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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, March 12, 1920, Image 8

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- V -J-l. polk bovivrz lmxrn, tryon, itohth Carolina I . ' ' It ' ""-'-IB I Mi II NOTICE OF ELECTION Whereas the Board of Education of Polk County has petitioned for an election to be held in Green's Creek School District No 20. in Green's Creek Townsrip, Polk County, to ascertain whether the voter a: district are in favor o-' issuing a Hon for the purpose of building nevr r"i' lie school building, more partivn.-r described as a Smith-Hughes fru' . tural School-house, with ilnni' and other room, in wrr jwhrm, trict, in accordance with the provi sions of the State Wide Bond Act for School Buildings, Chapter 55 of Pub lic laws of 1915, as amended by the public laws of 1917.V Therefore it is ordered - by. the Board of Commissioners of Polk County that an election be- held in Green's Creek School District No. 20 on the 30 day of March A. D. 1920, to ascertain whether the voters of said Green's Creek School District No. 20. are in favor of issuing a bond in the sum of Three thousand Dollars ($3000), for the purpose of building, rebuilding and repairing said school house in said school district, and furnishing the same with suitable equipment. The said bond shall run for eight teen years and six months, and shall bear interest at not to exceed five (5) per centum per annum interest pay able semi annually together with a portion of the principal making a total lemi-annual payment of one hundred twenty-fire dollars ($125) as shown in detail in amortization table attached to said bond. Privilege shall be granted of making additional pay ments on the principal as therein specified on any of interest payment, thus shortening the duration of the bond. The maximum that may be levied to pay the interest upon said bond aid a sinking fund for the semi-annual paymer on said bond shall not exceed rttZS) cents on the hun dred dollars and ninety (90) cents on the poll That the said election shall be held at Sheild's precinct voting place in said Greens Creek School District No. 20, which is hereby designated as the polling place of said election, and the said election shall be held under the laws, rules and regulations govern ing elections in special tax districts. That Berlin White is hereby ap pointed Registrar of said Election and G. Ed Feagah and J. T. Greenway are hereby appointed as Judges of said election. , It i futher ordered that at said election those favoring the issuance of a bond and the laying of a special tax shall vote a ballot on which shall be printed the words "For School-house Bonds" and those who are opp.sed thereto shall vote a ballot on which hall be printed the wosds "Against School-house Bonds. And it is futher orderedthat a copy ef this order, which shall constitute a motice of said election shall be posted at the Court House door of Polk County at Columbus, N. C, for thirty days preceding said election; tha a eepy of this order which shall con stitute a notice of said election shall be published in the Polk County News, a newspaper, published at Tryon, N. C. in said Polk County, for four suc cessive weeks preceeding said election. Done at a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Polk County N. C, on the 2nd. day of February A. D. 1920, at Columbus, N. C, at which meeting there were present Chas Davenport Chairman and G. L. Thompson Commissioner. -CHARLES DAVEPORT Chairman. G. L. THOMPSON ;- ORDExt NOTlCEivOF .u JUKI, nun Whereas, In" accordance with pro visions of Chap. J32 of f $hei public-Local-Laws if 1919, a r petition 'has been presented to' the Board of Coun ty Commissioners of Polk County, signed by twenty-five per cent of the qualified voters of the county, for order of an election to ascertain, the will of the voters as to whether bonds of the county shall be issued and sold for the purpose of building and equip ing a County Home for, the aged and Infirm: Now, therefore, it is ordered by the Board of County Commiss ioners of Polk County,that an elec tion be held in said county at the various election precincts on Tuesday, the 20th day of April, 1920, under the same rules and . regulations, and in the same manner as elections for members of the General Assembly, at which time the question of issuing and selling bonds in the amount of $15,000 for the purpose stated above land the levy of a tax sufficent to pay the interest on said bonds and create i a sinking fund for their I retirement j shall be submitted to the ! voters of i the county qualified to vote at the preceamg general t'ection for mem bers of the General Assembly, at which election those favoring the is suence and sale of said bonds shall cast ballots on which shall be printed or written words "For County Home Bonds