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North Carolina Newspapers

Carteret County news-times. (Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-current, June 01, 1948, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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CASTZXET COUNTY KSS-nS, AI.'D tic:.--:: ad cxtt, n. c TUZCSAY, JUN3 1, lSiS aAC!X SIX This llih day of Hay, Morehead City I' Norlh Carolina 'Notice is hereby given thai the property hereinaft er described and lo whom Belonging will be sold at the City Hall Door, More head City, North Carolina, to the highest bidder for CASH at Public Auction on flONDAY, June 14. 1948, at 12 o'clock N., for taxes and costs for the year 1947 and for such other years as in dicated below, unless paid before that day. ' JOHN t LASHLEY, ,! Tax Collector " Adams, Geo. W., Lot 6, Sq. 160 ' $22.30 Adams, Geo. W. Jr., Lot 7, Sq. 160 $11.00 Aldridge, Emily & Lonnie M., Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Sq. 82 $44.14 Arthur, P. II., Lots 12 of 9, 10, Sq. 202 $49.34 Arthur, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon, Lot 15, Sq. 54 $18.14 . Ballou, E. C, Lots 2, 3, 14, 15, 6, Sq. 128 $74.61 Ballou, Mrs. Weltha, Lot 3, Sq. 3. $32.70 ,.. Barnes, Richard J., Lots 1, 2, Sq. 37 $68.06 Barts, R. D., Lot 16, Sq. 105 $35.82 1 ' rt - J 11. 1 ' . .. Tl 1 T .. t K jDeubwui m, miss i cui i, ivui u ,q. 61 , $7B.3 Bell, Annie Lewis, Lot 1, Sq 08 $15.02 Bell, Clarence & wife, 12 lots 1, "Sq. 98 $17.10 ,. Bell, David W., Lots 11, 12, 13, Sq. R $7.22 Brinson, Ortha E., Lot 7, Sq. 114 $20.74 ' Buck, Leb., Lot 3, Sq. 100 $30.97 Burns, Mclvin E., Lot 1, Sq. 51 $54.76 Cannon, A. E., Lot 9, Sq. 71 $76.03 Coleburn, L. E., Lot 3, Sq. 69 $34.78 Conway, Gray E $5.49 Cooper, Gilbert G. Trustee, Lot 2. Sq. 208, w. 12 of 16, So, 208 ..' $53.00 ' Cooper, Mrs. J. C, Lot 5, Sq. 'Si ..: $11.85 "' Davis, Andrew L., Lot 12, Sq. 105 $21.36 ' Dudley, Mrs. Guy, Lot 11, Sq. 94 ...v. $8.78 i, Duffy, Frank, Rudolph & Eliza .beth Bridgers, Lots 9, 10, Sq. 99; lots 1, 2, Sq. 67; Lots' 12, 13, Sq. 70 $27.16 j, Dunn, G. C. & wife, Lots 2, 3, Sq. 42 $83.66 r aison, isaoei, l,ois o, v, iu, n, 2, Sq. 48 $10.54 " rrt ' -1 ! -- t c - f T . i, ricKiin, james o. oc wue, iMia S46.' 547, Sunset Shores .... $25.42 ... Fitzpatrick, Edwin J., Lot 16, Sq. 56 $17.10 ., Fulcher, Richard K., Lot 15, Sq. i05 , $23.34 Z. Fulford, W. E., Lot 4, Sq. 92 $26.46 Gardner, Mary V. & Mary G. Barnes. Lot 3, Sq. 41 $51.42 ":, Gardner, Gherman M., Lot 10, Sq. 32 $49.34 . Garner, Robert L., Lots 15,' 12 of 16, Sq. 51 $37.90 C, Gillikin-, E. G. Hrs., Lots 15 of i; Sq. 103, Lot 3, Sq. 67 .... $11.55 Gillikin, J.. W., Lots 14, 15, Sq 99 $78.94 Gillikin, Leo., Lot 4, Sq. 67 $13.98 Graham, Mary B., Virginia, Ann, Lot 11, Sq. 149 $8.78 Graves, H. L. Trustee, Lot 5, Sq. C $9.82 Grove, Chas. G., Lot 11, Sq. 208 k..... $48.30 Guthrie, Fred, Lot 6, Sq. 17 ...-..:. $15.54 Guthrie, James L. Ets., Lot 10, Sq. 103 : $24.38 Guthrie, John Est., Lot 3, Sq 63, Lota 3, 4, Sq. 105 ....... $56.62 V Guthrie, Mrs. Lizzie, Lot 11, Sq 147 $10.86 - Guthrie, Lucy Ballou, Lots 4, 12, Sq. 128 $6.70 Guthrie, Margie Stack, Lot 3; Sq. '19 ... $22.30 Hancock, W. B. Hrs., Lots 16, 17, Sq. 184 ... $13.98 Harrell, Mrs. Alice Edwards, Lots 12 of 14-15, Sq. 10 .. $57.66 Harris, A. D., Lot 6, Sq. 15 $63.90 Hill, Lonnie, Lots 12 of V, Sq. T ......... ; : -.. $35.14 ' Horton. Pansey E Lots 3, Sq. 35 $127.46 Howland, Percy W., Lot 14, Sq. h 53 ,....-.... $41.02 Hunter, Robert N., Lot ,1, Sq. 47 l..............i.;..u....... $16.06 3? Jenkins, John T, Lot 6, Sq. Ill . ........... $49.34 . Johnson, Chas. A., Lot 15, Sq. Ill ......w..., $53.50 TnlmiAH i T T T nt 1 Cm 194 $22.30 Land, C. Lot 3. Sq 17 $51.83 . Lawrence, Mrs. Minnie, Lot 11, Sq. 50 ... . $15.02 x Lewis. Mrs. Alex, Lot 16, Sq. 63 .:.,.-.;v....;..