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North Carolina Newspapers

Carteret County news-times. (Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-current, June 04, 1948, SECOND SECTION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 9

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FtlM. JtNfc 4, IMS cAitmfiT cotkty mwiwrni beaufohtajcd mobehead ott, n. c. PACE THREE' HAUNT F Chapter 25 , huuh and Vince Bonna I atrnllo4 iIvv.m .1. . i- . i i 1 strolled atone the beach the young naval officer found. hinwejf uuaoie to ipfRet the pitiful sob racked Dtcrurfe of Stoiifl ttoverdiiY von Proski as she confessed ner pan in the mysterious occur rences at Kalanii. Granted the woman was selfish and weak, still ner love for her lost child seemed very genuine. "Look Vince. a' starfish!" Hugh's urgent tugging at: his sieeve Drought him back to real ity. He watched the odd little man carry tne Pinn encrusted creature to the water's edae and saw that he was collecting, the i'nv craDs mat nid beneath each stone. "What are you going to do with those'.'" he said curiously. "Use them lor bait. Lin Gook and 1 are grunt: fishing soon." His nuppmess was 'infectious "You like it here, eh Hugh?" Vinoe said. "Yes, 1 do," Hugh said seriously. "Though there aren't as many strange fish as in the Islands When we left Honolulu Luki was teaching me to go spearfishing. All the natives know how. Here you only do it for salmon." "Perhaps you'll stay on here for awhile." Hugh sighed. "1 don't know what will become of me now that Souhie and Simeon are dead." V'ince's mind was whirling "Tjiey told you about Sophie?" "No. I just knew somehow. She Is dead, isn't she. Vince?" "Yes." the naval officer said gently. "Sophie's gone. Hugh." I hey re dead. Hugh said lu gubriously, "just like that old fel low there. He picked up a desi cated crab shell and hurled it out imo ine water. wnen vou re dead nothing matters." he ex plained. Vince didn't reply. There had toen something in Hugh's voice as matter-of-fact arid casual as if he'd been talking about a piece ot wood or a broken toy a thine no longer of use Tid therefore no lpnper of interest. As thev neared Kalanii a mirlpv short man came down the wooden j steps to meet them. His genial I Chapter 26 KALANH's spacious freezing unit was a long room lined with menacing meat hooks and Spartan-white enamel lockers, (seated beneath the pantry it was reached by narrow steps be neath the service stairs to the lpft wing. As Vince and Julia made their way down the rubber- ijreaded steps she looked back at tiim with an amused quirk pull i)ng at her lips. "Johanson is certainly a sur prising individual. I had no idea that he'd given Lin Gook any grouse to put in the freezing unit" "Well so much happened the night of his arrival I suppose he forgot to mention it. Damn glad he finally remembered it though." "So am I. There's nothing like stuffed grouse with wild rice and some of Lin Gook's chestnut gravy." "Stop it. you'll have me drool ing," Vince laughed. The massive automatic lock on the refrigerator room door re sponded instantly to Julia's light touch and they entered leaving the door ajar. "Look Vince, here are Johan son's grouse." Julia walked to the far end. "Aren't they beauti ful creatures? It seems a pity to kill them." She ran her fingers caressingly over their sepia breast feathers. "Yes. beautiful. An unusual color too, very intriguing." Something in his tone made her turn. "You're not looking at the grousel" "That's right. I find' it rather difficult keeping my mind on game birds when a bird of brighter plumage is standing right beside me. You make such pretty speeches, Vince. but l never know if you mean them or if its Just the natu ral gallantry of a southerner." Her voice was wistful. "Don't you? Well, perhaps ac tions will