicago's public recreation centers and considered an authority on pnyslcal development the world over, has definitely allied himself with the boy scout movement bv accntine the position of scout executive of the Los Angeles council. Relinquishing a position paying a much higher salary, DeGroot. In con cerning to devote himself exclusive ly to the development of scoutlne In Los Angeles, offers another example of the high grade of men that are now being attracted to the move ment. j-'t-vjruoi s anvent inro tno execu tive phase of scouting will be hailed with enthusiasm by the hundreds of It " is better only sometimes to be right than at all times to be wrong. Befdre 1 resolve to do one thing or the "other I must gain confi dence in my own ability to keep my resolves when they are made. Lincoln. SEASONABLE FOODS. The following Is something a little rat of the ordinary, but a dish which' uses left-over bits of chicken and furnishes a tasty dish : Chicken Pancakes. Remove all bits of white meat left on the frame work of roast chicken. Take the bones, skin and eiblets of the fowl and : Ther are not many happinesses so i complete as those that are snatched unaor the shadow of the sword.-Klp- ling. " j THE FUNCTIONS OF FOODS. No housemother who reads the cur rent news and magazines can be ig norant in regard to the 1 importance of food study. 1 There are a few sreneral principles which if borne in mind when supplying the too6 for the family, will feed them correctly. First in importance is the point that all fam ilies diffei as to needs The man who works at hard labor out of; doors can eat, digest and as- as much chicken broth as similate foods that would Injure one will cover . the whole, who Is an inactive indoor worker. A Water may be used If growing .'child who is very active will there is no broth. Add an, onion, cut consume and care for as much food fine, a piece of carrot and simmer an as me average man, because he is hour or two. Strain, remove the fat making a framework and Is cover . . .. .. ii . . and thicken with, flour ; and nutter mg mat frame with -eood. healthv cooked together. Remove from the muscles. . Food supplies the body with fire and stir in the yolks of two eggs what It needs for growth and for en beat up with the juice of nair a lemon, ergy. T xnere are certain elements Pour this sauce over the prepared which are required to support life; chicken and let ft get cold. Make two many of them In very small ciuanti- iMraovro uinroiM WTtmiTimi iMlOOL Lesson (By rev. r. n. d. d.. Teacher of English Bible In the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.) (Copyright. 1920. Wmern Newspaper Union) LESSOR FOR FEBRUARY 15 PETER AND CORNELIUS. LESSON TEXT Acts 10. GOLDEN TEXT The same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. Aom. 10:12. j ADDITIONAL MATERIAL Acts IB: 1-35; Gal. 2:1-2L PRIMARY TOPIC-God. Love for Ev erybody. JUNIOR TOPIC-Peter Wins a Roman Captain. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC The Overcoming of Prejudice. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC Significance, of the Conversion of Cor' nelius. pressed us. We looked at It and read ; thousands nf nStm nH hnxrc It and liked some of It because It , nected with the Boy Scouts of Amer- elgnt Ps' five inches long and four are lacking the health begins to break. did. It expressed us best when It was lea, for the record ihat he has built most beautiful. And although much of ; In the field of physical education Is it was small in scale, It never was too j one that few men can excel or Indeed M? to express the great Ideas. But , equal in this country, now, will not-the apotheosis of the 1 : insignificant seem more than ever (heap and tawdry? If so, the blatant advertisement has lost some of its ad vertising value. If It could only lose it all. if people would not patronize what Is offensively advertised, It would disappear. Bulletin of the Municipal Art Society of New York. PLANTS ON CITY LAMP-POSTS Authorities of Allentown, Pa., Turn Usually Unsightly Objects Into Things of Beauty. Turning the street lamp-posts Into things of beauty Is the object of the authorities of Allentown, Pa. In that city every lamp-post wears a hanging-garden effect from spring until late autumn.' The flowers and decorative leaf-Waring plants are planted in urn-shaped globes vhlch encircle the lamp-posts some distance below the light.' The city fathers' who thought of and adopted the flowering lamp-post -idea made a thorough job of beauti- SCOUTS NOT KNOWN IN COURT. Of all the boys passing through the Juvenile court in the past year, not one was an active scout." 