-........i $22.30 Lewis. Dana B., Lot 11, Sq. 16 '. . $43.10 Lewis. John Cannon, Lot 12, Sq 128 - . $15.54 Lewii, Walter -Est, Lot 16, Sq. 8 ..... - $22.30 Lewis, WiUie F., Lot 6, Sq. IB .......... ....... ................... $31.66 Locky, J. S., Lot ll, Sq. 19 $48.90 Lovick, W. G., 12 Lots 14, 15, SJ. 126 .............. $16.06 Lyons, John F., Lots 6, 8, Sq 3; Lots 6, 7, 8, Sq. 51 $165.69 Mann, C. D., Lot 11, Sq. 92 $27.54 Mansfield, Mrs. Maude, Lots 4, 12, Sq. 145; Lots 14, Sq. 149 $24.38 Marks, W. H. Jr., Lot 13,- Sq. 158 $25.08 Mason, Mrs. Blanche S., Lot 6, Sq. 69 $22.30 Mason, Dennis, Lot 10, Sq. 44 $21.78 Mason, J. T., Lot 12, Sq. 107 $31.86 Midgette, Mrs. James W., Lot 13, Sq. 16 $43.10 Morris, Abbott & wife, Lots 6, 7, Sq. 9 $47.26 Morton, John P., Lot 9, Sq. 44 $23.34 Nelson, Chas. L., Lots 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15, 16, Sq. 88 $92.50 Nine, Donald E., Lot 12, Sq. 208 :. $62.54 Oglesby, W. G. & T. C, Lots 1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Sq. 120 $20.53 Pake, Coin W., Lot 12, Sq. 204 $58.70 Parker, John S. Jr., Lot 8, Sq. 69 $34.78 Pepper, T. O., Lot 11, Sq. 164 $31.32 Pincr, James E., Lot 11, Sq. 70 $25.62 Pittman, C. F., Lot 7, Sq. 69 -. i $45.18 Purifoy, N. R. Est., Lots 1, 2, 14, 15, 16, Sq. 107 $84.01 Ratcliff, E. N. & wife, Lot 14, Sq. 201 $48.88 Hector, Dorris C, Lot 5, Sq. 3 ! $74.30 Reynolds, Hugh W., Lot 11, Sq. 61 $50.04 Rice, Bonnie, 12 Lot 11, Sq. 88, Lot 5, Sq. 4 $57.84 Roberts, J. E., Lot 7, Sq. 50 $27.50 Rogers, Christopher S., Lot 13, Sq. 204 . $52.46 Rose, Chas. Wallace, 12 lots 14, 15, Sq. 126 $24.38 Ruffin, Herbert B., Lot 3, Sq. 204; Lot 7, Sq. 8, Lot 11, Sq. 13 $205.00 Sanders, Mrs. Grace, Lot 3, Sq. 124 $18.14 Scarboro, R. W. & wife, Lot 2, Sq. 202 $65.46 Smith, Charlie, Lot 14, Sq. 105 $19.18 Smith, Hubert, Lot 2, Sq. 126 $24.38 Smith, Linston S., Lot 8, Sq. 49 $51.42 Smith, Wm. E., Lot 16, Sq. 126 , $15.02 Stacks, Iloyd E., Lot 9, Sq. 199 $59.94 Styron, James C, Lot 5, Sq. 65 $43.10 Summers, Pat L., Lot 7, Sq. 32 $52.81 Thompson, Mildred B., Lot 2, Sq, 113 .,: :: $49 34 i - ' Wader Alvin L., Lot 14, Sq. 6 .: $24.46 Wade, Mrs. Dan W., Lot 14, Sq. 69 $53.50 Wade, Earle K., Lot 4, Sq. 170 $25.42 Wade, Eugene H. Est., Lot 2, Sq. 92 $17.10 Wade, Wm. EdwaTd, Lot 9, Sq. 72 $51.42 Ward, Herbert L., Lot 1, Sq. 48 $49.34 Wetheringlon, Reva L., 12 of Lot 1, Sq. 158 $32.70 Webb, Rose P., Lot 13, Sq. 207 $48.30 Whealton, J. W., Lot 13, Sq. 29 $29.58 Willis, A. J., 12 Lot 2, Sq. 158 $19.70 Willis, Mrs. Edna Eane, Lot 7, Sq. 103 $20.22 Willis, Gilbert, Lot 13, Sq. 147 $33.00 Willis, James B Lot 8, Sq. 14 $56.82 Willis, KeitHlt, Lot 11, Sq. 63 $27.50 Willis, Plymouth, Lot 11, Sq. 103 $35.92 Willis, W. M., Lot 12, 13, Sq. 30 . : $27.88 Willis, Z. M. Est., Lot 8, Sq. 61 $15.22 COLORED Barrow, S. H. Est, Lot 5,. Sq. 150 - $20.22 Becton, Wm. H., Lot 1, 14 of 10, Sq. 104 $20.58 Benson, Ena, 12 Lots' 14-15, Sq. 66; Lot 8, Sq. 66 $21.60 Boyd, Janie Baily Est., Lot 3, Sq. 150 .-. $34.78 Brown, Louilla, 12 Lots 14-15. Sq, C $13.98 Brown, W. H. Est., Lot 11, 13, Sq. C $915 Bryant, Eva, . Lot 8, Sq. 106 ,.........:...:... $13.98 Bynum, Katherine & Jennis, Lot 14, Sq. 80; Lot 6, Sq. 150 .. $21.26 Calvin, John Est., Lot 7-8, Sq. B $11.56 Collins, Bertha, Lot 15, Sq. 64 $8.78 Collins, Samuel, Lot 5, Sq. 154 $15.02 David, Douglas, Lot 8, Sq. 156 ....... .. . $10.68 Davis, Curtis, 10 ft Lot 1. Sq. 64; 40-ft. Lot 16, Sq. 64 .... $11.38 Dudley, Emma Est, Lots 2-3-4-13, Sq. 150 $36.32 Dunn, Sarah Ellen, Lots 9, 10, Sq.. 100 i .................. $9.82 Henderson, Elizabeth, Lot 7, Sq. 150 ...r.....U........ ... $17.10 Henderson, Winfield, Lot 7, Sq. 150 ......................... $10.34 Hester, James Sr. Est, Lots 9, 10, Sq. B ................. $14.68 Hester, Osborne & Anson, Lot 15, Sq. 152 $26.46 Hodge, Jerry, Lot 6, Sq. 64 $19.18 Horton. Cprinna Stamps, Lot 3, Sq. 110 ,:,.,;, ; ;, $18.14 Hunter. Gladys. Lot 3. Sq. 154 $11.90 Jones, Dr. Oscar D., .12 Lots 14, 15, Sq. 66 $16.06 Kelton, Win., 12 Lot 12, Sq. 154, Lot 13, Sq. 154 ............ $9.82 King, John H., Lot 3, Sq. 66 ....;. $32.02 Marbley, Starkey Est, Lot 9, Sq. B Z $15.40 Miller, Elveta Carter, Lots 1, 2, 3, 16, Sq. 148, 12 Lots 14, 15, Sq. 148 $16.04 Mitchell, E. L. Est.,' Lot 5, Sq. 100 $20.58 i Monroe, John, Lot 4, Sq. 104; Lot 11, Sq. 66 $36.34 Pigott, Linwood, 12 Lot 1, Sq. C $27.50 Roberts, John H., Lot 11, Sq. 20 , ..... $23.00 Sanders, Mary F., Lot 11, Sq. HO $11-90 Ward, William, Lot 6, Sq. 146 -"v-t ",:, nl? Wooten, Harkless, Lots 4, 5, 11, Sq. 108: Lots 1, 16, Sq. 146; 12 Lot 1, Sq. 152 $214.07 Legal Notices EXECUTOR'S NOTICE Having qualified ns executor of the estiite of Josephine Small, de ceased, late of Carteret County, this is lo notify all persons having claims against the said estate to present them to the undersigned a Sea Level, N. C. on or before the 29th day of April, 1949, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted lo said estate will please make prompt payment. This 29th day of April, 1948. PRESTON WILLIAMSON, Executor. 6t A 29 M 6 13 18-25 J 1 ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE Having qualified as administra trix of the estate of T. Randolph Pake, deceased, late of Carteret County, this is lo notify all persons 1 having claims against said estate , to present .them to the undersign I ed at Beaufort, N. C, on or before I the 6th day of May, 1949, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make prompt payment. This 6th day of May, 1948. NINA WILLIS PAKE, Administratrix 6t M 6-13-18 25 J 18 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on the 11th day of May, 1948, I did lease to A. D. Entiett of Swans boro, N. C. the following described oyster bottom. LEASE NO. 4G0 Located in Ennett's Slouyh-Bo- gue Sound, Carteret County, NY J Beginning at astalte-bn a'nMfll Horse Marsh which lies south of Ennett's Slough in Bogue Sound, Carteret County, said stake being in a southerly direction across En nett's Slough from the N. T. En nett Cottage and runs N. 39 de grees E. 52 feet; thence N. 82 15 E 404 feet to a stake; thence S. 9 de grees E. 48 feet to a point of marsh;-thence following the vari ous courses of said marsh to the beginning, containing 1.4 acres. This the 11th day of May, 1948. JOHN A. NELSON Fisheries Commissioner 4t M 18 25 J 1-8 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on the 11th day of May, 1948, I did lease to Alonzo T. Bell of Smyrna, N. C. the following described oys ter bottom: LEASE NO. 453 Located in Jarretts Bay, Cart eret County, N. C. Beginning at a stake on a marsh in Jarretts Bay, Carteret County, N. C. said stake being approximately 200 feet south of Elijah Pinor's lease and runs N." 29-30 W. 456 feet to a stake in Elijah Piner's lease line; thence N. 70 25 E. 561 feet to a stake; thence S. 28-55 E. 419 feet to a stake; thence S. 67 degrees W. 555 feet to the beginning, containing 5.6 acres. This the 11th day of May, 1948. , JOHN A. NELSON Fisheries Commissioner 4t M 18-25 J 1-8 ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE . Having qualified as administra trix of the estate of James Carlisle Willis, deceased, late of Carteret Cqunty, this is to notify all persons having claims against said estate to present them to the undersign ed at Beaufort, N. C. on or before the 18th day of .May, 1949, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make prompt payment. This 18th day of May, 1948. GERTIE W. WILLIS, Administratrix 6t M 18 25J 18-15 22 ' 7 NOTICE OF SALE Pursuant to terms of Indenture, dated October 11, 1947, made by Roy G. Fulford, Jr. and wife Elva Fulford, to R. P. Holding, trustee, recorded in Book 117, page 77, Carteret County Registry, default having been made in payment of debt secured and at request of note holder, undersigned will, on Saturday, at 12 M. O'clock, June 19th, 1948 , . at the court-house door of Carteret County, in Beaufort, N. C, offer for