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Carteret County news-times. (Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-current, July 09, 1948, SECOND SECTION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 9

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CAMTLZZt COUNTY NEWS-TL..L3, LAVFLZt AXD LvZAO CITT. N. & PAG J A . Three Safety Measures In Pressure Cooking One manufacturer of pressure 4 Cookers has spent considerable money In consumer publications on the theme of "Safety in Pressure Cookers." It is not our purpose here to determine whether such advertising is good or bad. Intead, by presenting certain fundamen tals of this problem, we will try to aid home economics editors in making an intelligent approach to the problem. f o n . . . 11 1 . '. uur ou years experience, in mis industry have taught us that acci dents occurring from the use of pressure cookers have all fallen in to one of three general classifica tions: 1. A gradual increase in pres sure 2. Opening the cooker before pressure has been reduced to tero ' 3. Allowing cooker to go dry No serious accident has ever oc curred or will occur from any of these three causes if the cooker is properly designed to prevent them. It is highly important that houser wives be informed on this subject of "Triple Safety" and how they may make certain that all three types of accidents will be avoided. The most obvious reason for ac cidents is that the pressure inside 'the cooker gradually increases un til an explosion results. As a safe guard against this type accident, a safety device of some sort is put on every kind of pressure cooker made. This safety device is usual ly a weight-loaded, or a spring loaded valve. In the early years of the industry, the weight-loaded valve was in general use. Around 1928 or 1929 it lost favor because it was difficult to clean and to adjust, ilowever, during and after the war, as new makes of pressure cookers appeared on the market, new variations of this same device were used, and were sold as new. Since most valves, whether weight or spring loaded, have a relatively small opening, tt is j conceivable that they get clog ged with food that is cooked in the cooker. Consequently, many manufacturers have added a sec ondary safety device in the form of a blow-out plug as a protec tion against acidents in case the safety valve becomes clogged. Blow-out plugs have been design ed in two general ways: One is a rubber plug that is inserted into an opening in the cooker. When too much pressure is built up in side the cooker, the rubber plug blows out, letting the pressure es- cape. The other device is a plug made of a soft metal with a low- melting point. When the tempera ture inside tne cooker gets to a certain level, the plug automatic ally blows out. The first of these secondary devices is based on' the principle ui iuu uiutii yicuuic, FRESH CAU6HT DRESSED & ( Call on us today if I you want informs lion on Killing boats for charter or an or dor of dressed fish, s 1 m m w m OTTIS' MOREHEALT CITY FISH MARKET, i metes your nifitel -tEJ ) NO FINER COLA n 3 t7"JfZ1 & i ' rou i ouncii Bottled by: Greenville Bottling Co, GreeawlIIe, N. C. Under appointment from PepslCola Company, N. Y -'V- T. Jiljj.' ssi-fiyitJSji'tfbiwv; and the second, on too much temperature. Openinng Before Pressure Is Zero This accident probably causes more damage to the operator than any other because the operator is right there when the accident oc curs. This type accident often results because the operator thinks the pressure is zero, or has forgot ten that there is pressure inside the cooker.. Many reports of ac cidents show that the operator had removed the weight loaded valve. This should indicate that the pros sure is at zero. However, if the valve is clogged, or if there is no pressure gauge on the cooker, the cooker may be opened by mistake. Such an action is similar to hold ing a bomb and setting it off in your hand. Several manufacturers have in stalled the cover of their cooker in such a manner that it is