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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, April 11, 1985, Image 1

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Cour BY TERRY POPE Brunswick County Coroner Thomas Gilbert IV and his wife, Linda H. Gilbert, have been charged with various violations by the N.C. Cemetery Commission involving the operation of their business, the Cape Fear Memorial Gardens in Qniithnnt-f uuu"* William M. Gladden III, administrator of the N.C. Cemetery Commission, filed the charges in Brunswick County District Court last Thursday. According to the warrants filed, the Gilberts are charged with failing to make monthly financial reports to the commission, failing to i HOBG & SONS SPRINGPORT m m ! Vulome 22. Number 22 jh IB&e . ***** ^BgfejH9aL-8HI!v^ * 2L3>^BMB^BrJvW9? ** 7 i GUNPOWDER DRY conditions pushed this week across Brunswick County und tinucs on all open burning. 'A TRUST VIOLATED' Shallotte E Fires Polio BY SUSAN USHER p Shallotte began looking for a new Ji police chief last week after aldermen a fired John Wayne Campbell by a o unanimous vote Wednesday night. g At least sr.e beard member ir privately described the situation p leading to Campbell's dismissal as s? "a trust violated." a Campbell had apparently secretly taped a March 14 meeting betw een he w and Mayor Beamon Hewett. h Aldermen talked about what n Mayor Hewett called 'sort of a delicate matter" behind closed doors e for 1 li hours before returning to open a session. tl After a statement by the mayor, h there was a long pause before Mavor C Pro Tern Paul Wayne Reeves made tl the motion. k Calling it a ' tough thing to have to h do," Hooves said, i have to make a motion we terminate the chief s pay- s Hon?or the chief in thai pusitlon. it Board members, most looking as b though the) were under severe emo u banal distress, supported the motion * unanimously later, they expressed n regret for having to dismiss Camp- n bell He is the second police chief w dismissed by the board within a twoyear period. Mayor Hewett will act ti as police chief until a successor to ti Campbell is hired Campbell, who had worked n previously with the Lew Coomy Sheriff s Department, assumed the u chief s position on August 1.19? His ity Coroner pay fees to the commission for grave spaces and crypts sold to individuals and failing to make deposits from the sale of grave spaces or crypts into perpetual care funds or required trust accounts. Gilbert, as co-owner and general manager of the Cape Fear Cemetery Corporation, and Linda Gilbert, president of the corporation, have each been charged with six violations of the N.C. Cemetery Act. All oKoraoc tn?in? ! 1 .... ^nu.evd utc cuujjiu are misdemeanors, punishable by fines or imprisonment as determined by the court. A court date has been set for April 17 in Brunswick County ? * s"./? M! t'SiSA k iriiu Shnllottfi. N E co; ; vo ca m< i E nn un to 1 ?, lis fir W S Is $0V Kl fire danger levels to their highest ^ all of North Carolina. A ban conm to ar rii is ba kxird w e Chief ? redecessor, Hoyal "Red" Vamam r., was fired the previous March fler being indicted on federal drug ( mspiracv charges. He later pleaded uilty to conspiring to possess with , stent to distribute 1,100 to 1.400 ' ounds of marijuana. He was ?nfenced to three years in prison nd fined $10,000. Hewett had suspended Campbell ith pay as of March 25, pending a earing before the board at its see ting. At Wednesday's meeting?attendd by the media. Campbell's family no officers and former officers of le police department, Hewett gave is account of what had happened ampbell did not comment during le open portion of the meeting, and ft quickly afterwards, shrugging is hands as he said. "No comment" Hewett earlier had said he nspended Campbell because of an KKjem that occurred on ibe l?s, ut that he did not become aware of ntil a week later That was when he as given the tape made of that leetmg with the chief Hewett would ot reveal the identity of the person ho brought turn the tape "In that particular meeting I asked * chief if he had ever bugged any of * police cars. He said he never had "At that very meeting, unknown to *. he was taping that meeting " sternal problems in Use police I (See TAPE. Pa?e t-A i |_ Faces Cem District Court. Both were placed under arrest last Thursday by Sheriff John Carr Davis and released without bond. The charges are the result of an investigation by U?e coiiunission of violations that occurred "over a period of months," Gladden said. "I don't even have the dollar amounts, but there were quite a few people in the Southport area that bought plots that were affected." Gilbert was licensed by the commission to operate the cemetery on N.C. 211 south of Southport in December 1981. Under the N.C. General Statutes, cemeteries are re 1NJSWI orth Carolina Thursday. > Woods ! Wildfire scorched 45 acres of young le les west of Shallotte Tuesday afteron before forestry teams brought Di 5 blaze of unknown origin under th