sale to highest bidder for cash,' Small Fry Scon Competition 'qUINCV, III. '(AP) - Larry Long, his toy banjo, and his curb stone music-makers weren't going to be outdone by mixed choruses from six large high schools." The high school choruses were perform ing in the auditorium here. Be tween numbers, ; Larry 1 and his gang ranging in age from 3 to 7 filled . in with entertainment from their bandstand on the curb stone near the auditorium. the following described premises: On Harkers Island, H, C, locat- ed on the west side of the Old Fer- ! ry Road, and being a lot with 'dwelling thereon, said lot being 50 by 125 feet, an dbeing Home 1 piace 0 G Fuifordi Jr) et ux 1 antj same conveyed to them by Earl c- Davis et al- by ded 0ct- ber 9th., 1947, see Book 117, page 54, ' pB8B This 15th day of May, 1948. R. P. Holding, Trustee 4t M 18 -25 J 1-8 NOTICE North Carolina Carteret County In the Superior Court Elsie I. Chadwick, VS. Deamie L. Chadwick SUMMONS ' BY PUBLICATION To Deamie L. Chadwick: YOU will take NOTICE that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the. Superior Court of Carteret County, North Caro lina, for an absolute divorce on the grounds of separation for two successive years between the plain tiff and the defendant: AND the defendant will take further NO TICE that he is required to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Carteret County, at his office in the court-house in Beaufort, N. C, within twenty days after the 26th day of June, 1948, and answer- or demur to the complaint filed in said action, or the plaintiff will apply to the COURT for the relief demanded in said complaint, This the 24th. day of May, 1948. A. II. JAMES, Clerk Superior Court. 4t J 1-8-15 22 NOTICE NORTH CAROLINA CARTERET COUNTY ENTRY OF LAND, NO. 2418 To Irvin W. Davis, entry-taker of Carteret County. The undersigned claimant, being a citizen of the state of North Ca rolina, hereby sets forth and shows that the following tract or parcel of land, to wit: Lying and being in Morehead Township, Carteret County, North Carolina, and more fully described as follows, viz.: -, ... .i j Lying and being on BogueBanks On the West side of the highway between Morehead City and Atlan tic Beach, North Carolina, and ad joining on the south the lands, purchased by R. R. Barbour from Atlantic Beach and Bridge Com pany, recorded in Book 98, Page Deeds, Carteret County Registry, 110, Office of the Register of Deeds, Carteret County Registry, and beginning at the northeast corner of said Barbour land, which point is fifty feet from the center line of said highway and bridge, running thence N. 10 E. with the west line of said highway right of way to the waters of Bogue Sound, thence with the waters of Bogue Sound westwardly, southwestard ly and southwardly its various courses to the northwest corner of said Barbour land; thence S. 83 30 E. 208.8 feet to the beginning, con taining one acre approximately, in vacant and unappropriated land belonging to the state of North Carolina and subject to entry; and the undersigned claimant hereby makes entry of,,lays claim to, and prays for a grant for, said land. R. R. BARBOUR, Claimant. This 24th. day of May, 1948 Witness; E. G. Willis , MILED: May 25. 1948 at 9:45 A.M. Irvin W. Davis, Entry Taker ,' 4t J 1815-22 Wtl1!&Hft) '',,' i i ' i"1'1 , if j, ' l i" th -i, , ,' ' l H ,r - 1 , , rrv.S-.C-'-.i.V.-. i - W ' ...null. I.I..U.I. LLH. I . HU....L IIIIIJ CAHLClTZ Mrs. Carlton Taylor spent Tues day with her father, Mr. John Laughton, it Crab Point. Mrs, Emma Dglesby spent Tues day morning in Beaufort on busi ness. .V.;. ;'i Mrs. Edsel Bell and son, Tommie were in New Bern Friday. They were accompanied by Miss, Sara Turner of Core Creek. L. N. Conner was in New Bern Friday on business. ' ; Mrs. Ashby B. Morton spent Fri day in Beaufort. Royall Bell of Washington, D. C, spent the weekend with his moth er, Mrs. A. N. Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ball, Mrs. George W. Ball, Mrs. Harry Davis, Mrs. Roy Mason; Misses Mary and Elizabeth Davis, Jean Ball and Jane Mason, Joel Davis, Billie Ball and A. B. Morton attended class day exercises Friday evening at Beaufort High school. Miss Olive Taylor of Beaufort spent the week end with Miss Jean Ball. Xenophon Mason of Marshall berg visited his parents during the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Williams and daughter, Alexis, of Vanceboro, re turned home Sunday after visiting Mrs. W. C. Williams for a week. Tull Jarman of near Kenansville visited his sister, Mrs. Willie Brad shaw, several days last week. Miss Sara Turner of Core Creek was guest of Mrs. Edsel Bell Sat urday afternoon. Miss Lula Bill Dickinson of Core Creek visited Mrs. Charlie Bell Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ball. Mrs Roy Mason, Mrs. George W. Ball, Mrs. Pearl Olund, Philip Taylor, Billie Ball, Preston Taylor, Misses Jean' Ball and Jane Mason attend ed services at Beaufort High school Sunday morning. Henry Davis, of State College, Raleigh, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Da vis. Mrs. Willie Bradshaw left Sun day morning to visit her mother near Kenansville. Mr. and Mrs. Kuch Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mason, Mrs. Joel Davis, Miss Jane Mason and Gary Williams were in Beaufort Sat urday morning. i The Harlowc - Core Creek De monstration club will meet Thurs day afternoon with Mrs. Raymond Ball. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Everette and two sons of near Greenville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M.' C. Adams during the weekend. Mesdames James L. Smith, Mrs Carroll H. Smith, Dewey Taylor and James L. Smith, Jr., of Bache lor, were here Friday evening for the shower for Miss Bettie T. Ward. Mr. and Mrs, B. L. Withering- Terry, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams of Vanceboro vlsltea Mrsi W. C. Williams during the week and. - Mrs. Walter Guy Temple, teach er of No. 4 in church school, took her class on a weiner roast Sun day afternoon. Guests of the class wpn Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lee Hancock and son. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Guy Temple and sons, Floyd and Carey, were in Beaufort Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Temple of Beaufort and Mrs. Pauline Clark of Morehead City were here Fri day evening for Miss Bettie Ward's shower. Bride-elect Honored Miss Bettie Thomas Ward, bride elect of June, was honored Friday evening, Mav 28, by Mesdames Clyde S. Taylor and Ervin C. Mc- Lawhorn with a kitchen ana linen shower at Taylor's community hall, Miss Wjrd, the honore was pre sented a corsage of roses by the hostesses. The community hall was decora ted with a profusion , of spring flowers. Mrs. Taylor led various games and contests. Miss Ward received many useful and lovely gifts from her many friends. AO ' , Chapter. 33 fPEN on two lldea the game room was the moat cheerful room : in Kalanii'a omewhat gloomy interior. Under the filter ing rays of morning sun the will mural of Waikikl beach seemed to come alive, beckoning the on looker to a land of eternally balmy breezes where life was forever unconflned. Vlnce stared at it with longing as Johanaon talked. ;. "Too bad Donovan snapped that bow string," the investigator commented, "Now we won't be able to test the servants." "They were all accounted for at the time of Sophie s death anyway," Vince said. "As a mat ter of fact 1 don't see what your little trial proved." that Juiia wasn't trying to hide anything, which should be a load on your mna ana it provea that Bissett was." "He did seem to hold back," Vince mused. "What about Dono van?" "I'm going to quiz them as soon. as i get r aimer on lor town. "You're sending him in?" "Yes he's got the iimjams badly. I don't want him going berserk.". "H,he under