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Polk County news and the Tryon bee. (Tryon, Polk Co., N.C.) 1915-1920, March 19, 1920, Image 4

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POLK. COUNTY NEWS, TltYOH, ITORTn OAROLIHA THE FCLX COUNTY IIEVS anHTRYQH BEE Consolidated Nov. 1915 -., Publuhed every Friday at TR YON. NORTH CAROLINA . : Office. phone 99 Residence 45, . Hatarsd Mcond-class matter dkpril 28, 191 at tb pott offlca at Tryon. North Carolina, un 4r th act of March 3. 1879 C. BUSH, Editor - and PuUsh er Subscription $2.00 pet Year UOIIUAKIUAKUS Ur 1 MA INKS, ft solutions of Respect, Church or Lodge Notices where an admission fee ia charged, or for financia rain, will be charred regular advertiunsr. rates of At cents per line. THE AMERICAN PRESS ASSOCIATION. ,t25 West !9h Street. New York City, is our sole ; iuu tAwunvti r oreucn a a vera Bin Agent. J ...1 2 W A J "Long May It Wave;' SOME HEAL ESTATE SALES. V Last week we made mention of the fact that Mr. M. A. Richards of Orange, N.J. had rented the W. E. Rankin cottage for the season. After spending a week in Tryon they were so pleased with their surroundings, climate, scenery etc., they decided they: could do no better than buy the property, consequently a deal was closed whereby they now own a pleas ant home in Tryon. While we do not know the price paid, we understand it was a figure that was highly satis factory to both parties. i The C. J. Reigh property, just at the .edge of town on the Landrum road was. sold last week to Mr. C. T. Ladson of Atlanta, Ga., who will -make some extensive improvements and -use; it for a summer home.- Mr. Ladson has been in Tryon for some time, occupying one of the Searles cottages, -and is familiar with our ad vantages as a pleasant place in which to live, hence decided he wanted a home here. A fair -price to ooth buyer and seller was realized for this property of thirty-five acres, t i A deal was closed last week where by Mr. C. P. Marriott disposed of Crestwood Inn to Mrs. Perry, of ..she ville. We do not know what. Mrs. Perry's plans are, but the present oc cupant, Mr. Chas. Leonard, has a lease on the property which does not expire until .May, We , are informed that a good price was, realized for BONDS AND SIDE WALKS. Editor News -Bee: As it now seems that some interest is being manifested in . the matter of providing:side walks for 'nyuii. and a a citizen of the town foA the p; twenty years , I would hke to expves my views on the matter eiy brieiiv. of issuing bonds in the sum of five thousand dollars for cement walks, because the money would be insuffi cent to accomplish anything worth while.- ' Why -not follow the course of other progressive towns and make a bond issue worth while and get money enough to not only build cement side waiks.on the most populous streets, but to improve other walks "where it is not now practical to build cement walks .and improve our sewer system and put in fire hydrants where need ed.' Im ready, and willing to support a bond issue for $25000.00 1 for this vtv uicb uidLif. i Mm 1 1 f l r 1,-1 toj. Under the i Revaluation Act, our our assessed, values will have - reached one million dollars; or more and with a levy; of : 15 cts. -on the one hundred dollars of property, (on only one mil lion dollars of valuation) we could raise $1500 which sum will pay the interest on . $25,000,00 of bonds. If we do this, sell the bonds, and u5 w vkvuey .wiseiy ior tnese im provements, the taxable wealtfrof the lown wiu double m five years time and .the, population,, will doubtless nave doubled." also. t In les3than six months after these improvements were under way, you would see real l estate eh in-l ryon. :new buildin the t town taking on new life and in spiriting,, instead of dragging along uu iuna oi a:napnapzard way .as it is now 'doing.- ' ine. expenditure. of .five thousand uuuttisjvoma ao Dut nttle good, and f "ve. years irom now, we would be buMittle father advanced than we are .now ;so far taxahl, woui, ' rST ' Bering induce- Ttn iCHin? lnauce- ! to settle amoung r us ; is .concerned. I Cftlllrt.O'iir.o m.