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The Yancey journal. volume (Burnsville, N.C.) 1972-1994, April 06, 1972, Image 1

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POSTAL PATRON THE YANCEY JOURNAL Vol.l, No.l mS i 1 ■: | H 1 -1 ■mmPUB |||i^pßa|: _ - .HR: - 1 - 1 ~*«4* ‘ - .. »-- •-~ v ' ' ""iSufe •»*■*■' , 'r * "r-" : 4 t £T**' v ' r ImSßbl .. § t 0 *USB/mwk '‘.MaL JK * ~jijjv~~' K_ Pfc-m | ~Jr. BROWNIES GIVE EASTER PARTY—On Thursday, March 30, BrowniefcTroop 86 oftßurnsville gave an Easter party and Easter Egg Hunt for 23 children at the Child Development Center. The Brownies were under the leadership of Mrs. Gene Woody and Mrs. Donald Styles. They were assisted by Mrs. Jerry Wheeler and Mrs. Albert Williams. We wish to thank Nancy Wyatt and her aids for letting us entertain the children. r—— j Festival Os Friendship To Be I I H-eld On Town Square In May , j ” Yancey County has its share of adult children who have iso lated, ignored, or forgotten ----- their aged parents. We hear so much about child abuse and neglect.. but seldom do we hear about aged abuse and neg lect ! _ This morning in the Depart ment of Social Services a Homemaker and the Director . J Holcombe Is Manager Jerry Holcombe, prominent Burnsville businessman, has been named Yancey County manager of Senator B. Everett Jordan's re-election campaign.- Jordan said Holcombe will direct all planning and promo tional activities for both the May primary and the general election. " I am fommate to have a person with Mr. Holcombe's talent and energy enlisted in my behalf," Jordan said, "es pecially since he is concerned about continued responsible, experienced leadership in the Senate over the next six yeari'* Holcombe is associated with Holcombe Brothers Funer al Home and is a former presi dent of the Yancey County Jay cees. He and his wife, the former Nancy Brown, have tvo children, Bobby (12) and Laura (6 years old). ■ c Dellinger Is Assigned Army Specialist SlxCharfes L. Dellinger, son of Mis. The lma M, Anglin, Route 3Burns ville, N.C. , recently was assigned to die Ist Cavalry Division (Airmobile) in Viet nam. -—'— Spec. Dellinger is a Tech nical hapector in Battery' F, 79th Aerial Field Artillery of the Division's 3rd Brigade. He ante red the Army in 1954 and Was last stationed at Ft, Hood, Texas. . J discussed a typical situation. A son had been contacted regard ing the provision of transporta - ' tion for his elderly mother to get to the doctor, grocery store, etc. However, the mother feels that her son no longer cares about her. He is too busy working to support his fa mily. The son never visits, * even though - he passes her tome on the way to work. His wife doesn't work; but she cannot seem to find time to stop by pither. When the son and his family go to Burnsville on Sa turday to shop, etc. there isn't "room" for mother to go along. For some reason, this . son feels that the Department of Social Services should help njs mother with the necessary func tions of daily living! If parents were to feel this way toward minor children, court action • would be taken. But who is "» mere dependent and helpless than an aged person in poor health, living alone without transportation, telephone,and several miles from the nearest store? Yet nobody seems to care. Become interested and know ledgeable about the aonditions aged. Help with the Festival of Friendship... bring Scholarship Awards Set At the annual Yincey Coun ty Chamber of Commerce Din ner on April 20th, two Yancey Youth Jamboree Scholarships will be awarded to a deserv - » tag senior from each of the two local high schools. Ap- w plications for the scholarships have been given fofa'ch high school principal, and irteres- * ted seniors are encouraged to apply for-the scholarships which are to be used to fur ther the education of those who receive the S2OO awards. The members of the Cham- J ber of Commerce feel that through the giving of the two scholarships they are helping in somejneasure to encourage and assist Yancey County young people. • f a your grandmother, a neighbor's grandfather, orcall the Efcpart ment of Social Services, 682- 2134, and let us suggest some one for you to bring to share in the .Festival of Friendship and help keep the twinkle in one's eye: An of ntaetywas asked: "How have you ; kept the twinkle in-your eyes?" * His reply: "I've lived thrcrgh depressions, the New* Deal, tlie Fair Deal, Square Peal,** and the Great Society arid in it all I learned this lesson I make the, most of all that comes and the least of all that goes." (Last week ye