speak louder than words." Slowly he drew her toward him: her arms stole around his neck and her lips were firm and fresh and responsive to his. For An increase in the number of fatal , accidents in the United States was recorded each year in IMS, 1946 and 1947 although the number of fatal motor car acci dents decreased slightly in 1,947. To The Volers Of Carleret Counly Thank yon very, fefy math for the handsome vote yon Save me for Solicitor Salorday, ftayj 29, I shall ever be grateful, ami frill da my best to jnstiiy jevx, loyal support and confidence. Again, thank yen 1- -X- By Camarcn fccckcry r .. . . t middle aed fate .wrinkled' in a inenchy smile. " V . , n You are Bonnay,' he said Witl witi DocT Jo v4 a u-ace ot accent, "And l am Uo tor Zendro. tay good trienu, hanson. told me 1 would rind' here. Vince took the muscular hani in his then turned and introduced him to Hugh. The pSychiatrisf made a funny stiff little bow. "Ah. Mr. Mannley, I am def lighted to make your acquaints ance." Hugh giggled nervous 1 y t "Everyone calls me Hugh." "Very well. Hugh t shall be. I liKe that better too. I am Jan. The skin around Zendro s. eye rormed tiny neshy, rolls that cuiwed together and hid the piercing appraisal that Vince haq glimpsed tor a second. , "I came over to persuade Whiley to take a fishing trip next week but he seems too busy to discuss it So I'll fish with you and the Chinee. Hueh " Hugh stared at him. "Do pu know how to fish nnrl hunt" "My dear fellow, 1 am a Finn, of course L know these things)" "Finland! Then you must nave seen reindeer!" Hugh exclaimed. He took Zendro's arm leading him toward the pier. "Come then," he urged, "You must tell me about them." With childish thoughtless ness he forgot Vince. AMURMUh of voices reached Vince from's "ga zebo." Through a gap n the matted canopy of rambling, roses he caught the brieht sunnv elint of Julia's hair But the voice ne heard was John Bissett's. It wa$ passionate. "Julia, this is the first chance I've had to talk with you alone. "What IS it. John? Have von found something for the police? "No. nothing like that. It's about vou Julia." His voice shook "You need me now. Julia You're all alone, vou need someone to look after vou." I don t think I'll be able tn aflord a secretary," Julia teased.', 'Don't ioke! 1 love vou Julia I want to marrv vou " Are vou sure it's love?" Her voice was kind yet steady. "Per one miraculous moment Kalanii I with its atmosphere ot fear and suspicion faded into the back ground. Vince stored down into pupils grown enormous with emotion. "How was that, Julia?" he whispered. "Wonderful! Do it again!" He laughed. "You're a shame less hussy," he told her. "A brazen woman, but L love you for it and I'm taking you at your word." ..JHe repeated the kiss, this time wM,h more skill and certainty of her Jespbrise. ' Unconsciously as their 'ftps- drew apart he was aware of a sharp click and the encompassing darkness as the brilliant lights went out. "7TNCE! ... the lights! . . . V they've gone out!" There was terror in her voice. "What's wrong with that?" he soothed. "You don't understand the lights are controlled by the o; open door, ing and closing ot the Someone has shut it. we're locked in!" Her body trembled against hia The stygian blackness seemed to drape itself around them like a velvet curtain, sound-proof and impenetrable. Vince squeezed Julia's hand and with the other groped hia way to the door, a door he re membered now as being of steel with heavy rubber strippinand a devilishly efficient automatic unbreakable lever on the outside. "Keep your chin up. Julia . .' . Johanson knows we came down here he ll investigate it were not back shortly. He tried to make his voice re assuring but Julia didn't answer and he knew she was wondering if Johanson would give them an other thought. He had no reason to worry about them ... he wasn't waiting for their return. "Keep moving," he ordered. "Got to keep our circulation go ing."' 