1 hat was the statement of U. E Harmon, city attorney of Tacoma, Wash., and is one of the most sign! Scant bits of information in connection with the entire scout movement. Of the 700 boys now affiliated with the Tacoma council the fact that not one in active standing and only two who had ever had any connection with scout work should come under the The conversion of Cornelius broke down the "middle wall of partition' between the Jews and Gentiles (Eph. 2:4). , 1. Cornelius (vv. 1, 2). 1. His official position (v. 1). He was a Roman officer over a company of 100 soldiers, perhaps of about the same rank as a captain In the Amerl can army. .' " 2. His character (v. 2). (1) A de vout, 'pious man. His heart was filled with godly fear. (2) He was a pray ing man ; he observed the Jewish hour of prayer. (3) He was charitable; he very thin pancakes, cut out of them ties are found in the bodv. hut if Hipsp Save much alms. (4) He was respect- ea oy nis iumiiy Inches wide and put them aside. These elements are carbon, oxviren Spread the pieces of pancake on a big nitogen, sulphur, phosphorus. Iron, ' dish and cover each with thin-siicea calcium, potassium, sodium and sev cooked bacon. On the bacon set a large eral others in small amounts. The tablespoonful of the minced chicKen, foodstuffs which furnish these ele- fold the pancake over, seal with a lit- ments are: tie beaten egg white, crumb them ana Examples of th rtiffWnt i nf bake a pale brown In a well-buttered foods : dish. Serve hot on a napkin. Prorpl - J uvuf J drogen, oxygen, sulphur and some- sponge of one cake of . compressed times iron and phosphorus. BASIS FOR PORK PRODUCTION One Source of Failure Is That Many Follow It as Speculation Rather Than Business. (Prepared by the United States Depart merit of Agriculture.) Recent heavy slumps in the hog market, as well as the high prices of corn, have caused hog raisers In va rious parts of the country to reduce the number of sows in their herds, ac cording to reports received. But hog raising on the farm should be made a stable, regular business, department specialists believe. The man begin ning to raise hogs should -resolve to follow it year In and year out. regard less of the price he may obtain for his hogs or the cost of the feed which he converts Into pork. Llse every other farming activity, pork production has Its ups and downs, but, according to long-time averages, the farmer who sticks realizes a fair and dependable profit, the specialists declare. One source of failure Is that too many follow It as a speculation rather than as business. They plunge on hogs Just as they would gamble on The Lord chose Cornelius for the grain futures or on the stock market. yeast, one-fourth of a cupful of water, Proteins lean meats, fish, eggs, one cupful of scalded milk and one milk, cheese and peas, beans and lentils. and one-half cupfuls of bread flour, j Fats fat of meat, butter, cream, When light add one-fourth cupful of vegetable oils, nuts and yolk of eggs, butter, melted, two egg yolks, one-half Carbohydrates rtce and other ce- teaspoonf ul of salt, the grated rind of reals, potatoes, other starchy vegeta- a lemon and about two cupfuls of flour, bles, fruits, honey and sugar. Knead until smooth and elastic. Cover Mineral matter fruits, irreen veir- close and set aside to double In bulk, etables, meat, milk, whole wheat and consideration of the court officers Turn uPside down on a board, roll into other grains, egg yolk, water. speaks for Itself of the Ideals of con- a rectangular sheet, spread witn sort- Fats which yield carbon, hydro- duct that the scout movement gives ened butter, dredge witn sugar ana Ren and oxygen these are the heat- the boys associated with It, it Is said. cinnamon ana spnnme witn currarus. producing foods. In winter we need Scouting has always appealed to and. roll as a jelly roll. Cut into men m0re of such food to keep up the me for three reasons," said Mr. Har- pieces an inch and a quarter long, xnis body heat. mon, continuing his explanation of his amount will make 16 buns. Butter the Carbohydrates which yield carbon, great interest in the scout movement, pan in wlflch they are to be baked, hydrogen and oxygen, whose mole- First, it teaches the boys the prac- Hredge well with brown sugar ana ries are in different arrangement tlcal lessons they need to learn. Sec- place the buns. Wwien light, bake care- than in fats. These vield enerv in transition of the Gospel to the Gen tiles because of his character and po sition. No Jew could find any fault with him. He was a good man, but not a saved man. II. The Supernatural Preparation or the Transition of the Gospel to the Gentiles (vv. 3-33). 