mentioned . that William Rathburn was liv ing in Brentwood Rest Home in Asheville; however, he is now in Sun Valjey, Burnsville. Re member, if you know of an el der Yancey County citizen who merits special recognition, please contact us.) Clean Up Campaign t Members of the local U. S. Army Reserve Unit, Company E,. Ist Battalion 2d Brigade, 108th Division (TNG) will be launching a Clean-Up C a rrr paign for the Burnsville area on its next drill Saturday, the 15th of April. They will start at VWUiarrfs Used Car lot and proceed west on the by-pass to the Cat*p Ri ver Bridge. All trash wiJi bg, cleaned from both.sides of the highway. -w ..This project is part of the local unit's community month , celebration of their 54th An niversary and is a reflection cf their gratitude to the commu- - nity for its support and cooper ation during the past year. The Army Reserve official birth date was April 23, 1908, * It is their aim to get the entire community involved,as a joint effort of the citizens and as a challenge to other civic organizations. It is a 1 iff b worth doing and one in which the entire community ■will benefit. <y ' / . - 7 THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1972 * . . 4 Pat Holshouser Attends Luncheon As Part Os Campaign Travels Here By Jody Higgins " Pat Holshouser, wife of Re • publican cqjrajidate for govern or Jim Holshouser, was the special guest at a Monday af ternoon luncheon in the Burns ville home of Mrs. C.O.Ellis. T„he luncheon was O'ganized .by a group of women who are -supporting Hoishbuser's candi dacy. Mrs. Holshouser has been traveling tliroughout the. state attending receptions and coffees .while campaigning sorter hus band. This week, her travels through the counties of western North Carolina brought her to Burnsville. "My part in my husband's • campaign, " she said, "is tell ing women what they can do to help. " "It takes people to win elec tions and it is people tint state government must be respon - sive to, " she explained as her reasons for getting out into the smaller counties and towns to campaign. Although Pat Holshouser has definite ideas about poli - tics and is a vigorous cam - paigner, she says that staffr/s to refrain from diseasing the issues of state government. "I might get into trouble, " she explained. The Holshousers make their home in Boone and have one* daughter, eight-year-old- Ginny* staying with her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. L . H. Hollingsworth also of Bdond, while her mother . 'is campaigning. Although Pat Holshouser is Dinner Per Holshouser A "hil.ciM illc* for Jim Idols Jiouscr’Vdttnner will beheld on Saturday night at 7:30 at Bow man High School. Tickets for * - the dinner arc $5.00. Following the dinner, a free Rally Dance will be held.- . j .Everyone hf Yancey. and Mitchell County is urged j to attend. x. . » , ' -w UJ Micaville And A.M.Schoo Receive Arbor Day Kit Micaville School and Ar thur Morgan School in Yancey County are two of 500 elemen tary and junior high schools to whom the Tenftessee Val ley Authority has distributed a special Arbor Day kit this week capable of producing sixty teedlings* IheWti- were mailed in time to reach all schools by April 10th which is the 100th anniversary of Arbor Day, Each kit contains seeds frem 15 different tree and shrub species, with an accompany - • ingpre-feTtilized planting me dium. Included in each kit is an instruction booklet to help stu dents learn how to start a small arboretum on their school campus or nearby, build an, environmental education are a r c ' . " . - ’ , 7 ieJ r a graduate of Appalachian State University and a former oth grade teacher, she is a . firm believer that a woman's place is in the home. She feels that more women should think of being a housewife and mo ther as a full-time career and pursue it as such. e She enjoys all of the respen si bili ties she has encountered as the wife of Jim Holshouser, and does not consider caring for her home and family as chores. She takes special de light in sewing, and has at tracted the interest of women throughout the state with her Stocker Sale The spring Stocker Sale will Iv held ar the UNC 1 ivestock yard Asheville, N.C.Tuosdax, April 1! at 10:00. i.'m. Cattle, owners who plan to consign animals should take them in Moijdat, A)»il lUih. I *H ms fl| V r jg a rgf'\ . ’ . :^iU : !yi; X''^':!'',/'" ' *" ' « '.-^jfe'ijr 1 ?;./".. - i. .... ~-,.,,.3f . /.:..----•■• v-^:^...;:.----^?