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North Carolina Newspapers

Carteret County news-times. (Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-current, June 27, 1958, SECTION TWO, Page 3, Image 11

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Pearadise' Success Salad Brightens Dairy Month Meal Here's Ike Ural salad far that buffet tfif you're planning dur ing Juae, traditional Dairy Month. It's raay to prepare, delightful to aee. and deliciout to eat? ? com bination of caned pears and cot tage efceeae. You've undoubtedly eaten many pear and cottage cheese salads. You've also probably served pear gelatin salad, and cottage cheese gelatin salad. This pretty dish combines pears, cottage cheese and gelatin, and for good measure includes a bit of sunny crushed pineapple and some perky mariachino cherries. The result is a nutritious, attractive a a lad which will be a favorite with both men and women. Incidentally, If you belong to a bridge club whose members are inverterate calorie counters, this is an excellent luncheon salad to serve them. Canned bartlett pears and cot tage cheese have long been favo rite foods with busy homemakers, for they are both wonderful alone, served together, or in combination with many other foods. Low in calories, high in nutri tion. and with the delicate flavor and creamy texture that combines well with stronger flavors and col ors, it is no surprise to find these two high on the list of favorites for year 'round service. In fact, pears are a natural to serve with all the foods featured during Dairy Month. A refreshing sundae of canned bartlett pear halves topped with scoops of rich ice cream and your favorite top ping is always a hit with young and old; milk desserts such as custard with pear halves, or a quick packaged pudding served warm over cold canned bartlett pear halves will be a boon to har ried homemakers. Broiled pear halves with brown sugar? sour cream topping is only one way of using this dairy pro duct with the versatile pear. So whether you're a busy mo ther, a busy hostess, or a young bride just getting the hang of cooking, you'll find canned pears the first step to many a quick, easy and appetizing dish during Dairy Month and all the months to follow. rearadlse Success Salad ? to 8 canned bartlett pear halves 1 package lime gelatin 194 cups hot water 2 tablespoons lemon juice V4 cup crushed pineapple, m drained 1 cup cottage cheese 3 or 4 maraschino cherries salad greens Dissolve gelatin in hot water; blend in lemon Juice. Cool. Pour a thin layer (about 1/3 cup) into a round 8-iach cake pan which has been lightly oiled: allow to set. Cool remaining gelatin until syrupy. Drain pears and blot dry with paper towels. Arrange pear halves, cut side down; on layer of gelatin. Fold crushed pineapple and cheese into remaining gelatin in .bowl. Pour over pear halves and chill until firm. Unmold upside down and serve on salad greens. Garnish each pear center with half mar aschino cherry. Yield: 6 to 8. Kmha iggjSSr NL* S7 June 24 ? The Rev. Alton Mason fliled his regular appointment at the FWB Church Sunday. Pvt. Walter Moore Day spent the weekend with bis grandmother, Mrs. Madora Day. Everyone is sorry Mr. Claude Day is ill and hopes he will soon be well. Tom and Joe Logan, stationed at Johnson Air Base, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Ariie Daniels. The Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Hale, Mrs. Leo Daniels, Mr. Monroe Gas kill, Mrs. Ethel Van Horn and Mrs. Dora Day Waited Mr. Claude Day Sunday. Mrs. Agnes Sherman is spending a few days at her sister's cottage. Misa Agatha Day left Sunday to spend a few days at Morehead with Mr. and Mri. Harry Van Horn and children. Funeral aervices were held far Jamea Downum Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Daniels am) children ef Morehead (pent the weekend with Mr. Daniels' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Daniels. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Horn and boys spent Sunday with Mrs. Van Horn's Bother, Mrs. Dora Day and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Goodwin. Mrs. Arlesie Brittingham spent the weekend with her parenta, Mr. and Mrs. Artie Daniels. Mr. and Mrs. Soy McKaney aad children of Florida are spending a few daya with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Styron and aim ee spent the weekend at their Daiaage Sfahrf Sterling, Colo. <AF)-Art Boh, a Sterling welder, take* his traffic accidenta la stride. When another vehicle foreed Urn off the road, Buah ran Mo a street aign and broke it a ft Buah notified police, then welded the aign back into its Register of Deeds Records 36 Real Estate Transfers (Editor's Note: In recording real i estate transfers, the law does not j require that the amount paid for ( the property be stated in the deed. A token amount, such as $10 or $100, may be stipulated. J Attached to each deed, however, j must be United States documert- ' mentary stamps, the value of the ? stamps based on the price paid 1 tor the property. Property which changes hands * for less than $101 requires no i stamp, according to Irvin W. Da vis, register of deeds. Property ! which brings a price between $101 I and $500 must bear a stamp valued I at 55 cents. From $501 to $1,000, < the stamps affixed to the deed to- ' tal $1.10, and thereafter for each i additional $500 paid for the prop erty the stamp value goes up 55 , cents. , From the value of the stamps i placed on a deed an estimation < of the price paid for the property ; can be determined. In the trans fers listed below, the seller is listed i first, the buyer second, and finally, the value of the stamp affixed to , the deed). There were 36 real estate trans fers recorded in the county June 2-16. They follow: ( Morehead City ? Lcra Ward to Juanita Farmer, $2.20; W. S. Moye ' Jr. and wife to John A. Baker, $4.40; H. G. Edwards and P. M. Garnef, trustee, to C. F. Keuzen Kinfj^aSd wife, $3.30; Bay J. Lae- ' key and wife to C. Clark Cocker ham and wife and D. F. Metzinger, $1.10. Walter P. Freeman and wife to Robert W. Freeman and wife, no stamps; Rochelle Realty Co. to Frank Pigford and others, $4.95. Douglas G. Wade and wife to Roy D. Wade and wife, no stamps; Hen ry G. Edwards, trustee, and others to H. L. Potter and wife, $2.75; and Atlantic Beach Inc. to Robert D. 1 West and wife, $1.10. Newport ? Lawrence R. Dos* 1 and wife to Collin C. Christensen and wife, 55 cents; Rene R. Ed- 1 wards to James L. Edwards and 1 wife, $5.50; James L. Hill and wife 1 to James B. Hill and wife, no ' stamps; James L. Hill and wife to Oscar D. Hill and wife, no stamps; i Lona E. Hill to James L. Hill and 1 wife, no stamps. i White Oak ? G. E. McCausley I and wife to J. W. Young and wife, 1 no stamps; James R. Hill and wife to Herbert Bryan and wife, no I jtamps; W. T. Piner and wife to R. C. Underwood and wife, 55 :ents; W. T. Piner and wife to rhOmas J. Worley, 55 cents; Bay shore Park Inc. to B. E. Harrison and others, $2.20; Bayshore Park Inc. to O. L. Harris, no stamps; and W. T. Piner and wife to Joseph P. Caton and wife, $1.10. Beaufort ? David C. Richard son to David S. Caffrey and wife, io stamps; Wesley M. Jones Jr. and wife to T. D. Lewis and wife, 57.70; Loftin Motor Co. to Sadie H. Loftin and others, no stamps; Lof in Motor Co. to K. W. Loftin and others, no stamps; and Elton Lee Mason and wife to Harmon D. Ben* fiett and others, 55 cents. Atlantic Beach ? Wilford H. Ho :utt and wife to W. M. Jeffreys and wife, 55 cents; E. W. Copeland and wife to J. W. Purvis, no stamps; George F. Spell and wife to C. A. Roach, $6.60; and Dr. Robert A. Ross to Willis Smith Jr. and others, no stamps. Marshallberg ? Earl D. Johnson and wife to Doris L. Merrill, $6.60. Markers Island ? W. B. Guthrie ynd wife to Albert O. Lea, 55 cents. Straits ? Fred G. Lewis and others to Carlton T. Fleetwood and wife, 