arrest?" "Naturally. Illegal possession of narcotics." He turned as Bates appeared in the doorway. The deputy's face was florid from irritation. "We've got Palmer out in the station wagon, boss" Johanson frowned , and knock ed out his pipe. "Okay. Take the game warden with you to keep an eye on the Doc we don t want him trying to wrestle you for the steering wheel. Be back in a minute' Bonnay: wait will vou?" . Vince nodded and Johanson returned in a minute followed by the Donovans. They looked frightened and defiant as the in vestigator careiuily placed them in chairs apart from each other vet facing him. With that separa tion , their mutual strength and defiance seemed to dissolve. "I'd like to know why you two Chapter 24 IRIS' eyes Dulged with horror. "Where did that come from?" "It's your bag," Johanson ob served dryly. "Suppose you tell us" Bud Donovan crossed to his wife's chair and put his arm pro tectively around her shoulders. He reminded Vince of a bantam game cock on the defensive and with several feathers missing but not ready to concede defeat "Someone is trlng to frame Ufc." heinsisted ngrilyi ,. L Jphanson-vfllped, his L thumb acfoss the corners of the bills. "I could fig up an-excellent ease against you two based on circum stantial evidence alone. You tame here to blackmail Mannley: he re fused td take the bait so Donovan here, an expert with a knife, let him have it then robbed him. Vou could have murdered him just be fore two o'clock and returned to vour room for your chat with Pal mer while Mannley was dead." It sounded convincing but Vince knew Johanson dldnt believe it any more than he did. Mannley himself had said. "We can elimi nate the Donovans." "We didn't take It" Iris eyes were growing dull and hopeless. T cant imagine how it got into mv knitting bagl" "I can! 1 know!" fbey all stared. Hugh Mannley was peering in at the half -open window. Johanson actually looked shocked. "Have you, been there all the time?" "Yes. all the time. I heard everything you said" Everything! Then he had heard of Simeon's death yet he showed no anguish or surprise. Was it pos sible that Sophie had told him after all? Hugh perched on the sill like some wary bird. The French lady put the money in there last night he announced triumphantly. - "How do you know?" Johanson demanded sternly. "I saw her lust before you turned your flashlight on me. I was peeking through the window and she was just the other side of the glass with the moonlight shining on her. When Vince came over to The hostesses assisted by Mrs. Claude Cummings and Mrs. James L. Smith, Jr. served the bride's cake, mints, nuts and iced drinks. Miss Sara Turner, bride-elect of June, was presented a gift of 'crys tal by the hostesses. - , .Planet Shepherd Shepherds v MOSCOW (AP) -f A group of shepherds' and several flock of sheep were saved from starvation near Mount Elbrus by planes. It was, a pleasant warm day when the shepherds went out - with their sheep, but the weather changed unexpectedly. The way back td the village was cut off by the deep snows. The fliers dropped enough food tp save them., - - - el l r. rxnus ' ' .OPTOMETRIST '3rd Floor Elks Temple , Roems 307-8-9 ft 19 NEW BERN, N. C 0.U CZt It D. EYE, EAR, NOSE ft THROAT : s SPECIALIST GLASSES FITTE D -. V j Office Hoars: " 1 Morehead City J- 9 AM te S PM , i; f Including gehdays ,-- HAUNTED HOLIDAY Dy Cameron Dockery came to Kalanii?" Johanson said bluntly. "WeM known Mr. Mannley In Honolulu, Bud Donovan ex plained haltingly, "When we beard he was here we thought we'd come over for visit" Johanson's light brows tang led themselves. xou came tor a visit without an invitation? With out knowing if you'd ' be wel come?" ! .Donovan gulped and his wife paused in the knitting she bad taken up. "Let me explain it Bud." Her eyes glittered as she faced Jo hanson. "We read about Mann- ley's being here in a San Fran cisco paper in August but it didn't