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Carteret County news-times. (Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-current, June 04, 1948, SECOND SECTION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 8

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bAGK TWO FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1948 t . .1 CAHY D3AKS ""-" dI Ithere's ) or course for iTRiEB-roT5u.vpu-i I iSr7vf A PRCTtY Gicl"C .y lZr- whV MO P05T A3 A MOMENT I ALI ,15 BRIMGIWG A , , J qq you S T wrrvniiBHiajwF7U VNOT? OFFICE F0R60T WE ARtf) FELLOW AWD A PRETm V SAY.iC iSan mathIII' JVr" here lost on this girl who q iw I ' OKAY OKAY DICKIE DARE DICKIE HCWIER. HERE'S THE CONTRACT G6; THAMtU yOUK KEWSvPD FOR GMMG ME A SWELL TIME LAVT WIGHT O. m7VJ hBCC-UTIfUL T bay-BEc? where Vi 6K Ihoweviamb H0WEYPIC, 1 4- MwBlV- WOTTA PEACH HAVE YOU BEEU JYOUR PARDOW WILL YOU BE MYj---d YOUR HIGHUES5, '.SIR VXUUpKRjL WOTTA DISH A ALL m HFTY-5l)fTH f-C; vf oaky doak5 caw guide TABSST ' woTTA TOMATO V Wt'll: wiFEir tslryW DOAKS IT'S AN INSULT i 6- in ii i i y m I a. UMI DARE WHO'S GOT "CAMfeL LEGS!" I 11ir KfS s ttassoiiti I is me hours om out, thf I I r ) ( nFit TttotoHTib 1 s. V YYbtJ ) Bfsr ei!BP! if pemiAR Morton of ine am mas- (dip) L ee th' cm ah oid up vod ) f at lASr! L ?y sow T esHT 71 mot smx m ne mo GO-' r I'MV WWOffl ) oT thMOTQOSQON! f lH, (VfS? ... FAWEey Gf SfASICK CN U,iHl DICKIE DARE . ': " N ' ' ; ' : :- NEVER SATISFIED ly LJ ; lr .rt" lVel UE-S!S5i;lll ftS-S?3 IH6000 NKiMTll GOODNIGHT I OH VtS. MGRC TLL I 1 THE MINUTE HOMER? I Yl I VXNTS. TP 5EE M?U lli OH BABV. WOW I II FRlZBylt GO06 'OtfMMO HbiEt? Y . CETS IN SEWD Hl(A I , HOME I?. AMD BBOTVCR, I Jf Wl-W HB I L-l 11 , - MERE. IVE GOT SOMC- IMTO y)V OFFICE I NMOUCOWT T'BE IW M IXJME , ' THING FOR VOU . mdtf Jill On, DIANA: ', : - - ' " ' ' ". ,1 A' SORRY, YOUR HISHMEKJ BUT I AM A ! (Tj DOW'T WANT 75-071 -rui ,s AU OUTRAGEOUS Jl flS 1 CAM'T MARRYKHAU, A SHEIK- A BARGAIW- A POMOUA I ? SuTBJPTlRI 1 P lm&l back! THATS .S BUZZING fOOt eu; vtju'w B6TTEP GBT M THfcRE ! OW BCOTHER, WHO. THIS SEND HIMjIMTO A TAIL SPIN I i : . ' iT r 1 v irjui 1 11 u J" 1 1 1 avv -vr -AN1 He's I I cm va' imagine-a ) ivhy, mats lAJOM'n CAMEL smw tP iN ALMOST irvv buck, mAcm1 ia, ) human!!!!'. aIk Mil fei rBITr:;Aiy I NOW YOUtJGMAW 1 BRACE VtXJR WHAT WWE VOU I SELF UMK.AS TO SAY ABOUTT-'TME SAYING GOES. VOUt? ACTIONS hW'UMWS jwrwa LAST EV6WIWG 7HE &D IF YOU A Coming Attraction k y s o off Z r Ntwilt&uiBt - You Can't Insult Oar Camels SUR?BISEJ R3CUS VOt I 7HB CONTOACf GlMME(5 OH THIS t! -J AND SIGNED" r- Colcbrato South Africa Vcekt f ', Avflyn M6sJUUj "Rtbs, South Afrit 1948," vlsitin the V. 8,; qstela fUow eoanUrnten Bobby Locke, famous golfer, 94 H. T. AndrHf(, mintotec frm the Union oj Sooth Africa to the. United State, durioe, celebiatipn of "South' Africa Week" in (New York. Above shows Locke (felt) receiving gift of clothing from Miss MacaskiH, presented for the vool growers of South Africa "in recognition of Locke's iutstauding golfing achieve ments during tourtiament tour of the United States." 'Pcorlioase Area Begins To Bloom COLLEGE-STATION, Raleigh Hyatt's Creek, a. section, once known as the "poofhouse" commu nity of Clay county, has now be; come one f the most' prosperous areas in the western park of the State,' reports T. K. Jones, farm management analyst at State col; lege. The change, which hns com about, within the past few years, has been accomplished through im proved systems of farming; Mr. Jones declared. Farms are smalt, and most farm ers must follow, intensive systems of cultivation if high; income are to be obtained, the specialist con tinued. He said he tept-enton-Rtration farm, oponitetf by, Frank Groves provides ood, example of an improved farming system, which has resulted, in Lncreiyed income "W:a. f 4)rd' bj! mt repentence aorcs, 30 acres, of wnjen is crop land. AH the cropland and pasUire has been limed at an averajte.rai& of three tops pep acre. Pasture acreage ha been fnceased from, seven to IS acres by clearing ad ditional land. In addition to Hnle application, the pastttM has been treated with. hUth-analyelit phos phate, and a LSdiAo.clOVerorcHard, grass pasture has been established. Since. 