impos sible to take it off while pressure is still in the cooker. One manu facturer has a sealing device that allows pressure to escape faster than the operator can open the Cooker. This escape is handled in a safe, controlled manner. Explosion within Cooker An accident of this type will not occur as often in the 'four quart, everyday cooker as it will in the larger, cannertype cooker. This kind of accident occurs when the cooker goes dry, allowing the tem perature in the cooker to rise above 240 or 250 degrees as achiev ed with 10 and 15 pounds pressure The temperature will usally attain the height it reaches in an oven As the temperature increases, the pressure of the water inside the glass jar or tin can continues to increase. Finally it reaches a point where it explodes. inis someiimcs results in a chain of explosions as the other containers in the cooker explode too. As the liquid in the can or jar released by the explosion touches the dry, hot walls of the cooker, it is instantly converted into steam. When you realize that water expands 1600 times as it is converted into steam, you can realize the pressure that is built up CHOICE OF COLE BROS. CIRCUS Mange cues thought hopeless re sponded to new formula 64 Pene trating vegetable oils with IMPORT ED CLAY. DOGS: Heals mjr mtnge, moist or dry eczema and promotes hair 'growen 'or VeAir1 moifer htrkj LIVESTOCK! Sore head on POUL TJM Hlf AfftN USE; Positive relief for dandruff itchv scalp, drv falling hair. At drug and feed stores or write Happy lack, Inc., Dept. W, Snowtlill, N.G 10 oc. 11.30, 24 oa. ). Postpaid, 7V rt DELIVERED Phone M-401-1 M-402-1 AT ANY PRICE linen i jjpriLrX. i DANGER! An ope., drawer In a filing cabinet invites disas ter to the office workers. inside the qooker and what a tre mendous explosion occurs. It was a surprise to this office to find that none of the cookers tested by the Underwriters lab oratory had been tested with (his particular accident in mind. The testers at the laboratory had not even thought of this-kind of ac cident. While this type accident isn't necessarily as dangerous to the operator, who is usually out of iho room when it occurs, it docs cause more damage to the house, the stove, and to the surrounding equipment than any other kind of accident. Home economics editors, and other advisers would do well to urge a more complete examination of any pressure cooker, as well as statements of the manufacturer re garding its safely devices before the cooker is purchased. Glider Record Set LOCARNO, Switzerland (AP) f A new altitude record for Swiss gliders has been established over the Magadino plain here. Glider pilot Karl Ruckstuhl of Zurich un htfoked from a powered craft ;it 200 meters altitude and his glider attained a total altitude of 4,1100 meters. Al Tour CANTALOUPES. ARMOUR'S WHITE LABEL I aT TrjS SLICED BACOH, lb MAYONNAISE Salad Treat 16-oz. Three Specials Pictsveel Peas, 2 no. 2 cans 31c APPLE SAUCE Whitehouse, 2 no. 303 cans 23c COLONIAL Grape Juice (refreshing) pi bo! 19c SERVE STEWED C S Tomatoes, no. 2 1-2 can ... 31c STRONCHEABT Dog Ftod, 2 15 3-4 or cans . 21c CLOBOX BLEACH (For Whiter Clothes) qt hot. 20c Lux Flakes, Ige. pkg. 36c Lifebuoy Soap, cake 10c Regular Cake Lax Soap 10c GARDEN FRESH P B 0 D P CE U. S. NO. 1 HILEY BELLE PEACHES Lb.-llc U. S. NO. 1 YELLOW ONIONS Lh.-10c FRESH AND TENDER CORN on COD 6 ears 30c i HOME GROWN GREEN DDTTEDDEAIIS 2 Lbs. 23c For, Brides: There Are High! Hays To Tarn Out the 'Family' Laundry By Ruth Current i State Home Demonstration Agent Recipe for Clean Clothes: 1 load ! soiled clothes, lukewarm water for soaking, hot water (soft or soften ed), 1 to 2 cups soap, 1 hot rinse, 1 lukewarm rinse, 1 Cold rinse, starch (if desired). , Soak clothes 15 mintcs in lukewarm water with. or without soap depending on how! soiled they are. Fill washing ma chine or tubs of hot, soft water, add enough soap for two-inch standing suds. If you have no ma chine, use n plunger to agitate the clothes, then boil five to 15 minutes. Wring clothes from soaking wa ter