(.J..i v,: Z:XTr more on TvafT UUb aon z wafit,to appro pnate all of your space to an expres sion f of ;my personal views. -fpTea - 1 GEO. A. GASH. AMERICAN LEGION At i T '"s. tne name But- fU4riuencan region, in honor i' o were -first .to "'"vvnvwe, nlZiS1 nei:future a very important 'SdSKF called f ortke 5S; iJ 1 . , e 'Permanent officers i for aS11 of the calendar ylar local nost Sirecomm1ndatin the AnizaSni1 to2ke t0 the state or rinlzationjn reference to proposed bouns for discharged soldiers which is now pending in Congress. The National organization has - taken a strong and active part in the discus sion of a bonus, while some ' local or ganizations have endorsed the bonus plan and . Others have, opposed- it. The National and State organizations are anxious to know the-attitude' the soldiers and local posts take and de cision of this matter may mades at the next meeting. Every ex-service man is urged to make application for memDership in the local post before the next meeting that he may have a voice in the, elec tion of the post officers, and that there be opportunity to 'distribute them in pverv ;spetion. It is vtvrv imnnrtant that the membership be large enough tn vnirp tVif 'maioritv anri nnt tlva -min ority sentiment of the ex-service men toward the bonus plan now before Congress., . ' No form "of application for mem bership is necessary simply adress the local post with your request. Notice will be given thru this paper of the next meeting. i . PEPTO-MANGAN MAKES RICH RED BLOOD Helps Restore Thin, . Run-down - Men and Woman to -Vigorous, Full-Bloded Health Recommended by Physicians Sold in Liquid or Tablet Form The Name "GudeV the Guide to the Genuine It is a true saying that yourliealth is only as good as your blood. Good, rich blod manifests itself in a healthv. natural complexion rclear. keen eves: tireless energy and enthusiasm : - and an ! abundant suddIv of strength. And just as positively does joor, thin blood directly influence th ph. tire system. Pale, sallow com plexions; dull eyes; a listless steps; laneruidness: tired-ness: wftrn n. feeling; general dejectedness and un- happmess all are positive signs that the body is not receiving its proper nourishment though the blood. repto-Mangan helps restore vigor ous health, because it . . m-ntet very elements so much needed by the uiuoa tp enaDie n to perioral its func tions and sudtjIv the hnHv wi ishment, energy, and strength.. ror your convenience. TVnfn-TVTnn- gan is prepared in tablet as well as liquid form. Both possess exactly the sam medicinal value. There is but one genuine Pepto Mangan, and that is "Gude's" If the name "Gude's" is not nn tliA naru it is not PeDto-Mancran. AHvorfieo. ment.) . ' o ' NOTICE OF BOND SALE. Whereas it. filed in the oflRre of .tVio Vf- Deeds of Polk, County, N. C, that the Fcuiie vz ijynn incorporated Commun ity. mcoroorateH in 9fmvia UiaDt. 202 of Pnhlip T.n 1X7 n-f -1Q1 O act providingfor the incorporation of j 0,1 ""luzuues; aid, on the 17th day of Feb. 1920 in accordance with the regular statute governing elec tions, hold an election in above named Lynn incorporated Communitv for the purpose of ascertaining- wfcoVioi. - B m M&vvitvi - U not a majority of the nnalifio in, said Incorporated Community were ii xavui i j i i ssii i n rr nnnna m r, - "b in tiic OU1H "lot to exceed $10,000.00, said bonds co run for a terioH -nnt fr. twenty years, and to draw interest irom date of issue not tn efeH civ- percent annum: and to nrovide for , 1 1 . . . y tiieievymg ana collecting of not ex eedine 20c on the 1 no. real propert- and 60c on each noil to pe levied and collected as nrovided for m Chan. 202 of the PuhliV T o 1919. and that a Rnffirim said taxes so collected be used to pay interest on said bonds semi-anmmiw and to provide 4 sinking fund sufficient to llQUl date sain Knnrlo nt rv,o,,-44. un - UIOIUIHV,, ine proceeds of these bonds wh An sold to be used N exrlnsiolv purpose of erecting a Public School cunamg m tne town of Lynn in the L?1 Incorporated community. v . Whereas jt appears from official re turns of above named special bond election that there were . 40 . votes cast in favor of school bonds, and 35 votes -ast airainst School. Bonds, therefore the election was. confirmed and an- SPl yrt :S?unty commissioned ?,?lk bounty North Carolina. . It ik futher ordered that the officers of the ISrP0Mted community shal have .full power to advertise and se i the above named bonds at their dis cretion after having given thirtv days notice in the Polk Coutty New? the lQcal county paper. 