-';-^^^^^ 'wfm. MRrfe ; JH - p u ||| • i Ik t® IP jfl Pat HblShouser, (Third From It.), Discusses Campaign With Burnsville Holshouser Supporters At Luncheon n '• . i . or create a noise barrier with the plantings. TVA is hopeful that stud - ents will be as successful with their kits as the response to the idea was. Within a week after invitations were mailed, the quota of 500 was Tilled as requests for the kits poured in. The procedure to start the •seeds' fairly simple, TVA explains, but care din ing the first few weeks is cru cial to plant survival and ul timate success of the prpject. With proper care and a bit of luck, students will see about 60 fresh young seedlirgs sprouting within .the followirg two to three weeks. After several more weeks, when the plants are stronger and better able to withstand the change, the seedlings may be trans - planted-'oyj. of doors. * campaign wardrobe, which she made herself. Before leaving the ltucheon for gtn interview at the radio station, Mrs. Holshouser took the time to meet and talk to each woman who attended. Standing in reception lines aid shaking hands is not her idea of campaigning. She feels that unless she can get to know each supporter personally, that she has'wasted both her time and theirs. • Besides the hostess, Mrs. C. O. Elli?, others attending the luncheon were Mrs. Arlene Hensley, Republican candidate for Register of Deeds; Mrs .Earl Young, Mrs. Bill Banks, Mrs. Robert, Mrs. Arney Mrs, Dean Chrisawn, Mrs. Phillip Banks, Mrs. Mrs. Don Banks, Mrs. Carl Autrey, Mrs. Charles Bryant, Mrs. Steve Boone, and Mrs. Archie Loftis. oogoooooocoabbeooooooooococoocoooooooooocßOOoaa From The Publisher The local editor and staff of The Yancey Record, are ] | engaged in a struggle with the corporation which became J J majex stockholder of Yancey Publishing Company last l j July. Because of our unsuccessful effort'to retain the in | | dependence of the newspaper, we are disassociating our ] selves with Yancey Publishing Company, Inc. and begin ning our own publication, The Yancey Journal, to serve the people of this county. Our reasons for such a dras- >; i tic action should be stated, for this concerns every Yan i cey Countian. i The president of Community Newspapers, lnc,which pany, Inc. fecently sent jj directive to managers of all J 1 newspapers under its control?—more than a dozen at this 8 1 time—to fix the price of advertising at a certain mini- 8 1 mum rate; to raise the price of street sales to 15$ per copy; and to set the price of out-of-county subscripdcns 8 ; to double the amount of in-county subscriptions--a sub stantial r,lie increase in almost every instance. Pre- 8 | viously weitacTbeeh strongly ’urged to raise the price [ of legals in the Mitchell Ledger, which we refused todo. I This directive map' or may not be in violation of law, 8 but in our opinion it violates the free enterprise system by establishing price controls for newspapers in Western North Carolina. We do not want to be involved in am 8 apparent attempt to standardize prices in these many X newspapers through corporation monopoly. ij For this reason, and other considerations—including 8 our belief that it is the intention of Community News- 8 1 papers Inc. to merge The Yancey Record and Mitchell 8 1 Ledger with the Tri-County News contrary to a verbal S| 1 agreement made to us—we are establishing The Yancey 8 | Journal to serve the Yancey County area as an indepen- X dent newspaper. Our loyal employees and correspondents, as well as 8 our major advertisers support us in this endeavor. X For the present time, The Yancey Journal is being H sent to every boxholdar in Yancey County free of chargi. 8 If we should succeed in our effort to regain The Yancey Record as an independent newspaper, we will honor all i subscription claims from both in-county and out-of- jjj | county subscribers to that paper. We ask your indulgsrce | ► •*-please bear with us and lend us your support until this 9 matter has reached its final conclusion. . Any questions I | or correspondence may be sent to The Yancey Journal \ or Ed Yuziuk, Burnsville, North Carolina. 5 >4 Office Vandalized TV. office of The Yancey Record on the Town Square in Burnsville was vandalized Wednesday, March 29th, and subscription files as well as account files were taken. Sher iff Kermit Banks was notiiieu when the theft was discover—d early Thursday morning and has the incident under investi gation. The theft has occuiTed at a time of considerable turmoil for The Yancey Record and we are offering a SSO Reward for the return of the stolen property. > BULK RATE U. S.POSTAGE BURNSVILLE.N.C.2B7I4 PERMIT 19 I 0«

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