55 cents. Cape Lookout ? Walter P. Freeman and wife to Eloise Freeman Munden, no stamps. Smyrna ? Bettie Smith and others to Headen G. Willis 'and wife, no stamps. Man Discovers Bull has Temper Kewanee, HI. (AP) ? The next time James L. Krause poses his registered Holstein bull for pic tures, he'll stay clear of the conse quences. He landed in the Kewanee Hos pital with two fractured ribs and internal injuries when photog rapher Richard Ogorzalek attempt ed to take the bull's picture. The bull battered Krause against the barn in the first attempt, but he rolled with the blow on the sec ond charge. Before he was at tacked again, Ogorzalek grabbed the bull's nose ring and another man helped force the bull back in the barn. Maola | Golden I Guernsey r QunmUdSM. 1 4op Ca i COME IN TODAY AND GET VOLUME 24 OF FUNK AND WAGNALLS ENCYCLOPEDIA - 99 Tka Fuak t WafaaD taay?li??<li Htkaall kaaatttel aa 4 aaaful .olum*. la all. A traa $100 *alaa vat cotfi .ou ..I. H, pm vaiaM. A r?*T ?a?Uanat wIM ka a?aMakU aack yaar. Cample.. inatractiaai lor aktammg >uppitm..,t ii include .,.fc H? a? < 11. Ma* AW Faad ka. ..ill k... valuaias I ,k?.,k 23 JETE Hmm valaaMa kaakt. ' Dole PinooppU Slice* Dolt Pineapple Juice Sunihine Cheez-it Crocker* lurry Graham Crackers Thank You Brand Pit Cherries Chicken of the Sao Chunk Tuna Strietmann Royal Bon-Boni Sultana Pork And Beans No. 2 Cdn 33c 44 -Ox. Con 29c ti/4-Oz. Pk?. 19c t-U. Pkg. 25c No. 2 Can 33c 4V4 O*. Con 31c *?. 39c 52 -Ox. Con 29c COME SEE! Sultana Stuffed Olives 49< lO'/i-Ox. Jor Large Or Small Strietmann Tea Ring Cookiet Nabisco Oreo Creme Cookies Nabi?co Swiss Creme Cookies Ann Page Tomato Ketchup 2 Ann Page Creamy Mayonnaise Ann Page Fresh Salad Dressing Ann Page Pure Grape Jelly Ann Page Hot Dog Relish A&P Fresh Instant Coffee Pko. 39c IP/4 Oz. Pkg. 35c 10% Oz. Pkg. 35c 14 Oz. Bota. 33c Of. Jar 49c o?. Jot 45e 12 Oz. Clots 21c s Oi. iar ]9c *?? $1.05 EQUAL TO THI BEST ? YET COSTS YOU LESS! A&P's OWN ALL PURPOSE dexo Shortening 3 & 79c dexola Oil - 31^57? - $1.05 Save Money Meats "Super-Right" Heavy Beef ? 8one-ln Chuck Roast Lb. 49c "Super-Right" Heavy Beef ? Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks u>. 95c SPECIAL! "Super-Right" Heavy Grain Fed Beet? Sirloin STEAKS ? 85* Slir ?h' ^"dwlch I ced CA? 'S^'-Riahr- n .. PPed Hi "c/otif Alt?***" ^ onks ""-Highf 'ft.. _ om ft O*. ^ *? 39r !Ic,A4'aw?^ soite^: Krepared Spaghetti "&?*? 15c Prepared Macaroni 1 '<&?*? 19c Baked Beans 2 34c rC^e ^fciAir D*? ?eS I;U. 19. *,t"-49c lf-<v ^ ? "-33, Pink Dreft Lorfl* D4 Pockoge J lL Joy Detergent 'cfn1' 40c 2|-^71c Spic & Span pfi. 29c p?fl/89c Charleston Grey ? 24 Lb. SPECIAL: JANE PARKER DELICIOUS PEACH PIES8e,S'49c SPECIAL: JANE PARKER LARGE 8" SIZE LEMON PIES -39c SPECIAL: JANE PARKER GIANT Jelly ROLLS - 55c SPECIAL: JANE PARKER FUDGE COOKIES 25c SUNNYFIELD ? INVi LB. PRINTS? CREAMERY BUTTERS 34c'c? 67c PRICED LOW: NATURAL SLICES OF A&F SWISS Cheesed 29c FANNINGS BREAD & BUTTER STYLE PICKLES 2 '5* 45c SULTANA MEDIUM SIZE ? DRIED PRUNES 2 39c California Seedless Grapes Lb. 35c California Red Grapes Lb. 27c BANANAS Lb. 12c Fresh Mellow Ripe Peaches 2 Lbs. 25c GOtDEN? FftfSH CORN 4 - 29c Average Halves 35c Each SPKCIAL! Jom P?fk?/ Orange Chiffon Cakes - 47* Mom Thli A4 Ac* IN. TKm Id. Jww 28 Watermelons ^69? Ajax Cleanser 2?i31c2c&47c Tide & 34c 81c Surf f*o. 34c Pkfl. 81c Cheer PkJ". 34c Pkg. 81c Comet Cleanser 2 c&. 31c 2 an,. 47c Dash - ?535.39c Cascade 20-01. Pkg. 20-0i. 43(; Golden Shortening Crisco '<? 35c 3c? 95c 39c 2 Lb. Pk9. Powdered Hond Socio Boraxo t* 20c V?g*tobl? Shortening Fluffo '<?? 35c sc? 95c Palmolive Toilet Soap V 10c 2 29c Cashmere Bouquet Soap tr 10c 2 SS 29k: Dial Deodorant Soap 2 is 27c 2 K? 37c ' Octagon Laundry Soap 2 ?. 21c Cr.?m.rt MP's OWN BRAND ICECREAM Am Paf* Auortod VuintiM Ice Cream Topping 2 jS 35c " 69e, ThtM Prices Apply to Stores in Beaufort and Morohoad City

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