ntrol about 4:45 p.m. th Several fire plows, as well as bj lunteers from Shallotte, Wac- ai maw and Supply Fire Depart- th jnts were released at 5 p.m. tr An adverse wind profile had push- at fire conditions to "blow up" prortions, according to Assistant SI -unswick County Kanger Philip In- Hi an of Ash. "It's called that because tr der these conditions the fire tends dr blow up." High winds were gusting from the to rsi-suuuiwcsi initially but shifted to T! ? northwest m late afternoon as the tit e burned along a course almost wi ralleling N.C. 130. pc if ihe nre had crossed ine highway, gr man said, its potential danger >uld have increased greatly, posing p. threat to broad stretches of pine In intation as well as homes and other w; "ticiures. jjj A report from Riegel to County at inger Miller Calson Tuesday in- A: :ated fire danger was at its highest N. Sunset Bea BY TERRY POPE Sunset Beach Mayor Frances ni inoy has sent a telegram to town of- nc rials, saying she has resigned her ti< isition as mayor effective im- m ediately with a "letter to follow." ri< However, by late Tuesday evening, cc wn officials were still waiting for i official letter of resignation to ar- in /e addressed from Ms. Kanoy, who Fi in Florida caring for her sick husind. cc "The intentions here are plain Ki lough," said Town Manager m allace Martin Tuesday evening, th 'm going to recommend that the H> uncil go ahead and accept the ar signation at the next meeting." m Gas Chamber Si Gets Second Ch< If the staff of the Brunswick County shelter has anything to do with it, one care will die of old age. The 2h- to 3-month-old mixed breed ed the gas chamber Friday morning. That's a first since the pound beg carbon monoxide gassing about four 3 Zelma Babson, animal control supervi undoes you for a wtule. especially after The only thing we can figure out is have been an air pocket." she added. The pup. whose big feet and light c golden retriever blood, was under a 1 died. Gassing takes 45 nunutes to an hoc finish at the shelter, which is located < road (a paper company road) to the n traveling from Supply U> Southpon Once the gas is turned off. animals a to 15 nunutes before an air valve is o some gases to escape After another ] wait, the doors at either end are ooen another 10 to 15 minute airing, the ami out for disposal at the county landfill. " They heard her whimpering Wbei the big dog. she poked her head up and w Babson explained. The staff may never know bow the p gas chamber, but they do know it gave I UD Oi'c. She's up for adoption?again. etery Viola quired to file their annual financial reports within 60 days of the end of the corporation's calendar or fiscal year, or as needed as determined by the commission. Cemeteries are also required to pay a fee for every vault, crypt or grave space sold into a special fund that keeps the commission operating, since no general funds are apDrODriated hv thp sta?P tn cimnnrf that office. "When they don't do that, not only do they owe us for the fees, but for a penalty as well," Gladden said. The penalty for failing to pay commission fees is $1 per day for each violation. rwlLl U1K I \pril 11. 1985 Blaze He vel to date, Inman said. Seven fireplows, owned by the N.C. w ivision of Forest Resources and T ree local paper companies, played e major role in containment, aided tl ' a contract fire bomber that w imped chemical fire retarelent on h: ( blaze and all over a Supply VFD p: uck in the Gollie Holmes Road b ea. Officers of the Brunswick County H leriif's Department and the N.C. n ighway Patrol aided in traffic con- t( ol as occasionally heavy smoke o| ifted across N.C. 130. it At 5 p.m. several plows continued tl work thf> neriiruilpr nf tHo hloto ? International Paper Co pianta- a >n of three- and four-year-old pines h as formerly a bay area. It has the d !at-type organic soil tliat fuels oundflrc, Inman noted. ri The fire apparently began about 3 m. along N.C. 130 across from its c tersectian with Big Neck Road. It h as the third woods fire in the past onth between Big Neck Road, b >out midway between Shallotte and p sh, and the Shal'.cttc Fire Tower on C C. 130. H ich Mayor F The town council met last Monday h ght, but having received no official tification of Ms. Kanoy's resigna- F >n, the board took no action on the v atter. l.ast Tuesday, a telegram ar- ii yed addressed to Martin and the ii uncil members. s "Don't understand you not receiv- s ibruarv meeting," U began. ii According to one newspaper acrnnt of the recent incident, Ms. s anoy was quoted as saying she had t ailed a letter of resignation prior to c e February meeting of the buaru. n Dwever, Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Gore E id Martin both stated at the s eeting last Monday that no letter t ??PPT 1 Animal Control puppy in their I female surviv- "" SB* 7* V an using direct ears ago, said Ha 4 > sor. "It kind of V - ^ four years." fl^ that there must oloring suggest UBss arger dog that THmSl ir from start to lii^B8BP^ *1 the first