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North Carolina Newspapers

Carteret County news-times. (Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-current, June 04, 1948, SECOND SECTION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 10

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PAGE FOUK RUSSELL'S CREEK Rev. W. E. Anderson of More head City will fill his regular ap pointment at the Free Will Bap tist church Sunday morning, June 6 at 11 o'clock. Everyone is invit ed to attend. The Women's' Home Demonstra tion club met last Tuesday night with Mrs. A. H. Tallman. Ten per sons were present. The demon stration, "New Fabrics and Their Cars," was very interesting and samples of the new fabrics were shown. The District meeting will meet in New Bern June 10. Each member is urged to attend. The hostess served chicken salad sand wiches and cold drinks. Mrs. L. D. Springle, Mrs. C. S. Rogers and Mrs. Lee Garner at tended the Union Meeting Satur day, which was held at Davis. Mrs. I. T. Fodrie returned home Saturday after being away several weeks with Mrs. Violet Whitley of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Morton spent a while last Sunday with Mrs. Sarah Norman of Beaufort. Little Marie Small of Newport is here visiting her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Fodrie and little daughter, Judy, spent a while Sunday with his mother. Miss Mary Taylor was on the sick list. We all wish for her a speedy recovery. Mr. Leon Fodrie visited Mrs. I T. Fodrie Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garner and family spent a while Sunday with Rev. and Mrs. Fate Gamer of New port. BAY VIEW The death angel visited our com munity Friday evening at 6 o'clock and took from our n idst Mr. Kit Weeks. Mr. Weeks had been in feeble heclth for a long time, lie was 73 years of afie. He was a member of the Bay View Baptist church. Filneral servicers were held at the church Saturday after noon by his pastor, Rev. Douthit, of Havelock. He was laid to rest in the Bay View cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Helen Weeks. We all extend to his wife our deepest sympathy. Mrs. Maurice Roach of Durham will hold services at Mt. Pleasant F. A'. B. church Saturday evening and Sunday. Everyone is cordial ly invited to attend. We hope that Mr. Ellery Hardes ty who was taken quite sick Mon day will soon be better. Several people from the com munity attended the all-day meet ing at Verona Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hardesty and Mr. Archie Hardesty of Oyster Creek attended funeral services for Mr. Kit Weeks Saturday aft ernoon. Mrs. Bessie Graham and Misses Leila Haskett and Betty Williams returned home Monday from Fal con where they had been attend ing a Sunday school convention. Mrs. Charlie Garner, Mr. Roland Garner and Misses Jean, June, and Joan Garner of Newport attended funeral services for Mr. Kit Weeks Saturday afternoo.i. Miss oLuise Jones spent the weekend with Mrs. Lee Brown of Wire Grass. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Haskett of Havelock returned home Monday evening after spending a while here with their parents. Mrs. James Skinner spent the weekend with Mrs. I. W. Potter and Mrs. J. J. Skinner of Ernul. Mr. George Winberry, Mrs. Nan nie Fodrie, Misses Lawton Mason, Dorothy Faye Fodrie and Frances Whaley attended a Sunday school meeting at Marshallberg Sunday afternoon. Mrs. W. C. Williams spent Thurs daywith Mrs. Johnny Knox of Cherry Poiit. Mrs. I. S. Taylor will hold her regular appointment at Graham's Chapel Sunday morning and eve ning. Everyone is inivted to at tend. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Knox spent a while Wednesday afternoon in the community. Mr. A. L. Winberry who has been working in New Bern spent the weekend with his family. Mr. and Mrs. Billie G. -Lewis and little daughter, Darlene, spent a while Sunday afternoon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Small. Mrs. Lee Brown, Miss Mary Har vey, Mrs. Leo Gaskins and little daughter of Wire Grass spent a while Sunday in the community with relatives. Mr. Carlton Taylor of Harlowe . spent a while Monday in the com munity on business. Rev. L. C. Chandler and two workers held services at Bay View When At Atlantic Beach Don't Forget To Stop At ATLANTIC BEACH GROCERY for CHCCEEIES FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES FRESH MEATS OF ALL KINDS Grade "A" Market "At Prices Ton Can Afford to Pay" LIMITED SUPPLY OF FAMOUS ONSLOW COUNTY HAMS TEXACO il OPEN 7 DAY8 A Scalloped Ginger Snaps ' Criip ginger cookie are topped with bright fruit Jam centered la i-nf-tinnra' auMr Irlni. when served with a f reah fruit cup. i the cookies are an ideal dessert for hot weather meals. L ' Take your "spring tonic" of molasses In the form of crisp scalloped ginger snaps those ail-lime coowe isvonves. naa w me w tbiuo of the molasses the iron, protein and B-vitamins in enriched flour and the cookies total up to splendid nutrition aa well as prize-winning; taste. This is a dual-purpose recipe since the cookie dough can be mixed, rolled and baked immediately or chilled before slicing for the oven. If the dough is to be used at once, roll very thin on a lightly floured board. If you have a pastry cloth, rub flour into it lightly; you'll find that the dough rolla easily to the papery thinness that insures crisp cookies. Do not pick up any more excess flour than required to roll the dough with out sticking. ... , , , , To save the dough for future baking, shape into a roll, wrap In waxed paper and store in the refrigerator. Wrapped in freeier paper, the cookie dough can be froien in the home freeier or food locker for use whenever convenient. . .g W Ginger Snapa 2 cups lifted enfiched Soul I V. cup wgir I tcjsDoon sodt V, trispoon aalt tfitpoon cinnimon Sift together flour, sugar, soda, salt, cinnamon and ginger. Add crumbs, molasses, shortening and water. Mix together thoroughly. Roll thin on lightly floured board and cut into desired shapes with a cookie rutter. Bake on un greased cookie sheet in moderate Enter: An Electric Sink - Exit: Wei Garbage and Hours of Dishwashing That sinking feeling every house wife has when she looks at a stack of dirty dishes vanishes with an elci trie sink, declares Mrs. Ken neth Prest, 110!) Front street, Beaufort, who is thrilled with her new atomic age dishwasher and garhag? disposal!. The combination sink and dish washer in gleaming white enamel stands 36 inches high, 48 inches long, 'and 25 inches doep occu pying no more space than an ordi nary sink and possessing those la bor saving qualities that house wives 10 years ago never even dreamed of. The town fathers of Beaufort and Morehead City should stand up and cheer every time a house wife convinces her husband she should have a disposall, because wet garbage becomes a thing of past. The disposall simply grinds it all no into fine particles and spits them down the drain., Of course, there would still be trash to collect because this grinder upper rebels at metal and glass, but headaches the town has over garbage collection would be re duced at least by half- not to men tion the reduction in cost. As for the dishwasher, it's like having a maid in the kitchen from sunup to way after sundown. Just like Mrs. Prest says, no housewife feels free to go about other house hold tasks until the dishes are done, and by the time they're out of the way there's little ambition left to do anything else! This sounds unbelievable, but pots, pans, and every dish used in a meal can be washed by the auto matic washer in 10 minutes! Five minutes for washing and five min utes for two rinses. The machine shuts itself off, and after several seconds, up pops the lid showing gleaming crystal ware, silverware, and plates which dry in a short while as they stand. The entire amount of water used for the process is four gallons, less than that used to wash and rinse dishes by hand. No soap of any type, granulated, flaked, or cake, is Bantist church Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie L. Freeman and daughters, Lyllis and Sally Jo and Mrs. Nannie Small spent a while Sunday i V the community. Mrs. Pearl Bell, Mrs. Luke Tur ner and little son and Roger Royce nd David Joyce Bell and Mr. Roy al Bell spent a while Sunday after noon in the community. Mrs. Cal Whaley of Morehead City spent a while Monday in the community with relatives. Also. GAS & OILS WEIC. PHONE 4097 1 .cfrwvAi nnwr V, cup dry bread cruftibi cup moliistf 2 tablespoons ice water oven (37G degrees F.) Id minutes. (Dough may be shaped in a roll, wrapped in waxed paper and atored in refrigerator; slice thin for baking.) Yield: About 85 two-inch cookies, s required in the washer, only a de tergent is used and this is placed in a tiny receptacle in front of the sink. The receptacle automatical ly Hies open after the washing ope ration begins. Electricity neeuH! to operate the washer is estimated to cost 1 cert a day and the disposall cost of operation is estimated at 5 cents a month, said Mr. Prest. who is as interested in the electric sink as his wife. After all, he sells 'em! Chile Hunts for Refugees SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -Chile is setting up a central office to find jobs for 700 imrmgt)ahrs from Australia. The Immlgrarits were chosen by a Chilean diploma tic agent in Austria from among displaced persons skilled in indus try. The government announced plans to lodge and feed them until jobs are found where they can fit into the country s industrialization program. ' DRESSED & FRESH CAU6HT Call on ui today if you want informa tion' on fiaMng boat w for chartar or an or-.tfT Am fi.k K, OTTIS' MOREHEAD CITY FISH MARKET BIG $25,000.00 CASH PRIZE IS TOP CONTEST AWARD! 1 ; Great Pepsi-Cola Contests Offers Your Family Chance At $25,000.00 Prize ! Right! 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Size 2, sunsuit and bonnet, 1 58 yards 35-inch. Send TWENTY FIV.E cents in coins for this pattern to The Car teret News-Times, Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, AD DRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT illustrations in the NEW MARIAN MARTIN Pattern Book for Summer! Twice as exciting as ever, this catalog of news making fashions is yours for FIFTEEN cents more. Printed right in the book, a FREE pattern and direc tions for a beach-utility bag! Ill Wind $J 25 Worth JOLIET, 111. (AP) The wind blew out the tail light on his auto mobile, Allen R. Thayer told police when he was arrested for opera: ting a vehicle without a tail light. Thayer explained he was using a kerosene tail light. Police Magis trate Thomas K. Sprague fined him $3.25 and told him to modernize the car's lighting or he might be arrested again if the wind is blowing. Water stored behind Hoover dam would fill four-fifths of Lake Erie. DELIVERED Phone M-461-1 M-402-1 J vi, S tmrf entry ( ttrtlHettt for th 8wp$takt ''-:r v., ' hidden designs under the cork. Collect 'em . . . swap 'em .-, . get a complete set , ' 5 a s I v beavfort and morehead city. n. c. SSUTH RIYE3 Mr. and Mrs. George Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. George Tosto and Mrs. Guy Carraway went to the union meeting at Davis Saturday. It was a grand time and they really had a nice dinner on the ground, Mr. Cecil Tosto spent the week end home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Tosto. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hardy spent part of last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Hardy. Mrs. John Mason spent Friday in Beaufort shopping. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Ringgold, Jr and children, Pennie and Mary Mae, of Bridgcton, spent Sunday and Monday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Tosto. Miss Pearl Mason spent Wednes day afternoon and, Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mason. Mrs. Nannie J. Pittman and mother came home from Oriental last Friday after staying a week. Mr. and Mrs. George Tosto and - - Z1- " ' -(- DEL MONTE RICH t0 you with ,oads of ius. C OC, TOMATO JUICE ciousDclMonte fruits and i ZjffijTJy. 