'That shouldn't be hard to deb it's a mere thirty degrees in here." Julia moved her legs and beat her arms together while he hurled himself at the door. Th In 1912, a proposal for a 90, 000 mile U. S. national system of highways was assailed as a frivolous expenditure' of public funds for the benefit of a few wealthy pleasure seekers. ' VV 0 ttftffrfM L.nY ffia i nap it' Just the fact thft weva1 ben around-each other so much.'' "No, ftOk'f tie. pretested sharply "Bif Jivj me.-Jttlia. , kmow." ;:3$nwn'n Ptwat honor. t have, spwppb .Mf you, to ma.rr. the.nv t appreciate that. But whei i marry ( want to be baSsiOYiatel lH,Jov I want tq love him si mucttthat I'd follow nim ta th. ends of the earttf if he asked ma M."., lI-It afraid I lust- don i feieli that -way about voi. John.'i "That'll' jtiat. a romantic story-i book notion Julia: It's sillv." 1 "No, ft Un't John. Anyway it'si ho: I feel" Bissfft' tone was suspicious "Are jou; H- love with someone) elSJ j; She anaweced slowly. "It would) certaihlv be one-sided if 1 weie."' "It'i Bonnay. isn't at?" Vince j heart gave a queer startled tymn: every nerve seemed tq tingle "he strshned to catch her reply: "What makes you say '-BiMetl'ri Voice rose anrriiv TfOtl'vtf, hung, on everything he sai$ at though it were remark- a oir. uqq t, ininit i- naven t Seen jiibvb riuicmoug'. Anywav there I iimblv. nn noint m die cussing it--Vince Bqhn.iy, cioeh't s;em to know that I'm alive " 'Yoft'vi- bcen trvihg' hard enoirgn to make him aware ot you.1"1 . ?Please John, don't let's quat relthere'a too much happening. P ABS Dtrrnrng Vince tiptoed to ward thJ nquse: he couldn't suppresi a deligited grrn at w.haK hed neardi but the sfght 6t Du ftane abiding angrdv frtrni the ame room startled fiim He went inside and faced JohansOh "What have vqu been doing to DukaneT" he. asked. "He looked upset." "Asking, him about his quarrei with Mannlev which vou over heard." The words dismayed Vince So much had Happened since he'd forjotien; :tf . "Did he give anv eyolanntiDn"" Johnnson's . lips tightened "He, was aost too .'rank Unbeliev ably so" metal ; was i icy and unresponsive: he'd never flt so thoroughly in adequate. "Let's try veiling." he suggested desperately. "AnytbhiB to oblige." Julia laughed. "What will it be?" "Know any Navv veils? They're easy and they've got rhythm." He recited a few and they screamed them in unison again and again. Nothing happened. It was Rat ting late . . . they'd be preparing for dinner upstairs now. wouldn't they? Something seemed to nave' happened to his watch, it said only five o'clock! ... ' "Vince. I've got to op." Julia panted: beside - him, I'm,- so tired. . . ." "We've got to keep mustn't get chilled . . coma for us soon." on. . . they'll He was beginning to feel a ter rible consuming need for rest ton' If hp mnlrf onlv ston for a few minutes, just shut his eyes aind sleep briefly, A sob escaped Julia's clenched lips. She swayed and sagged, against him. " ' "None of that!" he said sharp ly. "Here, let's get to, the door,v He had noticed a, long card board packing box containing waxed cases for holding frozen food.. Now he moved It against the. door and straddling it sat down and pulled Julia down next tor him so that she was sitting m the hollow made by his legs and leaning back against his chest, He began rubbing, her wrists briskly but the. motion, seemed tc require enormous effort. I must keep on, ho. thought and the idea pounded against his brain like a jbny hammer. He buried his face! in the soft hollow between' her neck and shoulder. "Julia." he whispered. "I love you ... . . t want you to know that It seemed terribly important that she realize' his; feeling