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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, January 03, 1985, Page Page 3, Image 3

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Commun BY TERRY POPE Organized Community Watch groups have formed in 55 communities within the county, helping sheriff deputies patrol neighborhoods and provide information about crimes or suspicious vehicles. In 1984, community watch members were responsible for helping the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department close from 30 to SO cases of reported break-ins, just by proArea D< SYLVIA ANN CLARIDA The funeral for Sylvia Ann Clarida of Thomasboro was held Tuesday at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, with Rev. Samuel Stanley and Rev. Alonin Rogers officiating. Burial was in the Pleasant View Cemetery. Survivors include her narents. the Rev. and Mrs. J.B. Clarida; six sisters, Mrs. Vermethia Lance, Mrs. Tuerisa Crowdcr, Mrs. BluSchc Gu'iisc Mrs. Merkeihia Clsrids and Mrs. Joyce Gause: and two brothers, Ronnie Clarida and Johnnie B. Clarida. HAZEL H. GORE Hazel Harvell Gore, 68, of Southport, died Dec. 24 in NewHanover Memorial Hospital following a brief illness. A graveside service was held Thursday in the Harvell Family Cemetery in Bolivia, with Rev. John Elder officiating. Born in Brunswick County on Nov. 14. 1916 she was the daughter of the iate Duncan H. and Eiia Jane Cox Harvell. She was a member of Southport Baptist Church Prior to retirement, she was a licensed practical nurse at Dosher Memorial Uoe~itel r.. ?V\ IlUd^lUll llll iU VL'iHS. Survivors include her husband. Bernicc Gore of the home; a son, Gehrig Spencer of Wilmington; two daughters. Mis. Connie Ellen of Goldsboro and Mrs. Ella Gray of Southport; three brothers, Woodrow Harvell and Hugh D. Harvell, both of Bolivia, ai;u I<assitcr lldrvcll of opting Valley, Calif.; three sisters, Mrs. Irene Arnold of Southport, Mrs. Mabel McKce of Clarklon and Mrs. rs? ?r i?u?in l nui'iiv L/oill."^ ui niinuui, via. , iuui grandchildren and a great-grandson. >ino8 Vj ^ iyi. /\ fi f\ * j fe^. I *gsk I t 4 r'i H *#s \^\ i A i // m K A I v/l I M \A (919) 579-2015 t \ ii1y Watch C viding officers with important information, said Sheriff John Carr Davis. "Citizen involvement has had a big effect on helping us solve cases," Davis said. "The number was way up this year. We really didn't have any figures before to compare it to People are really organized and don't mind getting involved." Since Community Watch groups began organizing county wide in 1981. several neignoornooos mat once had high break-in rates began heiping ?aths And F EDWARD G. WELLS Edward Glenn Wells of Wilmington died Friday in a Raleigh hospital. A graveside sendee was to be held Wednesday in Oakdale Cemetery by Rev. Robert M. Coroptnn Wells was born in Burgaw on Aug. 12, 1908, the son of the late Randolph and Emma Bowden Wells. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Union HoirlnH VUnlle r\f Cm if Rr\r.?^. >>vn?v?? iiViU VI UVUVIipVli. ? ir? TIHI-L -f invuaugiutia, mi a. i.mnui ?.1111111 vn Phoenix Ariz. 2nd Mrs. Prances Bordeaux of Delco: three brothers, Rev. Stacy Wells, Louis Wells and Hubert Wells, all of Wilmington; five sisters, Mrs. Ann Brooks of Shallotte. Mrs. Edith King ^r.d Mrs. Ellen Henry, both of Wilmington, Mrs. lillie Row of Concord and Mrs. Edna Frangione of Rockville, Md.; six grandchildren; 10 greatgrandchildren auu a gi eat-gi vatgrandson. BETTY H. NUTTER Bviiy riaiuia riuiier, 6o, oi Houie 2, Supply, died Friday in New Hanover Memorial Hospiiai following a briei illness A memorial service was held Sunday in Coble's Brunswick Chapel at Supply. Sheriff's Depu Brunswick County sheriff's deputies logged 53,759 miles on 3,576 gallons of gas and 11 quarts of oil during the month of November, reported Sheriff John Carr Davis. Deputies made 16 arrests as pro secuting witness and served 334 civil papers, 64 local warrants, and 180 foreign warrants iasi month. One mental and inebriate paper ~ ' ^ /. rsct^Bwc^ /vw V4 ^ il || tjuafity c . failies anil ?S-70l, elected fHetet L i i t ', f .liubadh ^jiore w i i_ _ i VwQiuLXjSi i Groups Help deputies patrol the streets at night, said Deputy Nancy Simpson, county rnmrnnnHw U?o univii vwiuumiur. "All communities