2 No 2 2JfJ 46"OZ" vegetables! Come in to- B SWEET AND TENDER DEL MONTE EARLY Garden Peas, no. 303 can 21c FINE FOR SALADS DEL MONTE HALVED Barilell Pears, no. 2 1-2 can 45c MAKES GRAND SANDWICHES DEL MONTE Pineapple, no. 2 can 32c DEL MONTE WHOLE KERNEL Golden Corn, 12-oz. can 19c Del Monte Tomato CATSUP 14-oz. bottle 24c DEL MONTE CREAM CORN, Golden. No. 303 can 19c DEL MONTE ASPARAGUS,' Mary Washington, No. 2 can 49c DEL MONTE SAUER KRAUT, 2 No. 2 1-2 cans 35c Old Virginia Strawberry Preserves, Mb. jar 41c Ballard's All Purpose Flour Obelisk, 5-lbs. plain 50c Swift's New Bland Lard Swifl'ning, 1-lb. carton 44c Down THIN VALENCIA ORANGES, 10 lbs. bulk 47c Large Florida Pascal CELERY, 2 stalks Home Grown Green C0LLARDS, 2 lbs. Virginia Champion Cooking APPLES, 2 lbs. , Pender Guaranteed Heals ALL ERANDS SLICED BACON lb. 71c WELL FLAVORED TENDER FRESH POM PIC1IICS. lb RICH IN IRON TENDER POM LIVER, .Tender Meaty SPARE JIBS. lb. Economical End Cut pcsx cn:?s, lb. Grand, With Egg PCnX E3AKS. lb. son, Elzie, Mr. and Mrs. B. F Ringgold and children spent Sun lay at Gloucester with Mr. anc Mrs. Elbert Eubanks. " Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hardy anc children, Kathleen Guion ant Guendolon visited Mr1, and Mrs Monnie Norman Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Glover am son, Graydon, spent Wednesdaj ifternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Johi Mason. They went over to Luken': cemetery and put marker to Mrs Glover's mother and father graves Mrs. Rone Wallace spent a while Wednesday morning with Mrs Monnie Norman. Mr. and Mrs. George Tosto spen ate Wednesday afternoon with Mi ind Mrs. John Mason. Our ladies Auxiliary met Wed aesday afternoon at the home o Mrs. George Tosto with all mem jers present. After the busines art of the meeting we then dis ussed about getting paint to pain he church inside. The young people went to Mer DEL MONTE BICH T0I1AT0 JUICE O No. 2 Q 46 Ox. M L Cans LQU Can Ll Del Monte Solid Pack TOMATOES No. 2 can 27c Produce Lane SKINNED JUICY FLORIDA 17c Fancy fender Green CHOWDER PEAS, lb 20c Snowhite 23c CAULIFLOWER, lb 23c U. 8. No. 1 White POTATOES, 5 23c SLICED lb. . ... 51c 6ic 33c rimon Saturday to pick beans foi Mr. Wren Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. George Tosto visit d Mr. and Mrs. Monnie Norman Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Cannon ind children spent Sunday after noon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Pittman. Miss Pearl Mason and Dorothy Wallace visited Mrs. George Tosto Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Marvin Fulcher went to Beaufort Friday shopping. Janice Norman spent Sunday ifternoon with Kathleen Hardy. They Couldn't Win This Debate LONDON (AP) The Lanca shire county public assistance com nittee debated long before decid ing not to appropriate $1048 in football pool winnings of six indi ?ent inmates in a public institu tion. Then they found that the noney had been spent, anyway. There quarter are about two and one billion people famous brand! li "t U QUALITY FOOD STORES Del Monte Early Garden SPINACH No. 2 1-2 can 17c For Easy Hot Rolls Bull's Mix. 14 1-2 oz. pkg 27c Rich Gold Label CoHee, 2 1-lb." bags 39c Lang's Sour or Dill Pickles, quart jar 23c Rilz Your Palm Toilet Get Fine Yel, Soap lbs. 23c 45c 41c aa "WaT ' t.W" ..... wp jf Del Monte Yellow Cling ' " ! PEACHES Ml no 2 1-2 can 27c .'JJU fl Del Monte Fruit ' cocktail j .. VVZnoJ cans45c L "ftJ 1 y- i FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1948 WEYMOUTH, England (AP)-J Eighty years old, Henry HolaW spent 30 hours adrift at sea in aj small motor boat after the engine broke down. "I wasn't unduly alarmed," he tcld coast guard res "tiers. "I've been in tight spots before." I CHOICE OF COLE BROS. CIRCUS Mange oses thought hopeless re sponded to new formula 64 Perte tracing vegetable oils with IMPORT- fcUCLAT. UUyjo: ncais any mange, moist or dry eczema and promotes hair growth or your money back. I IVFSTOrK! Sore- head on POUL TRY! HUMAN USE: Positive relief for dandruff, itchy scalp, dry falling hair. At drug and feed stores or write Happy Jack, Inc., Dept. W, Snow Hill, N.C 10 02. f 1. 50, 24 oz.$3. Postpaid. DOG FOOD' Ironghearl 2 cans 21c LAUNDRY BLEACH Clor ox quart faetlle 20c FOR ALL BAKING C S Flour 5 lbs. plain 43c D & C l'OTATO Slicks 2 1-2 oz. cans 25c WW 1 fjgK afruna Crackers. 4-oz. nkrj. .. . 21 Bcautyx Soap , Olive. 2 bath cakes .... 21 Soap Sweetheart, reg. cake lc Floods O'huds With Super Suds, large pkg Sic t or Mocmngs tine for dishes, pkg. . Flakes Octagon, large pkg 33c Household i lea user Octagon, 3 cans Hudson Ultra Soft Towels. 2 rolls 29

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