and those opposed shall cast ballots on which shall be printed or ratten ttie words "Against County Home Ponds". That this order shall be notice of said election and shall be posted in one or more places in each election precinct of the county- and published in the Polk County News for three months next , immediately preceding th time fixed for said election. It is futher ordered that the follow ing named be and are hereb-" aDDoint- ed to act as poll holders in the various election precincts of the countv:TCo- lumbus. W. B. Arledge, registrar, J. vv. jNewman and J: F: Ormand, judges, Tryon: J. G. Monroe, reg istrar, J. C. Fisher and W. F. Swann, judges, Saluda: C. L. Pace, registrar, R. M. Hall and J. C. Metcalf. iudees. Jackson's Mill. D. H. Thompson. registrar, T. C. Lawter and M. A: Jackson, judges, Big Level: W. H. Ledbetter, registrar, J. C Powell and Jerry Jackson, judges, Pea Ridge r J. E. Carswell registrar O.. W. Ponder and N. D. Moore, judges, Green's Creek: G. C. Feagan, registrar, J. T. Greenway -and - Walt1 Feagan, judges. Done by the Board of County commis sioners of Polk County on the 6th day of January, 1920, at a meeting ad journed from the 5th day of said month and year, at which meeting there : were . present Charles Da enport, Chairman George A. Painter and G. L. Thompson, commissioners. CHARLES DAVENPORT, Chairman. "' GEORGE A. PAINTER, G. L. THOMPSON, . Comx&isioners. ' " o ADMINSRTATION NOTICE Having qualified aa adminstrator of A. G. Edwards deceased, late of Polk County, North Carolina: This is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of said deceased, to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 20th day of Feb ruary 1921. Or this notice will be plead in Bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 20th day of February 1920 ' , T. H. 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C. o:n i. mm, Pres.- -v; .: ; ; ?mmim i. MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF LAND. Notice is hereby given that the un dersigned by virtue of the powers contained in a mortgage executed tr .lim on the 2nd day of March, 1919, jy Dewey. Hill, will sell at publ:c auc tion for cash at the court house doot n Columbus, Polk county, North Car olina, on : MONDAY, APRIL U, 1920, between the hours of 12 o'clock M. md 2 o'clock P. M., the following de scribes real estate: Adjoining the lands , of M. C. Mc Graw and Speculation. Bejdnning it a pine, running S: 4 E. 78 poles to a stone; thence S. 45 W. 41 poles to a dogwood; thence S 60 poles toa chestnut; thence S. 30 W. 40 to a chestnut; thence S. 60 E. iAV poles chestnut; thence N. 661 E. 34 poles to a Spanish oak; thence W. 32 E. 42 polesto a hickory; thence N. 45 E. 34 poles to a stone; thence N. 34 poles to chestnut; thence N. 19 E. 15 poles to a chestnut stum'), hollow; thence N. 2 W. 46 poles to a small white oak; thence S. 20 W. 47 poles to the begin ning, containing 51 V2 acres. The above sale will be made for cash to satisfy the mortgage men tioned above, there having been a for feiture of same. . 45-4t ' ' M. "E. McCraw,' Mortgagee. 0 . NOTICE : Having qualified as adminstrator of the estate of George B. Philbeck, de ceased, all persons having claims against said estate are requested to present the account to me within twelve months from this date or bar by statue will be plead. All persons indebted to said estate will make payment to the same with out futher notice of settlementThis 13th day of Ftb. 1920. J. W. TURNER, Administrator. NOTICE V Having qualified as administrator of the estate of R. B. Roach deceased, all persons having claims against said estate are requested to present the account to me within twelve months from this date or bar by statue will be plead. ; ' All persons indebted to said estate will 'make payment to same with out .futher notice of settlement., .This 5th dav of MnrrVi 1990, L. R. ROACH, ' Adminstrator. aift'T'iiViMiiT .,1111 , m' .m m mi u,i, i..iw;pniw SoiitEerm -I lailwav System Important Notice to Hotel and House Proprietors oar dim The Southern Railway expects to publish, at an early date; its-Summer Resort Folder for the season 1920. ; neatrest agent, aupplvarif orjrn reference to number umt awuuiuuiuuaicu aim iaics pel Ucty, WtcK CI month. T1 111 . - inis snouia nave prompt attention, as we are anxious to distribute these folders at an early" date and all are urged to as sist us in making this an attractive publication by furnistmg this information at once. J. B WOOD, t. P. A. - Asheville, N.C. 3C ; ',, .- -.V -jt fVX , t1-T','t" 1 . ,. i . ; " J r iampseire wrnnie reedlere Ass OGiatic Vii! ' ' KStS " i-' - it ' v., i&U-- 4'i T-:-:- 'TIS' - v..- ... . .. Xcifc' 1 's 7T OITD 4-7 UUA Lk-lJ mm busiriicss rirnaiirD, sure Dm aumy way DirnlteiresD-ed in 9 are oairsedl to mrticelt wStlhi ids. v 1 .

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