that have Community Watch groups have reduced the number of crimes in their neighborhoods," Ms. Simpson said. "The members who patrol at night will call the sheriff's department each day and tell someone what car they'll be rlrivino nnH **ive us their tag number. They change hours and cars every so often so the citizens in :unerals In Iir>it i\f UlC CCKdi tliat memorials be made to the Shriner's Hospitals for burned and crippled children. JAMES A. GLISSON SR. Jwiii'ji Albert Glisson Sr ( nf Wilmington, died Sunday following a brief illness. The funeral was scheduled 2 p.m. Wednesday in Coble's Oleander Chapel in Wilmington with Dr. Billy Seate officiating. Burial was to be In Oleander memorial Gardens. Born Jan. 27, 1935, in Fwyctteville, Glisson was the son of the late Norman llsrrio and l-cla Wise Glisson. A Vietnam veteran, he retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1974 with 22 years of service and with the rank of technical sergeant. He was a member of Pine Valley United Methodist Church. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Peggy l.yeriy Glisson of the home; a son, James Albert Glisson Jr. of Wilmington; two daughters, Terry Glisson Butler ot Wilmington and Cynthia Ann Glisson of the home; three brothers, Charles R. Glisson of mil., n... rsit _* *a tllKIIIUllV, UlltJ ?WIJ UUMVII 111 mullChester, N.H., and D.H. Glisson of Jonesboro, Ga.; and two grandchildren. tioc Arrucl 1A IV?W # II I I W was served while seven trips were made out of the county. Deputies answered 507 calis and made 259 investigations. They also spent 111 hours in court on duty, five hours off duty, and 282 hours as duty officer. Deputies recovered $32,845 80 in property. Eleven crime prevention meetings were held; ip- N, i M %%C4UH04< y jU M ' O fo thirty jor , w ' j yentfetneri . . . i X I , . uzudilz |pj I / i A '"<!/ L>Xl m Mon-Sat, 10-6 \ \ Sun. 1-6 A > Deputies F ihe community won't knew who's patrclling." Information reported by watch members is usually valuable to detectives, and provide missing links in investigations, Ms. Simpson snid. rv???? nun. oi 1? *t L>IUJ iuicuuatn tcpvuiCU he filed 27 warrants in 1984 against suspects based on information pro vided by watch members "AH of the information tho Sen Pines and Sunset Harbor groups have provided has proved to be really reliable," Rivenbark said. Before groups in those two neighborhoods organized, the department was getting reports of 12 to 13 break-ins in one night, Ms. Simpson __jj At v u.t 1 ,)U>U. (UUIIJ VI MIUOV IIVIIIVO VC1UIIgt'U to seasonal residents who do not live in the area during the winter months. Information provided by a Sunset Harbor watch member in October led to the Hrr?sf. of throe susnecis wsnted ui connecuon wnn a scries oi DreaKins in the Sunset Harbor community. David Long was later honor cu at a county watch meeting for helping officers in the case. "Wn??r. lie calieii willi the iiuonnaPlans For Inspe County building inspection ordinances should be ready sometime this month for a first reading by county commissioners, County Attorney David Clegg said last week. Adoption of the ordinances are the first step in county enforcement of all volumes of the State Building Code as required in legislation adopted by the General Assembly in 1977 The countv nlwriQ tn hjiyo nlnnnI : IIUI1RD1 iHuiimni iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiii IVIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll LARGE CAPA UUfAWSE LOW PRICE F re- ssgft VrMMBBggagia 11 -N MortPv/rtA 11OOI1 ^'JOO f Heavy duly large S m t capacity *aafim '/ M*?timi** tempera ti>'? te<ect>on% . Unbalanced load cont/oi ayaiam # kfifrmlmin #tr.jimel COV?r !kJ ?nrj bltkM Continuous Gleani Budget pr ^j22K2J^^Sj2j52H5HE ? ImJ J i Tl I1. l FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SHALL *J <91 AL STREET, SHALLOT7E (ACROSS FROM WVCB RAD THE BRUNSWICK BEACON {educe Crirr tion, he had gotten up at 3 or 4 in the morning and saw a car in a nearby driveway," Ms. Simpson said. "He got up and went down there, which we don't recommend. Then he called us with the information." Ma. Simpson said the department stresses the inportance of citizens calling in the information rather than "getting physically involved." "Peonle used to not get involved because they didn't want to be dragged through court," she saiu. "Now, we do respect their anonymity. We do stress to them that we'll take their word." Each May, members of the 55 watch groups meet to elect county ofumw ?t,? _r n u..t >tv-viu, ?? vttv uktltii wi a iv'oiucilv Byron Highland in October, VicePresident L.H. Morgan of Cedar Grove assumed command. Thelma Briggs of the Northwest community was oipptoH sccrstsrj' while Fsyc Smith of Sunset Harbor is treasurer. Together, the officers tiave been HplS'iiiu Mnvj*rT?com;.??ro fnp ? 