1. Two visions were given. (1) The vision of Cornelius (vv. 3-8). While engaged in prayer an angel of God jj j it k i1 if TJ4C3 : Win f if''' II j I 1! -; ' VT ond, It gives them the recreation and physical activities In the great out-of- doors. Third, it holds up to the boys the highest ideals of service and good citizenship. ' "Such teaching, training and activi ties for the growing boys have an in- fully not to burn on the bottom. The sugar and butter should glaze the bot tom of the buns. Three or four table spoonfuls of butter and half a cupful of brown sugar will be needed for the bottom of the pan. Creole Pralines. Stir three cupfuls the most economical form. If you expect any miracles in 1920 you have got to perform them. "Sid Says." MEALS FOR A DAY. CHALLENGE TO THE CHURCHES,,' estimable value to a community.", cpn- nfVrnnnlnted suear and one cunful of eluded Mr. Harmon. . thin cream or milk and two tablespoon ful s of butter. Boil without stirring to the soft ball stage. Cook over the fire in a smooth saucepan one cupful of sugar until it is caramelized. Pour the first mixture into the caramel and let It boil up once. Take from the fire and beat until thick, adding at the last moment three or four cupfuls of pecan meats. Drop by spoonfuls on buttered marble to cool. f.viiiK the town by removing all of the overhead ' telephone and telegraph w ires at least, in the principal streets. Rut Allentown can boast of use as well as beauty. It is the county seat of a farming section which ranks as one of the leading potato producers cf ihe country. Popular Science Month- "I became well acquainted In the White mountains this summer with a layman from a large Eastern parish," writes Dr. George Parkin Atwater, In the Witness. "As we climbed Mt. Wil lard together, be asked, 'What do we need most? Could this church capture the child life?' "It might," I replied, "if It would be gin to train laymen for work among children, If it understood the meaning of the boy scout movement. If It poured its money into training men and women rather than into bricks and mortar: in other words, if it ac cepted the challenge of the children, as Doctor Gardner so finely puts It, and brought the training of children out of the basement into the chief place in the life of the church. "Moreover, never forget this: The .surest way to the heart and life of the parent is through an interest in the child." All Should Own Homes. From the national standpoint, It is most desirable thaf every citizen should own his -home. - The proper education of the child needs the sanctity of the home and the future of our country de pends upon the average citizen doing his or her duty "to train up a child in lite way he should go.-and when he is ld he will not depart from it." Building and loan associations Should be formed in all cities where they do not already exist, as they are most useful In assisting men to acquire a- home through the monthly install ment plan. Exchange. For Large and Small Cities. There Should be a definite park pol icy and an appropriation sufficient to open up one new small park or recrea Tion ground each year. Density of population grows In sections, and prop erty values rise accordingly. A forehanded small, park policy will follow the trail of population density with an eagle's eye. The toilers and their usually large brood of children should have these city breathing spots at their doors. Chicago Journal -" ' A little word of kindness spoken, A motion or a tear Has often healed the heart that's broken And made a friend sincere. John Greenleaf Whlttler. Operations of this character are never beneficial for any business. Because of the recent decline In the hog mar ket It does not necessarily follow that the selling price of the pigs that will be raised from the sows bred this fall will not be satisfactory. The pig's of this fall will not be ready for a year and untold changes may come about. Every farmer who is conservative. careful, and painstaking in his hog- nstructed him to send to Joppa for raising operations Is able after a few Peter, who would tell him what to years of experimentation to determine do. The angel told him that Peter nnnroximately the maximum and mln- lodged .with Simon, a tanner, to show Cornelius that Peter was not the strictest Jew. The calling of a tan ner was regarded as unclean by the strict Jews, and the tanners were com manded to dwell apart. Cornelius sent imum number of sows that he can maintain on his farm at the greatest net profit. When jlie has accurately ascertained this number he should breed that many sows every year. other conditions being equal. In ad- LITTLE ECONOMIES. SCOUT REGISTRATIONS HELD. There is so much of uncertainty in industrial circles, so much of discon tent and of the spirit of waiting in the .national atmosphere, that It Is quite understandable that scoutmasters who have devoted tremendous energy to their work through the war period should become a little more deliberate about their scout work this year.