and put in washing machine (or tub if no machine is avail able) and wash five to 15 minutes. Rinse in hot. soapy water, then in lukewarm water and finally in cool water, using plenty of water. Omit Ironing If you Wish: Turk ish towels are Vnorc absorbent if not ironed. Most nylon garments dry with a very satisfactory finish and do not require ironing. Dty seersucker pnrmcnts on hangers, smoothing end shaping while wet, then only seams need be pressed. Stretch curtains, if possible, antl press hems only. Some busy home makers press only the hems of sheets to save time and ironing effort. Moisture and What it Means to Ironing: The more brittle the fi ber, the more moisture it requires. Thus linens and cottons require considerable moisture while other fibers need less. Remember, moisture must pene trate the fabric evenly or finish will be blotchy rough or smooth, shiny and dull. Just enottgh mois ture must be used to make the fiber pliable if fiber is too wet it slows down ironing. Some authori ties recommend thaf such fabrics as silks and rayons be ironed when partially dry, rather than dried completely and then dampened. If moisture is distributed evenly, however, thesp fabrics seem to fi nish satisfactorily when dried and dampened. Many of the lighter weight spun rayons needn't be dampened at all, as the dry fabric irons very satisfactorily. . Ironing may be detrimental to Friendly PENDER 3 lbs. Above Effective Thro Hex! Silver Dos!, Ige. pkg. 37c Soap Powder Binso, Ige. pkg. 36c Wesson Oil pl. boL .. 53c PENDER GUARANTEED HEATS SIRLOIN T-BONE -I CLUB PORTERIIOVSE STEAKS (Baby Bcel) lb. 89c JUICY BABY BEEF , Chuck Roast, lb 65c BABY BEEF PLATE OR Brisltel Stew Beei, lb ............... 41c VEAL '.- y- 4 Shoulder Roast lb. .......L... ,55c msm a few articles such as elastlcized portions of garments, fabrics wa terproofed with waxes, rubber or other coatings which may melt easily. Study labels of such arti cles carefully for Ironing instruc tions. Same knit garments may be pulled out of shape by ironing. Don't iron washable pile fabrics such as chenilles or corduroys be cause ironing will mat the pile. Brush up the pile when thorough ly dry. Three C's for Salads: The ingre dients for a fresh fruit or vege table salad should be clean, crisp, and cold. Salads should be served with dressings that are not too tart, too salty, nor too sweet. To Improve a Ring Mold: To im provise a salad ring mold to be used in an emergency, grease the outside of a jelly glass and place it in the center of any deep baking dish. When cutting material in which it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong side, mark the wrong side of each piece as it is cut with a piece of chalk. This saves much mental debate when it comes time for each piece to be sewed. Hard, dry marshmallows will be come soft and pliable if placed, uncovered, in the breadbox with the bread for a few days. To prevent sticky knives or scis sors when cutting marshmallows or fruit, rub the blades with butter; or dip in hot water at frequent intervals. Italy Has Sports Library ROME (AP) More than 1, 000 books on Italian sports have been collected here by I)r. Renato Veschi of the new library of the Italian National Olympic Commit tee (CONI). The library documents on Italian sports for the last half century. Books are classified both by sports and by authors. The CONI has its offices under the galleries of Rome's National Stadium. The Palomino breed of horse was bred in California early in tile nineteenth century. ST0BE! 25c 65c jar !Hflc Wednesday! Staley's Golden Syrup, 1 17 lb. 22c Snowdrift Shortening, l ib jar. 46c Waxtex Waxed Paper, 125 ft rl 25c Krispy Crackers, l ib. pkg 25c Obelisk Flour, If lbs. plain .. (9c Sh 33cPk Slate Soils Capable CI Prrjdncing Coed Corn NORTH CAROLINA All sec tions of it, from the highlands to the sea can produce good corn yields when recommended prac tices are followed, according to Dr. E. R. Collins, in charge of Exten sion agronomy at State College. Records of the 100-Bushel Corn Club for 1947 indicate