dirt i nnfaa^ ghton.N.C. 211 ire left inside 10 pened to allow 10 to 15 minute up survived the her anew lease THISGOCDEN-HAI1 rtamber Friday, wte tions The Gilberts were also charged with failing to make deposits for grave spaces and crypts into perpetual care or merchandise trust i accounts. When individuals invest in spaces , or vaults before they are actually I needed. Gladden said, the money paid to the cemetery should be invested into a perpetual care fund or trust account or used immediately to go ahead and develop the cemetery. "When a person buys a grave space and gets a deed for it, so much money goes into the perpetual care fund," he added. "In this case, the (See GILBERTS, Page 2-A) imrn i/bnvv 25c Per Copy Id To 45, A Waccamaw volunteer firefiehter man as apparently the first to report equi uesday's fire. the f When John B. McCumbee passed le Big Neck Road intersection on his A ay home from Shallotte, the fire to for t is left was about the size of that 1 ha ickup truck." he said, pointing to a Und lue truck parked nearby. ed c He reached Grissettown resident cupi larry Somersett on citizen's band spec idio and Somersett reported the fire St > the Shallotte Fire Tower. Tower theii perator Ruby Hawes radioed In- sine Jan. telling him "somebody's both irown a cigarette out." than Inman said he's not certain that is Cres dually what happened, that it may as o! ave been incendiary, or a Ai eiiberately set fire. wee McCumbee said he suspects a Shal noker started the fire. blaz "People shouldn't be throwing out Apri igarettes when it's so dry like this," acrt e added. anol For the past week, fire danger has W een extreme, at I>evel 7, the highest leas oint on the scale used by the N.C. can Hvision of Forest Resources, rose ieeause the daneer level w?k nn In designs By T as arrived at the town hall. T( Martin stated he did talk to Ms. acct anov by telephone, who said she vaci i'ou!d send a telegram to the town whe mmediately. notifying them of her prio itentions to resign. Kanoy. who has B' erved as mayor of Sunset Beach clec ince 1981, has not attended council mai nectings for many months wtule car- T1 ig for her husband in Florida. befo "To confirm my telephone conver- mee ation this date with Wallace," the umstances beyond my control, i riust resign as mayor of Sunset P leach effectively immediately. I do o with deepest regret. letter to allow. Frances W. Kanoy." iMBU J me< HP ?dSSi \ . iff I to S4 j) JK j rrutl ^ W j[ JiMMd corri ?^r Hob Jawj : *CTfc5gg?^? and whl> w pW' . mor I as a I max. I mw I ?eri Vl/W ?'?? wo If WVM LIMI IED PUPPY, bdd by Animal C?a- "*r< ?? fUh? ?w>1ved Uk gat ma* a s??nd chance foe ndoptloe Jjjp THOMAS GILBERT County Coroner Charged I IN 28 Pages Acres said, the division had a lot o? pment readily available to fight ire. Ban Still On statewide burning ban imposed he second time this year on April d not been lifted as of Tuesday, er the ban open burning is allowinly within 100 yards of an oeed dwelling and then only if ific precautions arc taken, atcwide, forest fires have taken - Inrupcl tnll in n uincilo oooonn e the early 1960s, with fires in the mountains claiming more 8,000 acres and a single fire near iwell burning about 70,000 acres f Sunday evening, ong ihr sir etch of N.C. 130 betn Big Neck Road and the lotte Fire Tower, a mid-March e scorched about 75 acres, an 11 i fire blackened anuUicr 543 :s and then Tuesday's fire added Lhor 45 acres U> the toes, bods arson "Lv sukpected in at it the April 1 fire and is a possible sc of ull three fires, forestry iurces officials have indicated. See OTHER FIRES, Fagr z-A) Aln^rnrM CICV^I Ul I I iwn council members now must ;pt the resignation and declare a incy in the office before deciding n or if the seat should be filled r to the November election. i not filling the office prior to the tion, Gore would serve out the render of the term, le matter is expected to come ire the board at its May 6 ting. lemocrats o Convene aturday runswick County Democrats rt 1 p.m. Saturday i/i the public Mnbly building at the Brunswick nty Government Center to elect ty leaders for the next two years., len Peterson, outgoing chairman. I delegates to the convention will :t a chairman, three viceirmen, a secretary and treasurer ?rve on the county executive comLee. A nominating committee iposed of W.T Bow en. Robert inson, Jim Poole, Barbara Young Bobby Brown wtJi present a slate f fleers for consideration hen announcing his decision last ith not to seek re-election. Peter said the nam* of Shallottc stay Rex Gore had been mentioned possible candidate for the chairelegates also will elect two nbers to serve with the chairman he state executive committee, ricrscn said he has received eral resolutions from the "tacts for consideration- The fline for submitting resolutions is . but Peterson said he would coor any additional resolutions that - inadvertently ruX turned in on i. VeTJ probably allow them ail on igenda," he said I j

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