7 S .lhsrefore in accordance with the L7LnSteTd in them the officers oi will Smcn?ipo!ated Community . -nut ocxiooi : cuildinff receivr bids and rpII fi, ,c e . jhe best bidder, provided certified check for $100.00 -shaU ac' ST ,hG bid' f or goS fa stuS: A be returned to bidder im- Sn?atelWf sale is nt made to sa bidder The officials reserve the right to reject each nnn nil me r rethTtf Jrilir; scretion the :bids discretion . fn wr, . . Mf:-. " MiS,"lua are 5 not 0 S done in the town of Lynn County . of Polk, State of North cC-' lino n 4 1 1PH i - "-.vonr luia, on the 15th day of mJS ioon SM the .Lynn Incon. - w14illlUuitjf wnose names ar hereunder signed. s -are T. Hammett, Chm. ; NOTICE rtS. ayfied as t administrator of the estate of R. B. Roach deceased all Persons having claims againstd rerrequested to pM fm thl n.m, lve monthsJ plead. - or statue will be winterJ?! to said estate fufnTwjr ilcul' 10 same futher notice of settlement, day of March 1920. with out This 6th L. R. ROACH, Adminstrator, AsK for ft 9 FIVE MILLION USED IT LAST &tLV& CASGARA Standard cold temeds' for 2& years . -in tablet - formsafe, . sure, no opiates breaks up a cold in 24 hours relieves grip in a aava. : Money Jback if it fails. The i f i t i Tl - J genuine dox ' uas a - rcu witu xar. - nuis picture. ' ; ' At All Drug Storms ORDErt AND NOTICE OF ELECTION " -Whereas in accordance with pro visions of Chap. 532 of, ihe Public Local Laws cf 1919, a petition has been presented to the Board of Coun- tv Commissioners of Pollr . Countv signed by twenty-five' per cent of the quaunea voxers oi tne county, ior order ' of an election to ascertain - the will of the voters tm tn whether horfa of the county shall be issued and o!d A x.1 ior tne purpose ox ouiiaing ana equip ine a County Home for the aed and infirm: Now, therefore, it is ordered by the Board of County Commiss ioners of Polk County.that an elec tion be held in said ronntv t the various election precincts on Tuesday, tne zutn day of April, 1920, under the iuni rules and regulations, and in the iam manner 'as elections for members of the General Assembly, at which time the question of issuing and selling bonds in the amount of $15,000 for the purpose stated above and the levy of a tax sufticent to pay the interest on said bonds and create a sinking-fund for their retirement shall be submitted to the voters of the county qualified to vote at the preceding general taction for mem bers of the General Assembly, at which election those favoring' the is suenee and sale of said bonds shall or written words "For County Home ; Dm4' Al J -1 1 1 i. i bonds' and those opposed shall cast ballots on which shall be printed or written the words Against . County Home Bonds". That this order shall be notice of said election and shall be posted in one or more places in each election precinct of the county " and puMished in the Polk County News for three months next immediately preceding thu time , fixed for said election. . It is futher ordered that the follow ing named be and are hereb appoint ed. to act as noil holders in tfca van'nnn election precincts of the county:TCo- iumous. w. ts. Arieage, registrar, J. W. Newman and J P nrmon judges, Tryon: J. G. Monroe, reg- lsuar, i. j. risner ana w. r. Swann, judges, Saluda: C. L. Pace, registrar, R. M. Hall and J. C. MAtalf nrim.. Jackson's Mill. D. H. Thomnann. registrar, T. C Lawter and M. Ar Jackson, judges, .Big Level : W. H. uw.i.wx, xegiatmr, kj. roweu ana Jerry Jacksonjudges, Pea Ridge: J. yarsweii, registrar O. W. Ponder and N. D. Moore, judges, Green's Creek: G. C. Feagan, registrar, J. T. vjreenway ana - wait Feagan, fudges. Done by the Board of County commis sioners of Polk fioimtw of January, 1920, at a meeting ad- jvuaucu irum tne otn aay of said month and year, at which meeting there were present Charles Da- enport, Chairman George A. Painter and G. L. Thompson. 1. y wy4i -wavwa. 