for her. He was nodding. Hi dim rested heavily on her shoulder. "I. love you." he said again, "al ways' remember. Julia;"" vaguely he wished she would answer him but then he couldn't expect that could be when aha was breathing! so 'quietly. . . . so? rhythmically? Not when she was sleeping . . sleeping . . . sleeping. (Ta b MD(lnd) , Sif Francis Drake, Who sailed along the west coast of North America in 1579, called the re gion which is now. southwest Ore gon and northern California "New .Albion." Mr. TilHe Lewis of New Bern spent -the" weekend here with her niece, Mr. Carri Royal Mrs; Ralph, Neat and Miss Hadi dfe Neil spen.t Monday, in New Bern. Miss Joyce. Willis who is em ployed at Morthend; City hospital snent the, weekend here, with. Mr& Walker George. Mrs. Sanders Lewis and Miss Leatrice Lewis visited Mrs. Louie Lewis in Mofehead City Wednes day. Mr. and. Mrs. Ralph Lewis and children; of New Bern spent the weekend, hare with his parents, Mr. and.; Mrs. O. R. Lewis. Mr. Lonje Lwj.of Morehead City visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Lewis Saturday. Mrs. Jennie Hill; Mrs. Clyde Gil likin, Mrs. Delmas Lewis, visiled Mrs. Tbra Davis at Morehead City hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Willis Of Morehead City visited Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Willis Thursday. Rev. an(J. Mrs. II. G. Culhrell were it Vanceboro Friday night when he Spoke to the graduating class and; preached the baccalau reate sermoi to the graduation class of Bridgetoh school Sunday night, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gregory and son of Cherry Point visited Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Bedsworth Sunday afternoon. Mr. Grant Lewis of Norfolk, Va., is home on leave. Mrs. Charles Baliance, ami son, Cha., Jr., of Hatteras, have re turned home after vi'si'ag Mrs. Roy Brown. MOSCOW-(AP) -Russia; scion tists say the year-round frost line in Siberia is retreating to word the North Pole at the rate of 100 feet a year. 70 CHAIN NEUTRAl Starrs 6 PROOF,. fxUmi mi ItttM W IEIKC ItQTHMI DKTHUHIEt, MflL BOSTON Mfttt V Hi iir (ii-r , it -i, u VAl'. I not TODACCQ FARIIERS in 1 1' . ' 1 Vo Have a Good Slcch 01 TCBAC SPBAYffl -WHITLEVmLLIl,'3 , SWEEPS 8t PICS travett & Slh TroEl SU, 4 GnAPETTE! Bottle and Contents created foe people who would v r,a ther do without than take Second.Best... people wno Remember, tbr is only, ot GrapelU, the soft, dtirtk creation with the II I fi lush, rip flavor and soft- Capt. aittt Mr. Lawrence Oakley jnd children ip "a:n - -MMd' Washinataft. D. C., are visiting Wends fnttur 'comny Mrs. Ordj Ordweisy who has been visiting MM. Lipiah, Ii'jt add Mr and Ufii L, A. Piaott returned tc, her home, In WasTihj(j(oo, D. C. by. plane. '-'. Mrs HetUe Stead afti Mrs. Fan hie Nelson were dinner guests of Mr, and) Mrs. Bdwjrd Nelson ot Beaufor test WednestfaV. Rev. and Mm fc. Jackson o( tylanfl were guests of Mrs. Nel iie Willis of Morehead City, and f Capt. aftd Mrs. Jehh Nelson o( Gloucester. Mr. Iy. A- Plgott, his mother, Mrs Lillian Plgott; Mrs. Ora Ordwin 'iidmothef, Mre. Annie Tiptofv o' lysttsville, Md , Miss Maggie Pig Jtt and Mrs. Mabel Pigptt drove to vtlaitic Beach and Fort Macon Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Hrrf);' Chadwiclf of Smy rna, called on Mrs, Ora Ordwein and nothef at trip home of Mrs L. A. Pigott one njght la,st week, Mrs. Hatrie Stead atterlded the Vfethpdist chufch at Willistort , Sunday night. i Th many friends here of Rev. 'iUthr Bridget are grieved to hqan Ijf.hfs recent death. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Long of; Charleston, S. C.. were weekend 'guests of Mrs. Lillian Pigott a id Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Pigott. Rev. Haywood Harrell filled hi i appointment at Straits-Gloucester, church Sunday night. Miss Lola Pigott of Charleston, S. C, is spending the summer herej with her grandmother, Mrs. Lil lian Pigott. Mrs. Fannie Nelson spent an af terrroon with Mrs. Mabel Pigott and guest, Mrs. A.ina Tipton, re cently, playing Chinese checkers. tax (MAIN NEUTRAl SMUTS mn mmn otrrtiiiicti mt emf,ittfc 9 W I it I ,. I fin i I SEALEVEL Mrs. Horace B. Gaskill and baby if Wilmington visited relative and friends the past, weekend here ' Mrs. , Addell S;lter who was frickened with a heart attack ear jy last Monday afternoon and roshed by ambulance to Morehead City hospital has returned home Mrs. Salter1 is getting along nicely it present! Her daughter, Mrs Wardie Murphy of Djvis is stayiiu with her now. . Mrs. Sam Harris of Marshallberf visited Mrs. Addelt Seller Sunda ifternoon. Mr. Eugene L. Gaskill spent r few days here last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gas kill, Sr. A larg? crowd from here at tended the funeral of little Rober, Fulcher at Stacy Sunday afternoon REAL VALUES EVERY DAY I Al Xour. Frienilu Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Watermelons, Tomatoes, lb, Red Bliss Potatoes, 10 lbs. J9c; Oranges, I doz. 43c Grapefruit, 5 for 27c Squash, 2 lbs. 15c Pole Beans, 2 lbs. 39c ... A&P COFFEE Mild and MeUowt a O'CLOCK a 40c o 3 Rich and Full Bodied RED CIRCLE 43c O 3 Vlorou and Winey B0KAR ... l-Lb. Bag RICH AND NECTAR TEA 29c -Lb. Pkg. Palmolive Soap REGULAR BARS I BATH BAR 32c SWEEHEARX Ban 21c Bt,tJ White i FLAKES . IOC i WOOPBURY FACIAL SOAP 3: 35c SUPER pSi 35c FLAKES 35c Our sympathy goes out to Mr. ifndi Mrs. Fulcher. w. (imoon Mason and children; of Atlantic visiled her' mother, Mrs. Sophronia Salter last Mon day and Tuesday. A cake and pie p:rty sponsored! by the F.W.B. Ladies Aid Society, will be held at the school building Saturday night, June 5th at 8 o' clock. Special feature of the eve ning's entertainment will be WeU don Earl and Virginia Dare Fulch r playing and sinking, also Da liol Fulcher will be with them to pi: y, 'he guitar. Pack away your troub les ar.d come out and enjoy an vening of nice, clean entertainment. LINCOLN, 111. (AP) After carrying the mail for 44 years, John M. Knochel of Lincoln has re ired with a postman's dream of a record he wasn't bitten by a dog once. Callfoj TOMATOES lb. 5c 23c fona Cut BEETS A4r ,0" Fine F... PEAS? Aon Pagt Ann p, n-. MrffALE Modern AG BARS PEARS Ann Pbom ' . pflESERs Lb. Bag. Lb. Bag Lb. Bag $1.15 $1.24 $1.29 AC- 1?C U 3 FLAVORFUL r53c SJUFEll RIGHT MEATS WAFEB SLICED BOILED HAF1 1-2 lb. 50c SMOKED IIOCKLESS SUPER BIGHT FRESH Ports FRESH, FANCY FRYERS, lb. 69c THICK WHITE DINNER ROLLS picnic m Gtowas Vuri U KtMltVt 01.0 KIIIKV jtMMMMJiM.x trtf rirm rMxrufrrrr Flam WHAT A VALUE PAKADE lOU'LL FIND AT Aei nandrtd. ol fan Iblagi t !... Julty, fain . . . Ireilf leafaod . . . under Tuni elelblj ud rip. drlUlaoi Iraltl . . ttw pick ( th dounlrjr's dlr (iidiMl . . t,ul ttwtit lim.t-brn caniifo, rlif, tt ilmued looai. Ana ifbif nmnbli pricM you'll find an TUrlhlnf. AAP It truly a plao wlun t'a aui an mtmej all lha tlma. Hlop apt im . . . a apaalala ... a ai ... a kartalna aa crlala daya. JuK Visa aa taw pawlbla avary day la lha ak. Dn 1 and. ahop. ... and aava. rnla . . Meat H Size Can No. 1 Cans W" No. I Cans .'.Vkwj ,-- Bag' HOC Wo. Hi I- wan - 23c CntrtU Wok Paper 21c ITatdaoO Bhraddad What 2 35e Hula 1ana Borax 20c M Mula Hum Boraxo . . c 19c TOMATO JUICE 3 No. J Cam 27c 23s Pi 49c Chock Roast, lb. B7c Ground Beet lb. 55c Liver, lb. . 656c Chops, cenler cut, lb. 67c Boston Bull Boas., lb. 59c Spare Ribs, lb. 49c HENS, Ik 57c iOc ot S 3 M'1 ) OCTAGOV ' . . SOAP 2 19c Home Style Sandwich Regular Pan MARVEL BREAD ... cqrb'onptioa. Sayt - 18c 14 June Parker Plan or Marbl POUND CAKE.,;. lie A i-.fc.iv.ij.,;v'

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