that good corn production is not confined to any particular area, Dr. Collins said. Farmers in virtually every county in the State were able to qualify for membership in the club last year by following approved practices, he asserted. Such widely scattered counties as Currituck, Transylvanin, Union, Forsyth and Pitt were among the leaders in 100-Bushel Corn Club membership last year, Dr. Collins stated. He said Wake County led the State with 66 farmers who A&P HAS BUMPER CROPS OF SUMMER CROPS LEMONS, doz. PEACHES, li CARROTS, 2 bunches 19c CENTER CUTS PORK CHOPS, ftROOKriFl n . . SAUSAGE lb. FRANKS lb A ItllllllU 111. SLICED BACON, lb. PORK ROAST, lb. SLAB BACON, lb. WHITE HOUSa EVAPORATED T.1ILK 3 so. 42c MILD & MELLOW COFFEE 8 O'CLOCK Bag TWC 3 & 1.15 quart Doten Sandwich Home Style Or Regular Pan V'--..,- N UatrvelCresd 1H Ub. af Loaf DEAI1S SPAGHETTI IIECTAR TEA ,Tfc::3 Prices liko Apply T o Gzt Store In C:r:!:rl produced 100 or more bushels of corn per acre in 1947. Randolph placed second with 30, McDowell third with 29, and Buncombe and Nash tied for fourth position with Other leading counties were: Alamance 21; Transylvania, 18; Pasquotank, 17; Wayne, 15; Hen derson, Currituck, Franklin, and Durham, 14 each; Montgomery, 13; Union, Yancey, Pitt, and Tyrell, 11 each; Forsyth, 10. The agronomist said interest in the 200 bushel corn contest for 19 48 is increasing each week as ad ditional farmers enter the compe tition. A total of $3,000 in prize money is being offered. Bears are near-sighted because of their long-time habit of feed ing with noses to the ground. Keen senses of hearing and smell make up for this deficiency. Come pick your favorites from the wide variety of steak -of -season offerings in the treuli rruit and Vegetable Department of your A&P Food Store, 'the festive array of ripe, colorful fruits and young, tender vegetables will really delirht you! What'a more .everything's harvested fresh, delivered fresh, and sold fresh. Retail? Naturally, everything tastes better. Visit your friendly AP Food Store today for your share of Inviting values. LUSCIOUS RIPE PEACHES 37c lie ONIONS CABBAGE, I lbs. LETTUCE, head . Super-Right super values every day FINE GRANULATED EATS SUGAR 10 & 85c IONA TOMATO ftj ' " JUICE r,' 9c lb; 73c flour io a &oc CALIFORNIA LARGE DRIED ft. 21281 PACKER'8 LABELt orange e 10c 001 ANN PAOI GELATIN DESSERTS SPARKLE ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING 73c SUNNYFIELD CORN I 53c FLAKES CALIFORNIA FANCY TUNA FISH A&P ORAPE JUICE 65c Ktnotfl Cam Flakes 14c Nabiaco Ritx i-n. 31. Wt. Whltt Hoosa Condenwd Milk c 21c A&P Appla Ss:s3 2 "ctnl 27o BALL or KERR FRUIT JARS 71c Pints Dos. 85c 2?. 1.15 JAR CAPS ......... 'ST 29c CERTO ............. 24c JAR RINGS l? 5c PARRAFIN WAX 19c Ann Page With ' O 19-Ox. OHii Pork; & Tom. Sauca aj Cans ,tjtf . . . 2"3? 25e . 29c Chinese io Cnler ttziih Bank Will Oepraie in Bio RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) - "China may soon start Imigration to Brazil," says Dr. Quo Tai Chi, new Chinese Ambassador to Bratil. "China is ready to send immigrants as soon as an agreement is reach ed by both governments. We have farmers who wish to come. Chinese immigration would be very helpful to develop this nation. The Chinese are peaceful and hard working. They get along easily and their productivity stands high." The Chinese ambassador says the Chinese government will open a bank here patterned on those which already exist in New York and London. . The wild horse was blamed for harming range land even more se verely than sheep. 10c , lb 10c ..8c 15c 3 p' ?0c 35c 12c pt Jar 8-Ox. , Pkg. 4 Biz 43c Can 19c Pt Bot PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 Bart 2 It SUPER , SUDS Pkg. 35c PALMOLIVE SOAP m Ban 29c CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP 2 - 23c OCTAGON SOAf POWDER Small Pkg. Gc SNOWDRIFT 3 & lh-' 137 ir,G I t sirt . lu I !! i 'us, . wit .'itfl M . M,.,-.b . "I " l;il' .. , , 7V ' . lit X9 fill A' ''' - '

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