0 CHARLES DAVENPORx, Chairman. GEORGE A. PAINTER, G. L. THOMPSON, Comnitioners. NOTICE OF ELECTION Whereas the Board of Education of rOlk Countv hna Tiofi"f; j election to be held in Green's Creek cnooi district No 20. in Green's ureek Townsrin. Pniv rmmfxr . ascertain whether the voters a ' district are in favor o' issuing i for the purpose of buildin Wi i- UCt School hnilH?c rv, desenbed as a Smith-Kuffhe? t peopleX x - YEAR VV QUININE IK - J 1 .X X'top CHAS.J.. LYNGM. ' . ...... i yiN, out) Lieaier Columbus, C: tu ScoMiQuse,Vwith-t and otner room, in bu j triV hi accordance with the, 4pro vi sions of the -State wide uona Act ior School Buildings. Chapter. 65 of Pub lic laws of 1915, as amended - by the public: laws of 1917. - 4 Therefore it is .ordered by the Board of- Commissioners of - Polk County that an election be held in Green's Creek School District No. 20 nn thm RQ rfav of March A. D.. -1920. to ascertain .whether the voters of said Green's Creek School District No. 20. are in favor of issuing a bond in the sum of Three thousand Dollars ($3000), for- the purpose of building, rebuilding and repairing said school house in ; said schopl district, and furnishing the same with suitable xmipment. v-; ' - - - '- The said bond shall run . for, eight teen years and six months, and shall bear interest at not to exceed five (5) per centum per annum interest pay able semi annually together- with a portion of the principal making a total semirannual payment of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) as shown in detail in), amortization table attached to said " bond.". Privilege shall be granted ; of making additional pay ments J on-- the-- principal as therein specified on any of interest payment, thus shortening the duration of the bond. - - - The maximum that may be levied to pay- the interest upon said bond and a sinking fund for the semi-annual payment on said bond shall not exceed thirty (30) cents on the hun dred dollars and ninety (90) cents on the poU. That the said election shall be held at Sheild'a precinct' voting place in said Greens Creek School District No. 20, which is hereby designated as the polling place of said election, and the said election shall be held under the laws, rules and regulations govern ing elections In special tax . districts. That Berlin White is - hereby ap pointed Registrar of said Election and G. Ed Feagan and J. T. Greenway are hereby appointed as Judges of said election. It is futher ordered that at said election those favoring the issuance of a bond and the laying of a special tax shall vote a ballot on which shall be printed the words "For School-house Bonds and those who nra nrm ah thereto shall vote a ballot aVall V- ? x a i on which hall U printed the wosds "Against f . We -do not carry a BIG stock of Groceries, but , r goods are ALWAYS FRESH and you willv find our prices in keeping with tKe quality of our goods The very best. Give us your pat ronage and you will have jno COME BACK ex cept to buy more of our goods, Try us and see. Tryon, X Itr ira a V nV-' i N. c. I. . TMm Days AIRE REAL ! The time for savm and getting Ahead in the game w,, ' ,; . of life is NOW. . ' . ; h ?l,Ban!? f Accountf started and steadily Wowinff you mlh experience pleasure of accomplishment if saving that conies from naught else. 1 ha best way is to come in and start an account to- & foDrSy;n aCCOUntof the amount you BANOf SAflll JfTDA ital $1 B. Pres. 20 inniocfleB, IK 2 (D I e MoMsitaieSo ' 4. And It is futher oraereawas a copy of this order, which shall constitute a notice of said election shall be posted at the Court ' House dbor of Polk County at Columbus, Cj, for thirty days - preceding said election; tha a cepy of this order 'which shall con stitute a notice of said election shall be published in the Polk County News, a newspaper published at Tryon, N. C. in said Polk County, f of four suc cessive weeks proceeding said election. Done at a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners-, of Polk County N. C, on the 2nd. day of February A. D. 1920: at Columbus, N. C, at which ; meeting; there - were present Chas Davenpdrt Chairman and G. L. Thompson, Commissioner, v , CHARLES DAVEPORT - - - Chairman. . - G. L. THOMPSON NOTICE -Having . qualified as - administrator with will annexed of, the estate of Mrs. Mattie A. Nelson, deceased, all persons having