1942, yields, of coM, Have, increased from. 3fi; to 80 wels per. acre. A fouracre (iej has been seeded to aUalfa, and. is yield ing about tout! fops per acre. Silage corn is produced a af, sficcuient roughage. A3 prodwetipn orffa,.tey. and pasture had IhcreiMeff.i the., atrrry herd, had; grojwii fraiWftfWi H i cows. In 1944. the. farm was'' con, verted to; Grade Af' falm - Although, a, epnsi4raiile iiorUon of the larr, farm, earnings, Save - HI5 r?MCV I W.SW,SKRNC. WE VBHV CLEVER, TtHB OLD COOTS) t A$'& i OOWWiMTOUS, HVE tO.KNOW WHERE WE 4 WAT AUTOMATIC 1 TAKING NO 1 Jv, X jX XlO&rC TDWWWrjRS AROIAVKWE,' PO "flOU RAPtO CMtECTlOff 1 CHANCES SR M?jFZr V- R UUNtH. WAMT ME TO JUS(H.E THE RNPERgp-' PHONES BUT, vj1 iw"f ' - rrn'6R shalli oeTv rypsflLHBcv trust Vy ssC ?,, : " ' A A RADIO FIX ? ANO WHERE WtSSSfVllT M wrn A. I R3k?tcVP ($$t- V - t YOU WOE THE MAR?.'? SfM JtM'l, lFl!2 rV;,M Z?rm Ly& fiwH rtMA qmX SCOBCHY fffm , , V " - 1U0U FLYERS r- v CtT-! Kl.niW CAtfULATIONS i I I fT I f WE WfcL SOON BE OVER TUB"" '' 3 tkW.1HB-sucO 2P i this , C Suez Canal, we, shall climb 42 U v4" SSXMWmm.f . 7 " nooo may be " HAVaSOIWSCTUTiorWHOJi rf l SOWEWMATqiRLVOTMEREi V .-f Arrrri-usTocoME ) t ' Vy- f Z I t Ur MASjaiiMur, IaurM.rrARt wV ; --restlem.' cant voO Jwr V - rMVtcui$mCib.ti t MK8MT A W iH.'HiMtii.laKiMMW W, iriftf Literary Guidenost ilgrimVInn PILGRIM'S INN, by Elizabeth GoXidge (Coward McCann; $3) This novel overflows with beauty and, love and perfection ... at least, as Miss Goudge describes them. Sally is. very young, charm ing and perfect; David, poor fel low, is unhappy but so sincere and perfect; old Lady Eliot is the per feet matriarch; the twins are the perfect children; George, the per feet misband; John, the perfect painter and pap; and the old inn, the perfect, setting. There's some thing about a murder, but it's a pi(, murdei; and adultery is fol- This book is available at the Carteret County Public library, Beaufort. gone into more adequate buildings and needed equipment, home im provements have not been neglect ed. The home, an old-fashioned two-story structure, has been im proved daring the past five years until it is conveniently equipped, attarctivefy furnished, and com fortable. A bathroom was installed in IMS and electricity was obtain ed last year. An electric washing machine, and water heater were instated soon afterward; A mo dern Wash house, an electric re frigerator and; other home im provements are planned for this yeaiv ' Like most Clay County families, (he, Groves family, has learned that better farming means better living. piaziuKi 9UU ) J OUSSITMBrr' ARl WR. .YlKOTj SOY "LAC , I, 0 ! Forms Setting For Moving Tale Dob Hope Hangs ' Byt Gene Handsaker HOLLYWOOD Bob Hope is "available, for Clubs, Weddings, Parties, etc." The new sign on his Studio- bike says so . . . Inci dentally Bob wants folks to know that the search for a little girl to perform with him in "Sorrowful Jones" is ended. Hopeful parents Still acpost him on golf courses, throw photos of their offspring over his fence, and write him let ters . . . Van Johnson says all that was the matter with him was he had "picture stomach" nervousness at the start of "Command De cision." Four "wonderful" days in the hospital cured it . . . Brian Donlevy'S five-year-old wants to be a movie actress. Daddy objects but will relent if she really insists . . . George Brent, perspiring from playing "Drums Along the Ama zon" under intense color-film arcs, got to talking race horses. "In the last year. I bought four for $24,000 they won $50,000, and I sold 'em for $70,000." On the debit side are high feed prices (from drouth), exercise boys, grooms, shoeing, etc, Brent has about 40 steeds on his nearby 50-acre Hid den Valley ranch, plans to buy cattle in the fall . . . Van Heflin vacationed eight days BACHELOR Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Mrs. E. L. Beoton, Mrs. C. H. Smith, Miss Estelle Elliott and Clarence B. Benjamin were in Beaufort Fri day. Mrs. E. L. Becton, Mrs. Dewey Taylor, Mrs. C. H. Smith. Mrs. James L. Smith, Jr., and Sr., at tended a shower at Taylor's oCm munity Hall at Havelock Friday evening, given in honor of -Miss Betty Ward, bride-elect, by her aunt, Mrs.' Clyde Taylor, and Mrs. E. C. McLawhorn. An enjoyable evening was spent and Miss Ward received many lovely and useful gifjs. Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Civils of New Bern and Mrs. Pearl Tillman and son, Reginald, of Kinston spent a recent weekend at the Civils' summer home on Adams' Creek. Rodman and Hunter Taylor were in Beaufort Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Belangia and Mrs. Lena Adams went to Newport News, Va., Thursday to see their father, Charlie Belangia who is very ill. Mrs. Hunter Taylor and son, Terry, spent Friday with Mrs. J. L. Smith, Sr., and Mrs. Sara Small. Carroll H, Smith, Jr., of Jeffer sonville, Ind., spent last week with his parents,, Mr. ajid.Mrs, C, H. Smith. .:,. Miss Irene Smith of Raleigh spent the weekend with her moth er, Mrs. John. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Smith of Greensboro are spending this week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Oglesby of New Bern visited Mr. Jinjmie Smith Sunday. 1 Sir. and Mrs. Moody E. Taylor and three children, jimmie, Shir ley and Virginia Ruth, of Raleigh, spent the weekend in the com munity. L. O. Taylor of the U. S. Navy is spending hi sleave at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. 'Milton Smith and sons, of Roe spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. SmitH, Jr., and Mrs. J. L. Smith, Sr., attended the talent show Saturday evening at Morehead City. The affair was X'vOUVOUNB RESTLESS.' j CANT th scenerv ij W - Hew Sign On Bike In MOJtiCStf water. Niow he wears a Silver swordfish on1 his lapel nnd boasts, "I got myself a marlin!" . . . After it. year in movies with a mustache, Lee Bowman has shav ed it off. He's playing a crooner in "Mv Dream is Yours," and Di rector Mike Curtiz couldn't picture a warbler with lip spinach. Re action around the set is about 50 50. Lee's small son "Bow", likes him clean-shaven it doesn't scratch when daddy kisses him . . . Dancer Ray Bolger starts re hearsals of a musical version of "Charley's Aunt" on Broadway Aug. 15. They're having a. hecfc of a time deciding on a new title that'll show it isn't the same as the play, he told me on the "Silver Lining" set They've kicked around "Miss Charley Wickham" and "Have You Seen Charley?" and will welcome suggestions. . . . Charles Bickford, busy in "The Babe Ruth Story," claimed to be "the only person living who has had a lion's teeth around his neck." Charlie showed me the scars. Twe lve years ago( in a picture, a four yearold male lion lifted Charlie by the neck, then luckily drooped him and ran. The gashing affect, ed the vision in his left eye for a while, but now it's better than his right. sponsored by the Lions club of Morehead City and was held at the Carteret Recreation building. Pro ceeds fro mthe show goes to aid the blind in Carteret county. Miss Dorothy Taylor of this community appeared on the program as a member of the Beaufort High School Glee club. Bachelor Women Meet The Woman's Society of Chris tian Service of Oak Grove Metho dist church met Wednesday after noon. May 19, at the home of Mrs. A. H. Tallman with 20 members present. Mrs. J. L. Smith, president of the society, presided, and Mrs. Fred Smith was in charge of the program and devotional. The topic of program: "Women in Paths of Service," was discussed bv Miss Bernice Tallman, Mrs. G. H. Taylor, Mrs. Shelton Belangia and Mrs. Smith. A business period followed with the reading and approval of min utes, after which the roll was call ed. Reports of officers and com munities were heard. Mrs. W. Lj Harris gave an inter esting account of the Love Meet ing attended at Harlpwe May 12. Letters of interest to the society were read by the president, cou pons for the orphanage were, col lected, an dalso things for the bi zaar. The meeting closed with prayer. . , A social period was enjoyed with the hostess, Mrs. Tallman serving lime punch and cake, assisted by Miss Bernice Tallman. Mrs. Charles Parker of New Bern and Mrs. J. O. Barbour of Beaufort were welcome Visitors, Mrh. Fred Smith will be hostess to the society in June. Railway Expert Learns The Hard Way LONDON (AP) Because every scat in the train was filled, and all available standing room was occupied, Sir Cyril Hurcomb, chairman of the British Transport Commission, had to travel in the baggage car during pact of a two day tour of the British Railway's southern region. Later in the day, he traveled in a freight train, in a car fitted with a wooden seat and heated by an old coke, stove, gives It al lhe's got. And he's got SCENE SEfiN VOO J09T nt t id la CJ?. '3 Ht o) iff .d ft ib ,1 V n n 11 rt a il nt?. j Mtf ifjir i-)b O

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