mean much to us at the time. Bud was sick and 1 was working in a department store. It was after we saw the ipecial :g that we remembered." "The specialist?" "Yes. Bud needs an operation bad. There's only two doctors in the country can do it and it will cost plenty. Her voice trembled then picked ud. "We did Mann ley a favor once; we thought he might lend us me dough. Johansdn looked skeptical. "Why didn't you write to him about it?" "Because Mannley was hard," Iris said bitterly. "He'd ignore a letter." "And what did he say to your proposition?" "He said if he lent us the mon ey he'd charge six percent in terest" INCE stifled the oath that rose to his I ids. The sweet molassesey aroma of tobacco filled the roonj as Johanson be gan packing his pipe. "What were you and Palmer discussing in your room at two o'clock in the morning?" Iris' eyes went to her husband: they held a question, pleading with him, and he gave a barely perceptible nod. "We were talk ing blackmail," she said. Vince was startled but Johan son nodded as though he had been expecting it "The three of us knew some thing about Mannley." Iris went on. "Palmer was planning to use it and he accused Bud and me of coming here to chisel in." Iris knitting bag fell to the her she took the package from the front of her dress and put it in the knitting bag." Johanson eyed him as though he were on a witness stand and were undergoing cross examina tion. "Would you swear to that?" "Yes. 1 swear it I swear it!" Hugh giggled with excitement. The investigator turned to the Donovans, a rueful smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. "That Will be all for now then. ..." Iris didn't forgive easily. "So we're no longer considered mur derers!" ."If I were positive you were murderers, you d be under arrest" he replied.-! merely said; j could rig a convincing case., and. I still can." And don't you lorget it for one moment, his eyes warned them. IT TOOK more persuasion tc get rid of Hugh and it was only minutes after his departure that Soma Deveraux entered the room in , answer to the investigator's summons. She wore a jade green suit trimmed with kolinsky and silver bells dangled at her small well-shaped ears: their faint mu sical tinkle and the attar of cycla men followed her into the room. When she sat down Johanson walked over to her and held out the packet of money. "You've seen this before. Madam Deveraux?" She leaned forward slightly "Non. nevair." "Hugh saw you place it in Mrs Donovan's knitting bag last night." "You would take the seemple minded one's word against Sonia's?" , "In this case yes." Johanson's expression was adamant. She gave a little shrug of defeat "Very well. I tell you what hap pen: I deed take the money ten days ago: I try to geeve eet back but the proper onoortunity deed not present eetself. Afterwards I am afred I weel be accuse of Seemeon's murder eef - eet ees found on me. so 1 hide eet" "And why did you take it in the first place?", T do not see why I should tell you that" she pouted prettily. Johanson sat on the billiard table swinging one leather-nut-teed leg over the comer impa tiently. "Perhaps it would be safer to tell me than to leave it to my France published the earliest fa shion magazines; in America, Go dey's Lady Book was first publish ed in 1830. I1I.:IALS When- selecting a memorial yon want the BEST YOUR MONEY CAN BUY. Let me show yen the monuments and markers we have pot up, then elect what you like, t See me before you buy; can deliver and erect In 4 weeks er less, with no extra cost! . C L STANLEY Box 3 Morehead City, N. C. Announcement 12. JAJIES B. HAKES . , Announces the Removal of His Offices , From ' ; Greenville, N.'C. to Washington, N. C. , BANK OF WASHINGTON BUILDING , . Telephone 1067 Eiseases of Eye, Ear, Hose and Throai tP Nwiltafvm floor and lay on its side strew ing its contents. "Mannley had a half-caste child," she said slowly.. :, Vince