0 . v. <g..v..?viiiw tui a v.v/uiitywide crime prevention booklet that will be distributed sometime within the next few monihs, Ms. Simpson action Departmer ing department fully operative by July 1, 1985. Assistant County Manager John Harvey said job descriptions were prepared several years ago in conjunction with the planning board, but that the positions can't be advertised until the ordinances are in place. Clptftf lUliri hi?Z nni'knon tn !h? COMV missioners, when adopted, would set In force 2!! volumes of the code. He cnirj ho u 1 oa nl minr./l 1a 1 aa1ii?1a CGuv^i (CTii f ' 1 ^ pjp rmm in f^-r s >A?R! mU Modal TDXTODF pl Garbage Corrosion r??u>tAni ' * UouImI ahmlUui I'lmwn up bonN. son ?sM?*r f ??l wtaiUi quickly a/v/V O.ntUiwiAis f?wnl irvxl ^ r- \ . . -.4 . / - -kj_ ^# 4 ' hoppsr S/i?l <ll h'/usin* K&fly if. ni/il fty?u>u. I< \.)J f?u?t fOHiioa l|lf gp ?RYER $249 Micr Afj'ial OOf 40008 up to 130 minute* dr/ifig lo? WW Si I 'oadi ^V, M?rn(>*4M?i up ''Oft I #\#V lint Mior \^W SmOOlli ( O'ta'aio ri?rr?i d/.jm i I Lng now at a LlHicsi MJKIOO f?mmm | ??rulwar.w????ni IT. rwniKfD v?:. l/.t/rrV r aula aoU flMAUlf Ml "" U^w>"w )<? i*miy r?a OVWl prwwr?Ov/<!y 41,5 ; *" cooiror .v * ?>am wl/yV/w rl/x/r UGHT uvux* CAiJtor>' V??? 1 JffiOtUMt# * ?#tf| ?i']? U/VU7 :/j?xui? M ey?-i?,eM< "UK?.U-.4? . A.!omm l?4i w> ru/.' A. quic ? ?n<J i ?Al??r u<rw? Auto Co' r/ar, i/.tarv,r l^p.t cCK/?'OQ ? A-jfO Moi <KA3Q Au*oO?r pooll/y a Tima CK IV 7,m? of da *0 OOW#' < fwo pOM>< FACTORY SIR VICE *WE .OTTE ELE nil mi w 754-4002 10 STATION) !, Thursday, January 3, 1985? Page 3 ie Rales said. County officers got the idea from a similar booklet published by watch groups in Horry County, S.C. Tf'll -11 l-l?t- -r ?i aw ti V.UUUUII all PwiliUS U1 v-TlIHC prevention tips, and fire and rescue information," Ms. Simpson said. Photographs of the sheriff's department staff will also be in the booklet, which will be distributed by the department and Community Watch groups. Belonging to a Community Watch ?^??/\llv\ rtm ?C-i '.I ? ? ? ? ? . ? 5'oup s_u.ii auM mi 1115 nuuui ciuaciivM and lead to other projects for the neighborhood, Ms. Simpson said. Some groups are as small as eight families while others are 100 families strong, she said. Seme ecmrm;riilico have token on street paving and bcautification projects for their neighborhoods after banding together as Community Watch members, Ms. Simpson said. ' c;Mt>nij coiiOTunllics to stick together is the basics," she said. "It's a program that really is run by the citizens." Communities wishing to form watch groups should contact Nancy ouiipSOii at ilic sirctiii'a ucpai uuiMli. it Move Ahead governing fire prevention and windstorm resistant construction in the coastal area. The county budget provides for hiring of a building inspector and a plumbing inspector, with a total departmental budget of $81,000. Brunswick County already enforces code volumes governing he 'ting and air conditioning, electricity and insulation and energy. | FOOD8AVER IR- I REFRIQCRATOR I ' c" V " - ' f.*55.*c; r>??!?u ? puck Mamo*nt>la ?yu |[ 1?4y% Cnfl'OV iHvi*' ?*il< h -"PW, II apWBimirf tiuui I! o*^\\ ^~T"\ J fkfi ^rjj q>oyy i Disposal! ? ^ ? Kwrf/^l filAliilnuts BUniI "JSSf inechAiiiitm * .t,_- ^ ipn WAII swltrh c ml ml 0n? half hp inoUir / i* J CvrrruuiAht oil?l ^ tafff / <t-zn a!Oi -put mm i iJ-xlfl -100 acemaker owavo Oven h Aui omatic king Control I I ? #! -L ^ , W' M/ T )Uth C<5llfO'4 ' cooking r.oMfoi mif.'o*<wir>'j ? */ lutt **?y ttep? 10 good p?rformartc? l?t to prrj?>Oi ev?r> 'Of 'J** "j'lft'J to tf>?* o<j fi%ti ?t'<J uniformly r.p?r ?fuf? control ( 'J** #mg / C!OC* MM >rs ?>'? ItM fMl t?UHt#nri MA/(M ACCEPT VISA/MASTERCARD ! CTRSC ill vn MOM FR! 8:00-5:00 SATURDAY 8:00-3:00 /

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