- This tendency is expressed natio ally in the delay of innumerable rr reglstratlon blanks. Energy is the secret of a prompt re registration whteh sustains the exten sion work of national headquarters, maintains the records of the boys who will some day want the Veteran Scout badge and contributes so largely to the appreciation which the boys feel or do not feel regarding the opportunity to be a part of a certain troop., . . ' . . i 1 , . FOREST SERVICE FOR SCOUTING. The forest service through Forester H S Graves, addressing Its otneers on the extension campaign, said in part: "As you doubtless know, the, boy MAntc rn-nnerated with the forest prvice last year In locating black wal nm- for the war department. We have sought to encourage the use of national forests by boy scouts in various ways. The forest service has a - peculiar Interest In their activities nd ideals, as they should have i ours.. ' : ' ' ! ..,,' By serving occasional oven dinners the cook can economize on 'fuel and attend to work in other parts of the home. Baked Soup. Use a large earthen Jbean pot. Cut up in small pieces two pounds of beef, cover with cold water, season with salt and pepper and place in the oven Cook two hours, then add two cupfuls of shredded cabbage, four large pota toes ' sliced, two onions sliced, one bunch of celery cut fine. Add hot water and seasonings and cook anoth er hour, strain and serve1 hot. The beef and vegetables may be ground for hash and the soup is especfally Every one who wants to help the good. , state this year can do so by giving Pimiento Bisque. Take three pints thought to the of chicken stock, one-half cupful of question of how cooked rice, six canned red peppers to economize pnt through a ricer, two teaspoonfuls food. If we are 0f salt, half a teaspoonful of tabasco careful of the lit- sauce and one-haK cupful of cream, tie wastes, the Fillets of Veal. Divide a loin of larger ones will veai steak into as many portions as look after them- wm De needed ; pound and season with selves. One of the salt. ' pepper and a bit of powdered best . tests of patriotism just now is ga'ge r011 each and fasten securely the stopping of all waste of food in wItn WOoden toothpicks. Roll each our homes and substituting other flnet m crumbs, then in egg' and foods for those which are less plenti- crumDS again, salt and repeat the egg ful. This can be done without sacri- and crumbing. Run a sharp wire flcing health or strength. skewer through the fillets and sus- If a veal loaf or any kind of meat pend them over a pan in the oven, loaf is wrapped in oiled paper before basting often with chicken fat or but baking it will save a loss of flavor and ter. They will have a delicious juices with no hard crust. flavor when cooked. Garnish with An emergency filling for sandwiches parsley, for two or three people can be made Tomato Salad. An extremely pret- from half a jelly glass of chopped ty salad is tne ronowing: reei anu cut tomatoes into-eignis wuuoui sepa meat. A tablespoonful of molasses added to griddle-cake batter will make them brown nicely. Keep a small bottle of caramelized sugar to color gravies. Brown sugar In a clean, smooth frying pan until a dark brown, add boiling water to dis solve, the sugar and bottle the liquid. A few drops will color a bowl of gravy. To remove the small, feathers from game dip the bird, after picking it as well as possible in melted paraffin; the wax, when cool will -come off with the small plnf eathers. The paraffin may be melted and strainedand used 'again and again. - ;- Honey may be used In many dishes In place of sugar; is fine In cake and cookies, makes good, griddle cake sirup and candy; in fact is an all-round good substitute for sugar. ' rating the sections; place on a leaf of lettuce and fill the centers with pearl onions. Serve .with French, dress ing to which has been added chopped green peppers. Spanish Chops. Gash French chops to the bone and fill with the follow ing stuffing: Six tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs, three tablespoonfuls of minced boiled ham, two tablespoon fuls of mushrooms and two tablespoon fnls of' -butter. ? Roll in egg and crumbs andfry in deep fat until well browned. - u A few spoonfuls of chopped meat especially those of high flavor like ham will season a dish of rice or maca roni, mashed potato or hominy for a family of four or five. at once for Peter. s He was living up hering to this plan the farmer Is, in to the best light he had, so he received no sense, a speculator, but is In real- more, (2) The vision of Peter (vv. itv a husiness man practicing common. 