felt as though he had been slapped in the lace with a wet rag He thought of Mannley,'! elaborate coat-of -arms over the fireplace, his pride in family name that amounted to almost a fixation. And now' this disclo sure! , , "Interesting," Johanson com mented. "Tell us about it Mrs. Donovan." ( "There isn't much to tell." Iris said. "Bud and I were in the is lands with a traveling vaude ville troupe sixteen years ago. Mannley was playing stage-door Johnny to the soubrette and he asked the three of us over to his beach place at Anahola on Kauai for a weekend." She paused to pick up a stitch in her knitting then continued. "The second night a native busted in on us asking for Pal mer. He said a native woman was having a baby and needed help. The Doc and I brought the baby into the world, it was a cute little light-skinned girl." "How did you know It was Mannley's child?" Johanson said. "He admitted it" Iris said dis- gustedly. "He was drinking heav ily and when we told him about the baby's birth he just laughed and said he didn't have to worry because the Hawaiian girl had an unsuspecting husband that Mann ley had sent off to the States and he'd never learn the truth." Johanson stared fixedly at the floor as though he could see the bulky outline of Simeon Mann ley's body on the bear rug and didn't like what he saw. Smoke drifted lazily from a corner of his long thin mouth. "And you say you had no intention of blackmailing Mann ley?" Bud moistened his lips. "No, we didn't We hoped he'd remember Iris' kindness in helping with the baby's birth but we didn't plan to remind him." 'Then how do you explain that?" Johanson's long finger shot out. It pointed at Iris' fallen knit ting bag and a neatly tied pack age of hundred dollar bills half hidden by a jumble of yarn. imagination Soma Deveraux von Proski!" "Von Proski! Why do you call me that?" "Because it is your name. It Seems the state department ha3 quite a file on vou. Madam." Jo hanson's tone was cold, deter minedly emotionless. Sonia's eyes narrowed. "And just what did vou find out?" "That your husband was a wealthy Polish armament manu facturer. That the Nazis while ac cepting him as a collaborator like wise discovered that vour ances tors were not entirely Aryan and in their desperation at the turn of the war sneaked vou into the United States as a spy. using your husband and . child as hostages vou were of almost no as sistance to them, and thev aban doned vou and ceased comuni cating with you." Sonia's interlaced' fingers were white at the knuckles. "Then vou know why I took the money from Seemeon's safe..." "I'm afraid not. Surely your alliance with Mannley was a profitable one. A man of his wealth must have gratified every whim of yours." "Ha. how leetle you know! Seemeon was a meeserable peeg! He liked to see me dressed ex pensively but he nevair gave me so much as a centime. When I told him the truth about why I was in America he laughed at me. and when the war was over and I asked him to help me. he taunted me with the reminder that I was a spy and would de serve the sallows under inter national law! And you ask me whv I steal:" Her voice broke: tears began to course down the damascine cheeks. "1 weel tell you. Eet ees be cause I haf a child, a leetle girU Sari, the one theeng that made my life with Hugo vo Proski bearable. And now I do not know whether she ees alive or dead. Eeen your newspapers Usee the pictures of eenocent men. women and cheeldren being slaughtered. I see the crematories at Lublin, the crs chambers. I see the piles of children's shoes and I do not know but what my letle Sari's shoes ar mrm( them!" ' (Tp be contlnaed) St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, made her livelihood making gloves and is today the patron i I l Dr. J.O.Baxter Jr. $ THE.EYE .' Front St. E BEAUFORT---- N. & ,.H.H''lt"H-'4"H'4' V - V. '

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