claims against said estate are requested to present the account to me within twelve months from date, or bar by statute will be plead. AH persons indebted to said estate will make payment to me with out further notice of settlement. This 3rd day of March, 1920 WG. EGERTON, Administrator. NOTICE. There will be held an election in White . Oak township at the various precincts and .same Registrar and wudges as the County Home bond election, on April 20th, to vote road bonds on said township in the sum . of $50,000 for, the purpose of building about 20 .miles of road from Tryon by way of Mill Spring and same order in Columbus township for $30,000 bond issue for about 30 miles of grav el road leading from Tryon to Mill Spring and from Columbus to Sandy Plains: The bonds to be sold -by County Highway Commission when State and Federal aid is available. The elections to be held same date and place of the County Home bond issue. Those voting for the bond issue voting a ticket with the words "For Road Bond Issue." Those vot ing against it the words "Aga.nst By order Board County Commission ers, March 1st, 1920. F M."BURGESS- Cli to TV r. r FesJhi ; , vv . MLLKW z .. - ... : ww... 0,000.00 itiLjiu.l II. DAiLLl, LflSIl. 45 iverv C. SViiVVl UVWJO 'VVUV -" ' - - " GEO. A. GASH JUSTICE J)FTHE PEACE NOTARY PUBLIC Collections a' specialty n ,' and Mortgages prepa-v,! ds Contracts written at rVa'-.nn,li prices. .. -nat)ie TRYON, N. c. nr ' r i iryon jLoage Ja Hg CnigHts of Pyl)ias , CaslIe Hall In Missildbe Building Meets Thursday Evening at fi.n VISITORS WELCOME W. F. LITTLE NOTARY PUBLIC Tryon, N. C. WE SOLICIT Your orders for Flooring Ceilir,,. Siding, Finish, Mouldings,gFram ' We manufacture this and can you money. See us for lath, brick doors and sash.' i T. GREEN LUMBER COMPANY. We Have the Right P ncei AND Kind of Materials o do your building. Full stock Doors, Windows, Siding, flooring Ceiling, Shingles. Loths, Interior Finish and Moulding Roush and Dressd Lumber. Carry complete FEEDS HEARON LUMBER CO. SALUDA. N. C ' Classified Advertisements. FOR SALE OR RENT: 35 acres, good house and barn. Conveniently located near -town. Fine place to keep boarders. House partly fur nished. Apply to James Leonard, Real Estate, Tryon. N. C. WANTED Cow peas, if you have any to sell, we want to buy them. HOMES' SEED STORE, Spartanburgr S. C. 162 E. Main St P. Siiears Attorney at Law Columbus - N. C. NOTICE. WANTED. TO SELL The timber from 300 ormore acres of virgin for est, for 'immediate removal. Usual varieties? mostly oak, pine, chestnut, birch, hickory, walnut, etc 8 miles northeast of Saluda, in what is known as Green River cove. E. J. BRADLEY & SONS. : Saluda. N. C. I HAVE SOME GOOD FARMS FOS M Now at a bargian. W. A. TQdd,Beal Estate Landrum,S. C. noncy once: without quetiomfHunt, Sl fail i a the treatment of Eczema Tetter. Rintworm, Itch. etc. Lfoo t become discouraged be cause other treatment failed. Hunt a Sal has relieved hun dreds of such cases. You can't losa on our M.ney Bmch TODAY. Pnca 75c at ISSILDINE'SPHARMACY For Sale. Team of good mules; one springer, will be work fresh soon. See C. J.: Lynch, Tryon, N. C. .Pure bred. Rhode Island Red egZ3 $2.00 for fifteen. From good winter layers. - . H. DANIEL, V - . , Candler, N. C Wanted: Home-made chairs. Will pay good price. Must be smooth and nice white seats. Want some at once. Arthur Scruggs, Tryon, N. C. NOTICE. T. A. Pendleton enters 3 acres land, moreor less, in Columbus of or Oreens Creek township Polk county, N. C.,; on waters, of Hugh creek. jcuning lands f Elias Cantrell, 31c FarlaRd land and others. Entered March 4, 1920. ;FVM. BURGESS, Entry Taker. NOTICE.- v The undersicmed havino heen duly appointed administrator of the estate of H. L. McDowpII rlanon con late 3 resident n-P - PnIL- -.. nare'.i.S having claims against the said H. I- Mack mm Mcuowell, deceased, are notified to present verified statements of the same to the undersigned on or before the 8th 'day of March, 1921, or thi3 notice will be plead in bar of their re covery; AIL persons indebted to s:rd estate are notified to settle the same forthwith. This .8th day of March, 1920. W. L, McDOWELL, Adzninlstrator -

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