9-16). This took place while Peter sense, business management. Hog was praying (v. 9). If one would re- Urging throughout the localities where ceive visions from God, let him pray pori js made as n regular and depend- to God; for the heavens are open to those who pray. ; He saw a certain vessel containing clean and unclean animals let down from heaven, and heard the command : ' "Rise, Peter ; kill, and eat." Peter protested that he had never eaten any unclean thing. God replied: "What .God hath cleansed, call not thou common." This vessel let down from lieaven and tak en back indicated that both Jew and Gentile were accepted on high. 2. Messengers from Cornelius (w, 17-22). Peter was greatly perplexed over what he had seen, but not for long; for messengers from Cornelius made Inquiry at the gate for him. The spirit informed Peter of the matter and bade him go, nothing doubting. 3. The meeting of Cornelius and Pe ter (vv. 23-33). (1) Peter took si witnesses along (v. 23). He had the good judgment to know that on a mat ter of so great importance he must have witnesses. This was proved at the Jerusalem council in the consider ation of the question of the reception of the Gentiles into the church .(11:1 18). (2) Cornelius waiting for Peter (v. 24). He called together his kins men and near friends. (3) Cornelius about to worship Peter (vv. 25, 26). Peter repudiated this act and protest ed that he was but a man. The true man of God not onty dislikes, but re fuses to be worshiped. (4) The re ciprocal explanation (w. 27-33). Pe ter explained to him how God had taken from him his Jewish prejudice and asked that Cornelius state the purpose of his having sent for him. Cornelius explained how God had ap peared unto him and instructed WirM to send for Peter. m III. Peter's Sermon (w. 34-43). 1. The introduction (w. 34, 35). He showed that God is no respecter of persons, but that in every nation those who fear God and work righteousness are accepted of him. 2. The discourse (w. 36-43). In the discourse he touches briefly upon the mission of Jesus, showing that by means of his baptism and anointing with the Holy Spirit he was quali fied for his work as mediator. He then exhibited the work of Christ (1) In his life (w. 36-39). (2) In his death (v. 39). (3) In his resurrection (w. 40, 41). IV. The Holy Spirit Poured Out (vv. 4448). This was a new Pentecost. As the Gospel was enteringnpon its widest embrace the Spirit came In new power. 7VW '"' Power of Faith. Christianity has its best exponents in the lives of the saints. It is oaly when our creeds pass Into the Iron of the blood , that they become vital and organic. Faith If not transmuted Into character has lost Its power. C L. Thompson. No Man Is Useless. So long as we love, we serve; so long as we are loved by others we are Indispensable; no man Is useless "while he has a friend. Robert Louis Steven son. " - . :..;..,. r . A Part of Uncle Sam's Big Herd of Hogs. able cash crop h:is proved one of the most reliable farm activities In which the fjtrmer engages, r.nrt despite mar ket fluctuations and the spasmodic regularities In prices the prospects are that pork production will be as profitable In the future as It has been In the past. PREVENT CROWDING OF PIGS Properly Constructed Feed Trough Assures Each Individual Porker of His Share. Young pigs should be given theli feed In such a manner that each Indi vidual pig gets its share. The slc plest way to accomplish this Is to al low the pigs to eat from a properly constructed feed trough, one that wit keep the pigs out of the feed and will lessen the possibilities of crowding. LIVESTOCK NOTES I Every, colt raised will be one more work animal to help till farms. . Better a nose ring for the young bull than an accident after It Is too late. , Pasture is by no means a luxury for live stock. It is now recognized as t necessity. Silage is a good feed for most all classes of stock, but Is more populai as a feed for cattle and sheep. . No other farm animals put on flesa as economically as pigs with a given amount of feed. Every farmer should have a few pigs. 1 Teach the calf to eat grain early, n Calves are Imitators. If an older calf; 1 knowing how to eat grain. Is In the pen ji Wlul lue smaiter vucs lajxoc r ut wmh jl I 'earn to eat grain. . . . , fj

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